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The Hardest Punch in Karate is the Easiest Punch

The Secret of the HardestPunch in Karate!

I always thought, when first learning Karate, that you had to have huge muscles, you had to be able to do a thousand push ups, and that was the only way to have the hardest punch in the world.
My first teaches in Kenpo Karate abused me of that.
My first teacher was a slender fellow named Rex. No muscles on that boy at all, yet he snapped a half fist out so fast I could barely see it, and the brick he hit literally shattered. It didn’t break, but more exploded.
So I was convinced and converted, and devoted my training to speed, speed, speed. Unfortunately, my being rather large (6 foot two) and two hundred pounds, that was the wrong track for me. There was no way on earth I could get Rex’s speed and agility. I simply had a body suited to different modes of motion.
Then I came across a fellow name of Bob, who taught an art called Kang Duk Won Korean Karate. He was the same build as Rex, moved even faster, but there was a subtle difference. He was liquid, and he didn’t rely on speed, though he had it, he relied on something I would come to realize was ‘chi,’ or ‘ki,’ depending on what country you were pronouncing it from.
Now, the chi built up in the forms, we never talked about it, but we started to feel it. We could feel things moving inside our bodies.
And I started to feel inside my partner’s bodies. The end of my fist became imbued with radar, and I could feel their ribs, their muscles, even their organs.
And a funny thing happened.
The easier I struck, the less muscle I used, the more pain I caused. Simply, a form of ‘awareness’ was coming out of the end of my fist, and that form of awareness is called chi.
The body is a motor, and when you do the forms it turns the motor on. Unfortunately, most forms these days have been changed, their order changed, and they don’t do the job. This is why i use Matrixing to align the body, and to align the forms, and thus create this form of really usable energy.
And that is how I learned to strike easier to make the hardest punch in Karate.

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Monster Newsletter #315-Relaxing More than You Were Relaxed!

Hello to you!
It’s time to work out
and make the world work!

let’s talk about energy.
When a child runs around
he doesn’t get tired,
he just has never ending energy.

He hasn’t figured out how to use muscles yet.

Go on,
let a child grab your finger,
different kind of strength, eh?

Can you make that kind of strength?
That kind of energy,
and use it in your forms?

Can you sink low in a tai chi stance,
and mentally tell your legs to relax?
That’s a good method.

But in karate there is a better method
In Karate we use loose-tight.


When you do this karate focus thing,
if you can make your mental relax enough,
to command your physical to relax,
then you relax more than you were relaxed in the first place.

Get it?

Think of standing in a valley.
Climbing a mountain,
then falling into a valley which is deeper than the first one.
Because you exerted extra,
you are willing to relax a little extra,
and this accumulation of relaxedness
is what does the trick.

By tightening exact muscles extra tight for a moment,
(and not ‘over tightening’ them)
and then relaxing,
you get rid of subtle tightness
that was in your muscles,
that you didn’t even realize was there!

Karate has gotten a bad rap,
and the reason is because of how it was taught.
It was taught with muscles,
and over exertion,
no pain no gain,
hard bodies,
and so on.

My instructor was loose as a goose.
Everybody else was tight and rigid,
but after he punched,
he relaxed.
Not just physically relaxed,
but he told himself to mentally relax,
so he could physically relax.
Took me a while to figure this out,
it is so-o-o true!

So try relaxing a bit more in your forms,
let me know how it goes.
I look forward to sharing wins,
and encouraging other people
to get the true art.

if you don’t know how to matrix your forms,
go here


before I go,
a couple of shout outs.

Hey to Matt Shamblin.
The inexhaustible Matt
is putting together a website
gonna deal with martial arts and yoga
and balancing health and all that stuff,
and I’ll give you the URL
as soon as its up.

Hey to Paul Corrigan.
The indefatigable Paul
has a few breaks on youtube.


I don’t know about you,
but I love smashing the crap out of stuff,
and Paul has it down to a fine art.

Okey doke…
Go work out now,
and I’ll talk to you later.



A couple of greetings to people…

Monkeyland be comin’!

You might be a martial artist if…
…..You consider a punch to the chest, acceptable greetings…. for BOTH sexes.