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Tai Chi Sword v Samurai Sword…Which is Better?

I was asked, the other day, which I preferred, the tai chi sword (jian), or the Samurai Sword Katana).

Now, stabbing is fun, but it is a linear move which holds the body in place, and presents it as a target.

And slashing is fun, but it requires a slight sidestep to create the best angle.

In the case of stabbing the working part is the tip, in the case of slashing the working part is the whole blade.

So, while I love the whole body movement of striking to the four corners with the samurai sword, I think I prefer the Taiji sword. The reason is that I have to move less weight around, so I can angulate easier. Thus, I believe I can use the tip of the TCC sword to more advantage. A slight side step and I can angle the slice of the long sword, no matter how vicious, then use the tip like a knitting needle and insert to neck, armpit, or whatever.

This is, of course, predicated upon the fact of the situation presented being one of personal combat. For armies, get big, heavy weapons that will last the bashing.

But, getting older, having to rely on intelligent rather than force, and, of course, seeing the benefit of extending the awareness to the tip of the Chinese weapon, that is my personal choice.

There’s lots of info on weapons fighting at Monster Martial Arts, but you may have to look around for it. Blinding Steel basically matrixes weapons. There’s an extremely scholarly treatise in ‘3rd Level Sixth Sense Sword Fighting,’ which is in the Master Books, and so on.

Have a great day.