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The Rather Nifty Pubic Punch

An interesting type of Punch

I’m not much into hitting pressure points.
they work,
but the skill required,
and the time required to master,
better spent perfecting your punch,
the angles of your form,

there are certain angles which I pursue.
Passing a punch can I put a finger
on a fellow’s shoulder and take him down?
Can I body bump somebody so they fly away?
one of my favorites,
the pubic punch.

You block,
then you place your fist on his waist
and you push down.
His legs collapse,
just like they have no muscle at all,
and he falls all the way to the ground.

If you examine this move,
it’s almost like a low block,
which tells people that a block
can be a hell of a lot more than a block.

Be careful.
Don’t punch,
don’t cause impact.
The top of the leg is a small bone
that fits into the hip ‘socket.’
If you break this,
we are talking BIG surgery
and 6 months before any walking.
So you don’t punch down,
you gently push down.
of course,
you really want the guy’s lunch money.

I can actually use this in freestyle.
I’ve have used it.
Very difficult,
requires exact positioning,
and you have to know what the guy is going to do
before you do it.

I call this

the good thing,
once you have this technique down
the skill required offers itself to other techniques.

try it,
let me know if it works for you.
And let me toss the obligatory ad in here.

There are a lot of cool things like this
in Tai Chi Chuan.
Tell the truth,
I ransacked TCC for techniques
to use in Karate.
Quite interesting,
very beneficial.
here’s the course that shows
all sorts of subtle moves
that will really work in freestyle.

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan

have yourself a great work out!

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More Powerful punch through a gentle martial arts technique

Newsletter 875

How to Hit Harder in the Martial Arts without Hitting Harder

It’s friday.
It’s end of the week work out day!
Get all set up for working out all weekend.

great title, eh?
So let’s start at the beginning.

My first experience in resistance was a kicking bag.
Kicked the crap out of it.
Bounced it up to the ceiling,
day after day after day.
it wasn’t right.
It didn’t feel right.
Hit it,
kick it,
it didn’t feel like a human body.
But I practiced it for power,
then kicked bodies for control.
Worked my techniques,
practiced my freestyle,
but knew there was something lacking in my reality.

Then they came up with kicking shields.
Much better than a bag.
You had to hit it right,
in spite of the fact that your partner could flinch and twist.
You had to figure out how to move his weight,
without sending him through a wall.
A lot better.

But the interesting thing was that the old drills,
drills I had been doing for years,
began to connect.
I began to ‘feel’ inside my opponent’s body
with my fist and foot.

this isn’t strange.
If you put your hands on somebody’s arm
you can feel the biceps.
You can feel the striations,
you can feel the bone underneath,
you can feel the nooks and crannies,
you can feel how the arm works,
and you can feel what it takes,
and where,
to damage it.

That’s with your fingers,
but you can feel with your fists.
You can feel with your feet.
And here’s something interesting.
The universe is mostly space,
and this includes the human body.
So if you knock on a door
you can listen,
and ‘feel’ (become aware of as if through radar)
And if you knock on the human body
with your fist or foot,
you can listen,
feel the space inside,
as if radar,
like thumping on a watermelon to see if it’s ripe.
It’s easy.

when you can do this
an interesting thing happens.
you can hit softer,
put more awareness into he strike,
and cause more damage.

It’s true.

And here is why:

you begin to believe in your punch,
and your belief is so strong
that your opponent believes in your punch.

It is so fascinating,
to ‘nick’ somebody with a punch,
and watch them feel the pain.

But you have to be very careful.

But the more you experience this
the more you believe
the stronger your punch gets
and the softer you punch
the more effect it has.


So keep hitting that bag,
build your reality,
but study the punch,
feel it,
build a belief in it,
after a bit of time,
not a great amount of time if you matrix,
your punches are going to be amazing!

Real gorilla stoppers.

Here’s all the data on punching…


have yourself a GREAT 4 of July,
do a bunch of extra work outs,
and celebrate the freedom
and the second amendment,
that allows us to practice our killing art.

Have a great work out!





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Karate Punch, Taekwondo Punch, Kenpo Punch…What’s the Difference?

Hi guys, I loaded up on keywords in the title, because I’m going to give you a bunch of interesting places to go. I can’t give links because wordpress has limits on their free blogs. However, I can give you the titles, and a simple google will take you to any article that looks like it is for you.

I published this one today…

The Karate Punch…Which of the Two Punches is Better?

Here are three others…

Five Steps to Make a Hard PunchLearnKarate Online

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Hitting Harder and Faster the Scientific Way!

These articles should do the trick if you want a harder punch, no matter what martial art you study.

If you want more,…heck, if you want it all!..drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out The Punch. I can give you the link for that.


Have a great work out, and a great Karate punch, or taekwondo punch, or keno punch, or…grin.


The Hard Punch Of Flux Theory Could Be Called An Empty Strike

punch hardIf people really want to know how to punch hard they have to study this thing called Flux Theory. Flux Theory has to do with the flow of energy, and is specific to the martial arts. Except for a few broadly understood concepts, Flux Theory is rarely understood.

The Flow of Energy has two directions, and these would be positive or negative. Of course, this is a matter of viewpoint. For the transfer of energy from one person to the next is a flow and the viewpoint of positive or negative will change depending on who is looking at it.

When energy flows towards somebody it is called positive. When energy flows away from somebody it is called negative. To make the hard punch of Flux Theory one must hit with negative or ’empty’ energy.

What this means is that the fist is flowing towards someone in a positive manner, but the energy is flowing up the arm and away from the fist. I know this sounds like an opposing concept, but it isn’t, it is the idea of learning to relax until the arm is limp, and that while striking. Thus, you are striking somebody with an arm in which the concept of life is no longer there.

I know that sounds bizarre, but it isn’t. The whole notion occurs in your head, you see. You take the consideration of life out of the limb when striking.

What happens is that when you take the consideration for life out of the arm, you make it into an ‘inanimate object.’ Thus, you are not throwing an arm at somebody, you are throwing a ‘stick,’ a lump, a thing with no consideration.

And that means you are striking the other person without consideration. You don’t worry about whether they live or die, you just throw the object of your arm. This works as you become more able to move your awareness back from your head.

The reason this works is because people normally don’t want to hurt other people, so they put energy in the arm so that shock can be absorbed by the arm. Hit, hit, hit…and there is no damage because the arm absorbs it all. When the arm is an empty stick, however, and you have lost the desire to ‘not hurt’ your fellow man, the energy is transmitted purely and the effect on the opponent is the hard punch of Flux Theory.

hard punch

Pulsing Energy to Make Your Power Punch a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Making a Power Punch is core to the martial arts. After all, the martial arts are really only a couple of things: kicking, punching, blocking, throwing. That’s it, that’s all of it. Of course, grin, the devil is in the details. But that said, how do you put the power in your punch?
I’ve written a full book on it, and you’re recommended to read that, but let me give a little hint, and perhaps guide your thoughts towards that book. Here’s a little video about putting that kind of pwoer in a nice, light, little kick, then I’ll tell you more about the chi energy involved.

First, plant the feet firmly. Yes, dancing like Bruce Lee and going ‘woop, woop!’ is cool, and I’m not going to deny that there is some power in that kind of punching. However, that is more of a boxing type of punch. In the more classical martial arts, like Karate, Kenpo, Kung fu, and that sort of art, you plant your weight. Then you turn your hip, which turns your body weight into the punch. Then you pulse energy up your arm.
To pulse energy you need to breath to the tan tien as you sink your weight, the resulting glow of energy in the tan tien can be directed up the body and into the punch. Now, picture one of those big cannons shooting, and see the recoil of the barrel. Now reverse that image of recoil, and put it into the punch with the pushing of the shot up the barrel.
Weird, eh?
But if you have the image in your mind, if you start pushing your arm as if something is traveling up the inside of the arm, that is what happens when you pulse energy.
Now, it takes a lot more than that, and there are a lot of little hints to help you get that. But this should start you. Work on it. Do it slow, do it with your eyes closed and use your imagination, and you will be on the road.
And, i hope you feel something of the energy that I am talking about, and then remember that this is only a hint, and that the full data is in my book Matrixing Chi, which is available at Monster Martial Arts. Guaranteed, read that book and you will understand everything there is to know about pulsing energy in order to make your power punch a weapon of mass destruction.