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Why I Created a Faster Black Belt Course

Martial Arts Weapon

Karate Energy is an Interesting Thing!

There were a few reasons why I was obsessed with making a Karate Black Belt in a shorter period of time. One of the reasons has to do with teaching advanced martial arts. Simply, a fellow studies for four years, finally starts to break through, and then gets married, has children, changes his job, goes to school, and I am out of a student.
Frustrating to not be able to teach the good stuff.
You see, the eyes open when somebody gets to real Black Belt. They start to perceive energy directly. They start to be able to do things with it. I love teaching it. For instance, how do you roll energy and condense it…how do you create a stillness so you can get closer to somebody without alarming them. How to you read halves of the body…so many things. Hundreds of fine points that hardly anybody knows.
So, how to get somebody to get to Black Belt quickly, so I could teach them the good stuff. That’s one of the big reasons I created the Black Belt Course, and why it is so fast. Check out Learn Karate Online to get more data on this course.

An Important Item In Getting Somebody To A Karate Black Belt In Three Months

Check out the video, the article is right below it.

Training somebody to the level of a Karate Black Belt in Three Months is an interesting experience. It’s amazing fun, but there are several things you need to be extremely careful of should you plan to it. Here’s one of the most important items.

First, you need to know your Matrixing, and you have to deliver the Three Month course exactly as prescribed. There can be no variations from the program. Afterwards, you’ll find that your student’s ability to learn is so good that you can make all sorts of deviations, but stick to the program if you want to get him there.

The above noted, key to the program is knowing when the student has actually absorbed the material. He may not always be smooth in execution of technique, but it’s his mind that you have to watch. The moment he understands the material, can do it with certainty, no matter how ragged it looks, you congratulate him and move on to the next piece of material.

This is critical, because if you don’t do this he will hit a plateau. He may also become discouraged, for he has achieved something important, not been recognized, and he may even decide to move on.

When I first realized this factor I was confronted with a choice. Do I ignore him winning, and work him until his movements are smooth, or do I accept a ragged movement that works, but is not pretty? I found that if I recognized his win, his rate of learning accelerated, and, here’s something astounding…he tended not to forget as easily.

Now, some martial arts sensei are going to have a rough time with this, for one wants perfection in the martial arts, and it is the right thing to want. But, accept a slightly ragged movement in technique, and polish the living daylights out of him at a later date. Guaranteed, you will have faster learning students and less people will walk away.

The key factor to remember in this is that we are gauging experience versus knowledge. A classical Black Belt will have some of the knowledge and lots of experience. A Three Month Black Belt, done according to my program, will have ALL the knowledge, and some of the experience.

So, which do you prefer…a person who looks pretty, has some knowledge, and is learning at a slower pace…or a person with all the knowledge, who doesn’t look pretty, but can make it work, and who learns at an incredibly fast rate? Personally, I will take Martial Artist who has knowledge any time, because that opens the door for even more and faster learning. Once a Karate Black Belt is past such things as plateaus, has discovered his real potentials, and has the knowledge, he can be polished to a far finer degree, and his art will rise like the sun.

If you would like to see the Three Month Black Belt Program, mouse to Monster Martial Arts.

The Real Truth About A Black Belt in the Martial Arts

free martial artsGood morning!
It’s grey and looking to drizzle outside,
time to work out…
and brighten it all up!
The day is always brighter
after you work out.
It just is.

working hard,
things are popping,
and I should talk about
what a black belt really is.
I mean,
to earn a black belt is incredible,
it is weird
that nobody knows
what a black belt is.

if you have read my article
In Search of the Master Founder,
then you have some idea.

But here’s the thing…
when I was studying kenpo
back in the late sixties,
the instructor said,
‘we’re actually a belt ahead of everybody.
Our orange belt (second belt)
is the equivalent of
the Purple belt (third belt)
of the guy down the street.’

We students.
of course,
bought into it.
There was no reason we should,
just our pride
and wanting to be better.

the guy down the street
was saying the same thing.

Isn’t that interesting?
It’s a statement of the human condition.
Years later
I was talking to a fellow
who was raised in a communist country,
he asked me why Americans wanted to bomb everybody.
I told him we thought they wanted to bomb us,
and we were both struck sort of dumb.
We believed what our governments told us,
and so we were herded like sheep.
sad to say,
it happens all the way down
to the community dojo.
Tell me that isn’t the human condition.

you can see that this is one of the factors
that totally screwed up what a black belt really is,
and even destroyed the definition,
if there ever was one.

The point is that a black belt has a certain amount of knowledge,
(depends on the system: aikido v karate, etc.)
And that knowledge must be workable.
Must be able to be used.

most systems have totally overloaded the amount of knowledge required.
With the glut of information available
as different systems of martial arts
came to public knowledge,
everybody tried to include everything
(we’ve got that…nobody is better than us…
and it doesn’t matter that we are altering and totally screwing up our system!)

back in the late sixties,
before the glut of information
destroyed the knowledge of what a black belt is
we had to learn ten kata to black belt (karate)
Not a lot of drills,
just a couple,
and then we had to be able use what we learned.

We got stronger,
our bodies shaped up,
but the real change was
in our minds.

There was a fellow I used to beat up,
his name was John.
He was six months ahead of me,
but I was just better.
It just happened to be.
So he got his black belt
and he started beating me up.
But I saw
that he had only gotten his black belt,
no special knowledge,
he hadn’t been taken in the back room
and told some secret,
he had just gotten promoted,
and it had gone to his head
in the best way
and he was kicking my fanny.

I looked at that,
saw what had happened,
and made up my mind
and went back to kicking his fanny.

it was a thing of the mind.
We weren’t that far apart,
there wasn’t a gap of knowledge,
we knew what each other knew.

karate back then wasn’t fancy,
it was a CCS
(Closed Combat System),
and a person worked their fanny off,
and the real difference
was in the heart and soul.
And it was expected that
in three or four years
with sufficient basics
a fellow would gain depth of soul,
an experience of combat
that was measurable,
and could be awarded by the black belt.

Then we lumped arts together
had weird thoughts like
my orange belt is better than your orange belt,
and the thing fell to…pardon me for lack of a better word…shit.

It still is that brown and gooey.
There is a wild variance between black belts of differing systems,
huge numbers of deviated forms
techniques from varying systems,
drills and drills and…
and the whole thing has mushed and fallen to…you know.

matrixing fixes that.
It isolates data,
demushes the bushwah,
makes it so that one can look at the scientific fact of ordered knowledge.
that plug aside,
what is a black belt?

I know,
long trip,
but the answer will be worth it.

A black belt is a statement of self.

Black belt in Japan is dan.
Below black belt is kyu,
Kyu means boy,
dan means man.
not exactly man,
a statement of maturity.
Not maturity like puberty,
but maturity as in
a statement of self.

Who are you?
I mean…really?
What are you doing on this planet?
In that body?
Who are you?
This is the question that is answered
when somebody makes a statement of maturity…
when one achieves a real black belt.

so many people get their black belt
and it means nothing.
It means they are strong and fast and can beat people up…
but that is not a statement of maturity.
it is often a statement of immaturity.

One of the odd things that happened
back at the Kang Duk Won
was that out of all the bikers that studied there,
all the Hells Angels and Gypsy Jokers and so on,
none of them ever got their black belt.
They simply kept beating people up.
A black belt was beyond that.
They knew who they were
and they had no interest in beating people up.

when I achieved my black belt
I had visions,
I went out of my body,
I gained perceptions,
and many other things.

It’s possible that I just raised the standard,
and that I was unique,
but I don’t think so.
The point is
that what I went through
is more of a measurement of black belt
than just being strong or fast or whatever.

That is the measurement of a human being
and it occurred back in the Kang Duk Won
in the late sixties.

Some of this was due to my instructor,
who was unique,
but regardless
everything changed,
and black belts are stronger,
and more childish.
They don’t mature.
They don’t make a statement of self.

it goes without saying
that this is not true for all.
As I said,
there is a variance of black belt out there.
You’re going to find genius
rubbing elbows with moron.
I hope that what I have said here
has given you some clue,
inspired you to look
not at the vast amount of material,
but rather at the far vaster depths of the human soul.

That all said,
I don’t teach many people these days.
The reason is because
the people of today
have a difficult time
making a statement of self.

Back when I was at the Kang Duk Won,
there weren’t many martial arts schools,
so the few gathered
and there was higher quality.

with schools on every corner,
in every Y,
in the parks and garages,
the quality pool is too wide spread.
Add to that the drugs and general dissolution,
and you have not a lot of people
who can make a statement of self.

What happens when I find somebody to teach
is quite odd.
People get good,
then they start going up and down,
and then they quit.

They can’t take it; they can’t make a statement of self.

I think the fastest I ever blew a guy out was three lessons.
I had him drilling with somebody,
and he wasn’t getting it,
so I drilled with him.
I’m pretty pure,
I don’t have extraneous thoughts when I drill.
So he wasn’t getting any emotion,
any thoughts about the best hamburger
or what movie was coming out.
So he was getting absolute and pure
martial arts.
Just space
and motion,
and nothing else.

And when there is nothing else,
the spirit appears.
third lesson,
he suddenly freezes up,
and can’t move.
After a few minutes
of just standing there
he looks at me,
and his eyes are all aglow
and he just shakes his head
makes excuses
and walks out.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what he said,
there is no significance there,
the significance is
he made a statement of self.
I offered the art,
he trusted me,
took it,
and blew out.

He wasn’t even in his body.

for months
he wrote me emails
thanking me
praising me
and saying all sorts of odd things
that would have got him committed,
but which were nothing more than
a statement of self.

he wouldn’t come back to class.

No more.
All done.
It wasn’t a matter of me filling him with too much material,
it was a matter of me showing him the space of himself,
the pure perception that he was.
A statement of self.

I don’t teach much.

I want to.
But…people quit.
what it takes to get a real black belt,
is a gentle touch,
a commitment to not quit
the ability to make a statement of self.

Isn’t this all weird?
I mean,
what the hell is this self thing
what’s to be frightened of?
there it is.

Okey dokey,
if you want to align your art
elevate your art
and find out what this
statement of self thing is
come on by the Monster.

Monster Martial Arts

No matter what your art is,
it depends on knowledge,
real knowledge,
aligned knowledge.
That is the only way to destroy the mysticism,
plumb the secrets
and make a statement of self.

Without the knowledge
you are just exercising,
getting stronger,
and faster,
and learning a few tricks.

You guys and gals have a phenomenal day.
Work out hard and often,
and make sense out of what I say.
whatever you do…
don’t quit.
If anything,
study harder,
work out harder,
it is the only way.


You Aren’t Going to Make it to Black Belt Unless…

Most Black Belts, you see, memorize the motions. Monkey see, monkey do.
I am not trying to offend here, merely pointing out distinctions. What I am saying is the way it used to be, before we all went commercial tournament beat ’em up hungry.
So out of the lots of things that are different, there was one realization, usually specific to Karate, but every art, taken to a true level, is going to have a thought like this.
You have to be careful in your ordinary dealings with people, because your intention is going to be through the roof.
You learn to hit, for instance,a nd suddenly you are trying to hit softer because it hurts more…AND THE SOFTER YOU HIT THE MORE IT HURTS!
Caps, because most black belts don’t understand this.
They think they are dangerous and have to hit softer. But a real black belt realizes that the softer you hit the more it hurts, because the intention is getting unleashed.
Very important distinction, this.
Aikido, it’s more of an out of body experience.
Shaolin, they don’t usually have this because, unless you have found a real shaolin, its been degraded to mechanics with nothing much more.
MMA doesn’t have this at all.
Tai Chi, you get a real one, it has this in spades.
Anyway, there’s a lot more to this, we’ve scratched the surface, but this should get you thinking.
The basic point here is that a black belt in the true martial arts are more than surface training, it is more than muscles, it is more than beat ’em up tournament stuff. Something happens on the spiritual level, and the intention starts to come out, and it is scary and liberating and like nothing else you’ve ever felt in any field, any art, anywhere, anytime. Want more data on this kind of phenomena, then head over to Monster Martial Arts.

Going Insane When You Get Your Black Belt!

Black Belt instructor

Robert J. Babich...Kang Duk Won

What a great way to start the week!
A work out!
Usually I do Yogata,
then Tai Chi,
then whatever.
When I am done,
I’ve already done a days work,
so the rest of the day gets real easy.

the Journal is out,
came out on the 15th,
Download yourself some good stuff,
get yer martial arts fix right here!

something I haven’t talked about
for a long time.
Fact is,
last time I talked about this
was back in the nineties.
Let’s talk about
going insane when you get your black belt.

there’s all types of insanity,
but they are usually the same thing,
you reach a point
where you can’t take anymore.
the influx of data
threatens to overwhelm,
to survive,
you get with the program
and overwhelm yourself.

it’s better to overwhelm yourself
than to get overwhelmed by something else…
let me tie this together
with getting a black belt

At the old Kang Duk Won
a lot people studied,
but they didn‘t all make it to Black Belt,
Most of them quit at two places.
They quit whithin a week or two of starting,
realized martial arts was hard work,
and went away.
No big deal.

the other place they quit was 
right before they achieved black belt.
And this was a big deal.
They would study for three or four years,
get right up to the big achievement,
and leave.

there were many excuses,
many ways of leaving
before they got overwhelmed…
they got married,
got drafted,
got hurt in a car wreck,
went to another school,
started missing lots of classes,
family emergency,
all sorts of excuses,
the bottom line…
they just disappeared.

what was the influx of data
that was causing the overwhelm,
causing the situation
that they just couldn’t take?

The influx of data was…
losing their mind.

They whittled away at their mind,
got it to be less and less,
lost their reaction time,
started seeing ‘in the now,’
they just couldn’t take it.

There is a silence,
an emptiness,
a revelation of what the self really is,
fair frightens people right into insanity.

this didn’t happen for all martial arts schools,
all schools didn’t push you into 
that zen emptiness sort of thing.
Most schools didn’t come close.
They taught on the surface
and didn’t touch the soul.

it’s even worse.
So much technique,
so little silence.

Okey dokey,
here’s the deal,
I wasn’t all that good.
I was okay,
but there were a lot of guys better than me,
but most of them quit.
They got up to the edge
and couldn’t jump off,
couldn’t look at themselves,
couldn’t stand the silence.

For all my faults,
and there are a lot of them,
I did have one strength.
I love silence.

Silence is a direct reflection of the power of the human being.
It is a measurement and a self realization.
Silence is a truth
wherein you cannot deny yourself,
and the more silence you create,
the more you there is,
the more truth there is.

Whereas other guys quit and left
stopped right right before their black belt test,
I hit that test running,
didn’t slow down,
and when I hit the silence
it was like a warm cocoon
that I wrapped around myself.
I love silence.
Karate gave me silence.
The Martial Arts enhanced, and polished that silence.

when I hit my black belt,
I went totally and utterly insane,
lost my mind,
started seeing the world as it was,
and not as a fantasy,
or a wish,
or something else,
and I have never felt anything so good and worthwhile
in all my lifetimes.

When I do a form,
it feels like I am floating in outer space
creating energy like a sun,
creating a solar system of planes and geometries
and intricate shapes and…
and the silence grows.

why am I telling you all this?
there is the interesting little factor,
got something coming,
should drive a lot of people insane.
The power will be immense.
Gonna change everything.

Knowing what I say here
will make it all easier.
Simply, the more you understand,
the less chance
of you being overwhelmed.

check out the journal,
meander around the site,
read everything you can,
if you can,
got Matrix Karate or the Master Instructor Course.
Those two are crucial.
get ready.
Here’s the Master Instructor URL
to help you out.
The Master Instructor Course

Okey dokey,
have a great and amazing work out,
spread love and cheer,
and I’ll talk to you later.


The Difference Between a Black Belt and a Master in Karate or Taekwondo or Kenpo

Karate, Taekwondo and Kenpo are specific to the difference between a Black Belt and Master, so I thought I’d mention all three.

Here’s the trick. Put a thumbtack in your fist, and break two hanging one inch pine boards with a punch. Don’t lay the thumbtack sideways, put it in the direction you are punching.

If you end up with a hole in your hand you aren’t a master, and probably aren’t even a black belt.

Now, I could leave you with this, and a lot of people would be confused and angry, but let me tell you the trick.

You relax the fist and hit with the bone.

You don’t smash the fist, you stick the bones through the boards.

This is going to require you to adapt your techniques, change things a bit, maybe a lot.

But, that’s okay.

It’s time people learned that martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, or Kenpo are not bash and trash arts, but gentle things requiring balance and sensitivity, the correct knowledge of how to do things the easy way, and this is the essence of the difference between a Black Belt and a Master. Check out my website, Monster Martial Arts, Matrixing Chi might be of interest to you, as it explains a lot of things about Chi that people don’t understand. There’s a FREE book available on the front page.

Win #2 From One Week Black Belt Course

I got this crazy idea that you could teach a One Week Black Belt, this was back in the eighties.
Interestingly, it didn’t work…yet what happened did work.
This was my first experience teaching concepts, and they turned out to be the most innovative breakthrough that has ever happened in the martial arts.
I figured out not how to teach the concepts of a specific art, but all arts, and this opened the door to incredible wins. The guy below was a pro athlete from Australia, and he really shook my hand when he was done.

I have been an active athlete for the past twenty years in professional Football (Australian), swimming, boxing, track & field, tennis, and other sports. I have excelled at all of them, and yet the gains I have experienced in Al’s Martial Arts have notably increased my abilities in all the above areas. I have greater physical strength, increased reaction time, heightened mental perceptions and coordination between myself and my body. I highly recommend this artform to any athlete. Thanks Al

So I succeeded with my One Week Black Belt Course, but not in the way I thought I would. Don’t judge me until you find out what I actually did. More data is at MonsterMartialArts.com.
Here’s a vid I did of me doing applications the other day.

The Three Essential Elements A Good Shotokan Black Belt Must Have

There are many theories concerning what a good Shotokan Black Belt must be, but most of them don’t really hit the point. There are theories that you must be able to duck and dodge, which is from boxing. There are notions that you must be able to take a punch, which is sort of silly if you want to stay handsome.

When you sort through all the misguided ideas, however, you will find that a good shorin ryu system will teach the three elements detailed in this bit of writing. This is not mysticism, nor some idiot idea from the undereducated. This is facts, as proposed by physics.

The three elements of a good martial arts style are always going to be speed, power, and technique. With these three well developed concepts a martial artist can achieve greatness. Interestingly enough, one will find that martial arts technique is by far the most crucial to the mix.

Speed is always needed, as speed means you can make a technique work. While the other guy is throwing his fist, you are executing motion that will result in the fight moving to your advantage. Of course, all the speed in the world isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t have power at the end of your punch.

Power is necessary, because you need to make the technique effective in reality. No matter how quick you hit, if you don’t have power behind the trick, it won’t work. Interestingly, speed can lead to power, but power doesn’t always take one to speed.

But the most important element is always going to be how well you can master technique. To master technique is to study the things that give you power and speed. This is a matter of creating awareness.

To create awareness is educate yourself. Even if you are an aged person, you can use the awareness built by your technique to predict what is going to happen, and to get ahead of the attack. Heck, speed and power may go away with age, but technique, no matter how ancient you become, will always get better. It is technique that a master should pursue and perfect.

Unfortunately, many shotokan schools have put aside technique for fighting, which is opposed to the real idea underlying the martial arts philosophy. Many shorin ryu schools just train the student to strength, and they don’t build awareness. This is unfortunate, but it can be cured if the student searches out the techniques (usually found in the Karate forms) and studies the three elements that a good Karate Black Belt must have.

You can find perfection of technique with the Forty Monkeys, available at Monster Martial Arts. And make sure you pick up a free book on the home page.

Basic Facts Relating To Black Belt Rankings In The Various Martial Arts

Black Belt rankings were first introduced by Judo Master Jigoro Kano. Master Kano is supposed to have based his system on rankings used by swimming clubs. Karate clubs in Japanese Universities borrowed this ranking system.

The original karate system is rumored to have had two belts, white belt and black belt. As more people came to learn martial arts, more belts were used, green belt and brown belt. Eventually Chinese American Kenpo was developed by Ed Parker, and the number of colored belts expanded greatly.

Colored belts were listed in the following order: white, orange, purple, blue, green, three stages of brown, multiple stages of black. As the belt ranking systems grew, myths concerning the importance of the colors grew. Each system seemed to put forth a different meaning for the colors of belts.

White and black, whent hey were first originated, didn’t mean much, as there were so few students and the promotions were pretty cut and dried. White meant beginner, and black belt meant the student was used as an assistant instructor. As the belt systems expanded this concept quickly gave way to instructor rankings.

White, green, brown and black were alleged to relate to the spring, summer, fall and winter of a student’s martial arts life. This also correlated to beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert status. This concept, while of worth, gave way when more colors were introduced.

The full range of colors utilized by Chinese American Kenpo Schools was related to a full spectrum of achievement. Rightly or wrongly, a Kenpo student was assumed, when he made it to black belt, to know everything in the spectrum. This concept began to decline when red belts were introduced.

At first, red belts were introduced to honor high ranking masters, these were sometimes politically motivated belts, though there were some legitimate promotions. Then, because people tend to promote themselves, the red belt replaced the black belt in many peoples eyes, and the spectral system broke apart. This was aided by the fact that some systems, especially taekwondo systems, began using a red belt in place of a brown belt.

In current times, while colored belts are said to be of high usein the training of students, the fact of the matter is that there has been some abuse. Many commercial martial arts schools have extended training time to align with the increased rankings to keep people at their schools for longer times, and this has extended the length of time it takes to learn the martial arts. It is hoped that understanding the basic facts of Black Belt rankings, as outlined in this article, will help potential students when they analyze possible systems to study.

Al Case has over forty years experience teaching martailarts. For the real facts onsuch arts as karate, kenpo, aikido, and so on, visit his website, Monster Martial Arts.

Zen in the martial arts, or Tell Your Hands to Shut Up and…!

Zen Karate, or Tell Your Hands to Shut Up and…!

A bright shiny grin to ya!
One more day in paradise…
one more day to work out.
I mean,
working out is really
the frosting on the cake
and the juicy steak,
and even those durn veggie things!
you know?

So I got stuck on a work out yesterday.
It was Karate
and I kept doing these moves,
but the energy wasn’t coming out.
I stuck on those moves for an hour,
just doing them and doing them.

you can’t stop,
especially when you are so close!

So when you do ‘loose tight’ in your karate,
or tae kwon do or kenpo or whatever,
when you really focus your mental and physical,
you have to really give your hands
a mental command to loosen the blank up!

Sometimes the body wants to get tired,
maybe pretend that the muscles won’t do what you tell them to,
just clean out the mind,
tell the body to get the blank working,
and DO IT!

Gosh durn furshluginner body isn’t going to get in my way!

Whether you do ZenKarate, Zen kung fu, Zen Aikido, or whatever…just do it!

felt great afterwards,
body rehabilitated an injury I had,
felt young again,
and life just toasted up and flipped over for me.

if you don’t know what I mean,
just work out.
the martial arts are free!
You can just do them!
There are no taxes on them!
even if there were,
you could just go to a dark corner
and practice the middle finger kata.
That’s good,
I said a funny.

laughter over,
let’s get on with it.
A couple of announcements.

Working on Monkeyland,
having real neutronic thoughts,
should be able to relaunch the site
in the not too distant future.
About time,

the article is supposed to be coming out in Inside Kung Fu
next couple of months.
It’s funny,
I do Matrixing
and they want to do me on Tai Chi.
Tai Chi is calm and balanced,
and they want me to snarl in the lead photo.


Oh well,
I live in Hollywood,
so I know what it all means.
You have to present an image that grabs,
and calm and balanced doesn’t always grab.
I appreciate what they are doing for me.

on another front all together,
I might sell a book.
A novel.
A western called ‘Small in the Saddle.’
I’ll know in a few weeks,
so cross your fingers
and wish me well.

what else.
So much has been happening,
and I’m behind,
trying not to forget anything.

I think that is it.

emptiness is the most important part of the martial arts.
emptiness is space is nothing,
and that concept permeates the true art
and life as well.

So focus your energy,
but realize that energy doesn’t exist
unless you create a space for it to exist in.
And the smallest energy can be the largest,
if you create a larger space for it to be in.
Not mysterious,
just start with giving your hands mental commands to relax the blank up.

Here’s the magic link…

MonsterMartial Arts

I really like the Pa Kua,
especially the middle of the three systems on this course.
You really learn how to swirl the energy in your body,
and it is so-o-o darn simple!

Okey dokey
if I forgot anything
I’ll share next time,
until then,
have the best work out of your life.



Monkeyland be comin’!

You might be a martial artist if…
You tie your bathrobe belt in a square knot. Then check to make sure the ends are exactly even.