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Your Martial Arts Self Defense Worked…Do You Turn Yourself In?

Martial Arts for Real Self Defense

In 45 years of Martial Arts self defense training I have only heard of one fellow killing somebody with the martial arts. He was jumped, killed the guy with an actual technique, and turned himself in. He was quickly released.

These days things are different. Whether you watch the videos on youtube of the police dragging people out of their house, or saw the clip on the beating death of Kelly Thomas by the police, or just believe that homeland Security really is stocking up on ammo to backbone a coup by Barack Obama…things are different.

martial arts self defense

A martial arts self defense question

So here’s the martial arts self defense scenario.

Times are tough, and you have a job whereby you drive down alleys and pick up recyclables. You have been doing this for a short while, people understand what you are doing and it is legal and okay and actually a benefit to the community.

You stop to throw some newspapers in your truck. As you do so, a bum comes out from behind a garage and attacks you. He is obviously not of this neighborhood, you have no idea, but the guy is beating on you. No weapons, but he is bigger than you, and the ferocity of his attack makes you fear for your life.

You hit him and kick him, using your martial arts self defense moves, but he stays on the attack. He is wearing you down!

You finally slip a punch and get him in a rear naked choke.

He struggles, you squeeze, and it’s naptime.

You struggle to your feet, look down at him, and…he isn’t breathing! In the excitement of the moment you crushed his throat, and he is dead. Your martial arts self defense worked a little too good!

Now, the police in this town have a reputation for brutality. You are afraid that you won’t be able to pick up recyclables. You are afraid you will be thrown in jail. You don’t have the money for an expensive lawyer.

The law is probably on your side, you were defending yourself, it was an accident, but the fact that you know martial arts will probably be used against you.

There are no witnesses.

Okay, so do you turn yourself in, or not?

I know what the law says, but take my scenario at face value, and tell me what you would do.

We all recognize that this scenario and question that I have posed is for discussion, and not a recommendation to break any law.

Use the comment section below.

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Why Karate (and the whole martial arts) Works!

Newsletter 630
The Exact Reason Karate (and the Martial Arts) work

Great day to you!

I’m going to get into the good news,
why the martial arts work, in just a second, but first, the bad news.

Computer crash. A bad one.
Wiped out a LOT of stuff.
So if I ask for your address, or can’t remember what you ordered,
that’s why.
Forgive me, but I just lost my second brain.

Well, after we’re all done crying (grin),
let’s get on with the good news.

Every problem you have,
every last single one,
is based on one single neutronic datum.

Somebody came towards you,
and they reached you,
and you bought it.

So the teacher says,
you‘ll never amount to much.
So you don’t.
She got to you.

Just like a dog bites you
and you have a scar,
when somebody says something bad to you,
tells you you’re a knothead,
or worthless,
or just shut up,
if you buy it,
you get smaller.

pound on something with a hammer,
and it shrinks.

Before long you don’t want to fight back,
you don‘t want to stand up for yourself,
you just want to be let alone,
and life sucks.

the martial arts work for the simple reason
that you learn to fight back,
to stand up for yourself.

you reach a point where somebody says something,
and you stand there and grin,
and their nasty remark travels on past.
You cease being a target.
No matter how vicious,
you just laugh it off.

You realize that it is their problem,
not yours.

It is a sick personality that goes around saying nasty things to people,
and doing nasty things to people.

The good news is that when you reach the point
where people miss you with their viciousness,
their nasty remark
boomerangs and hits them.

You just sit there,
they want to hammer you a bit,
but you laugh,
and somebody comes out of the blue
and punches them in the nose.

It’s actually funny to see this happen.

First time I ever saw it happen I was in the army.
This guy didn’t like me,
and he started saying things,
and I ignored him.
Then he started challenging me to a fight,
and I just grinned.
I took a shower,
came back and sat on my bunk,
and he comes up and stands in front of me,
looks down.
I’m dripping wet in a towel,
his fists knot up,
and he says,
‘I’m gonna knock the crap out of you!’
I said,
And I was so confident, so smiling,
and he started yelling at me,
trying to provoke me,
and suddenly this guy from across the aisle comes up to us and says,
‘He doesn’t want to fight! Leave him alone!’
The guy who wanted to fight told him to mind his own business,
and the next thing you know,
they were rolling on the floor,
punching and kicking and having a grand fight.
Guys were laughing,
betting money,
and I…I went to the movies.
That’s right.
I got dressed and went to the movies.

Hey, it had nothing to do with me, right?

the deeper level.
Things come towards you, or go away from you, or in the same direction.
You just figure out the motion.

In the martial arts you look at the fist coming towards you,
you analyze it,
and decide what direction you want to take.
Away, towards, or with.
Those are the only three possible answers.

more important…
your awareness builds.
And, the smaller dojo of the martial arts,
teaches you about the larger dojo of life.

Somebody gets mad at you,
he’s all emotional,
but you’re past that,
you simply look at him
wait for emotion to become motion,
and then make your choice.

No motion,
all emotion,
who cares,
you’re too busy looking at him
to get fooled into offering motion back for emotion.

Do you see how simple it is?

And now you know why people who don’t do the martial arts
have such a rough time in life,
and why people who do study the martial arts
have such an easy time in life.

They have grown awareness of the way the universe works,
they have made decisions,
trained themselves to make decisions,
until they can handle the universe.

nothing makes me happier than when somebody gets in my face,
wants to get physical,
threatens me.

Something is happening!
So I get to have some fun!
I watch,
I analyze,
I wait for emotion to become motion,
or not.

And I have a big grin on my face because
this is exactly what I’ve trained myself to do.

here’s the bad news.

Normal martial arts takes twenty to thirty years to get to the place I’ve just described.
do you want to take 20 or 30 years to get there?

There’s a lot of punches to the face that can arrive in 20-30 years.

Heck, people drop out for all sorts of reasons.
They learn to fight,
but not to handle life.
So they end up with problems happening to them.
And they can’t handle them because
they haven’t gotten all the way through the martial arts.

So you matrix.

What people don’t realize is that matrixing is a form of logic.
It is actually a scientific graph that comes from a form of algebra.

there is a complete system of Karate that I use to teach Matrixing.
there are complete systems of martial arts on just about every course I offer.
But it is the matrixing that is important,
because when you learn to think logically
you can learn things ten times faster.

Not just the martial arts,
but anything.

You just learn to analyze the motion of ANY field,
to place the motion in the proper place,
and learn how to handle that subject.

And the really, really sad news…
most people get a scrap of matrixing,
and they say,
‘oh, we have that in our system.’

But they don’t.
Matrixing has NEVER been done on this planet before.

It’s been hinted at,
there’s pieces that look like matrixing,
It’s a new subject.

So these people who are learning fantastic martial arts,
and are trying to organize everything,
are grabbing at straws.
They will study for a few years and drop out,
at best,
they will study for a lifetime,
and not really get it.

They will talk about the need to beat people up to win a fight.
Or they will talk about how people need respect.
And they will not be capable of seeing a fight develop,
and be able to stop it
just by laughing.


Oinkey dokely.
Here’s the URL…


And you guys and gals have a GREAT workout!


Dragon Kung Fu Next Step After Tiger Kung Fu!

Dragon Kung Fu After the Tiger

Dragon Kung Fu refers to internal martial arts training, and tiger kung fu refers to external martial arts systems.

Dragon Kung Fu would include such Chinese martial arts as Pa Kua Chang, Tai Chi Chuan, and so on.

dragon kung fu

Official Symbol of Kung Fu at Monster Martial Arts

Tiger Kung Fu would include such systems as Hung Gar, but would go outside the Chinese to such systems as Shotakan Karate (Tiger Emblem), Kyukoshinkai, and so on.

The main difference between the hard and the soft, or the external and internal martial arts systems, is emphasis on muscles in the hard, and emphasis on the growth of Chi from the Tan Tien in the hard.

Though, to be honest, do the Tiger Kung Fu styles long enough, and you will morph into the harder Tiger systems.

Now, most people consider that all you have to do is gear your training to development of tan tien based martial arts, and that will transform you into a dragon kung fu stylist. And this is true. But, there is an easier way, one that works more in conjunction with Tiger Kung Fu styles.

This means that if you do what I am about to tell you, you can easily transform your hard style into a soft style with just a little shift in your training.

To make the transformation from tiger kung fu methods to dragon, first learn how to make grab arts out of the self defense techniques you practice in the forms.

This can be easily done, and probably the best example of this is the Matrix Aikido method.

Now, here is where the change really starts. You must learn how to use less and less force when doing those grab arts.

Instead of slamming with the hips, learn how to nudge and unbalance, and let the unbalancing technique take its course.

Now, I could tell you dozens of things, but I shant. It would turn into a complex discussion, instead of a conceptual principle.

Heck, take apart those techniques by the thousands, get complex, but always refer back to this principle of using less and less effort.

And that is the way you transform Tiger Kung Fu into Dragon Kung Fu.

Here’s a great article on how to make Dragon Kung Fu out of Tiger Kung Fu, and here’s an interesting online martial arts course on the subject.