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Time to Get Out of Your Head!

Great day and Hallelujah!
I get to work out today.
So do you.

You want to know something interesting?
I had occasion to speak to a medical person the other day.
Just to speak,
nothing going on with me.
And the medico near went into shock
when she found out I didn’t take any pills.
what about high blood pressure?
I take some fish oil. But that’s not medicine.
How about your heart, kidneys, brain, whatever?
Nope, nope, nope and definitely nope.
Over 60 and I take nothing.
the fish oil.
I have to confess,
I do take bee pollen.

Next came the discussion on my eating habits.
They suck.
I eat what I want when I want.
I eat sugar,
I eat before bed.
I even sip an occasional adult beverage.
Well, of course that might be the cure–big grin.

I know there are a couple of nutritionalists out there
shaking their heads and making dire predictions
that my organs are going to explode
at midnight of the third day,
in the year of the…
and I actually don’t intend to be in your face.
let’s face it,
you’re right and I’m wrong.
It’s true.
I should be watching what I eat,
except for the whiskey.
So what is my secret?
What is the one thing I do
that upsets the scientific apple cart
as far as my body goes?

I work out.
We know that.
And I work out at the martial arts,
so I am probably using every muscle in my body,
which probably activates every trigger point in every muscle.
which ‘encourages’ every single organ in my body.
and here’s the big but…
It’s not just that I work out,
it’s that I have CBM when I work out.

I try to talk about CBM in every single book or course that I do.
It means Coordinated Body Motion,
it’s when you use the body as one unit.
But, here’s a couple of things I haven’t told you about CBM.

I first CBMed in Chinese Kenpo.
Not because anybody told me,
not because I read a book,
but just because I had a clever idea.
I just decided that,
for maximum efficiency,
I would start the motion of my hand and foot
(and everything else)
at the same time.
I would stop the motion of my hand and foot
(and everything else)
at the same time.

That’s right.
I thunk it up in my head.
I just did it on my own.

Everybody else was stepping as fast as they could…and snapping the hand out.
Two separate actions.
I was slower,
but I was telling my body to move as one.

I would come across some profound oriental writings
that told me I was doing the right thing.

when you move the body as one unit,
two specific things happen.
Number one,
the tan tien is allowed to cycle energy through the body,
without the individual movements of the body
stopping the flow.
I mean,
the way most people do it,
you step, which starts a flow,
and then you punch,
which is a separate action (and flow of energy)
and can interrupt or screw up
the first flow.

I step and punch at the same time,
which sets up one flow for both actions.
No interruption of flow.

in kenpo,
I was slow.
I should say slower.
I was fair at freestyle,
but it never really came together.
When I went to the kang duk won
we freestyled out of a back stance,
and the drills were set up to support this,
and this ‘agreed’ with what I was doing,
and the CBM was able to come fully together,
and suddenly I got good at freestyle.

I said there were two things that CBMing does.
One is it utilizes the body as one unit,
which supports one even flow,
and makes the body function better.
But the second one
is where the top comes off,
As you CBM,
and especially by doing the forms,
your viewpoint slides out of your head.

Most people think,
and think that they think
behind the eyes.
Some mythical place in the brain.
That’s where they live.

But when you CBM,
take active control of the body,
tell it what to do,
you start to slide out of the body.

I tell ya,
sometimes its confusing.
I’ll admit that.
I honestly don’t know where
the ‘I am’ that is the human spirit is.
I don’t know where the viewpoint that thinks it looks out from eyes is.
But it’s not in the body.
And that is what makes the art superhuman.
I’m old,
I don’t take pills,
I can go out on the mat
and clean clocks.

And the fact that I am not exactly in my head,
that I am somewhere in the vicinity of my body,
shall we say,

I can’t leap over tall buildings.
In fact,
my body is getting weaker.
But not as fast as somebody who doesn’t have CBM.
Somebody who has run their body
from inside their head so long
that they have to take pills.

how long will I live?
I don’t know.
And I know I would live longer if I ate better.
but I don’t care.
The body is a vehicle,
I drive it.
When it gets too old to drive,
I’ll trade it in on a new one.
I’ll CBM all over again,
in that new body.
Live a life of activity and full awareness,
right up to the end.

you need to do martial arts.
And you are.
Want to go further?
Then CBM your art.
not just CBM the body of your body,
but CBM the body of your art.
That’s what Matrixing is.
It CBMs your art,
makes your art one functional study.
Makes your art
so that energy flows don’t go the wrong way,
interrupt one another,
so that the CBM of your body
is supported,
and the energy of your body is full and uninhibited.

Okey doke.
You get Matrix Karate
There’s three small forms,
and three two man forms,
and three larger forms,
and a bunch of techniques and drills.
A whole art.
You do that art,
and then you can say you know a whole ‘nother art.
you take the art you are studying,
Pa Kua or Silat or some kind of wudan kung fu,
and you replace the movements of Matrix Karate
with your arts movements.
you have Matrix Pa Kua,
or Matrix Silat,
or Matrix whatever.

Matrix Karate

you’ll have to do some figuring,
maybe rearrange some basics,
maybe mess around with some two man drills,

And you will have such an expanded view of your art
that your viewpoint can start sliding.

You will have a CBMed art,
and that will CBM your old art,
and your body will CBM,
and you won’t take pills,
and maybe you can even get out of your head.
I love saying it that way.

But it’s true.

Now, you guys have a great day,
a more than sufficient work out,
and stay away from that whiskey.
I tell ya,
it’s evil stuff.

Talk to you later.


My idea of an agreeable person is a person who agrees with me.–Benjamin Disraeli
My idea of an agreeable person is a person who does themartial arts, whether he agrees with me or not.–Al Case

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.–Anais Nin
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to how much one works out.–Al Case

Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.–Jane Addams
Martial Arts is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.–Al Case