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Black Belt in Karate, Black Sash in Tai Chi Chuan

Newsletter 798
The Importance of a Black Belt in the Martial Arts

Good afternoon!
Absolutely stunning day.
Absolutely perfect for a work out.

I had somebody ask me,
the other day,
what belt I was.
It’s a legitimate question.

I received my black belt in 1974.
It was in a classical karate system,
the Kang Duk Won.

a few years ago,
a bunch of my black belts decided
I should be an 8th black belt.
I had some forty years training at the time.
But it was sort of interesting.
we had a wall,
and everybody who made black belt
got a plaque on the wall.
We had a dozen or so plaques,
and somebody noticed there wasn’t one for me.
So they got together and got an 8th black plaque for me.

The funny thing is I didn’t notice it
for quite some time.

Here’s the deal.
I’m proud of my black belt.
shortly after I received my belt,
I lost all interest in belts
and promotions
and such.
(Though I did appreciate
what my black belts did)

I became addicted to the information,
the the art,
to the development of myself in a spiritual sense.
But that’s me.
For those who have just begun,
you should be very concerned
with earning a legitimate black belt.

A legitimate black belt carries with it
the realization,
the knowledge,
that you have just begun to learn.
If you earned a black belt,
and you didn’t get that thought,
then there is a good chance that you aren’t legitimate.
You haven’t CBMed,
made the art into yourself,
inverted your viewpoint of the world,
haven’t understood that reality is the illusion,
and yourself is the projector.

the real point of the martial arts is this:
Does it work.

does it work as self defense.
Can you defend yourself?

does it make you grow spiritually?
Do you understand your worth as an ‘I am,’
do you see yourself as a point of awareness,
do you understand how your thoughts control the universe?

I suppose,
analyzing my own preferences,
that is why I prefer Karate first,
and Tai Chi second.

Karate works.
It makes my bones hard,
puts snap in my muscles,
and gives me long life.

Tai Chi works also.
It makes me sensitive,
removes me from illusion,
and gives me long life.

Tai Chi,
learned effectively,
is one of the most incredible
self defense styled martial arts
I have ever experienced.

they provide me with a ‘hard and soft’ progression of art.
After you do a bit of matrixing,
you can see how karate can become tai chi.
And how tai chi enhances Karate.

All very interesting.

If you are experienced with the hard,
I recommend the soft.
If you are experienced with the soft,
I recommend the hard.

It’s the only way to be sure
that you really understand
all aspects of the martial arts.

The trick,
of course,
is to make sure you matrix BOTH martial arts.

Here are the Matrix links.



Have a great work out!




Using Karate to Deal with Injuries and Illness

Check out this Tai Chi snippet. I know, this article is about Karate, but the snippet is good, and a little Tai Chi won’t hurt you. Grin.

When it comes to Karate for Injuries, or rehabilitating, or just gettingin kick ass shape, I always think of this guy. He was the first private I ever taught in Los Angeles, and he was a big time Hollywood producer. He actually produced the old TV series Laramie, and I think McHale’s Navy, and he wrote and directed and did everything. He was pretty messed up when I met him, but the spring in his step when I left was undeniable.

Having suffered two severe coronaries, resulting in an inoperable condition, I am forced to take eighteen pills a day to stay alive. As a result, at 62, your training methods seemed to have nothing to offer me. In fact, there appeared to be genuine risks in my getting involved in any rigorous physical discipline.
I’m pleased to report I was wrong on all counts.
After only ten workouts with you, my physical condition has improved greatly. Something else amazes me even more. I’m able to grapple with and solve mental problems that were completely defeating me six weeks ago.
Thanks for your invaluable help.

Obviously, I didn’t use hard core training methods with him, we did everything slow, tai chi style, rested a lot, and just took our time. Pity he wasn’t young, cause he was a pretty hard core fellow, even with half a heart. Man, the stories he told me.
Anyway, Monster Martial Arts has just about everything you could want to know about the martial arts, including how to mix karate with tai chi, or just about anything else.

Email me at aganzul@gmail if you want a free martial arts book. The book will tell you a little bit more about the right way of mixing arts.