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The Hidden Science of the Martial Arts

Newsletter 898

Old Martial Arts Technology vs New

Good afternoon!
Let’s talk about the old martial arts technology,
and what it may be doing to you.

Old technology is drilling until your feet fall off.
Until your bones shake with fatigue
and your bone bruises are turning into calcium deposits.

to be truthful,
I like this method.
I love this method.
I love to start a work out
and drive myself until I am ready to drop.
Like a tired dog my head droops,
and I know my teeth work just fine…

what is new martial art technology?
let’s consider a few things.
A couple of hundred years ago,
there was no public education in China.
People learned how to talk by duplicating their parents,
and that was it.
No math,
except what you needed to barter.
if you did get an official education,
in China it was the five excellences.
calligraphy, painting, poetry, t’ai chi, and medicine
No math to speak of,
nothing like physiology, grammar, science, physics,
etcetera, etcetera…
And the really rich people sent their children to western schools to get educated.
I’ve probably overstated it,
but not by much.

martial arts were learned by monkey see monkey do,
and nobody ever thought to examine other sciences
to see where they overlapped
and how those other sciences could be used
to understand martial arts.

When I matrixed I began using a form of logic,
a form based in Boolean algebra.
I compared body motion to angles and stresses in physics,
such things as building bridges,
flying airplanes,
and so on.
Of course,
at the core,
I still push the hard work out,
the do it till you drop dead approach.
But I propose that people understand what they are doing
they work out.
Understanding is the prime ingredient.
Would you become a world class musician if you copy catted
your favorite rock stars?
You would just become good imitations,
at best.
If you want to become a good musician
you have to study such things as harmonics,
scales, and understand how vibrations work,
and so on.
Would you become the next Einstein
if you hand copied all his books and notes?
Nothing new there,
just a repeat of what has been done.

To be a real artist you must be able to create.

So why don’t people do this in the martial arts?
And they really don’t.
They argue that their style is best,
without experiencing other styles.
They see a guy work out,
so they assume they know what he is doing.
I even get people get upset with me.
They get angry when I show them a different way of doing things.
They are so regimented in old styles,
so ingrained with monkey see monkey do
that they cannot learn.
They can’t actually compare and contrast data.
They can’t see how the body can be made to support energy like a bridge,
using the same principles.
They believe in chi as a mystical thing
that people get when they get old,
if they are faithful copycats,
and they never see that chi
is a subject with scientific rules.
They can’t apply science to chi.
But they hold on to their last promotion
because it makes them an authority,
without having to really understand anything.

here’s the thing,
you doubt me.
Words like ‘snake oil’ come to mind.
Internet scamster,
another get rich quick scheme.
And so on.

I began selling martial arts by mail order
in magazines back in the 80s.
I went internet in 2002,
check the ‘wayback machine’
if you doubt.
I have a solid rep,
and offer a complete money back guarantee.
If a course is not as I describe it,
you get your money back.

Since the 80s I have refunded money maybe five or six times.
That’s all.
Not once or twice a year…
Now that is a statistic!

check out the Matrix Karate page.
Read it carefully,
then order the course.
You will get more than you paid for.
You will get more than you expect.
You will get something you NEVER expected:
a scientific approach
that makes the martial arts ten times easier to learn.
You will get a way of looking at the martial arts,
that makes sense of ALL martial arts.

The alternative,
what you get if you don’t check out Matrix Karate,
and all my other courses,
is the same old same old,
that people have been grinding at for hundreds of years.
you will get better.
Slowly and surely.
And you might even achieve mastery
before you get too old.

The course is here…

Have a great work out!



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The Karate Mind

The Karate Mind is a Powerful thing!

Speaking of the Karate Mind, a friend of mine recently stated that his mind was a mess. Knowing him, however, I knew that he had got it wrong.  You see, it’s the world that is a mess, and the mind is just reflecting it. Actually, his mind was doing a pretty good job of reflecting it.

So how do you get rid of the mess? People think they have to fix their minds. Uh uh. No way. My mind is fine, and don’t you go messing with it.

But, if you do want to make your mind reflect accurately, and without being disturbed by what it is reflecting, then you should study martial arts.

A good dose of forms and freestyle will go a long way. You learn to concerntrate, to focus the mind, and, interestingly enough, it starts to become immune to the mess that is the world.

You focus your attention, you still see the world as it is, but the world doesn’t matter. You get the power to say no to used car salesmen, yes to pretty girls, no to that one beer too many, yes to that job that is right around the corner and is going to change your life.

And, interestingly enough, as you change your mind, you will notice that the world, in some odd manner, changes along with you. The world, you see reflects you….once you take control of your mind.

So if you think your mind is a mess, I suggest you rethink. The mind is not the mess, it is the world that it is reflecting that is a mess. You can, however, gain control over your mind, and make it work better, by simply practicing martial arts, and this will change the world.

Sports are good, theater is fine, but only in the martial arts do you get close up and personal with real problems. You face that fist and learn not to blink. You feel that destructive energy, and you ward it off and wade on in. Now that is the way to handle life, the mind, and just about anything else you want to.

This has been an article on how to create the proper karate mind.

karate mind

The Three Steps to Building Ki Power by Applying Flux Theory to Karate Kata

In this article I am going to tell you the real truth about building ki power through karate kata. This type of internal energy is actually easy to build, but I have never met an instructor who knew the secret of how to unlock the power. I don’t care if you practice Japanese Karate forms, Korean Karate forms, Okinawan Karate forms, or whatever, the power can be built–you just have to know the three easy steps.

This method is actually known in Chinese arts, used in ‘Kung fu katas’ if you wish to mix terminology. I take a more scientific bent, I call it Flux Theory, which is just a fancy way of saying you are going to get the flow of energy moving and tap into it. So here are the three steps.

First, you have to push from ground. Most people think this is muscle building, or equate it to efficient motion, but it is far more than that. When you push from the ground you must concentrate on building and feeling the sensation of weight inside your push leg.

Second, as you start to move the body through space with the push of the leg, you must start turning the hips. This is core to many systems, you will find it in karate kata forms, hapkido forms, even (and maybe especially) the taekwondo white belt forms. The trick is to, again, feel the sensation of mass moving through the frame, up the leg and through the hips up the body through to the arms.

Third, and this is crucial, when you execute a hard punch you must get the feeling of shaking water off your fist. The core of this is to get used to relaxing your arm as much as possible, then getting the feeling pulsing the arm so that the energy that went up your leg, turned with your hip, is translated down and through your arm. You focus, but having a tight fist is not so important, can even be a hindrance, to having the feeling that energy is snapping off the end of your fist much the same as water would be shaken off your fist.

You must have good karate stance to make this work, and this means you are going to have to examine every stance in every form and make sure the legs are bent properly, not overly straightened, and so on. And, to make this power work in karate fights, you are going to have to set the hips properly, have them align with the legs and turn with the motion at exactly the right time. Do these two things, pay proper attention to detail, and you are going to find that the ki power you are developing is the ultimate karate weapon.

Now, the problem is that most instructors don’t understand this, and the forms are being changed for some weird idea of what karate combat is. If you have a fellow who is adapting his karate forms to kickboxing stances, or some other popular concept, then you are in trouble. Without the connection to the ground, and through the body, the ki power won’t develop, and won’t go through the body.

The message here is that you must adhere to the classical forms. You must examine all the forms from all the karate styles, and I don’t care if it is Shotokan Karate forms, goju karate forms, shito ryu forms or isshin ryu forms or whatever, and make sure they are sound and functional. This is the method I used when I developed Flux Theory, and this is how you are going to discover the true ki power available in karate kata

If you want to know more about Flux Theory and how I generate ki power, watch this blog, or just hop on over to Monster Martial Arts. Lots of things are happening there that people have never heard of.