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Five Martial Art Exercises to Make Strong Legs

Killer Martial Art Exercises!

I’m on the wrong side of 65, and by using the martial art exercises here I can still climb mountains, jump around like a fool, dance all night long, and even do marathons. If you have pain in the knees, wheeze if you have to walk across the street, or even have serious disease, guaranteed, these martial arts exercises will help you out.

Now, the only disclaimer I have, other than using common sense and starting out slow, is that if you have had operations these exercises will be harder. They will still have effect, but, use common sense when attempting them. Don’t re-injure yourself.

martial art exercises

Doing these martial art exercises since 1967!

Okay, first and foremost, the basic squat. Stand straight, squat and touch the fingers to the ground. It’s okay if you go up on the balls of your feet, but try to keep the back straight. Start easy, but work up to a hundred over the course of maybe 3 – months. This is going to be very good for your cardio.

Second martial art exercise, single leg stretch. Sit on one heel and stretch one leg to the side. Take your time and remember the golden rule of stretching…don’t bounce, relax. Bouncing can pull muscles, relaxing let’s the muscle stop resisting its range of motion.

Third, kneel walking. Step forward and kneel. Other foot, step and kneel. And so on. This is killer, but it is also gold. You will feel massive amounts of strength coming into your legs because of this martial art exercise.

Single leg squat. Spread the legs and squat down on one heel, raise up, and squat on the other heel, and so on. Start slow, but work up to 100 (50 per side) single leg squats.

Last, double leg stretch. Sit, extend your legs to the sides, and touch one toe, then the other, and so on.

Now, I say martial art exercises, because I started doing them in Karate class some forty years ago.

And, I watch people who didn’t go to karate class, and who are now using oxygen tanks, hobbling across the street in walkers, who can’t pick up a pen should it fall on the floor.

So, call them martial art exercises, or runners exercise, or whatever you want..BUT DO THEM!

Your body will thank you when you get older (or when you recover your youth if you are already older). Let me tell you, it is so nice to just hop up and head out the door, to have physical mobility…and it is hell to lose it!

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