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The Best Martial Arts Training Method I Know

The Best Martial Arts Training Method I Know

I was in high school, a place where you really need Good Martial Arts Training, and the science teacher told of this confrontation he had witnessed when he was a kid.

There were two milkmen, one was an oldster, scrawny and shrunken, a real stick, and the other was an 18 year old, brawny and full of himself.

chinese hand karate martial art

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best martial arts trainingSo the old milkman gets tired of the young milkman’s incessant talk, and he offers a challenge.

Hold a milk container at arm’s length.

I’m not talking about a bottle, but one of those old metal containers that holds gallons.

So the young guy sneers, and he hoists a container. His shoulder is up, his body is bent, but he makes it, and he sweats for about 20 seconds, then lowers it. There!” He says, in satisfaction.

The old guy takes the same container and lifts it out. His body is straight, his arm is out there, and he isn’t sweating. Two minutes later he puts it down.

Years later I would hear kung fu tales of old guys who could do miraculous feats, including stories similar to this one, and I kept thinking about it, and I finally started doing a training based on the milkman story, and things I had heard in the martial arts (pile stancing) method that I feel is the best one out there.

I simply do my form, holding each movement for a minute. Deep stance, arms extended, and practice controlling my breathing, and imagining energy feeding up the legs and into the tan tien and out the arms.

Yes, it is meditation, but not a single pose, rather all the poses.

The trick is to hold your body perfectly still.

To get over the pain, to have even, unlabored breathing, and to watch the world.

Here is the key: to look along the line of your arm, and to make it not shake or move in relation to the world beyond the arm.

For instance, I would look at my hand, align it with a speck on the wall, and allow NO shiver.

It takes time, and it takes dedication, to do this training method. For instance, Pinan one, the first Karate form, will take over 20 minutes to do. And you will go through excessive amounts of pain, and your body is going to be creaking by the time you’re done. And your mind is going to be trying to feed you all sorts of boredom.

But here’s the thing: if you can relax and hold the world still, then your mind will hold still, and then your mind will stop all its chatter about boredom. You will actually hear silence, and in the silence you will find your true self, your true abilities, and the truth of the martial arts.

Don’t believe me? All you have to do is practice a form or two a night for a couple of weeks and you will find yourself TOTALLY changed. This IS the best martial arts training method I know.

One of the hardest forms to do with this method is one of the long Tai Chi Chuan forms. I would suggest you try shorter karate forms first, before trying something like the long Yang Form, but here is the course that has it for those of you who are ready.


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How to Matrix Meditation

This is how you Matrix Meditation in the Martial Arts

I want to give a win from Justin Harris.
Justin is one of the best martial artists I have seen,
and he really understands the matrixing.
For instance,
here is his win,
his matrix
on meditation.
I have always sidestepped meditation,
except for some specific advice on just learning
not to be distracted,
to extend intention
as a manifestation of awareness.
He goes a lot further than I
and in a lot fewer words.
Here go…

karate kata traditional

The first and only science of the martial arts…matrixing.

taiji quan

Meditate with this advanced form of Tai Chi Chuan…

Hello Al,

I hope everything is well with you. I have studied the mind and self hypnosis and meditation and qigong and other such mental disciplines since I was about 9 years old. Well after going over the Master Instructor course again in a very thorough fashion it hit me to solve these meditative disciplines and well. It worked. I identified three basics of all meditative disciplines.
Focus, Visualization, and Receptivity (Better Known to most folks as Relaxation or Letting Go).  Every meditative practice (including qigong and martial arts) uses these three basics.

Focus is simply holding awareness on a given thing.

Visualization is creating a thought or image

Receptivity is relaxing and listening or trance state work etc.

For example in martial arts as meditative practice one could:
Focus on an aspect of the practice
visualize energy, applications, etc.
Or practice the forms and be aware of the body and how it moves.

This demystifies meditation in an incredibly useful way. There are three skills to work on. No more saying I focus on my third eye and chant the proper mantra because this is how we meditate. Rather a clear precise aim for gaining the benefits and skills of meditation without needlessly being lost in the mire of traditions and forms. A Western Hermeticist can focus on Kabalah, the Daoist can do Qigong and martial arts, or the Christian can meditatively read the Bible but the inescapable truth is all these seemingly disparate arts only differ in focus and intention NOT in the skills used.

Well I’ve chewed on your ear long enough. I’d like to hear your take on all this stuff. Take care and thanks again for all the help and education!

Chewed on my ear.
I love it.
If you are into meditation,
take a look at his words again,
he sums it up perfectly.

as a martial artist,
if you do forms,
you are meditating.
Many people don’t realize this,
think they are just exercising,
body building,
and so on.
But the truth of the matter is
when you are doing a form,
you are focusing awareness
on precise moves.

You are therefore meditating.

You have to invest your body with intention,
which is the focus of awareness,
and you have to make the transition
from posture to posture
without losing sight of the focus.

That is all meditation.

Perhaps you understand what I mean
when I say martial artists are a hope of the world.

Through this meditative practice
they become more focused,
more aware,
which is to say smarter,
more able and competent.

So I thank Justin for his win
and his way of putting it in words,
and I hope it helps.

Oklay dokelay
Here’s a link


Tai Chi is one of the best of the arts
to learn and understand the process of meditating
through martial arts forms.
Takes a LOT of focus
to do a Tai Chi form.
In Matrix Tai Chi Chuan
there are 25 different ways to assemble the basics of Tai Chi.
These qualify as ‘silk reeling’ exercises,
and they give a LOT of understanding
as to how to use Tai Chi for combat.

learning how to focus awareness,
even in the middle of combat,
is a very high form of meditation.

Have a great work out,




Stop the Voices with Karate Meditation

Karate Meditation done the Right Way

The first lesson I ever learned in Karate was at a Chinese Kenpo School back in 1967. Oddly, I didn’t know that this might be one of the most important Karate lessons I would ever learn.

I walked to the edge of the mat with an instructor and he says, “Bow,” and shows me how.

And then he said, “When you bow to the mat you are bowing to all the people who have ever contributed to the Martial Arts. All the masters that have ever walked on to the mat, you are greeting them.

kenpo instruction manual

Reason and the Age of Kenpo Karate

All of the masters?

So I bowed, didn’t think much of it, but…as the years passed, the truth became obvious.

A motor is two terminals between which there is tension. This is a neutronics definition, but it encompasses EVERYTHING in the universe.

There is a give and take, a push and pull, between you and your mate. That is a motor.

Break a car down and you have a an explosion of gas, and a push in the cylinders, and you have a motor.

Look at a planet and you have a north and south pole, and between then is a tension which causes spin and gravity.

Heck, the human body is based on the push and pull between sodium and potassium. A cell motor.

Now, you can make a machine, which is more than two motors put together. And you can have a big machine.

So what is a big machine? Is it a company with a thousand employees? A country with a million citizens?

How about a martial art in which a zillion million people, all through the history of the universe, have dedicated their effort and energy towards a goal. That’s a pretty big push. that’s a BIG motor.

And that is the motor I was bowing to.

That is the motor which I have invested in for near fifty years, and which has given me power right back for that same amount of time.

But, here’s a funny thing. The marines found out that ten men lifting together can lift more than twelve men lifting separately.

Twelve individual marines might be able to lift 150 pounds each, which makes 1800 pounds. But ten marines lifting together can lift 2000 pounds.

Do you understand?

So I have, as I delve into those ancient forms and techniques, the multiplied power of a ziion million people helping me.

That explains some of the things that people don’t understand. That explains reactions that are intuitive, knowing what is going to happen before it is going to happen, and so on.

Simply, I have the energy of a zillion million people behind me, and that energy manifests in me, and helps me do things that are not thought possible.

Yet, try to explain that to the loner, the disgruntled individual, the fellow who mocks organizations, the fellow who keeps to himself and thinks the martial arts is a bunch of bull.

You can talk to you’re blue in the face, but as Thomas Paine said, “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”

Interesting quote, but it explains people who don’t believe, who don’t believe in anything, and who don’t study the martial arts.

Simply, they are without motor.

Check out the three Kenpo books I have written.

You can find complete martial arts video courses at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Making use of Martial Arts Meditation to Rule Everybody!

Martial Arts Meditation!

I had been studying Karate for a while, and I was considering martial arts meditation. I had read of esoteric meditation concepts in such arts as Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan, and it definitely did seem like something I desired to do. Heck, one book I reviewed pointed out that if a guy might focus on merely one thing for as little as 3 minutes he could rule the planet!

 zazen martial arts3 minutes? Heck, that was absolutely nothing!

And if I did it I would certainly be the most effective martial artist in the planet! I could easily knock over walls, be a wafting, disembodied intelligence. No wall could control me! No changing booth could be immune from my kung fu powers!

At the time I was working in a plastics factory in San Jose. Being rather burnt out with making heat shrinkable tubes, I made a decision that the day had actually come when I would certainly understand martial arts concentration and command the planet.

Lunchtime, and I walked out to the parking lot and into the orchard next door. I chose a round stone for my one thing, and sat down on the curb. My thoughts filled with plans for exactly what I would probably do when I had actually vanquished the globe, I consumed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and psychologically equipped myself.

Done with sandwich, I positioned the round stone on the ground and sat cross-legged just before it. I could not do a zazen sitting posture, or a yoga lotus asana, or anything like that, so I figured sitting Indian fashion might probably need to do it.

I gave myself a shake, lowered my gaze, and concentrated on the stone.

It was round. Probably I touched on that, however I did observe that it was round. And the colour dirt. Well, of course, I had actually gotten it from an orchard and … I psychologically shook myself and required myself to cease thinking. I needed to concentrate, be a laser, command the planet. My eyes stared at the rock.

A short time passed. I speculated just how I was expected to realize when 3 seconds passed. It sure was a very long time. I tossed that thought out of the way and stared at the stone once more.

After a while, I was sure 2 minutes had actually passed. I proceeded, awaiting the heavens to open, anticipating God to bow down, awaiting the cosmos to open and enjoy me as their rightful ruler.

And, 3 minutes … at least I think it was 3 minutes … I was bored. Absolutely nothing was occurring.

I picked up the rock, tossed it over my shoulder and back into the orchard and … I all of a sudden recognized something. The rock had not been dull … I was boring. The rock was merely sitting there, doing nothing, it was me that had actually made it, and reality, and life … boring.

I stood then, and life was never ever the same after that. I was never ever bored ever again. I occasionally ponder where that round stone is. Heck, if I could possibly discover it I might be up for one more 3 minutes of martial arts meditation … the things I could quite possibly discover!

martial arts maniac

The Benefits of Stalking When You Learn Classical Karate

In the classical Fighting Method taught in the old Karate schools we learned how to stalk an opponent. This is to simply fix the eyes, settle the body, prepare the energy,  angle for an advantage, and pounce.

Obviously, there are going to to be good and bad to this method. The bad god be summed up in the phrase: a sitting duck is a dead duck.

However, learning how to stalk, and pursuing it through the years, really enhances the human being.

The ability to be still causes a person to control themselves and be aware.

Is there anything else?

If you can control yourself and be aware, then you can see anything coming, and you can conquer the world. Conquer yourself and you can conquer the world.

I’ll write a snazzy article on this in a day or two, but I wanted to set the stage and get you thinking about it. Here’s a vid of me handling spontaneous attacks. I can do this not because I am hair trigger, but because I am relaxed, which is one of the benefits of learning how to stalk.

Learn to stalk, and you cannot be stalked, you know?