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Congrats to Another Master Instructor!

John Landry Promoted to Master Instructor!

Good morning!
of course…
Work Out!

A great work out means a great you!
So get started now…
and don’t stop till you happen!

A new Master Instructor!
Congrats to John M. Landry.

Here are some of the things he mentioned in his win…

This course is fantastic! I am a Ph.D. in Education and have practiced the martial arts since 1974. I have been teaching martial arts since 1989. I have been a law enforcement trainer and instructor since 1995.

The concepts of why students leave a school were very informative. Although I have never ran a commercial school, I have taught privately and pro bono at churches and the Salvation Army for many years and have wondered why so many students quit. Your course is causing me to think back and analyze.

The concept of Coordinated Body Movement (CBM) is awesome! I had never heard of that before this course but will use that practice in my own teaching and instruction of the martial arts from this point forward.

John then mentions several specifics of the course,
and continues with…

Overall, I am very impressed with this course and have learned a lot. I will utilize many of the concepts, principals, and methods of teaching that are presented in this master instructor course. I will also be purchasing additional courses to expand my knowledge of these principals.

Thank you Master Founder Case for the amount of work that you have done to put this course together and for your efforts in improving martial arts practice and instruction.

Thank you John,
and well done!

One thing I want to mention
is that John doesn’t waste time,
he got the course
went over it,
and wrote his win.

You don’t have to study for decades to become a real instructor,
you just have to know the right material.

Let’s say you want to drive a car
but you have never driven a car.
The gear shift is going to be a mystery,
what do those durn pedals do?
Why does the window go up and down when I press this button?

Then somebody gets in the car and
tells you to stop fiddling with that durned window.
press that peddle,
move the gear shift.
Let the pedal up slowly,
and slowly press on that other pedal.

In a short time you are driving.
Not a mystery.
How long did that take?
Five minutes.

if you have any degree of time spent as a martial artist,
you have probably seen people teaching,
have taught people yourself,
and all you need is somebody to get in the car with you,
and tell you to stop fiddling with the window,
and tell you what the pedals are for.

Teaching can be that simple.
You just have to have the right information.

And what’s the alternative?
Do the same old same old teaching method
that has been done for thousands of years,
and watch your students leave in droves.

It’s been estimated that as many as 90% of the new students
leave within three months.
That means you have to spend ALL sorts of time
recruiting new students,


You can keep the students you have for longer periods of time,
you can teach your students more martial arts!

Think about this one thing…
wouldn’t you like to keep students long enough
that you can teach them more than basics?
Wouldn’t you like to keep students long enough
that you can start teaching them the juicy stuff?

once you make this breakthrough,
once you start teaching the advanced stuff,
your world is going to open up!

do the Master Instructor Course.
Get the correct information now!
Here’s the URL


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Matrix Combat
Matrix Karate
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Matrix Kung Fu should be done today or tomorrow,
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The Great Matrixing Tour.

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I probably won’t get to the other courses,
the non-matrixing courses,
at least not for a while.
So take advantage now.

just to mention it again…
you don’t have to say that generic ‘happy holidays,’
and you don’t have to worry about offending some fool by saying ‘merry Xmas,’
now you can offend everybody equally and all at the same time!
Just say HanaKwanMass!

And don’t forget to get yourself
a Monster Martial Art course.
It’s the gift that you can use for years
and will change your life.

Start with the Master Instructor Course,

HanaKwanMass to you,
and have a great work out



Beat Up a Karate Instructor for Fun, Profit, and World Peace!

Yes, You Can Beat Up a Karate Instructor!

A 37 year old man entered a Fort Wayne Karate school and tried to beat up a karate instructor.

The unnamed man carefully disguised himself before entering the martial arts school. He ripped up a batman tee shirt and arranged it about his face as a mask, then entered the school. A ‘Karate kid’ self defense class was being conducted, but that did not sway the alleged ‘beater upper.’ He strode to the center of the mat, apparently to give a message of world peace.

karate instructor

Are you a socially acclimated, politically correct slave? Or do you study Martial Arts?

The owner of Bowles Karate Academy politely asked the belligerent to leave, but the man refused. Instead, he held out a hand with a secret message on it. The owner refused to take the note, and instead elected to guide the man off the mat and out of the school. The man immediately swung a gnarly fist and punched the sensei in the face.

Big mistake.

The instructor quickly subdued the man. It was not stated whether the karate instructor used a simple jointlock, threw the man down and sat on him, or kicked him in the, uh…juncture at the top of and between the legs.

At any rate, the man was subdued, and the sensei and one of his assistants held the man in place while the police were called. It is unknown whether the martial artssensei lectured the children on proper jointlocks, holds, and submission techniques while he perched aboard the intruder.

The police shortly arrived, and the man was passed over to them to be handcuffed. When the police asked the man why he had come into the school, the man passed them the secret message. The note said, ‘Stop the Violence.’

The police began laughing, then everybody in the school was laughing, and the attacker hung his head in shame.

The man was arrested on misdemeanor charges of battery and criminal trespass.

The teacher was cheered, and so goes the attempt to beat up a karate instructor.

beat up a karate

What is a Karate Sensei Actually Trying to Do?

karate senseiNot many people know what a real Karate sensei is trying to do. Too often people enter a karate lesson, learn to bow and address the teacher as Sensei, and don’t even know what the word means. This is true not just of karate, but of other arts, such as Kenpo or Kung Fu, which have taken to using the term to indicate a martial arts instructor. To understand the word sensei, however, is to change one’s mind about what the martial arts are all about.

In Japan there is a three year sojourn for budding monks. During this time they must live by begging. They sit where people pass by and hold their cups out and silently beg.

One of the places they sit at is at crossroads. People pass by, toss a coin in the cup, and travel on. And, occasionally, people ask for instructions.

The monk, who after a time of living in such a manner actually looks like a bum, merely holds up his arm and points down the road. Thus, he points the way, and this is what the word sensei means: ‘He who points the way.’ And this term has been taken and used by people who are guiding others through a specific method to a specific destination.

Now, the unfortunate fact is that many martial arts instructors don’t point the way. Martial Arts have exploded across culture so fast that proper teachings have been left by the wayside. Thus, many karate sensei are in it solely so they can be bowed to.

Thus, real information is put aside, and the teaching method has slanted for the person who wishes to teach people. But a real martial arts teacher doesn’t teach people; he teaches martial arts. And there is a huge and vast difference to be understood here.

The fellow who teaches people is looking for a wage, to dominate, to make sure he is alpha dog. The fellow who teaches martial arts doesn’t care about being alpha dog, he just wants to present material that will lead the student down the path. The question is…the path to what?

A martial art teacher with no real knowledge will point to trophies, to domination, to winning no matter what the cost. A martial art instructor who has not traveled the way himself will push people, demand discipline, and make people monkey see monkey do what he doesn’t really understand himself. A true Karate sensei presents the material, then gets out of the way.

Fortunately, there is a course that is not monkey see monkey do, but actually works the way old time teachings are supposed to work. Karate sensei everywhere, if they want to be legitimate and true, should look to the Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts.

The Karate Instructor Who Died…and That Sure Was a Mistake!

There was a renowned Karate Instructor who had grown old. Perceiving the end of his life, he wrote 100 letters to the 100 students he had helped master Karate. He mailed them, then went to bed and passed away.

Of course, if he had really done a good job with his students he could have saved the postage, for they would have known of his coming death.

Well, he was renowned as a Karate Instructor, but that didn’t mean he was necessarily great. If you want to be great, check out the Master Instructor Course.

Karate Doesn’t Work Against A Shotgun, Karate instructor killed!

shotgun murderNo, using Karate against a shotgun isn’t going to work too well. At least it didn’t in the case of 29 year old Karate Instructor Chris Brown.

To get to the bottom of this story we need to look at Raoul Moat. Mr. Moat, was released from prison July 1st, 2010. He apparently knew that Mr. Brown was seeing his old girl friend. He stopped for a quick haircut, I guess he wanted to look good when he murdered somebody, and left the barber shop saying, “I’ve got a few arses to kick!”

The night of July 3 Raul crouched under a window and listened to the conversation of his ex-girlfriend and Sensei Chris Brown. He didn’t like what they were saying.

When Chris Brown stepped out to confront the ex-con, he found out that Raul had brought a shotgun to a Karate match.

No front punches, no kicks, no blocks. Not even a kiyai. Just the boom of a shotgun and the end of hopes and dreams.

Raul then went on a rampage, targeting police and committing general mayhem. He eventually shot himself in the throat with the sawn off shotgun.

So ends the saga of the murderer of Chris Brown, Karate Instructor.

Hey, as long as I’ve got your attention, why don’t you check out Monster Martial Arts? We don’t sell shotguns, but you’ll have a pretty good time until somebody shoots you with one.

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