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Karate Kata, The Truth Of What They Mean

The old school of teaching martial arts is by teaching Karate Kata. This applies to Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Kenpo, and arts of that nature. Even if you’re not in a kata oriented discipline, however, there is an adherence to the study of form.
matrixing karate
The unfortunate fact is that most people don’t know why they are studying in this manner. They don’t see the connection between repetition of dance-like moves and real combat. The moves often even seem removed from any real function.
The first thing to understand is that the body is a form, and the dance is a form. Thus, when you move one, you move the other. The point here is that you are learning what you live in.
Most people think they are the body, but the fact is…they ain’t. But they won’t realize that unless they take control of the body and start to move it. The best way to move that body is…karate kata.
The second thing to understand is that forms are actually advanced movements. Advanced movements require either massive amounts of time invested, or they require a firm grasp of the basics. It is on this matter of perfecting basics that most people fall down on.
The third thing to realize is that you are stumbling through the dark, defining something that apparently has no definition. You continue studying these kenpo forms or taekwondo forms, and one day they open up. This comes not because you have understood the dance-like steps, but because you have looked at your own body long enough to open it up to your awareness.
It is awareness that you are growing through this martial farce, the body and the mind are purely secondary. Awareness through the body, and into the world. If you really want to understand what the martial arts are, what those kata things are, then you need ask yourself only one question: where does awareness come from.
The above all said, even after awareness is defined, one needs to discipline oneself to do the forms sufficient times to plumb the depths of oneself. You do the forms, day after day, year after year, and one day you will wake to a new reality: a new you. Do Karate forms enough, and one day you won’t be doing the forms, you will be doing the art: you will be doing you.

How To Push Power Down Your Legs With Karate Kata Heian Three

Sink and Twist for Chi Power!

It’s funny, a lot of people think that Karate is all fighting. The fact is, it has the same subtleties as other arts, and the same core principles. Here’s an example of that with the Power developed by a move from Karate Kata Heian Three (Also known as Pinan Three).

The first move of this karate kata is a an outward block, which is easily understood. Then you move into a feet together standing up, leaning slightly forward at the waist with the legs straight, pair of double blocks. I mean, what the heck kind of a move is that?

You can’t establish good balance with your legs straight in that manner! And leaning forward is not a good thing to do! And two of those low and middle blocks?

Well, looking a little deeper, the student shortly realizes that there is genius here. Unfortunately, the genius is often not perceived, unless one does a specific type of kata application. So here is the self defense move that will make sense out of this mess.

Ignore the fact that there are two blocks, they could be used for other techniques. Instead, just block two punches. One and two, you stand and block one, then the other.

Now, with the blocking hand grab the wrist of the second punch, twist from the feet, and pull as you do a horizontal backfist across the side of the head. I know this sounds weird, but think your way through it, and you will find some mighty interesting things happening. In fact, you are going to find some awesome internal power generating.

As you pull, you see, you need to drop your weight into the ground. This sinking of the weight is the same as Tai Chi Chuan concept of ‘rooting,’ but it is quicker and more violent. Still, it really works.

As you pull, the hips pivot, adding more weight to the action, and you find that you are moving large amounts of weight simply by leaning your body into it, or, to be more precise, against it. Now, this is not a smooth move, and it is actually against the rules of all stances…and then you realize, it shows you how to use all stances. Focus on that sinking power, wake up the tan tien (the energy center just below the belly button), use the weight of the whole body, and, zingo bingo, you suddenly have the classical power of the martial arts, but distinctly through the odd move at the beginning of Karate Kata Heian Three.

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Broken Kata, Secret Forms…the Truth of Karate

Broken Karate Kata makes for Secrets in the Fighting Forms, and that is the truth of Karate. And, tell the truth, that’s the secret of all the classical martial arts. Watch the video and check out my teaching method, then I’ll give you the straight goos on the truth of Karate and the martial arts.

The first guy who made that Karate kata, he understands it. Then, without knowing what they are doing, sensei change them, add to them, don’t teach them effectively, and the next thing you know…the simplicities are hidden.

Take for instance the form Pinan four, called Heian four by the Japanese. The third sequence of moves, is a cross block, followed by a step to a middle block. These are basic moves, nothing mysterious about them. You learn how to do a low crossed wrist block, and then you practice your outward middle block, and that’s all there is.

But, you could block a kick, the rush forward to an uppercut. That’s an excellent interpretation, especially if you consider that you could be blocking a weapon, then covering distance. That fits in with the idea of development of kata and bunkai to fend against armed samurai. And, that’s not two basics, that’s a more complex idea of negating distance.

Or, what if you blocked a kick, then, without stepping, you execute an outward block. Now we have a combination designed for two attacks, in fighting, somebody trying to close distance on you.

Or, what if you changed that crossed wrist low block into a grab art? Simply place one hand over the heel, push on the side of the foot, and, voila, you have an ankle twist that is suspiciously like a simple wrist twist.

Or, what about…do you get the idea?

Now, how do you plumb the depths, solve the riddles, shine your light upon the enigmas? That is where Matrixing comes in. Matrixing breaks everything apart, and then you can reassemble as you wish, and in the reassembling is the key. You see, if you are reassembling, then you are taking on the viewpoint of the one who assembled, and suddenly you have the creator’s viewpoint.

Now, the trick here is that most people look at what I have written here and think…’Oh, I understand what he is doing,’ and then they learn no further. They think by seeing me describe one element they have understood the method that enabled me to take it apart.

Nope. Nobody on planet earth has discovered matrixing. Nobody in the martial arts, no matter how much they read of my articles, has figured out what I am doing. This is no a proud statement of arrogance, this is a statement that if you truly want to learn the martial arts, if you want the eye that will enable you to fix your martial Arts Kata, delve into the real secret techniques bunkai behind martial arts forms…if you want to find the truth of Karate, or any other art. You need to learn Matrixing. If you don’t, the secrets remain, and your study was a mindless monkey see monkey do sort of thing. Check out Monster Martial Arts if you don’t believe me. The truth is there…if you can cease your inner chatter and open your eyes.

Martial Arts Kata Resemble a Crippled Old Man

Martial Arts Kata, you see, are random strings of data. That’s like trying to learn to count by memorizing 3, 8, a dead cat, and a haircut.

Still, the amount of power a martial artist generates is absolutely incredible. And this on only one tenth of the realknowledge available in the martial arts.

So what would happen if the data was put in the right order?

Well, obviously, you’d learn ten times faster. Your mind would start to function faster. Your body would become strong and quick, for your motions would be aligned with your actual DNA.

The truth is that Karate, or Kung Fu, or Kenpo or Taekwondo or whatever that system you’re studying has been so messed up that it is like a crippled old man.

And the truth is that when you straighten out the system, make the bones grow the right way, fill in the organs and muscles, then you suddenly look like a Greek God.

Your muscles grow to the original DNA specifications. You get amazingly fast because the data in your head is not all jumbled around. And the truths hidden inside your martial arts kata bursts forth. If what I say here makes sense, then you want to find Monster Martial Arts. If not…see ya.

16 Year Old Boy Earns Black Belt, Arrested for Taking Deadly Weapons to School!

Ernie Postlethwaite attended Karate class for seven years. He learned the deadly dances known as ‘Karate Kata,’ he was able to extract lethal techniques from them, and he was arrested.

In Ernie’s school, you see, it is forbidden to bring weapons, and his hands, once he had achieved Black Belt, were now lethal weapons.

Monday morning began wonderfully for Ernie, fellows from the football team stopped picking on him, and even Sally Goodrider smiled at him. Yes, life was looking up for Ernie, and then the teacher made a clandestine cell phone call to the principle.

While Ernie preened and enjoyed his new found confidence, the principle called the police, and shortly two large members of the Tubtown Police Department entered Ernie’s classroom.

Officer Peltdown made the arrest, holding a taser at the ready while his partner, Officer Swangood, clapped on the cuffs.

Bewildered, Ernie was led from the classroom. The football players scratched their heads, and even Sally Goodrider offered a frown.

Ernie will be tried as an adult, and his hall monitor status has been revoked.

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Win #26–I’m Giving Away a Free Martial Arts Book!

Yup, a Free Martial Arts Book. Here’s the link.

Free Martial Arts Book

It’s not a huge one, about 46 pages. And you’ll even see some ads. What’s worse is that the ads are funky. I was playing around with a writing style when I did them. The real joy, however, is that the artwork is beautiful, and the instruction is done in verse, and that makes it comparable to The Tao, but Karate specific.
Just think, a thousand years from now people will be pouring over this little book, maybe the two companion books (only five bucks each), wondering what the verses mean. But the only reason the verses will be confusing then is because people won’t speak the same ‘English’ as we do today.
That’s okay, they’ll figure it out. I have faith in them. Here’s a win you might like.

“Problem solving. Really, you can apply Al’s breakdown of the martial arts which in turn is applied to problem solving in every day life! Can you handle the fist? Can you handle that person? Can you handle that intention? Can you handle life? Well, you will teach yourself how. Again, YOU will teach yourself how.”

Isn’t that interesting? That a win like that, about that subject, will happen in a martial arts class? Well, I teach a little differently than everybody else, and I’m sure you’ll figure that out once you’ve read my Free Martial Arts Book.