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Do People Who Buy Gimmicks Deserve to Die

The gimmicks I refer to are martial arts internet scams.

I opened up my email today and found a little gem about ‘family self-defense. It opened with the usual, a scary scenario where a guy’s whole family is at gunpoint. Then proceeded to state that anybody could kill you anytime because of the internet (burglars are getting smarter!)

Then, of course, the solution: this guy had studied 13 different arts, but couldn’t defend himself. So, now that he had lain like a victim while his family was terrorized, he had had epiphany. He boiled down his 13 arts, his 1800 useless self defense techniques, and had come up with a ‘family self defense systems.’

tong bei amazon ad

martial arts instructor course

Anybody for a little hard work?

This person talked about how useless classical martial arts are, and how he could now train anybody, even if they were fat, lazy, diabetic and in a coma, to drop a gorilla with a simple one finger pressure point strike, leverage the Gracie Brothers with a simple fulcrum principle, have mental powers that would shield them from an attacker, and all with out using their hands.

And in one hour.

The price, of course was a number ending in 7.

I used to read these ads on the back of comic books, and it appears that the internet is the new comic book ad venue. Back in the sixties it was a guy who kicked sand in your face, but you took this miraculous weight lifting course, beat up the bully, and got the girl.

Now the target for these ads are old men who sit around and worry about Obama, ISIS, and the home invasion that is going to happen to them.

Here is the truth concerning these ads.

You can’t learn anything of value in an hour. Especially not without tons of hours of training to learn about the body, the leverages, the construction of the skeletal structure, and the way people react in combat.

Now, the fellow is right, in certain ways. The Martial Arts can be considered useless conglomerations of techniques that don’t always work…but only if you don’t work at them.

You have to make them work if you’re going to make them work.

Now, I haven’t boiled the martial arts down, I’ve organized them so that techniques become easier to learn. I’ve put logic in them so that intuition can happen faster.

But if you think you aren’t going to have to work, you’re a fool.

So, do the people who buy these internet marketing martial arts gimmicks deserve to die?

Nobody deserves to die.

But these fellows who buy gimmicks, instead of applying themselves to better conditioning, a knowledge of how to defend themselves, will probably be the first to die, or to at least lie like a trussed up pig while bad guys ravage their homes, their daughters, and so on.

IF, home invaders do happen to call on them.

Big If.

Anyway, if you are a success at anything, you know it took long hours and hard work. Sure a few people got lucky and hit the lottery, but the majority of people who have success earned it the old fashioned way: hard work over long hours.

So why not apply that principle to the martial arts?

About the Author: Al Case has been studying the martial arts since 1967. A writer for the magazines, and the originator of Matrixing and Neutronics, he has produced a score of martial arts training videos. All of them take work and intelligence, and not one of them is a gimmick. If you really want to protect yourself, in a logical and efficient fashion, check out Matrix Karate at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Old Doctor Uses Karate to Beat up MMA Fighter!

Karate MMA Beatdown!

I just love a good headline, especially when it shows the classical martial arts in such a good light.

I say good light, because I always get people trying to tell me that Karate doesn’t work, that it didn’t work in the MMA Octagon, and why should people study it.

Now, before I go on, Karate is about self discovery, finding out about yourself, living to a ripe old age. But, the medical doctor in the clip gets himself put in the ring, and he shows what karate fighting is really all about.

Notice that he is not dodging and dancing like a boxer. He sets, then goes forward. When the MMA fighter takes a kick or punch, the good doctor flits back out of range, waits his chance, and takes care of business.

Look, this is what you do in Karate. You don’t fight…you analyze the situation while you move forward and scientifically and efficiently dismantle the attacker’s body. This is how we used to fight back when I was training in the sixties.

Now, we didn’t have much grappling, but it’s nice to see that the doctor used simpe stance work to avoid being taken down, and when the MMA fighter tried to grapple, and failed, he simply fell on him and, again, took care of business.

I have been saying Karate here, because I recognize his motions. I’m pretty sure the old fellow has karate experience, though, to be honest, he could have picked up his fighting abilities in a variety of arts. They would have to be classical arts, though.

You see, MMA is conducted like a rooster fight, and everybody gets obsessed with being big and tough, putting on tattoos and talking trash.

You’ll notice that the doc doesn’t say much, is, in fact, polite. That is what it is all about.

Anyway, feel free to disagree, or if you have some thoughts about the kind of fighting this old guy is using, leave a comment.

Have a good day, and don’t forget to check out Monster Martial Arts and some of the pages I have on Karate. And don’t forget to pick up a free Martial Arts Book (top right home page).

This has been a page about an old doctor using karate to beat up an MMA fighter.

The Three Evolutionary Methods of Matrix Martial Arts

You should understand, right from the start, even though there are entire martial arts on my DVDs, that this thing called Matrix Martial Arts is not a martial art, it is a system of teaching and debugging the fighting disciplines. When you look in your phone book at the yellow pages you will find all sorts of martial arts names combined. Signs that say the school teaches karate kickboxing, or karate jitsu, or some other combination, merely mean that the school doesn’t know the difference between karate and whatever the other art happens to be.

There is a way mixing arts together so they work, but it is a matrixing method, and unless the school owner has studied matrixing, he has not–and I say this with certainty–managed to put two arts together in the right manner. I have studied the arts for over four decades, read all the manuals and seen all the vids, lived through the golden age, and I have never seen anybody who has managed to combine two arts successfully. Sorry, that’s just the facts.

Having said that, whether you wish to put different arts together, make true your own art, or have some other notion, Matrixing is the method that will illuminate your journey and make your goals achievable. Matrixing is actually the first level, and leads to the other two levels. Taken as a whole, the three phases do provide a way whereby one can travel the whole journey of the martial arts.

Matrixing constructs personal radar. How do you know what is happening behind you, in the blind spot of your peripheral eyesight, in the shadows that envelope us? Using Matrixing you have a tool which helps you to search out these blind spots, shine light upon them, and find out what nasty thing is trying to sneak up on you, blind side you, bop you over the bean.

The second level is Neutronics. Interestingly, Neutronics is not a martial art, it is information, and that’s all it is. And, I grin as I say this, the data doesn’t do much–but if you don’t know Neutronics, then you can’t know the martial arts, no matter how much you have matrixed them, and you can’t step up to the third phase.

The third stage I have labeled Flux Martial Arts. Now, don’t get frizzy on me, Flux merely refers to the flow of energy which occurs around the body and through the universe, and it covers, in empirical and practical and workable and usable fashion–the flow of energy around the body through the doing of the martial arts. It replaces vapid and misunderstood and savaged notions regarding such things as chi, or ki, or whatever the catch basket a student uses to describe all the things that have come to confuse him.

Using Flux theory you aren’t going to ‘root like a tree,’ and shoot out ‘lightening bolts’ of chi from your palms. Yes, that might occur, but not as described in mysterious and outdated language. It occurs with simple, scientific terminology.

Now, I would like to tell you all about Flux theory in this bit of writing, but, to be honest, Neutronics is Flux Theory, and the third step is actually the doing of the Neutronics. Matrix establishes you and the universe, Neutronics describes themethod by which the universe functions, and Flux operates the universe. The three fields of Matrix Martial Arts–Matrixing, Neutronics and Flux–are actually three phases of a scientific method built to do one thing–make you make the universe work.

You find out about Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts. Neutronics is available at Monkeyland. Flux iscoming.