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Publication of Matrixing Karate: White Belt

The Reasons Behind Matrixing Karate: White Belt

I should explain about Matrixing Karate, now that it has shown up on the Amazon bookshelves.
First, it is a real book. Not a digital thing. Not a PDF.
Second, it is based on Matrix Karate (the course).
The reason I wrote it is that it has been some seven years since I wrote the original course, and it was time to address a few things.
Things I said that could have been taken two ways.
Or things that had several versions. Even though there was very little difference in the variations, it was time to give the reasons for evolution.
Or, things I noticed that readers had difficulty with.
And, I wanted to put in writing (and graphics) more complete instructions for matrixing, for techniques.
And, I wanted to give reasons for certain thigns that people would understand them better.

The first book deals with basics. I know a lot of people will think they don’t need basics.
Silly them.
There is no such thing as an advanced technique, there are only more polished basics.

Later books deal with how to make matrixes. Matrixes for forms, for techniques.
Matrixes that will increase understanding quickly.

Now, the thing that got me started was that this was supposed to be a reworking aimed at the site ‘LearnKarateOnline.net.’ I simply wanted to present the most efficient method for learning karate. I didn’t understand how this project was going to morph and get out of control

So that’s it. Not a lot more.
Just a desire to rewrite and present in the highest possible fashion Matrixing and Karate.

So if you want to prop up your own personal martial arts library with the moist important breakthrough in Martial Arts history, and you want the latest and greatest in Matrixing, and if you simply want to REALLY understand the martial arts, here’s Matrixing Karate: White Belt.


The Ultimate Karate Encyclopedia!

From Gung Fu to Matrixing

Thanks to all who have ordered Kwon Bup!

I appreciate the support.
And, let me explain about the books I am coming out with.
I mentioned it last week,
an encyclopedia for the faithful.
Five books of Karate,
from Kung Fu to Matrixing.

Pan Gai Noon
Kang Duk Won
Kwon Bup
Outlaw Karate
Buddha Crane Karate,

a warning,
these books have not been available in kindle,
as Kindle can’t handle large numbers of photographs.
they have been part of the courses I have offered.
Kang Duk Won, Kwon Bup, and Pan Gai Noon
are available in digital format
on the evolution of an art course.
Buddha Crane Karate,
because it has to do with Matrixing,
has been available on the
Create Your Own Art course.
Outlaw Karate has been available
on the outlaw karate course.

these books have only been available digital,
so I was pretty happy to start putting them in paperback form.

The warning is that if you have these courses,
you may have the books,
so make sure before you buy twice.

if you want the video that goes along with each book,
email me at aganzul.
They’re only $10 each
for the instant download.

I spent a good couple of decades researching and practicing,
and over the years I would write books
describing the system and techniques,
so these books were written over time.

You aren’t going to get a lot of philosophy,
except for the hard core matrix explanations.
You are going to get the forms and techniques.
This is an encyclopedia of actual practice.

Pan Gai Noon
deals with the Chinese influence,
the forms sanchin and seisan.
There isn’t much known about this system,
but Matrixing shows that sanchin (for instance) is not about
technique (Hangetsu version Japanese)
breathing (Goju version)
dynamic tension (Uechi version)
It is about building energy,
and while it taps into the subjects of the various versions,
it is not what those systems are teaching.
Those are taught so conceptually different,
that even when they coincide with my version,
they might as well not be considered sanchin.
And Seisan is the technique form.

Kang Duk Won has the least amount of theory.
It is a version from before Funakoshi,
possibly influenced by the gung fu of the fellow
who brought it to Korea
(Byung in Joon)

Kwon Bup is a very powerful and linear Karate.
It was designed by Robert Babich,
who is, I believe,
the only America to be able to do
the one finger trick,
which is to thrust a finger through a board,
and not break it,
but leave a hole.

Outlaw Karate is my attempt
to take KDW and KB
and put them together into one system.
I took the techniques that worked best,
aligned them in more logical and easy to learn forms.

Then I made my breakthroughs in Matrixing,
which brings us to Buddha Crane Karate.
My first attempt to matrix a system.
You can see the obvious matrixing concepts
and I write about them,
so it is a unique look into matrixing,
and the development of that science.

a couple of things.
The graphics are different from book to book,
because computer technology was changing.
On one book I would use a poser program,
on another you’ll see photos,
on still another
you’ll see the figures drawn out with an appleworks program,
thousands and thousands of sticks and curves,
compiled into human shapes
doing martial arts forms and techniques.

I look at that one
(Buddha Crane)
and I feel like I am studying hieroglyphics
on the wall of some Egyptian pyramid.

as one reader has correctly observed,
there is some need of editing.
The sad fact is that
it is difficult for a person to see his own mistakes.
Double sad,
since I am the one that says
‘Man learns best from his mistakes.’
But if there is a mistake in the artwork,
too bad,
that software is long gone.
If the problem is with the writing,
I can correct it,
it takes a lot for me to recall a book, do the reuploading,
and so on.
a few mistakes,
but not as bad as one might think.
I was a professional writer,
I did do my own photography
when I worked for the mags,
not bad.

the main point,
even if you do come across an error,
it does not stop the understanding.

You might blink when I spell reality railty,
or something stupid like that,
but it won’t stop you,
or obscure the understanding.

all the books are not in print…yet.
Over the next month or two they will be.
I will probably be fixing the covers
so they say ‘encyclopedia on them somewhere.
It’s just a matter of time
and having enough gigabytes.
Up here at Monkeyland,
while there is no shortage of…cow stuff,
there is a shortage of gigabytes.

Don’t get me started,
but did you know verizon charges $50 for 5 gigabytes?
And dish charges $25 for 10 gigabytes?
I am sitting right between two verizon cell towers,
so that means,
it costs twice as much to pick up a cell signal
as it does to bounce data off the moon.

Scream. Pull my hair.
Rant about corporate unfairness and gouging.

you didn’t come here to hear me rant,
but to get your mind wrapped
all around the martial arts.

five books,
not all out yet,
‘The Ultimate Karate Encyclopedia:
from Gung Fu to Matrixing.’
A true encyclopedia for the faithful.

get them before I have a chance to correct the covers,
and make them say encyclopedia,
and you might have a collector’s edition
in your white knuckled and gnarly martial arts mitts.

I wanted to give you this update,
give you the whole picture.

And thanks to Sandra for mentioning the editing.

I want you guys and gals
to have the most AWESOME workout

Talk to you later…

you can also find the books on Amazon, but here are the ‘createspace’ addresses.

Pan Gai Noon ~ https://www.createspace.com/4579584

Kwon Bup ~ https://www.createspace.com/4617449

Buddha Crane ~ https://www.createspace.com/4577595

Publication of a Crucial Matrixing Book

New Book on Matrixing Karate

here’s an interesting bit of information.
There is a brand new (almost)
Al Case Martial Arts book out!

there’s a couple,
and there awill be a couple more,
but I just want to talk about one.

karate training manualI always had a leaning for the logical.
I always wanted things to make sense.
I wanted things to work with no mystery.
That is the spur behind Matrixing.

So odd bits of data,
weird information,
was always biting at me.
How does this fit with that?
How does this work.

In that way I’m pretty much like a lot of people out there,
especially the ones who get intrigued by Matrixing
and why and how it works.

We’re just a brand of people
that want to understand things,
that want a world that makes sense.

Nothing wrong with that.

there is something very good about that.

So the United States gets ‘infected’ by martial mysticism.
and people are intrigued by these zen concepts,
tan tien and wheel kicks,
and it is all based on hard work and mysticism.

Work hard enough,
long enough,
and you will become intuitive in fighting.

It’s a good thing.

I wanted logic,
so I started figuring out Matrixing.

before Matrixing came along
I threw myself into the old ways,
I delved into zen and mystical abilities.
I trusted the legends and rumors.
I searched about as hard as anybody as ever searched.

at a certain point
it all made sense.
It all became matrixed.
No more mystery,
just a hard core science.
You still have to work hard,
but understanding what you were working at
sped everything up tenfold.

right when I was breaking through
I wrote a book called
Buddha Crane Karate.

I had written all the techniques on cards,
figured out Matrix Kung Fu,
was figuring out Matrix Karate,
and I wrote this book,
just as I turned the corner.

So it is a pivotal book,
written right at the turning point.

in this book you’ll see

the circle of blocks that eventually developed
into the matrix of blocks.

how I developed the buddha palm as a split timing sort of thing,
which evolved Karate from a block and counter thing.

the exact thing that mushes data together
and destroys the alphabet of the martial arts

you’ll see my first arguments
as to how and why the martial arts become corrupted.

you’ll see my first thoughts
solving internal energy
which will develop into the book on ‘The Punch.’

you’ll see mention of various arts
and how they contribute to matrixing.

you’ll see my first conclusions regarding
matrixing all the directions of reality.

you’ll see the data concerning how I developed
thousands of techniques from the logical arrangement
of just a few techniques.

You’ll see a lot of things that developed directly into matrixing,
or showed how I did it.

you’ll see how I created and arranged
concepts and motions
to make an entire art.

Ground up,
right from the start,
and in a way so you’ll understand
that I was not throwing away the classical,
but trying to right it.

here’s the thing.
I never offered this book for sale.
I bundled it in with the Create Your Own Art course,
and that because of the way I was using matrixing
to create a new art out of the old.

unless you ordered Create Your Own Art,
you likely haven’t seen this book.

when I bundled it in with the
Create Your Own Art course,
it was digital.
A PDF file on disk.

there’s this thing called ‘createspace,’
and they help you make books.
Real paper books
that are printed on demand.
PODs they are called.

Mind you,
I could never publish it on kindle
because kindle software
just has a tough time translating images.

But Createspace
takes that book
and reproduces everything
exactly as it is written,
no problem.

So I finally get a book published
that I was unable to publish
because of cost
or inadequate technology,
and it is a fair important book.

Here is what one student said about it
several years ago…

Hi Al,
Just writing to tell you how much I liked your Buddha Crane Karate, I would have paid 3x the price just for that one book. ~ Stephen

so the book is available on Createspace.
Here is their address…


It will shortly become available on Amazon,
and you will be able to order it through bookstores
but it will be a week or two before that happens.

Right now,
Createspace is the way to go.


the only other thing I want to say about this is this…

I drew the pictures with an old software program called Appleworks.
The pics are actually lines and arcs,
zillions of them,
and they taught me a lot about art,
about the energy of a body,
about constructing a body from certain viewpoints,
and so on.

I hope that proves of value to you.

let me say it plain,
Happy New Year,
and I hope you want to invest in
Buddha Crane Karate,
and put it in your library.
It is one of the most important matrixing books ever written,
as it does show the actual progression of logic I was going through
at the exact time I was going through it.

Have a great work out!