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Newsletter 1034

The Proper Mental Attitude in the Martial Arts

Good morning!

I haven’t written for a while,

I’m finishing up a REALLy cool book.

It’s a complete matrixing of traditional karate.

Hope to open some eyes.

So I’ll let you know when it is ready…

The proper mental attitude.


that’s an interesting pickle.


there’s humility.

But under the humility you want to be

the most arrogant sucker

this side of suckerville!

Simply, you have to believe in yourself.

You have to believe in the arts,

and in the magnitude of your own soul.

Can’t get where you’re going without that mental attitude.


the proper mental attitude I am speaking of

is actually a frame of mind,

a discipline,

a place where your head goes when you do martial arts.

When you read a really good book

time passes without notice.

You are just engrossed in another universe

to the exclusion of this universe.

That’s how you should be when you practice the martial arts.

When I go work out

I judge the value of my work out

by how well I adhere to this attitude.

Am I sunk into the form,

so engrossed in checking angles,

imagining techniques,

extending my sphere of energy,

or am I…thinking.

Distracted by thoughts,

tossing myself out of the form

by letting my mind wander.


the funny thing is

you have to control your life,

get rid of distractions

or it’s hard to find this place.

If you are thinking about work,

or a relationship,

or something else,

then you aren’t doing karate,

you aren’t developing the correct mental attitude.

So before I work out

I try to make sure my life is calm and content.

No problems.

Everything either solved,

or on a list to be solved at an appropriate time

(the next day as soon as possible)

It’s funny,

because sometimes you need the martial arts

to attain this mental attitude,

but sometimes you need to handle life

before you can handle your mental attitude

and really sink into the pure bliss

that is the state of real martial arts.

A catch 22, you know?

Well, that’s it.

Simple, eh?

Yet one of the more difficult things you will ever do.

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have a great work out!


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THe Highest Level of Martial Art

Highest Level Martial Art!

The highest level of martial art is when the mind is empty.

This means there is no chatter, no static, no distraction by shallow surface thoughts.

learn how to do martial artsGo on, sit for a moment and have no thoughts. Purt near impossible, eh?

But in practicing the martial arts one learns how to ignore the shallow surface thoughts, the distractions, until they cease to be.

In freestyle, one stares at an opponent, having his attention outward, until there is no thought on the inward.

Forms are even better, as the doing of one thing, to the exclusion of all else, clams the mind and ends surface thoughts.

The word Karate means empty hand, and one could well ask how one could have an empty hand if they didn’t empty their mind.

And, Aikido, the way of harmony in the spirit, to ignore thoughts and focus on merging with the intention of another is a superlative method for becoming enlightened…and silent in the mind.

What is the mind, anyway? Merely some sort of a receiver for thoughts. By doing the martial arts one learns to focus the receiver, and listen only to what is important. To project only what is important. A single thought at a time.

Indeed, understand this, and one will understand why the martial arts are considered to be the fastest of the traditional four methods to enlightenment there is.

That all said, the martial arts can be even faster. One need merely apply matrixing principles to a martial art, and it becomes fast and orderly and ogoical. it becomes so logical so fast, that intuition sets in literally within a matter of days.

The specific phenemena that accompany this highest level of martial arts are a calmness of mind that is currently unappreciated by western culture.

Of course, many martial arts concern themselves with fighting, and thus do not manifest the non fighting that occurs in deeper levels of the human being.

The fellow (gal) who has reached the highest levels of the martial arts doesn’t talk much. This is easily understood, as who does he/she have to talk to? To talk to a person who is merely manifesting the endless chatter of an untuned receiver that is their mind is like talking to the radio between stations. There is no meaningful communications.

A high level martial artist, while he/she will be approachable by all, will tend to isolate individuals and create incredibly deep friendships. They will look for the person who is ‘tuned in,’ and actually have communication.

Probably the easiest to spot ability of the person who has reached the end of the martial arts path is the fellow or gal who engages in one sentence teaching.

Ask a question, and you get one sentence, with one thought and only one thought embedded in it, in return. The high level martial artist doesn’t waste time searching through multitudes of data and then mush it together…they empty their mind and see the one thought appear, and simply say it.

Being a high level martial artist is beyond the simple meat and bones of mankind, and beyond the understanding of those who haven’t engaged in a discipline, and who haven’t ‘tuned out their mind, realized the vast emptiness of soul that they are, and who have…tuned in to the truth.

level martial art

The Karate Mind

The Karate Mind is a Powerful thing!

Speaking of the Karate Mind, a friend of mine recently stated that his mind was a mess. Knowing him, however, I knew that he had got it wrong.  You see, it’s the world that is a mess, and the mind is just reflecting it. Actually, his mind was doing a pretty good job of reflecting it.

So how do you get rid of the mess? People think they have to fix their minds. Uh uh. No way. My mind is fine, and don’t you go messing with it.

But, if you do want to make your mind reflect accurately, and without being disturbed by what it is reflecting, then you should study martial arts.

A good dose of forms and freestyle will go a long way. You learn to concerntrate, to focus the mind, and, interestingly enough, it starts to become immune to the mess that is the world.

You focus your attention, you still see the world as it is, but the world doesn’t matter. You get the power to say no to used car salesmen, yes to pretty girls, no to that one beer too many, yes to that job that is right around the corner and is going to change your life.

And, interestingly enough, as you change your mind, you will notice that the world, in some odd manner, changes along with you. The world, you see reflects you….once you take control of your mind.

So if you think your mind is a mess, I suggest you rethink. The mind is not the mess, it is the world that it is reflecting that is a mess. You can, however, gain control over your mind, and make it work better, by simply practicing martial arts, and this will change the world.

Sports are good, theater is fine, but only in the martial arts do you get close up and personal with real problems. You face that fist and learn not to blink. You feel that destructive energy, and you ward it off and wade on in. Now that is the way to handle life, the mind, and just about anything else you want to.

This has been an article on how to create the proper karate mind.

karate mind

Karate Mind…or the Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Karate Mind refers to mushin no shin, which is an old Japanese term meaning ‘Mind of no Mind.’

I’ve got a student, he’s been studying with me for some three or four months, and he came in the other day and described the most unusual experience.

mushin no shinHe was doing something, and something fell on him, and he suddenly moved, circled his arms, and deflected the object. The odd thing was the way he described his state of mind.

“Everything slowed down! My arms just moved. It was so clean and uncluttered and I wasn’t thinking about anything!”

He entered Mushin no shin, you see. He put aside his mind, and dealt with his problem directly. The human being. Without mind.

I know it is ‘Mind of no mind,’ but I often call it ‘Time of no time.’ Or, he entered No Time.

He wasn’t prone to the rules of the universe. He didn’t have reaction time. His muscles didn’t fight each other to do something. He just moved.

Now, that it would me some three or four months to get a person to this point is sort of a miracle. In Japan they talk about decades of study, seven years to enlightenment, and some people never making it.

But I do it in three or four months. Regularly.

So what is my secret?


The martial arts are taught in a big lump, all the tricks are taught randomly, with no regard for order, let alone logic.

And this is compounded by the fact that they are all cross bred, entwined, mixed up.

But, when you teach them in a logical format, such as I have devised in Matrixing, then the logic becomes easy to absorb, actually sweeps the student up and moves him along.

The mind, you see, likes to be put aside. That a person is constantly fighting with his mind is one of the great tragedies of the martial arts, and of mankind. The mind should be a simple tool that one picks up, puts aside, uses as he wishes.

When a fist is flying at your face, you don’t want to use your mind. You want to put it aside and get to work. No distractions.

The mind likes what is logical and simple. It puts the mind to rest. The Karate mind heaves a great sigh of relief and goes to sleep.

Karate Mind