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How Can You Call Yourself a Martial Arts Master? (Part One)

The Truth About Being a  Martial Arts Master

There are a lot of people teaching the martial arts these days, and a lot of them call themselves Master, or give themselves other presumptuous titles. Of course, there is a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. Many of these so called masters are, quite simply, not.

martial arts masterMaster is a term that means one has power and authority over something. It is a term that is common to the English culture, and common to other and ancient cultures. Heck, seems like somebody is always trying to have power and authority over something…somebody…whatever.

So let’s consider these modern times and these people who call themselves masters. Let’s take a look at whether they really have what it takes, or whether they are fake. Let’s consider what a Master needs to know.

First, a Master needs to know something. Doesn’t matter if it is the technology of flower arranging or the technology of the martial arts. They have to have technical knowledge of the field they are claiming to be masters in.

Unfortunately, the technology of the martial arts is largely unknown. All those kids in the schools, all those military men, all those housewives and UFC watchers, they don’t know the technology because, quite honestly, the technology has never been actually codified and put down on paper. And it has to be able to be put on paper because, as the music maestro once said, if it can’t be written down, it isn’t music.

Yes, we know what the cross over chokehold is, and the spinning rear kick, and all those other terms. We know they relate to certain body positions, and we know what they can do. But…why?

What are the physics involved? What are the physics of the set up? What are the physics of the mental state necessary to the implementation of the technique.

It is not enough to say twist this or pull that, there has got to be a description able to be written in physics, and, unless the master knows these physics, he isn’t a master. What’s worse, is that this is only the first item of two that need to be known for a person to be an actual and bona fide master. I’ll tell you the rest in part two of this article on martial arts mastery.

Check out Matrixing Karate: Master, the details of what it takes to Master Karate are written out in plain English.