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Matrixing the Hurricane Punch!

Matrixing the Hurricane Punch!

Happy Hurricane!

That’s right, 

I live in Florida and I just lived through

terror and despair and fear.

That’s right,

I watched the news and survived.

So let me tell you what really happened 

with the hurricane where I lived,

it makes for a delightful bit of matrixing

and may give you ideas for how to apply matrixing

to the world.

It is easy to matrix a hurricane,

a hurricane is like a big old punch to the gut.

So I’m watching all these complex charts,

and the news people are talking statistics


of course




Except I looked at the maps

the simple ones showing the path of the hurricane

and I immediately saw what was wrong.

The hurricane passed over Cuba,

then veered right

and headed for Tampa on a straight line.

Do you see what is wrong?

Nature abhors a straight line.


except for a few stupid trees shooting for the sun

does not happen in straight lines.

Only men, with their buildings and jabs,

create straight lines.

And here this hurricane was on a straight line for me.


Something was wrong with this picture

and I began to apply matrixing.

Matrixing is all about the analysis of force and direction.

That’s all it is.

So here is a straight punch hurricane

and what are the forces that will act on it?

Only two.

There is the surface the hurricane travels over,

and there are the ‘masses of air’ to the sides of the hurricanes.

The surface over which a hurricane travels over

is either flat (the ocean)

or rough (trees and houses and things)

Just by surface alone,

because it has to be a circle,

I could see that the hurricane was going to loop.

As big as the hurricane was,

and considering the surfaces over which it traveled,

I figured it would hit land above clearwater (where I live)

I blew it.

The hurricane skated over the water

and hit land over a hundred miles south of me.

Why did it hit 100 miles below me?

Because there was a HUGE mass of air to the north.

The hurricane simply ran into a wall and turned.

I saw a bigger map later,

and saw the HUGE mass of air to the north,

and that was why it had missed me.

The news media had this information,

So why were they all shouting




Because that’s how they ‘sell newspapers.’

They create fear

and it’s like a roller coaster.

Everybody wants to get on for the scary ride.

So everybody watches the news.

Once I saw the media was wrong

I decided not to evacuate.

Police drove through my park every few hours

telling me I had to leave.

In essence, 

they were yelling…




Why would the police do this?

One, because they believed the news people.


more important,

because if people are scared they need the police,

it justifies the police

and gives the police more money.


So the real irritation

of the big hurricane punch

was that I had to turn off all the lights in my house

and let the police pass by.

Chances are they would do nothing,

but they might do something,

and they could give me a ticket.

Can you dig it?

A thousand dollar fine

for defending myself against 

the big hurricane punch?

So the police are now put in the position

of potentially becoming the enemy,

interfering with my right to defend myself.

The winds howled,

the rain splattered,

I heard things go bump in the night,

things like pieces of branches hitting the ground.

Midnight my carport started flapping.

Horrendous racket.

I had no rope,

so I wrapped a piece of electrical cord

around one of the supports,

and ran my car over the cord.

Saved my carport.

And it was fun to be out there in shorts and a tee

fighting the elements.

And for all you people who scream

‘what if the wind blew you away?’

‘What if your house collapsed?’

‘What if the police tried to save you and died!’

‘What if…what if…what if…’

I say:


I was working off matrixing.

I knew the dynamics of a punch.

I KNEW the hurricane punch was going to miss.

And if I had known that it was going to hit

I would have headed for my son’s house,

a couple of miles away

and hunkered down.

He lives on the high ground.

That’s right.

I was so sure of my matrixing

that instead of heading a couple of miles to a ‘safe’ house,

I stayed home

drank an adult beverage

played on the computer,

and was so very happy.


for those people who got slammed by the punch,

my sincere thoughts and prayers.


did you know what happened

when the news and the police and the politicians all yelled.




All the people in my area drove a 100 miles to get away.

They drove to (drum roll) Fort Meyers

and Orange county.

That’s right,

they drove right onto Ground Zero.

Because they listened to FEAR,

because they listened to the news,

because they followed the directions of the police,

they took the Great Hurricane Punch

right in the flippin’ gut!

Too bad they didn’t know matrixing.

Too bad they didn’t know the martial arts.

They could have stayed home.

They could have had popcorn and chocolate,

maybe an adult beverage,

been safe with their kids

playing board games

and making up scary stories.


I suggest you study the martial arts

and study matrixing,

and do it quick

before Twitter and Facebutt and all those guys

convict me of ‘spreading disinformation.’

After all,

they don’t want me to interfere

with their money making business.

And the next time somebody starts yelling FEAR!

Look at the situation,

analyze the potential forces and flows,

and put them out of your mind.

A person who works off of fear

is not able to analyze

and ALL his opinions are worthless.

Don’t bob and weave,

don’t side step and block

if the punch is going to miss.


enough about the dreaded and terrible Hurricane Punch,

let’s talk about fun!

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analyzes each step

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asks whether it is right or wrong,

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All other books

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never touching it.

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This is not simple Hurricane Punch,

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Matrixing + Politics = Sanity

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New Karate to Tai Chi Book Gives Immense Win!

Newsletter 925

A Super Win from the New Book/Video course

Thanks to everybody
who has purchased
How to Translate Karate to Tai Chi Chuan
Wins all over the place,
and here’s a really great one.

Hello Al, this is Jason W. I would like to express my deepest thanks for the link to the course you sent me that was very gracious of you. I have been working on it and I have to say that this is the very best course yet. I liked the Matrix Karate and although it is a complete fighting system, I felt that much of the bulk of really good and usable Kang Duk Won technique wasn’t included. Kang Duk Won really didn’t make sense and large parts of it I deemed unusable in a real fight. Your Tai chi/Karate course makes it all relevant and usable. From the very first move in Pinan 1 it’s awesome. I never really understood the downward block as a countermove to a front or round kick. Unless the guy kicking is a total putz you run the risk of damaging your forearm and no matter what training you put into it a trained Muay Thai fighter will break your arm in two. But the way you showed it as a downward strike into the groin/abdomen makes total sense and is so simple and natural I scold myself for not seeing it sooner. Of course I come from an internal martial arts background and I have always had a hard time reconciling the hard arts vs. the soft ones. It seemed like I was shifting from one to the other in a sparring session. Your way of putting these together makes it flow naturally and I feel I have made a tremendous leap forward in not only understanding internal power, but realizing the internal energy in external martial arts which is the end goal of all styles. I would really like to see you develop this further for example going forward and doing the post Pinan forms of KDW. Oh and I really like the backward steps in the forms. It allows me to practice the forms in a much smaller area (an item of great concern in bad weather). Keep up the great work Al, your martial genius never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks for those kind words, Jason.

for everybody,
I added a chapter to the book,
so download again,
there is a chapter on chi principles.

I added a modification after the form Channan one,
should really make better footwork out
certain sections of the forms.

one of the purposes of Tai Chi is to pump up the chi.
the art is not presented well for self defense.
It has self defense,
but it takes a long time
for people to understand it as self defense.
Karate has hard explosive energy,
and the chi pumps up differently,
isn’t even noticed for a couple of decades.
So we have a weird situation.
Tai Chi has chi but little self defense,
karate has self defense, but little chi.
Generally speaking.
So to put them together,
beef up the chi in karate,
make the self defense more obvious in tai chi,
was just what the doctor ordered.

Read the win,
this book/course will do what i say,
and in spades.

And please remember
I started karate in 1967,
I started tai chi in 1974.
It took a lot of experience to put this all together,
and you’re welcome to it.
The book is on amazon,
the video course w bk is available at monstermartialarts.com


Have a great work out!



Is a Shotgun good for Self Defense?

Is the Shotgun a Good Martial Arts Weapon?

Speaking of shotguns and self defense, let me say, at the outset, that no muggers were harmed in the making of this blog.

survivalist martial artAnd, to be perfectly clear, the few ‘real’ experiments were conducted on a cow.

And, just so PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) won’t get their skirts in an uproar, I actually had to shoot the cow to save its life.

We have a cattle guard at our ranch, a row of pipes which stops cows from crossing into areas which might be hazardous to their health (freeways), and one of the cows was jumping the cattle guard. If the cow misstepped it would have slipped a leg into the guard, which leg probably would have broken, and we would have had to shoot the animal. So I was saving the cow’s life by shooting it with a shot gun.

And, I only shot it in the butt. And only after one of the old farmers around here assured me that bossy wasn’t going to suffer damage.

Okay, all that disclaimer stuff aside.

I drove up to the gate where Red (our name for Bossy) was getting ready for a leap. I unlimbered the shot gun, and from fifty feet away I spanked her.

She jumped, bellowed at me, and ran away. And thus her life was saved.

And I started wondering about the spread of the shotgun.

A handgun is basically a 12 foot weapon. Past 12 feet people, unless they are severely trained, will miss.

A shot gun, everybody thinks, is unmissable at that distance.

What makes a shotgun hit at that distance is the fact that you have two hands on it, and it is cumbersome, and you have to steady it to shoot it in the first place.

But I would say that by 20 feet the shot gun, in the hands of the untrained, is still going to miss.

At 12 feet the shot spreads out to about 6 inches, give or take.

At 20 feet it spreads to maybe 15 inches, give or take.

At 50 feet, which is the distance I plastered old bossy at, the shot pattern was more’n a couple of feet wide.

So if you shoot somebody at 50 feet the shot will spread out and you’ll only hit them with a couple of shot.

And these figures I give you are only estimates, will vary from shotgun to shotgun, and so on.

But the point is that at 50 feet bossy only got hit by 2 or 3 shot, little pebbles, and a lot of the zip had gone out of those shot by that time.

So she was spanked, no holes in that tough, old hide.

But, let’s talk about humans.

At 50 feet a human might absorb a few pellets, and that human better hie themselves on down to the local get well station. Especially if the pellets hit tender areas. Eyes, groin, whatever.

So how good is a shotgun for self defense?

12 to 15 feet you’re gonna kill the crap out of somebody if you actually hit them.

Past that you have lessening consequences.

So why are people so afraid of shotguns? Because when they see the damage a shotgun can do at 12 or 15 feet they are dumbstruck.

You don’t leave a polite hole in a door, you blow the doorknob off, or the hinges, and the door slams back, or, at worst, you have a six inch hole in the door.

Imagine that on a human body.


Now, because of the spread of the shot, it is an excellent hunting weapon.

Because of human psyche, it is an excellent mob buster.

And, in close quarter work, saw that barrel off, which is highly illegal and could get you arrested and I don’t recommend, and…and you don’t get that much difference.

The importance of a sawed off shotgun is not that it is so much more deadly – the shot spreads a bit more, has slightly less range – but that it is easier to handle.

Have you ever seen ‘Wanted Dead or Alive?’ With Steve McQueen as Josh Randall? It’s not that he blows bad guys into tarnation sized smithereens, but that he is so quick to whip it around and get it into action. Can’t do that with grandpa’s old greener.

Anyway, I assure you that old bossy is still alive and giving milk. Also, feel free to argue with my conjectures regarding spread and distance and all that. My experiments were VERY unscientific, and there’s nothing wrong with feeding me some good, old fashioned scientific data.

Past that, whether you see fit to walk down the street with a shot gun for self defense is up to you, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I would recommend a good course in the martial arts. That and some of that uncommon common sense.

About the author: Al Case has been doing martial arts for 50 years. He is the author of Fixing MCMAP, which analyzes the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and offers some very interesting and effective changes.

Karate Self Defense Applications From Heian Three

The karate self defense movements from the ancient forms are sometimes odd. By this I mean they are hard to figure out, and sometimes to make work. The problem is that they are unique situations having to do with specific instances of combat, and not arranged in any particular sequence or order.

karate mysteriesWhen one studied the ancient karate kata methods, the sequence of forms themselves was out of sequence. That martial arts arrangement method was taught for the longest time before the forms were finally put in the right order. In particular, I am talking about the switching of Heian one and Heian Two.

That point made, this article is about the first move from the next form, pinan three. This karate kata opens up with basic movements that should be, perhaps taught earlier. The problem is that the self defense application is hard to apply.

In that martial arts kata the footwork pattern begins with a simple outward block done from a back stance. The kata then moves into a set of double blocks executed with the feet married. To say that the feet are married is to mean that they are placed with toe touching toe and the heel touching heel.

To make this form application work in real life one should use the back stance–or perhaps, if one is feeling aggressive, a front stance–with the double blocks. This enables one to move the whole body into the attack. This aggressive behavior pushes the attacker backwards.

So the attacker steps forward with a right punch, and the defender jams him with block and stance. A simultaneous outward block and punch to the pubic area will duplicate the moves of the karate form. Being aggressive in this manner one should be aware of the placement of the knee, and how to move the attacker’s knee in or out.

One could also take advantage of the other arm position in this Martial Arts pattern. In this secondary self defense movement the attacker would again step in with a punch, but perhaps angled a little lower. The defender would again step in aggressively, but this time do a downward block (or parry) and an uppercut to the chin.

To sum up, these ancient forms really do work, they have all manner of techniques hiding in them. It is up the student to study those kata so that every single possible self defense application can be understood and made to work. These old forms should be studied, analyzed, and inspected, for the Karate self defense moves within them are what the martial arts are all about.

If you wish to view pictures of the <a href=”http://learnkarateonline.net/karate-techniques/karate-self-defense-moves-pinan-three/”>Karate Self Defense</a> Moves I have explained here, head to Learn Karate Online (dot) net.

How to Rob a Karate School!

If there was ever a proof that drugs make one stupid, a man in Bucaramanga, Columbia attempted to rob a Karate School.

Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about the ‘Karate robber.’

Apparently the man entered the martial arts school with a gun and demanded money. Dozens of students looked at each other, probably a little confused at their training being interrupted. But, within split seconds, the looks of confusion were no doubt replaced by broad grins.

Chops, punches and takedowns. Once the pistol was out of the man’s hands, it is no doubt that the karate students took turns  practicing their disarms and striking techniques, letting the man up only so that another student could take a turn. Within a short time the man was whimpering and crying for mercy.

The police finally arrived at the self defense extravaganze, much to the robber’s relief. They toted the man to the local hospital where he was treated for bruises. Lots of bruises. His whole body was a bruise. Grin.

You can get a free book on a brand new self defense method at Monster Martial Arts.