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Using Karate to Deal with Injuries and Illness

Check out this Tai Chi snippet. I know, this article is about Karate, but the snippet is good, and a little Tai Chi won’t hurt you. Grin.

When it comes to Karate for Injuries, or rehabilitating, or just gettingin kick ass shape, I always think of this guy. He was the first private I ever taught in Los Angeles, and he was a big time Hollywood producer. He actually produced the old TV series Laramie, and I think McHale’s Navy, and he wrote and directed and did everything. He was pretty messed up when I met him, but the spring in his step when I left was undeniable.

Having suffered two severe coronaries, resulting in an inoperable condition, I am forced to take eighteen pills a day to stay alive. As a result, at 62, your training methods seemed to have nothing to offer me. In fact, there appeared to be genuine risks in my getting involved in any rigorous physical discipline.
I’m pleased to report I was wrong on all counts.
After only ten workouts with you, my physical condition has improved greatly. Something else amazes me even more. I’m able to grapple with and solve mental problems that were completely defeating me six weeks ago.
Thanks for your invaluable help.

Obviously, I didn’t use hard core training methods with him, we did everything slow, tai chi style, rested a lot, and just took our time. Pity he wasn’t young, cause he was a pretty hard core fellow, even with half a heart. Man, the stories he told me.
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