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Karate is Best for Real Fighting Proven by Statistic!

Karate and Real Fighting

I came across these statistics somebody compiled about actual street fighting, and they are pretty interesting.

First, 80% of all fights had a clear winner. This is interesting because it means that four out of five real fights were taken to the point where one person was incapacitated. This means that people should be studying martial arts which are effective. Tournaments are fine, and one has to learn how to do kumite, but one also has to understand how real a confrontation can get.

10% were broken up and 5% were outright draws. This means that once a real fight starts, it’s not likely that somebody is going to come and save you.

Second, 10% ended up on the ground. Well, there goes the big hype for MMA and Jujitsu and the argument that combatants are likely to end up on the ground. This means that one would be better served by learning a stand up martial art like Karate or Kung Fu.

10% of real fighting started with a punch. But that means that 90% started with…a push? A weapon? something else? But not a kick, as we will see below. Again, the need for combat oriented karate or something that is specific to punching distance, yet adaptable to other types of attacks.

80% of first punches were with the right hand. And, follow this statistic up with the fact that 95% of the right hand punches were to the head. So you have to prepare for a right punch to the face.

And, finally, only 10% of the fights had a kick in them. This statistic deals out Taekwondo.

Now, I have made a few remarks about the statistics here, and I should probably offer some sort of explanation so that there is no misunderstanding. So here’s the conclusion:

Fights can start with anything, but they don’t usually go to the ground, and they don’t contain much in the way of kicks. Thus, you need some knowledge of grappling and kicking, but not a lot. There is grappling and kicking in Karate, but not to the exclusion of other distances or ranges.

These are the statistics of real fighting, not the rare atmosphere of cage fighting, or tournament fighting, or any other organized sort of match, and since the average person will get in three fights in his life, it behooves Joe Average to start a study of Karate. I say Karate because it deals with kicks, does have some ground work, but is heavy on fists and blocking punches. Makes it perfect for a street altercation.

Probably the fastest and most efficient way to become competent enough to survive real fighting, be it on the street or anywhere, is at Learn Karate Online. You can get some Free Karate Lessons starting here.

Probably the fastest and most efficient way to become competent enough to survive real fighting, be it on the street or anywhere, is at Learn Karate Online. You can get some Free Karate Lessons starting here.

To Kung Fu Fight Raises IQ, To Karate Fight Makes People Smarter!

To Kung Fu Fight or Karate Fight, That Is The Question!

Call it a Kung Fu fight, call it a karate fight, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this type of martial arts fighting is going to raise your intelligence. That’s right, stepping onto the mat and going man to man is actually going to result in higher intelligence.

karate fighting

Opinion Vs The Hard Punch of Facts!

This flies in the face of those silly people who claim that martial arts, be it Karate or Kung Fu or whatever, is just a brutal undertaking. They watch the blood and knock outs on the latest MMA spectacle and call for laws. But they really are people who haven’t learned lessons on the mat, and so …they are stupid.

I know, stupid is a stupid word, and it would be stupid of me to use it so lightly, but consider what intelligence really is. It is how fast people can figure things out. It is how fast they can connect the dots of reality (and unreality).

Now, modern educators and scientists and psycho types and that sort of thing would have you believe that intelligence is how much you can remember. It is an A or an F. It is a high score on a school exam.

But a high score on a school exam has nothing to do with the real world. Further, it has nothing to do with common sense. And both the real world and common sense are what occur in a martial arts dojo during the learning process.

First, one is going to learn social conditioning by the simple expedient of walking into walls and fists and things. Not by being told politely by a teacher. Being told how to be polite and nice is merely following directions, and has nothing to do with real learning and the input of cause and effect action into one’s own universe.

Second, one is going to learn how to input data and make decisions off that data a hundred, nay, a thousand times more efficiently. The fist flying towards the face impels a person to make a connection, to make a decision, to do something. Thus, reality becomes the lesson which is really learned.

The ability to think quickly, to connect the dots, to handle reality in expedient fashion, then becomes the true education. This education can be shared with ANY field of knowledge. Thus, if you want to be smarter, then learn how to karate fight…if you want your children to be intelligent, teach them to kung fu fight.

 kung fu fight

How to Kung Fu Fight…Three Fighting Styles

Want to Win Your Kung Fu Fight?

I say Kung Fu fight, but this obviously refers to karate fighting, fighting in Taekwondo or Kenpo, or just about any other martial art out there. The principles of combat tend to be the same once you break them down. Here are the basic rules.

kung fu fight

Do this to your attacker's face!

The first thing one must do is ascertain what kind of a fighter one is facing. Thus, you make a move towards your opponent and see how he reacts. He will fall into one of three martial arts categories.

If he moves back he is a runner, and you’re going to have to chase him down. In this case you should plan for two quick attacks, one after another. The thing to be careful of is over committing and running into something, after all, what if he is the one doing the setting up?

If he moves into the attack, even a block and attack, then he is a fighter. This guy is looking forward to the fray, and he is going to be trying to bully you. The best thing to do is give way slightly, then angle to the side and trap him, or just take advantage of better timing.

If the guy blocks you and watches you, you are in trouble. This is a guy who has managed to find a balance between running and fighting, and he is in the moment. He is going to be hard to fool, and you might even consider making friends before you fight.

Past these three rules, there is the fight that is more than a kung fu fight. This is when somebody jumps out at you from a dark alley and you never saw him coming. No strategy here, the guy is bent on harming you, and it is not some sort of kung fu panda fight from a kung fu movie.

This type of sneak attack is usually off balancing, so you must seek to stay on your feet (return to your feet), and find some sort of advantage. The unfortunate advice many people give is just to punch and punch hard. Look, the guy has some sort of agenda, he hates you, wants your money, is likely pathological.

So you don’t just punch, you draw on your kung fu fight training and use all your blocks and all your weapons. You don’t let it be a street fight, but you change it into a martial arts fight. Kick, punch, elbow, knee, look for the throw, whirling like a buzzsaw, determined not to lose, this is how you kung fu fight when the situation is no longer on the mat, but has gone to the street.

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Three Karate Techniques That Win Any Street Fight!

I have used these three karate techniques over the years, and I find them invaluable. In fact, I am one hundred per cent sure that these are the three martial arts techniques you must master if you want to win a street fight…any street fight.
matrixing karateMind you, I developed these in tournaments years ago, and they can be used in tournaments, but only with proper control. Use them on the street however, defend your life, and you must use them full out.
The first technique is to break the fingers on the way in. Many people will have open hands, not always, but enough to where this technique should be paid attention to. So when you close the distance, assuming you are not kicking first, you must slap down on his fingers with a backfist. If you can break his fingers he will rethink everything, and he will have one hand that is pretty much useless.
Second thing, goes right along with breaking fingers, is to slap his hands (arms) downward. Push them down, so they are trapped and he can’t use them, and you are going to have a wail of an advantage. This is actually the theory behind Bruce Lee’s ‘Straight Blast.’ He would literally ruin at people, sprint at them, shooting punches so that they rode over the arms and forced them down, so that his punches would be unimpeded on the way to the face.
Third, make him blink. This fits right in with the shooting motion of the hands as you go for broken fingers and trapping hands. If you can shoot the fingers to the eyes, and hit the eyes, then you are going to be fighting a blind mugger. What could be sweeter, eh?
But even if you don’t manage to blind the fellow, if he blinks, thinks backward in his mind, then he will be pulling your strikes to his face and not thinking about defending himself, or even countering. Now, these techniques I discovered in tournaments many years ago. And you can still use them, but be careful. You don’t want to break your partner’s fingers, but you do want to slap his hands down. And you don’t want to blind him, but you do want him to blink.
So practice these karate techniques, become proficient with them, and you will never lose a street fight.