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Congrats to New Master Instructor!

Newsletter 917

Congratulations to New Master Instructor!

Congrats to Michael Marcello
Here is his win…

The Master Instructor Course has inspired me and given me the tools I needed to finally start teaching. I’ve been in and around martial arts all of my life and I’ve been in over a thousand skirmishes while working in corrections and as a night club bouncer. Now at 56 years old, with the help of your MI Course I finally have the confidence to start teaching. Thanks Al.

Thank you Michael!
very impressed by your resume.
There are people who actually have to survive,
they have to know that their art is correct.
by the way,
is all of us.

I often think about
how a dozen years of learning
might boil down to a handful of seconds of life or death use,
and how valuable those dozen years were.

you never have to use the art,
and can live your life,
just appreciating your good health,
how you stay young while others grow old,
how you have more patience,
how easy it is to guide people towards the better things.
let’s not forget,
how darn much fun it is
to get out on the mat,
to sweat,
to play freestyle with others,
to learn nifty tricks that render an attacker silly.

thanks Michael,
and congrats.
for everybody else,
here’s the link…


Have a great work out!




A New Professional Martial Arts Instructor!

Newsletter 915

New Professional Martial Arts Trainer!

Congrats to Craig Ing!

Here is his win…

Hi Al,

Attached is my completed Professional Martial Arts Instructor test and here are my “wins”.

A little about myself, I am a Kinesiotherapist specializing in orthopedics, I have degrees in kinesiology and education, I am a personal trainer and a martial arts instructor/school owner. I completed your Master Instructor course in 2015 and loved the content. Although I use the seven corrections, CBM and the teaching format, I was intrigued by the concept of your Professional Martial Arts Instructor textbook and certification. Not with the hopes of getting a job, rather I was interested in continuing to grow and improve as a teacher.

I found the book to be full of great information. What’s more, there is a legitimate rationale behind everything in the text; each concept serves a purpose. It’s never about just doing something for the sake of doing something. I appreciate, and admittedly get a small sense of validation, in finding that much of what I am currently doing as a martial arts instructor is outlined in the book.

My first “win” comes from incorporating …. with my students.  In the past I used it with my own students but got away from it due to time constraints. Introducing it to my students now, I have found improvements in their forms and postures and better fluidity in their movements.

My big “win” however, comes from your (force/flow formula). This sums up what I have tried to impart to my students but have often struggled with. This little algorithm essentially simplifies the concept of yin yang as it relates to the martial arts, so much that I could almost see the proverbial light bulb go on for one student in particular.

Thanks for another great course.

Thanks to you,

You know,
I just want to point out something,
tying on the black belt is great,
but it really means
your education has just started.
You should pick up new techniques,
new arts,
find new drills,
practice things that you might have laughed at in the past,
because you realize that every system is unique,
every system has something to offer.

A real black belt has an open mind,
is protective of his Closed Combat Systems,
and is a student for life.

It works for Craig,
and every other GOOD instructor I have ever met.
I hope it works for you.

Here’s the link
if you want to see about actually making money
from your knowledge of the martial arts…


Have a great work out!




New Book Sets New Standard for Martial Arts

Newsletter 867

Professional Martial Arts Instructor Manual

Good Cinco de Mayo morning!
I love the US…
we get to celebrate independence twice!
July 4th and May 5th.
And that means we have twice the freedom
to work out twice as hard!

got a new book coming out.
I’ve been working on this for a while.
If anybody has wondered where I’ve been,
I’ve been sitting at the computer
pounding the keys madly,

In fact,
when you see what I’ve done
you will understand that this book sets a new standard.
Far beyond Black Belt,
far beyond Master,
it’s even better than a Founder.

Let me give you a few facts on this book.
The book is 8 1/2 by 11.
Those are big pages,
especially compared to normal books.
There are 232 pages.
The book is JAMMED full of stuff.
There is a lot of old material,
pieces of the master instructor course,
the art of matrix karate from the matrix karate course,
drills and exercises from out of print books,
and a sh*tload of new stuff.

What the book is
is how I teach a person
from white belt to black belt.
All the tricks I use,
all the drills,
all the extra drills and how to make more.
and all in the right order.

this is a very creative book,
it is not a MSMD book
(monkey see monkey do)
but rather a how to book that shows how,
and encourages one to create their own drills.
Use mine as the template,
configure to your art,
make new drills.
You’ll see how I do it,
how I break out of the same old same old
of the classical method,
to make the best martial artists in the world.

the inspiration for this book.

About twenty or so years ago
I had a few students
and no place to teach them.
So I walked into World Gym
and asked if I could rent a room.
They said no,
and hired me as a personal trainer.
A martial arts personal trainer.
I was a bit shocked,
to say the least.
They were paying me a couple of hundred a month
to teach students who were already paying me
sixty a month.
Sweet, eh?

So I taught for a while,
then I went and did other things.

A couple of years ago I decided to do this again.
A gym is a perfect place to find students,
and even dedicated students.
The people at a gym want to get fit,
they are more than willing to learn martial arts
if approached in the right way.
So I went to a gym,
asked the owner if he needed a trainer,
and he said no.
I blinked.
I had been talking to personal trainers
and they said there was a huge demand.
That if I was good,
I could make up to a hundred dollars an hour.
But the owner had said no to me.

So I went to another gym,
Another one.

So I managed to get ahold of a gym owner
and I asked him why,
and his answer surprised me
(though it shouldn’t have)
He said:
‘Martial Artists don’t make good trainers.
They don’t know how to run classes,
every art is different so there is no standard
and they just aren’t professional.’

Martial Artists don’t make good trainers.
Let’s take it point by point.

They don’t know how to run classes?
But they have learned in classes,
they should know all about classes!
but they tended to drive students off,
costing the gym owner money.

Every art is different…well, yes,
and I could understand how that might make things difficult
for someone who wants to give his customers
a standard experience.

But the thing that REALLY got me was…
Martial Artists just aren’t professional.

That was the kicker.
Because I consider myself a totally professional martial artist!

But…how was the gym owner supposed to know that?
How was he to know that I knew enough arts
and could teach classical arts
in a totally standard manner?
How was he to know that I was different from all the others?
That I was a true professional?

here’s the thing:
gym owners have actually had this problem for a long time,
and not just with martial artists.
Back a couple of decades
and anybody who could lift a bit of iron
could call himself a personal trainer
and get away with it.
You had knuckleheads that were actually damaging clients!
And there was no standard of professionalism.

What was the solution?
The solution were the rise of companies
that gave trainers certification.

Todays trainers have to go through courses
which give very intense data
on how to teach
the types of exercises
musculature and skeletal structure,
cardio and aerobics and endurance vs resistance training
and nutrition and the structure of a muscle and…
and on and on and on.

And I know this is true
because I signed up for a course
and got a first hand look at what the training is like.

And there is absolutely nothing like it in the martial arts.


So I looked at the training manual of one company
and I wrote my own training manual.

I didn’t duplicate the whole thing on muscles and stuff,
you should do a personal trainer course on your own for that.
But I did lay out the martial arts
using my courses and a lot of new stuff
to create somebody who knows what a martial arts instructor has to know
and can actually teach it.

Never been anything like it before in the history of the Martial Arts.

Professional Martial Arts Instructor.

if you do this book,
actually, it is a course,
then you learn the martial arts from the inside out.
you learn how to teach.
It’s how I teach,
and I have had a number of schools,
taught classes everywhere,
and they have all paid off.

So this is my answer to that gym owner’s remark,
that martial artists aren’t professional.

No, we aren’t,
but know we can be.

A person who does this book
and takes the test for it
will be certified,
and that means he can walk into ANY gym
and say
‘I’m a professional.’
He can show his certificate,
show the book he had to do,
zingo bingo
you’re head of the line
for a job doing what you want to do,
for a job teaching martial arts.

And I wasn’t kidding,
here in Los Angeles,
people can make $100 an hour
teaching some of these big name people.

Bruce Lee was charging $300 an hour,
and that was back in the early 70s!

the money is there,
and now the method to the money is there.

The only problem…
have you seen how expensive the personal trainer courses are?
We’re talking $500!
You get a book,
a test,
some sample questions,
but then you can get a job!

my book,
it’s got pieces of several courses,
books that are out of print,
new stuff,
and it’s all organized.
It’s lined up 1, 2, 3…
from white belt to black belt.

If you learn this stuff,
know how to smile to people,
then you can get a job.

the book will be out officially
in a couple of weeks.
Right now I am ordering proofs,
getting editing and such,
and exploring POD methods (Print On Demand).
The price of a book like this,
full color,
this big
is about $30.
Then I’ve got to mail it.
Probably $20 bucks there.
But if somebody wants a proof,
I’ll probably charge $75.
It might be more,
I won’t know until the book is in the final stages of production
and I am quoted a price on proofs.
But I’m guessing $75 might be fair.
And the price,
once it is officially released,
will probably be over $100.
So this is a deal.

You think I won’t get it?
I’ll get a company that does certification for personal trainers,
piggy back on them,
and it will sell like hotcakes.

After all,
it’s a path to a real fun job,
a break out from the same old same old hum drum 9 to 5.

for the next week or two,
I’ll sell proofs.

You’ll have to be willing to wait a week or so to get it,
because the company has to mail it to me,
then I have to mail it to you.

And the only reason I’m willing to do this
is because I need feedback.
I need wins to put on a site,
I need people to tell me where I’ve made mistakes.

there it is.

let me emphasize one last thing…
a Black Belt is an expert
a Master is fantastic,
but that doesn’t mean they know how to teach,
it doesn’t mean they are professional.
So this book raises the standard.
This book creates martial artists that are better than a black belt, master, or whatever.
A fellow who can teach,
is responsible for the future of the martial arts.
It doesn’t matter how much you know
if you can’t pass it on.
So a Professional Martial Arts Instructor
is actually the highest rank possible.
Nothing higher.

Even a founder has to know how to teach and be professional.

So a PMAI is the highest rank there is.

thanks for listening.
If you’re interested in picking up a proof of
Professional Martial Arts Instructor
send me an email at

Proofs will probably be available in the next few days,
almost definitely by Monday.

Have a great work out!




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Outlaw Karate Training Manual Re-issued!

Outlaw Karate Gets a Face Lift!

‘Outlaw Karate: The Secret of the One Year Black Belt,’ was one of the first books on Matrixing. Actually, it was written before matrixing became ‘officialize.’

This is the first book to put forth the concept that people could actually earn a real Black Belt in Karate in a year of less.

This new edition includes a glossy cover. The original material,  five star rated on Amazon, is intact.

The glory of this book is that it goes belt by belt, describing all the experiences, detailing what the student should be going through, and showing all the forms and applications. Thus, the reader has a much better chance of getting through the material without error; it is actually possible to get to a Black Belt within one year.

The book is based on the author’s synthesis of two martial arts, ‘Kang Duk Won’ and ‘Kwon Bup.’ All duplicate material has been discarded, along with fluff material such as poser techniques, unworkable techniques, and so on.

The result is an extremely hard core, street workable system.

The book includes detailed instructions on such items as:

  • how to create power
  • six ways to translate a block into totally different techniques
  • promotional requirements for every belt
  • what a student goes through on each belt level and why
  • the actual written tests for each belt
  • and TONS more.

The book is 166 pages with 212 images. In includes the complete system, with all the forms, applications, and methods of freestyle.

To find out more about Outlaw Karate: The Secret of the One Year Black Belt, click on this cover…

you can get a black belt in less than a year

Click on the cover to go to Amazon and find out more…

This book is a complete system. It includes all the forms and form applications, along with methods of freestyle.

Karate Fighting…A Basic How To Do It Guide

Karate Fighting is Blast!

Had a student query me about karate fighting the other day, got me thinking. He wanted to enter a stickfighting tournament. Tournaments are fun, but they are different from the street, and the same.

Fighting on the street is chaos, a struggle for survival. It takes a while to cultivate the mindset that will stay calm in combat.

Fighting in a tournament is more controlled, you can focus on one opponent, and this requires a whole different set of skills.

First, you’re going to want to load your muscles for the forward and back motion. This is a constant adjustment of foot and leg angles to provide the best traction and the most leg thrust; you need to be able to go forward fasdter than he can block, and go back faster than he can hit; and you need to be balanced between them so you don’t get caught ‘flatfooted.’

Second, you need to hair trigger your mind. You aren’t going to go on reaction time here, you are going to have to go on your ‘reads.’

Third, there ain’t no third. Fighting is that simple. Well, maybe you should do a thousand hours of various training drills to cultivate the unique mindset required for controlled war. Or all out war, if you happen to be of the street fighting sort.

Oddly, I remember when karate freestyle became a corrupt game controlled by fighters with no respect, who just wanted to fight, who didn’t want to learn about themselves.

It was a tournament over in some small town above Richmond, California. This was back in the late sixties. I was fighting in the tournament, striving for pin point control, trying to get that moment of transition from thought to action into one blink. I looked over at the next ring, and the ‘Karate sensei’ was telling his white belt fighter to run across the ring and hit his opponent. And he did.

But this wasn’t Karate fighting, this was just fighting. It was the desire to win, with no appreciation for technique, and no way to better as a human being.

I didn’t fight after that.

And, after that fighting went full contact, and would eventually go MMA. Through all the years that impression, of the karate instructor just telling his beginning student to just hit his opponent, stuck with me.

I’m sure that white belt was abused, probably lost his teeth in some dark alley brawl, and has a gnarly opinion that people listen to. Unfortunately, that opinion is worthless, for it is based on fighting, and not learning how to get over fighting in your soul.

This has been about karate fighting.

karate fighting

What is a Karate Sensei Actually Trying to Do?

karate senseiNot many people know what a real Karate sensei is trying to do. Too often people enter a karate lesson, learn to bow and address the teacher as Sensei, and don’t even know what the word means. This is true not just of karate, but of other arts, such as Kenpo or Kung Fu, which have taken to using the term to indicate a martial arts instructor. To understand the word sensei, however, is to change one’s mind about what the martial arts are all about.

In Japan there is a three year sojourn for budding monks. During this time they must live by begging. They sit where people pass by and hold their cups out and silently beg.

One of the places they sit at is at crossroads. People pass by, toss a coin in the cup, and travel on. And, occasionally, people ask for instructions.

The monk, who after a time of living in such a manner actually looks like a bum, merely holds up his arm and points down the road. Thus, he points the way, and this is what the word sensei means: ‘He who points the way.’ And this term has been taken and used by people who are guiding others through a specific method to a specific destination.

Now, the unfortunate fact is that many martial arts instructors don’t point the way. Martial Arts have exploded across culture so fast that proper teachings have been left by the wayside. Thus, many karate sensei are in it solely so they can be bowed to.

Thus, real information is put aside, and the teaching method has slanted for the person who wishes to teach people. But a real martial arts teacher doesn’t teach people; he teaches martial arts. And there is a huge and vast difference to be understood here.

The fellow who teaches people is looking for a wage, to dominate, to make sure he is alpha dog. The fellow who teaches martial arts doesn’t care about being alpha dog, he just wants to present material that will lead the student down the path. The question is…the path to what?

A martial art teacher with no real knowledge will point to trophies, to domination, to winning no matter what the cost. A martial art instructor who has not traveled the way himself will push people, demand discipline, and make people monkey see monkey do what he doesn’t really understand himself. A true Karate sensei presents the material, then gets out of the way.

Fortunately, there is a course that is not monkey see monkey do, but actually works the way old time teachings are supposed to work. Karate sensei everywhere, if they want to be legitimate and true, should look to the Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts.

Kung Fu Illegal! Anybody Caught Chopping Will Be Shot!

Don’t you love this headline: Kung Fu Illegal?

You say it couldn’t happen? Brother, you are deluded. It is already happening, and you just don’t know about it. I’ll tell you about it right after this video…

Your Karate sensei changed the rules for freestyle so nobody would get hurt, and he wouldn’t get sued. He wants people to stay healthy and remain on contract.

Your Kung Fu Sifu tossed out certain techniques because the mothers in the neighborhood didn’t want their little Johnnies to get cut lips or black eyes during training.

And that MMA ring? It has rules. No biting, no gouging, no small joint manipulation…none of the stuff that the guy on the street would do (if he knew how), and which you must know how to do if you’re going to survive.

What do we need the government for…we already have regulation from ‘well meaning’ parents!

Of course, at Monster Martial Arts we have a rule, too. The rule is…if it works, use it. Train it. Drill it. Sure, be careful, but when that mugger comes at you on the street, you chop him, kick him, gouge his eyeballs out, and trip him when he’s blind.

After all, if you don’t get this idea in training, then you’re going to pull in a  fight, and your art won’t work. That’s the point where it all comes together. Simply, if you allow your techniques to be made ‘illegal,’ then you might just as well be shot, because your art isn’t going to work.

Find out about the real rules at Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free ebook at the top left of the home page.

Karate Doesn’t Work Against A Shotgun, Karate instructor killed!

shotgun murderNo, using Karate against a shotgun isn’t going to work too well. At least it didn’t in the case of 29 year old Karate Instructor Chris Brown.

To get to the bottom of this story we need to look at Raoul Moat. Mr. Moat, was released from prison July 1st, 2010. He apparently knew that Mr. Brown was seeing his old girl friend. He stopped for a quick haircut, I guess he wanted to look good when he murdered somebody, and left the barber shop saying, “I’ve got a few arses to kick!”

The night of July 3 Raul crouched under a window and listened to the conversation of his ex-girlfriend and Sensei Chris Brown. He didn’t like what they were saying.

When Chris Brown stepped out to confront the ex-con, he found out that Raul had brought a shotgun to a Karate match.

No front punches, no kicks, no blocks. Not even a kiyai. Just the boom of a shotgun and the end of hopes and dreams.

Raul then went on a rampage, targeting police and committing general mayhem. He eventually shot himself in the throat with the sawn off shotgun.

So ends the saga of the murderer of Chris Brown, Karate Instructor.

Hey, as long as I’ve got your attention, why don’t you check out Monster Martial Arts? We don’t sell shotguns, but you’ll have a pretty good time until somebody shoots you with one.

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