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Newsletter 1004

The Nine Square Diagram Course!

What better way to celebrate HanaKwanMass

than to announce a new course!

HanaKwanMass is

of course

Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas

And the new course is…

The Nine Square Diagram Boxing Course!

Now, it comes in two parts.

Part one is the hard style.

Part two is the soft style.

You can buy them separately,

or buy them together.

And, there are bonuses.

On the hard course,

I give the Nine Square Diagram Book.

No bonus on the soft style course


get both hard and soft courses,

and you get the Master Instructor Course.

That’s right,

a whole course,

and probably the best course I’ve got.

It straightens up ANY martial art.

Gets rid of the stuff that is confusing

and leaves you with hard core physics

as the real backbone of the martial arts.

Right now the course is all digital.

A week or two and I’ll get the physical disks up,


let me say it now,

this is the cumulation of everything

I have learned over 50 years.

It is complete,

includes virtually every other art,

and matrixes everything.

Hard to soft.

Concepts from any art.


I mean it when I say it is the last art

you will ever have to study.


it is pretty much the only art I do anymore.

All the classical arts I spent years figuring out,

they have been replaced.

All the techniques,

combined and condensed into true workability.

in the ring,

in the meditation chamber,

in the dojo,

in your backyard…

this really is the best art in the world.


check it out.

the website is new,

just bare bones,

but I have an order page up.



a word,

because it is brand new there may be bugs.

If you encounter one just let me know at


I stand behind everything I do,

and i will fix any bugs as quickly as I can.


have a great work out!


Basic Karate Form Stands Martial Arts World on Ear!

Basic Karate Form New Method for Teaching old Martial Art!

Let’s face it, most basic karate forms are boring, and couldn’t boredom be the reason many people quite the martial arts early on?

With this in the back of my mind, I decided to create a better basic Karate form. Simply, Iwanted my karate class to be…not boring. I wanted a karate kata that would be fun to do, include all the basics, and actually involve the student.

best karate form

Does your karate form look like this?

Before we get into the form itself, consider that most forms are simply step and block. Step and punch. A piece of a karate move, and not the whole thing. Thus, in addition to being boring, the forms have little value except for indoctrination into how to learn things rotely when in a mass of people.

Can anybody spell first grade?

How about behavior modification? Both good reasons to leave aside long used methods and find a better way of teaching Karate, and the martial arts.

beginner karate

Or does it look like this?

In creating the basic form called ‘House’ I elected to use three basics, the low block, the outward middle block, and the high block. Those are easy enough for a beginner to remember, and real enough for simulated fighting.

I then placed these blocks on a line, and put a punch after each of them.

Thus, there is stance change, weight shift, basics, and the idea that you can actually block and then offer a karate punch, or martial arts strike of some kind.

Now, to tell the truth, Chinese Kenpo, as presented by Ed Parker, had a good idea in their short one basic karate kata. Unfortunately, while the idea of facing all four directions was good, it needlessly complicates the basic function of this kenpo form.

So, in line, three blocks, punches right after each of the blocks, and you have something that means something in real fight simulation, and can be learned quickly and easily, and, here’s an important element, can be upgraded into a more difficult version.

Let’s say you start the student on the first step, a low block and strike, and he can’t quite get it. That’s okay. The martial arts are new to him, and he’s confused. Let him be confused, drill him only on that one move until he gets it, then give him the second move.

Then, drill him on the first and second move till he gets it, his own confusion will keep him entertained, and, finally, he can move to the third move.

Thus, the karate student learns the whole form.

Now, want to keep him drilling? Want to make sure he does the form enough to get the deep down meaning of the moves?

Have him drill it in two man kata fashion.

This is just like one step blocking movements done at the beginning of a Karate class, except that it is a two man form, and the reality of the situation, that is to say the form, is being re-inforced with every single punch. More important, it takes no excessive instruction, you just have the student do the basic karate form and feed it punches.

He will have realization within moments concerning how to do this, and he will be off to the races!

The Karate student thinks he has it?

Ask him to go faster.

Ask him to do it without stepping, in place.

Ask him to do it with weapons! The possibilities are endless, and this simple, basic karate form is suddenly opening doors that are refused to students who learn in the same old same old mass education methods.

If you would like see how this kata works for yourself, click on Basic Karate Forms, if you would like to learn an entire karate system taught in this manner, go to Matrix Karate at Monster Martial Arts.

How to Do a Martial Arts Form

Learn how to do a Martial Arts Form the Right Way!

When it concerns Understanding ways to Do a Martial Arts Form, the typical misunderstanding is that that you go into a class with twenty additional individuals, you perform kicks into the air maniacally, then you are a martial artist.

No, you are a martial arts lover, and you are no place near to being an artist.

how to do karate formThe majority of martial artists have not the faintest idea as to the best ways to do a martial arts form. The martial arts just took place too quick in the nation, and coaches were fresh off the airplane and either didn’t talk the language, didn’t have adequate experience, or an assortment of additional things.

So right here is just how you do a martial arts form.

You discover the very first motion. This normally includes something like standing in one spot, stepping in a direction, and doing a low block.

Now, do not acquire the 2nd motion. Work on the very first motion. Take that very first motion home, stand in the center of your bedroom, and do it.

Do not do it quick and maniacally, do it carefully. Work on making the hand and the foot move at the same time. Work on ensuring the hips are turning with the hand and the foot. Work on relaxing, then tightening up the fist at the moment of block. Work on breathing. Work on making that karate block or kung fu block the only thing you are doing. Rid the mind of diversions till there is just the block. not even a thought of you.

Now close your eyes and do the motion. Feel your balance, feel your breath, feel your coordination and weight drop and anything else.

The function of a form is not to discover ways to block. An idiot can easily block. the function of the form is to clear the mind of distraction, and to make that block the only thing that you are doing.

When the carpenter strikes the nail, is he thinking, or doing without thinking?

And, speaking of carpenters and nails, right here is an innovative, little activity to assist the novice, the other who does not recognize exactly what I am asking right here and desires to, or also the other with thirty for forty years martial arts experience in a variety of martial arts.

Stand 3 feet away from your automobile with the keys in your hand. Close your eyes. Step forward and place the keys into the doorlock.

Within a short time, I’ll gamble, your pretty, bright automobile is going to have a couple of scratches around the keyhole.

I always remember when I was doing this, but sitting in the automobile and simply placing the keys into the ignition with my eyes closed. The spouse comes out and asks just what I’m doing.

Martial Arts, I reply.

Okay, got that block down? Really good, go train in a 2nd motion, and do the exact same thing all over once more. And do not forget to duplicate the very first lesson so you will not forget it.

I ensure that discovering your martial arts forms in this way will certainly tremendously increase your development in the martial arts. All those amazing motions, you see, are nothing but polished basics. And by utilizing the technique I explain right here you are discovering ways to polish from the get go.

Keep in mind, it is not exactly how many times you do something maniacally and with frenzied energy. It is doing it once with reduced energy and high understanding. Opt for the understanding, that’s the best ways to do a martial arts form.

Find out ways to do martial arts the right way, and in the privacy of your very own house. Go to MonsterMartialArts.com.

learn tai chi

Karate Kata, The Truth Of What They Mean

The old school of teaching martial arts is by teaching Karate Kata. This applies to Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Kenpo, and arts of that nature. Even if you’re not in a kata oriented discipline, however, there is an adherence to the study of form.
matrixing karate
The unfortunate fact is that most people don’t know why they are studying in this manner. They don’t see the connection between repetition of dance-like moves and real combat. The moves often even seem removed from any real function.
The first thing to understand is that the body is a form, and the dance is a form. Thus, when you move one, you move the other. The point here is that you are learning what you live in.
Most people think they are the body, but the fact is…they ain’t. But they won’t realize that unless they take control of the body and start to move it. The best way to move that body is…karate kata.
The second thing to understand is that forms are actually advanced movements. Advanced movements require either massive amounts of time invested, or they require a firm grasp of the basics. It is on this matter of perfecting basics that most people fall down on.
The third thing to realize is that you are stumbling through the dark, defining something that apparently has no definition. You continue studying these kenpo forms or taekwondo forms, and one day they open up. This comes not because you have understood the dance-like steps, but because you have looked at your own body long enough to open it up to your awareness.
It is awareness that you are growing through this martial farce, the body and the mind are purely secondary. Awareness through the body, and into the world. If you really want to understand what the martial arts are, what those kata things are, then you need ask yourself only one question: where does awareness come from.
The above all said, even after awareness is defined, one needs to discipline oneself to do the forms sufficient times to plumb the depths of oneself. You do the forms, day after day, year after year, and one day you will wake to a new reality: a new you. Do Karate forms enough, and one day you won’t be doing the forms, you will be doing the art: you will be doing you.

Dreams and Learning the Martial Arts

Karate forms

Classical Karate Forms Open the Imagination!

Two things happened when I got my Black Belt so long ago, and they had to do with dreams and the martial arts.

First, I had a tiger dream. I was studying Karate (Kang Duk Won) and a Tiger appeared in a dream and showed me how he flicked his paw. It was all done slow motion, and I was fascinated, and I watched the dissection of how a tiger fights. Oddly, it wasn’t usable information, it was more of a ‘welcome to the club’ kind of thing. I had made black belt, I was recognized by the tiger, and i knew why Shotokan had a tiger on it’s emblem.

Second, I pretty much stopped dreaming. I would have an occasional dream, but those weren’t really dreams, they were me being outside my body while I was sleeping.

Now, I knew something about dreams at the time. I had done the obligatory psych classes, and I had read Freud’s (and others) works on dreaming. And I found that the psych people didn’t know what dreams were. No offense, but they were speaking as observers, and not as people who experienced and therefore knew. Virtually all of the conclusions reached by psych people were wrong.

Oddly, Carlos Castaneda had the best advice on dreams, but it was pretty skewed. He believed in drugs as a method to deconstruct the world, and see it as it really is. Unfortunately, there is a certain amount of confusion accepting dreams as the result of drug research.

But, here are the facts, and I offer them as someone who has gone places and done things.

When you CBM your body becomes efficient, and your mind has more space from less body chatter.

In that space you will notice certain abilities arising, one of which maybe the ability to be outside your body, as if in a dream, while you sleep.

Floating, flying, that sort of thing, seem to be fairly common.

Castaneda held that you should look at your hands in a dream, and that would help. I found it woke me up.

Consider, instead, that you are in a separate universe, and just concentrate on what you are doing. Don’t try to increase awareness, just enjoy what you are doing; awareness will increase automatically as you enjoy, and as you continue doing perfectly aligned (matrixed) forms while awake. You might try to focus on objects in that other universe, that might help, but if you find yourself waking up, try something else.

And, if you have success in something, let me know. I’m always looking for good stuff, and I’ll passit on as I can. And, if you want those perfectly aligned forms, pop on over to Matrix Martial Arts. Take a look at the Temple forms. They are the ones used by me, and I have altered them only slightly. If you want more pure, unaltered, try the Evolution of an art. Remember, however, that they will be less matrixed, and will take longer to make work. And that pretty much covers dreams and learning the martial arts.

Martial Arts Kata Resemble a Crippled Old Man

Martial Arts Kata, you see, are random strings of data. That’s like trying to learn to count by memorizing 3, 8, a dead cat, and a haircut.

Still, the amount of power a martial artist generates is absolutely incredible. And this on only one tenth of the realknowledge available in the martial arts.

So what would happen if the data was put in the right order?

Well, obviously, you’d learn ten times faster. Your mind would start to function faster. Your body would become strong and quick, for your motions would be aligned with your actual DNA.

The truth is that Karate, or Kung Fu, or Kenpo or Taekwondo or whatever that system you’re studying has been so messed up that it is like a crippled old man.

And the truth is that when you straighten out the system, make the bones grow the right way, fill in the organs and muscles, then you suddenly look like a Greek God.

Your muscles grow to the original DNA specifications. You get amazingly fast because the data in your head is not all jumbled around. And the truths hidden inside your martial arts kata bursts forth. If what I say here makes sense, then you want to find Monster Martial Arts. If not…see ya.