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Kids Karate and the Savage Beating of an 84 Year Old Man

Kids Karate and the Savage Beating of an 84 Year Old Man. Four young punks make a game out of beating up old people. You won’t believe the name they gave this game!

Kids Karate and the Savage Beating of an 84 Year Old Man

Kids Karate Is Something that Society Needs!

Kids Karate classes is definitely something whose time has come. Oddly, it wasn’t’ always so. When I was a young man growing up Karate didn’t exist. People knew about Judo, but nobody even knew Karate existed. And, sadly, there wasn’t much reason for it. 84 year old men weren’t vein beaten for no reason.

bully beating

Don't let people pick on you!

Yes, there was violence back then, but it was rare. Kids were taught to be polite, teachers were respected, and if a kid was caught doing something wrong, he received proper ‘instruction’ (a belt to the fanny) at home.

Now, when Jim Shea, a retired university official from Philadelphia was beaten by four young punks, do you think they were taught to be polite? Do you think they worried about what their parents would say if they did something bad? Do you think they ever studied Karate?

No, no, and no. These savages were so lacking in humanity that it appeared they were making a game of mugging people, and this game was actually called ‘Get the old geezer!’

Just think how far a karate lass would have gone in their lives.

Instead of being slothful and immoral, betrayed by the people they had chosen for parents, they would have learned a few lessons about what hurt. They would have come in contact with a centuries old method for raising strong, upstanding, young people.

Instead of learning to smoke and drink and take drugs, they would have learned that it is imperative to keep your body in good health. They would have become physical cultists who society would have looked up to.

Instead, we are stuck with four savages, four criminals who are going to end up being taught lessons in the penitentiary. If they don’t get killed while holding up a bank or home invading before they get there.

And, as we all know, prision is sometimes more of a finishing school for young punks, not a real corrective method.

So, if you’re a parent reading this, get your kid down to a martial arts school. Get him started in learning how to apply himself, to have discipline, to be strong and alert and happy.

Heck, let me ask you a question: if you don’t do this, if you don’t see to your childs real and important knowledge and understanding of such things as morality, and the real reasons why one shouldn’t beat up a helpless old man and call it a game, who will take care of you when you’re old?

Not your kid, that’s for sure, and you’ll be sorry you didn’t see to teaching your kid karate.karate book


Karate Kid Hits TV! Flawed Movie with Some Real Kung Fu!

Interesting how the Karate Kid gets changed for a new generation, but the strength of the movie lies in Jackie Chan, and some truly remarkable real Kung Fu training and fighting.

The weakness in the movie is in Jaden Smith. The original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, wasn’t very good, but you sort of liked him. you could empathize with him.

Jaden is a bit spoiled, and the movie, when it shifts away from the incredible Jackie, becomes a sequence of ‘Ain’t I cool.’ Sort of like watching Fresh Prince regurgitated.

The strengths lie in watching Jackie Chan impart priceless wisdom, and some nifty Kung Fu moves. The wax on wax off has been replaced with a jacket, and the trip up to the snake lady is absolutely marvelous.

Interestingly, I would like to see a stronger actor go somewhere with the Snake Lady concept. Now that wouldbe a movie!

Anyway, in spite of the weaknesses, if you haven’t seen the Karate Kid, do so. Make up your own mind, and get a fill of Jackie Chan and some real Kung Fu ah ha thoughts.

Check out Monster Martial Arts if you want to learn some Real Kung Fu real fast.


Martial Arts Instruction Destroyed by Karate Kid!

Nice headline, eh? Karate Kid destroys Martial Arts Instruction, but it’s true, but not in the way you think. I’ll tell you all about it right below the video.

Karate, you see, was taught to the Okinawan bodyguards. When the king went to live in Japan, the bodyguards had nothing to do, so they taught school kids. These are the Karate Kids I’m talking about.

You see, all of the Karate training methods, which have infected many other arts, are for school children. They are designed for rambunctious youths who need to be controlled. Thus, you have endless drilling, techniques watered down so nobody gets injured, and that sort of thing.

Virtually any karate class you join, and most other martial arts classes, train using this method. Line up, do exercises mindlessly, don’t ask questions, and here is the stinker…don’t go looking for any real concepts.

It’s not education, you see, it is mindless, rote memorization of random dances.

The solution, of course, is to find a school which doesn’t teach this way, which encourages questions, and which can make the martial arts fast and easy to learn, the way they were designed to be learned in the beginning.

The problem is that there are no school which do that.

Well, there is one. You can actually pick up CDs and DVDs at Monster Martial Arts which uncover the real core concepts of the martial arts. The real why of things, and not just the how. The result is faster martial arts training, training that works better on the street, and an entirely different way of looking at life.

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