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Karate Punch Off the Back Leg to Make More Chi Energy

Build Karate Punch Power Right Now!

Karate Punch is famous for its power. Mas Oyama breaks bricks and kills bulls, Okinawan masters break rocks and disarm samurai, and so on. Good examples of Karate power.

And, to be truthful, many of these techniques are done by moving the weight forward, from shifting from the back stance to the front stance. There is a lot of power in the karate technique when you put your weight into it.

karate punch

Use the whole body when you do a Karate punch.

But what if you are backing up, or otherwise don’t have the room? Well, you could use an elbow strike, nothing wrong with that, but what if, for whatever reason, you prefer a punch. Maybe you don’t want to get that close to a grappler, and a punch will kepp him back? In that case you want to sink your weight down the back leg and punch with the rear hand.

This is frowned upon by many classical martial artists, but it is a strong punch, and it has the added value of developing chi.

When you go to the front stance you tend to work on muscle and weight, and you are not afforded the chi power that you are really capable of.

When you Karate punch off the back leg you make the rear leg work harder, which makes the tan tien work harder (the tan tien is the energy generator just below the navel), which causes chi power to manifest and build.

Simply, doing a karate punch in this manner tends to cause one to be more aware of the body structure and what is happening, and awareness builds more chi power.

Interestingly, while I can punch hard with a front stance punch, I can’t do things like put out a candle from over a foot away. In the back stance I can. I’ll give you the link below if you want to see this.

While I can karate punch harder when shifting from a back stance to a front stance, I can punch harder with less effort out of the back stance. To punch harder with less effort is the real martial art here.

For people who don’t understand the value of punching harder with less effort, I recommend you find the video of Bruce Lee doing the one inch punch.

And that is the reason one would karate punch off the back leg when doing the martial arts.

Here’s how to put a candle out with a karate punch from over foot away, and here are some free martial arts books.

Five Steps to the Best Karate Strike in the world!

Best Karate Strike Achieved Through Five Points

The Best Karate strike is the one that knocks out the other guy. But, how do you develop that perfect Karate punch or kick that will knock them down…first time every time? How do you build the Perfect Karate strike? Interestingly enough, there are five point that must be implemented. Do these points, and you will have the hardest karate punch and the fastest karate kick ever, and you can even implement these points if you study another art, such as Kung Fu or Kenpo.

best karate strike

A Strong Punch is Filled with Spirit and Conviction!

First, you must sink your weight. Sinking your weight gives you power, it stops you from having your own body move back from the impact. Remember, a karate strike, where it impacts upon the other body, is basically an explosion. You don’t want to be pushed back from the force of your own explosion!

Second, you must turn the hips into the strike. The best biomechanical study indicate that the more weight you put into the strike, the more effect that strike will have. Doesn’t matter if it is a slamming elbow strike, a fast karate strike, or whatever…to move the hips is to move the weight.

Third, full power comes at full extension. Mind you, you don’t your karate hand strikes over extending, this could result in bone bruises in the elbow if the bones slap together. But you do want the muscles to have the chance to fully extend into the strike points.

Four pick your target. Heck, buy a karate strike points poster, study these points, figure out how to hit those points, and alter your techniques until you can hit those karate strike points every time. A karate strike, the best karate strike, is near a pressure point , and it can do vastly more damage than a karate strike near what seem to be good and big targets.

Fifth point, imagination. Whether you do a palm strike or a ridge hand strike or whatever, you must practice that strike, and you must visualize, imagine, and get the idea of that strike before you ever try it. The best karate strike is built with imagination, and will have more intention, and will do more damage.

The trick, if you are going to have the best karate strike you can, is to put these five points together. Further, you must educate yourself as to such concepts as timing, focus, and so on. Simply, you must become a scientist of Karate, and that is the story of how to have the Best Karate strike you can.

If you like this article you should check out Monster Martial Arts. Here is a fascinating page about having a Perfect Strike.

This has been a page about having the best karate strike you can possibly have.

Karate Chop Cowboy Beats the Burglar Armed with a Gun!

Cowboy Karate Chop Break Burglars Brain!

Karate Chop is more powerful than a gun! Consider the tale of Ervin Brittnacher, who lives just outside Houston, Texas. He is a 79 year old Cowboy, who is  a member of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. One would think that such an oldster is past his prime, his martial arts would be weak, and he would be easy pickings for a criminal, right?


karate chop

Ervin Brittnacher

Late one night our Karate Chop cowboy heard his dog barking and got up to investigate. Opening the front door he found one Charles Smith standing there holding a gun.

Ervin had several choices. He could pick up one of his own guns, which stood conveniently next to the door, and blast a hole through the brisket of the burglar…but he decided to take a kindlier route, and did a karate chop to the neck.

The young criminal immediately knew he was in trouble. He started blathering about his girlfriend being there.

Our kindly cowboy actually invited the dope inside to see for himself!

And, end of the story, the police were also invited, and they took Charlie into custody, and to jail, where he was charged with attempted burglary.

In the above video the author celebrates 61 with a little Martial Arts. Go to Blinding Steel at MonsterMartialArts.com if you want to learn how to subdue an attacker armed with a weapon, no matter how young or old you are!

Ervin Brittnacher had never taken Karate, or tae kwon do, or any other martial art, but he is a tough old bird and a natural karate punch, and a knowledge of how to dismember the human body. It didn’t take much for Ervin to put together the karate movies he had seen with what he had to do to defend himself!

Charlie Smith has also never taken martial arts, but he may want to take a karate lesson or two after he gets out of the hoosegow. Honestly, beaten up by an old man!

But that’s the power of the martial arts, and a karate chop, and that’s how one old cowboy took a karate chop to a gunfight and won!

This has been a page about taking a karate chop to a gunfight and coming out on top!

zen martial arts

How to Put the Empty in the Fist

Karate means empty hand.

And some people say it means

you don’t hold a weapon.

That’s cool,

but there’s a heck of a lot more to it.

empty hands

Do you know this Okinawan Karate Master?


the mechanics.

From a horse stance,

one hand goes out

and the other comes back.

This is balance.


beginners are taught to twist the fist,

palm up at the chamber position,

palm down

when you extend and tighten the fist.

This is a method to create more loose-tight.

More focus.

To focus the energy.


with the subject of energy

we have left the mechanics.

One of the things people should do

is sink into a horse,

and use the retracting hand

to pull an opponent.

This is fascinating stuff.

You pull the hand,

you pull the weight,

and the core  has to shrink,

and the tan tien has to explode,

even while it is pulling.

Very interesting stuff.

How do you pull while exploding?

The thing is,

this is where it all opens up.

This is where you start to examine

the fist as a line of energy.

This is where you start examining

blocks as planes of energy

that sheer the line of energy that is a punch.

This is where you examine

how to compress the triangular energy of the stance

while you do what you do

on the top half of the body.

And these things lead to such concepts as

the arms as cones,

sucking blocks,

paralleling motions to create harmony

sucking energy from stances,

and ALL sorts of other things.

I should write a book on these specifics,

maybe I will some day,

but right now…

all we care about is lesson number one,

how to explode energy in a straight line

with the fist actually becoming empty.



this data

and a LOT more

is in ‘The Punch,’

which is here,



let’s just take one narrow slice of the procedure.

I realized,

at a certain point,

that what I was trying to do

when I punched somebody

was stick a stick (of bones)

through a watermelon.

I then wondered if it was really necessary to tighten the fist.


it wasn’t.


before you get all excited,

you SHOULD do all the basics exercises,

and that includes learning how to make the fist tight.


I didn’t understand this

until after I had learned how to make a tight fist.


I learned how to stick that fist out

and tighten it

an inch or two

inside the other person’s body.

Almost like grabbing something

rib deep.

Really worked.


having the power,

I could go for the softer,

less powerful

but more intense


So I practiced simple things like push ups

on non tight fists.

Just balancing on the foreknuckles,

trying to use no energy in the hands.

I got mixed results.

Try it.

you’ll see.


I tried to break things

while holding thumbtacks.

Good results.


you need to break with a hard fist

before you try with a soft fist,

or you’ll break your hand.

I finally found that my soft fist,

or my empty fist

came about

more from learning finer control

than anything else.

So you put a thumbtack on a piece of soft material.

plasterboard is good.

And you punch it in with your fist,

without denting the board.


sort of hard.

You keep denting.


a thousand times,

and you will appreciate a finer distance

with your fist.


here’s the funny thing,

control leads to power.

Power doesn’t lead to control

But control leads to power.

And I found I was able to stick my soft and untightened fist

into other bodies

with ease.


here is where it gets interesting,

it hurts more!

When you see me punch somebody

on one of the training videos

and they suddenly wince in pain,

it is not because I punched them harder,

it is because I punched them softer.

Which is to say,

I used a soft fist.


to this day,

I still practice the tight fist,

because it leads me to the soft fist,

but I practice control,

and thus get more power.

The only time I ever really hurt somebody

I punched them with a soft fist.

This was right after I started figuring this stuff out.

It was back in Santa Rosa,

and I broke a student’s rib.

I was sorry,

felt bad,

and realized that I had reached a point

where the softer I hit

the more careful I had to be.


I hope this tells you something

about the fist

and how to empty it.

The principles are true for any art,


if you want the whole line up

so you don’t have any missing pieces


‘The Punch.’

The thing is,

if you do what I have told you here,

you should have a good, soft punch.


if you don’t,

then you are simply missing pieces,

and all the pieces of the punch

are in

‘The Punch.’

Oinky Donkey,

time to see a man about a work out.

You guys and gals,

have yourself a most glorious week end,

filled with nothing but the glory of you

made pure by the work out.


Check out THE PUNCH!

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The Hardest Punch in Karate is the Easiest Punch

The Secret of the HardestPunch in Karate!

I always thought, when first learning Karate, that you had to have huge muscles, you had to be able to do a thousand push ups, and that was the only way to have the hardest punch in the world.
My first teaches in Kenpo Karate abused me of that.
My first teacher was a slender fellow named Rex. No muscles on that boy at all, yet he snapped a half fist out so fast I could barely see it, and the brick he hit literally shattered. It didn’t break, but more exploded.
So I was convinced and converted, and devoted my training to speed, speed, speed. Unfortunately, my being rather large (6 foot two) and two hundred pounds, that was the wrong track for me. There was no way on earth I could get Rex’s speed and agility. I simply had a body suited to different modes of motion.
Then I came across a fellow name of Bob, who taught an art called Kang Duk Won Korean Karate. He was the same build as Rex, moved even faster, but there was a subtle difference. He was liquid, and he didn’t rely on speed, though he had it, he relied on something I would come to realize was ‘chi,’ or ‘ki,’ depending on what country you were pronouncing it from.
Now, the chi built up in the forms, we never talked about it, but we started to feel it. We could feel things moving inside our bodies.
And I started to feel inside my partner’s bodies. The end of my fist became imbued with radar, and I could feel their ribs, their muscles, even their organs.
And a funny thing happened.
The easier I struck, the less muscle I used, the more pain I caused. Simply, a form of ‘awareness’ was coming out of the end of my fist, and that form of awareness is called chi.
The body is a motor, and when you do the forms it turns the motor on. Unfortunately, most forms these days have been changed, their order changed, and they don’t do the job. This is why i use Matrixing to align the body, and to align the forms, and thus create this form of really usable energy.
And that is how I learned to strike easier to make the hardest punch in Karate.

zen martial arts

How to Knock Out Somebody with a Good Karate Punch

If you want to knock out somebody Karate is a good tool, but it does take a bit of understanding.

good karate punchFirst, you can knock somebody out with a karate punch to the body, and I actually recommend it. I’ll go into that first, and describe the first knock out technique.

85% of the people throw a right hand to the face. This is usually an ill conceived round house punch, and it is predictable and easily blocked. So you set up for a good, hard punch to the face, and then you drive a straight line to the gut.

Mind you, this is a thrusting punch, and you want to lock your arm and go all the way through the fellow.

Most fellows don’t have great conditioning, and so the body support system collapses, and they are down, and can even be totally unconscious. It takes a heck of a wallop, but it can work. Practice driving your punch through a heavy bag every day for an hour. Get the idea that you can’t be stopped. Watch the bag bounce away.

The other and more sure knock out, is the punch to the head. When you punch the head you are trying to rattle the brain inside the skull. To actually make it slosh back and forth so hard it flattens out on the inside of the skull, and the fellow you hit drops unconscious.

And, yes, you can thrust through the head, the same as if you thrust through the body.

But, the better method is the light flick of the karate fist. It takes no energy, is mounted by a single clear and concise thought, and it describes the ‘invisible punch,’ that Mohammed Ali used to knock out Sonny Liston. People thought that the punch didn’t connect, that Liston took a dive, but, really, Ali just flicked a fist effortlessly, you can see Liston’s head duck down slightly, and then he is just falling.

To do this punch you have to be light and effortless. You should hang a speed bag and float by it, and just snap your hand like you were snapping a dish towel. You want the bag to rattle back and forth like rocks in a can. The fellow won’t see it coming, or he will dismiss it as lightweight because there seems to be no mass behind it. But, when it connects, bingo, lights out!

In closing i will say that it takes work to make this kind of speed punch work, and I would recommend that one learn how to break bricks with good karate punches if they want to really master this karate technique.

kick to the nuts

First Time and Only Time I Ever Hit Somebody with a Karate Punch

How to Abuse a Karate Punch

A Karate punch can be an awesome thing. Proper Karate training and you can break slabs of ice, bundles of boards and bricks, and even kill 1000 pound bulls. You can also make mistakes, such as I will point out in this martial arts article.

I had been training for over twenty years, hitting the makiwara (punching board), practicing with friends, and even writing books on what I had discovered in the martial arts. Interestingly, in all that time I had never actually struck somebody. I knew I had a powerful punch, I had just never used it.

I was managing a hotel in Los Angeles in one of the poorer sections of town. One day I rented out a room to a pleasant fellow, and shortly discovered that I had made a deal with the devil. This fellow had a sideline of selling drugs. Now, aside from actual medical marijuana cases, because of my martial arts training I am pretty low tolerance on drugs.

One sunny afternoon I went upstairs and confronted the fellow, and told him that he had to stop selling drugs. At first he hemmed and hawed, tried to wiggle out, but I kept after him. Finally, he just laughed at me, “The police don’t care, there’s nothing you can do about it, so forget it.”

Stunned, I blurted, “I want you out of here, you’re evicted…now!” He laughed again. “It’ll take you months to evict me.”

I suddenly went calm, and that is a bad thing, for it meant that I had been pushed too far, and I had made up my mind. I sunk my weight into an hourglass stance, energy surged up my frame and pulsed out my arms, and I struck him in the chest with two hardened fists. What happened then was amazing.

Having never struck somebody I had no idea what it would feel like, or what was going to happen. First, I felt this enormous weight coming back up my arms and coursing down my body and into the ground…it was much more mass and resistance than I had imagined. Second, a perceptible second later–that’s right, there was actually time lag before the effects of my karate strike were realized–he began to launch.

He flew up and over the bed and into the wall, and he slowly struggled to his feet, rubbing his chest, his eyes wide, “You can’t do that!” That just enraged me more, and I started after him, then realized that he had told me something important, “Why not?” “Because there is somebody in the closet!

I went to the closet door and opened it, and a naked man stood there shivering in fright. That’s right, the drug dealer was gay, and he had a boyfriend, and…what the heck had I just done? In using my karate punch I had abused the martial arts, another human being, and was left with a very sick feeling.

 karate punch

Karate Chop Is Not The Deadliest Weapon In All of Karate

Karate Chop…Is It the Best Karate Tool for Killing Attackers?

Karate chop him, yelled the girl, and I laughed. This was a movie where neither the actor, the writer, the director, not nobody, knew the martial arts. See, people used to think that a karate chop to the neck would kill people outright, of course, this was a while ago.

karate ki power

What Can You Really Do with Martial Arts Chi Power?

When I first began studying Chinese Kenpo Karate I was told that a spear hand to the solar plexus or the neck was the deadliest martial arts attack on earth. Just stick those stiff fingers in the soft areas and watch ’em die. This was better than a karate chop, but only by a little.

Then I heard about the Dim Muk, or Death Touch. You touch somebody on a spot somewhere on the body and they drop dead at a precise time. Of course, it would take twenty years to master the Chi Power, memorize the points of the body and times they were vulnerable, and by that time I’d be old and too slow to do such a thing.

One day a fellow was walking past my Karate instructor with a piece of thin particle board. He suddenly stopped, grinned, and braced the board. Break this, he asked my karate instructor.

My instructor’s name was Bob Babich, and he was a short, thin fellow. Given the target, he dropped his weight, twisted his hips, and snapped a single finger out. A single finger, and when he withdrew it, there was a nice, neat, little hole in the particle board.

Many people think I am telling tales when I repeat this story, but the fact is that the single finger trick could be done by no less than fifty people on the Island of Taiwan back in the fifties. Many of the kung Fu masters from across China had gone to that little country to escape communism, and they were able to do things. Unfortunately, there were not enough students, the gene pool was not as large as China, after all, and the single finger trick has pretty well disappeared.

One of the martial artists who could almost do the single finger technique was Bruce Lee. He could stab a finger in a soda (beer) can and leave a hole, and this was back in the day before cans were made of aluminum. He was a fantastic martial artist, and one wonders whether he would have mastered the single finger trick if his life hadn’t been cut short.

At any rate, when students ask me what the deadliest karate trick is I tell them about the single finger. It is not a story, it is the result of real and dedicated training in the martial arts, and that includes karate, kung fu, or any other legitimate martial art that has stood the test of time. And, as for the karate chop, that is a good karate technique, but it is only the first step.

karate forms


Karate Punch, Taekwondo Punch, Kenpo Punch…What’s the Difference?

Hi guys, I loaded up on keywords in the title, because I’m going to give you a bunch of interesting places to go. I can’t give links because wordpress has limits on their free blogs. However, I can give you the titles, and a simple google will take you to any article that looks like it is for you.

I published this one today…

The Karate Punch…Which of the Two Punches is Better?

Here are three others…

Five Steps to Make a Hard PunchLearnKarate Online

Why a Karate Strike is the Hardest Strike!

Hitting Harder and Faster the Scientific Way!

These articles should do the trick if you want a harder punch, no matter what martial art you study.

If you want more,…heck, if you want it all!..drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out The Punch. I can give you the link for that.


Have a great work out, and a great Karate punch, or taekwondo punch, or keno punch, or…grin.


Pulsing Energy to Make Your Power Punch a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Making a Power Punch is core to the martial arts. After all, the martial arts are really only a couple of things: kicking, punching, blocking, throwing. That’s it, that’s all of it. Of course, grin, the devil is in the details. But that said, how do you put the power in your punch?
I’ve written a full book on it, and you’re recommended to read that, but let me give a little hint, and perhaps guide your thoughts towards that book. Here’s a little video about putting that kind of pwoer in a nice, light, little kick, then I’ll tell you more about the chi energy involved.

First, plant the feet firmly. Yes, dancing like Bruce Lee and going ‘woop, woop!’ is cool, and I’m not going to deny that there is some power in that kind of punching. However, that is more of a boxing type of punch. In the more classical martial arts, like Karate, Kenpo, Kung fu, and that sort of art, you plant your weight. Then you turn your hip, which turns your body weight into the punch. Then you pulse energy up your arm.
To pulse energy you need to breath to the tan tien as you sink your weight, the resulting glow of energy in the tan tien can be directed up the body and into the punch. Now, picture one of those big cannons shooting, and see the recoil of the barrel. Now reverse that image of recoil, and put it into the punch with the pushing of the shot up the barrel.
Weird, eh?
But if you have the image in your mind, if you start pushing your arm as if something is traveling up the inside of the arm, that is what happens when you pulse energy.
Now, it takes a lot more than that, and there are a lot of little hints to help you get that. But this should start you. Work on it. Do it slow, do it with your eyes closed and use your imagination, and you will be on the road.
And, i hope you feel something of the energy that I am talking about, and then remember that this is only a hint, and that the full data is in my book Matrixing Chi, which is available at Monster Martial Arts. Guaranteed, read that book and you will understand everything there is to know about pulsing energy in order to make your power punch a weapon of mass destruction.