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Karate Kick Gets Ultimately Stronger with Geta Sandals

karate footA Karate Kick has to be strong and fast and agile. You want to hit hard enough to get the job done, and you don’t want somebody to be able to grab your leg, and you need strong karate kicks to make this happen.

There are lots of gimmicks to make strong legs. There are basic squats, kicking bags, increasing the number of kicks, even plaing hacky sack. The best method for making strong legs, especially designed for karate kicking, is the geta sandal.

karate foot gearThe geta sandal looks like a flip flop, just a normal bit of beach wear. It is, however, raised up. The reason for this is to elevate the ladies or gentlemen so their garments don’t get muddy when crossing a muddy street. They are elevated by fact of havign two chunks of wood across the bottom of the sandal.

Karateka used these to improve leg strength to a phenomenal degree.

First, the toes have to grip the sandal so it doesn’t have to fall off.

karate kicking gearAnd, you want to go hard core, only put one strip of wood (iron) across the bottom of the sandal. This creates a balancing act that makes the muscles on the sides of the leg quiver and work until perfect balance is achieved.

And, then you can make the geta of iron. Man, your tootsies and toes are going to have to be superhuman to keep that hunk of iron gripped to your foot.

Now, try practicing that front snap kick, or that side kick, holding on to a piece of iron with your toes! It won’t be long until your toes look like they have bulging biceps…or at least feel like it.

karate sandalSo we have balance, strength, agility, speed, and calves that look like little cannon balls. Zowie! You are going to have the best karate kick in the western world!



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