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The Secret of Sacred Sweat

Good evening!
And a happy, hot, muggy work out to you.
I remember working out way back in the seventies.
San Jose dripping with sweat.
The gi became utterly and totally soaked.

Now here’s the odd thing.
It didn’t smell.
I don’t mean to gross you out here,
talking about body odor,
but there’s an interesting phenomena here,
and I want to explain it.

ki energy

Martial Arts Chi Power!

The first few years,
when I was doing Kenpo…
the karate gi smelled.
I would work out,
and it would need heavy washing and drying.
Even then,
there was an odor that built up over a year.

Then I went to the Kang Duk Won,
and the gi stopped smelling.
I was working harder,
sweating more,
and this was the time I would work out
and the gi would be as if dipped in a pool of water,
dripping with my perspiration.

But it stopped smelling!

Now how could that be?

I didn’t have the time nor funds
to explore the odor saturation points
of a Karate uniform.
So I just kept working out.

A decade or two later,
(time flies when you’re having fun!)
I was working out in Los Angeles,
and I was doing Pa Kua Chang.
And my perspiration was silvery.
I would look at my arm,
not water,
but silver water.
It was absolutely fascinating.

These days
I don’t sweat much.
I sweat a little,
I don’t work as hard.
My body is not tense,
I don’t use the muscles,
I use energy,
and that is the trick.

When you are first starting the martial arts
you think it is all muscle.
You pump iron
and cross train
and do body weight calisthenics,
and you work hard!

After a while,
the muscles are in tune
and the body is doing what it is supposed to,
and you’re getting a little older,
and you figure out the easier way of doing things.
You use energy.

what does it take to use energy?
Less effort.
The less effort you do
the more energy you have.
Isn’t that an interesting equation?

< e = + E

If you read the old Taoist texts
you’ll come across this phenomena.
My favorite saying
is from the Tao.

‘Do nothing
until nothing is left undone.’

Can you see how Laotse is talking about energy?

Use less energy,
and less energy,
until you are using no energy.

How fascinating.

Of course,
it was a mystery
until I had plumbed it,
done enough martial arts,
but now I am what he is talking about.

How weird.
It’s worse than old age,
and quite a bit better.

to go on,
when I put out that candle
on the Matrixing Chi page,
how much energy do you think I am using?

I am actually using less energy
than I have used
for anything in my life.

It’s true.
I use the motions of the body,
to stir the energy,
but I use the mind
to project it.

I wrote all about this procedure
in Matrixing Chi,
and I threw in the Candle book
to help out.

I wanted to make sure that everybody knew that it was easy.
That they would get it.

Projecting Chi is the easiest thing I have ever done,
but I had to go through a lot of sweat and discipline
to still my mind,
so that I could actually project a thought.

here’s the link…


have a GREAT fourth of July!
Extra work outs all around!
And don’t forgot to hoist a suds
(or soda if you’re under age)
to freedom,
and the ability to be the best you
that ever practiced a Martial Art!



Karate Uniforms Make the Man!

Karate Uniforms are Necessary!

It’s a funny thing about Karate uniforms, and I should include any martial arts uniform, be it from kung fu or taekwondo or whatever, but they make a person feel better.

powerful kickMore, they make him feel official.

My first uniform was a giveaway, and it was yellow and thin and I felt really out of place when I walked out onto the dojo mat.

I saved up my money and got the next best thing, a bleached white uniform, and I wore the heck out of that thing. Interestingly, I expected it to bind my kicks, but it didn’t. And my punches were snappier.

My real glory was when I got my first Tokaido karate uniform. This was back in the seventies, and there weren’t a lot of uniforms to choose from. Still, tokaido set the standard. They were heavier, properly gusseted, and they lasted and lasted and lasted.

I particularly enjoyed the weight on the arms. When I snapped a punch it POPPED! I would punch by the hour and listen to that pop with total fascination. The kicks had the same pop, and my kicks are twice as good for the simple reason that when I kicked, I felt like it was official kick.

Mine lasted a half dozen years, and considering the working out I was doing, that was pretty freakin’ good. And, actually, it would have lasted longer, but I think some sort of moth got into it. A hole appeared on the front, not where it would experience stress, or excessive sweat, or anything. Just a hole in the middle where nothing happened.

Nowadays Tokaido is a little pricey, and there are lots of other karate uniforms to choose from. Still, when you choose one, get at least ten ounces. Make sure you take shrinkage into account. And take care of it. Hang it in the closet (one with mothballs- grin). Don’t let it sit around wet with sweat. Unroll it and dry it, wash it, treat it like a good training partner, because that’s what a good karate uniform is.

karate uniforms