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Do People Who Buy Gimmicks Deserve to Die

The gimmicks I refer to are martial arts internet scams.

I opened up my email today and found a little gem about ‘family self-defense. It opened with the usual, a scary scenario where a guy’s whole family is at gunpoint. Then proceeded to state that anybody could kill you anytime because of the internet (burglars are getting smarter!)

Then, of course, the solution: this guy had studied 13 different arts, but couldn’t defend himself. So, now that he had lain like a victim while his family was terrorized, he had had epiphany. He boiled down his 13 arts, his 1800 useless self defense techniques, and had come up with a ‘family self defense systems.’

tong bei amazon ad

martial arts instructor course

Anybody for a little hard work?

This person talked about how useless classical martial arts are, and how he could now train anybody, even if they were fat, lazy, diabetic and in a coma, to drop a gorilla with a simple one finger pressure point strike, leverage the Gracie Brothers with a simple fulcrum principle, have mental powers that would shield them from an attacker, and all with out using their hands.

And in one hour.

The price, of course was a number ending in 7.

I used to read these ads on the back of comic books, and it appears that the internet is the new comic book ad venue. Back in the sixties it was a guy who kicked sand in your face, but you took this miraculous weight lifting course, beat up the bully, and got the girl.

Now the target for these ads are old men who sit around and worry about Obama, ISIS, and the home invasion that is going to happen to them.

Here is the truth concerning these ads.

You can’t learn anything of value in an hour. Especially not without tons of hours of training to learn about the body, the leverages, the construction of the skeletal structure, and the way people react in combat.

Now, the fellow is right, in certain ways. The Martial Arts can be considered useless conglomerations of techniques that don’t always work…but only if you don’t work at them.

You have to make them work if you’re going to make them work.

Now, I haven’t boiled the martial arts down, I’ve organized them so that techniques become easier to learn. I’ve put logic in them so that intuition can happen faster.

But if you think you aren’t going to have to work, you’re a fool.

So, do the people who buy these internet marketing martial arts gimmicks deserve to die?

Nobody deserves to die.

But these fellows who buy gimmicks, instead of applying themselves to better conditioning, a knowledge of how to defend themselves, will probably be the first to die, or to at least lie like a trussed up pig while bad guys ravage their homes, their daughters, and so on.

IF, home invaders do happen to call on them.

Big If.

Anyway, if you are a success at anything, you know it took long hours and hard work. Sure a few people got lucky and hit the lottery, but the majority of people who have success earned it the old fashioned way: hard work over long hours.

So why not apply that principle to the martial arts?

About the Author: Al Case has been studying the martial arts since 1967. A writer for the magazines, and the originator of Matrixing and Neutronics, he has produced a score of martial arts training videos. All of them take work and intelligence, and not one of them is a gimmick. If you really want to protect yourself, in a logical and efficient fashion, check out Matrix Karate at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Finding the Best Online Martial Arts Instruction

What to Look For in Online Martial Arts Instruction

For part one of this article, go to How to Teach Yourself Martial Arts.

online martial arts

When looking for the best online martial arts instruction you need to assess three things. Continue reading

Quick Fix Martial Arts!

I came across a great ad today.
It was in my email box,
attached as an add on to a prepper newsletter I get.
Normally I trust these guys,
but when I saw the ad
I had to recalibrate.
Cancel city, here I come.
The ad,
you see,
was for the martial arts.

Oh,nothing wrong with martial arts ads,
they open doors,
but this ad was a repackaging of an old program.
Same thing advertised years ago.
same techniques,
same grainy tape.
But it’s the advertising tactics that got me.
For instance…

“Live without fear the rest of your life!”
I didn’t know I was in fear.
I suppose in high school I was in fear.
But soon as I left that snakepit…
I’m not living in fear.

Another catch line they had was

‘Watch (this video) once,
practice it if you want,
use it tomorrow.’

no study,
no practice,
and it will be usable.

I say do my courses,
practice the crap out of them.
and they become workable.
But practice!
may I point out
that practice is fun,
and not something you should sneer at,
as this ad does.

my favorite,
there are special forces and SEALs and
all manner of terrorist killers
who praise this tape as the way they are alive today.

15 techniques,
that’s all,
and the baby will be safe and genetically sound.

I could go on for a few hours on this type of stuff,
but it is really counter productive.
So let me just say this…

Would you rather buy a quick fix,
that always includes
a kick to the pomegranates,
a poke to the eyes,
and a poke to the eyes
that will raise his hands
so you can kick him in the pomegranates?
Or would you rather buy a complete art?

They say 15 techniques
and you will be safe from all the convicts
drug dealing
murderer scum in the world.
I say you should forget the fairy tales,
and get to work.

Fancy talking vs your own hard work.

let me explain something,
what I do is an education.
What they do is make money.
Nothing wrong with making money,
making money is good,
as long as you are offering a solid product in exchange for it.

Let me explain something,
the structure of these ads goes like this.

Make the sucker like you,
as soon as he likes you scare him with a problem,
then offer him the solution to the problem for a slight fee.

That’s how it works.

Let me rewrite that for you…
Share your desires for a good home and a job you love until he knows he is just like you,
then tell him a burglar is going to break in and rape your girl and your dog,
and then sell him a burglar alarm system.

It doesn’t matter if the system is a bunch of empty cans you tie to a doorknob,
what matter is that you got his money.

Do you understand?

examine the structure of what I do.
You don’t have to like me.
There is a problem in the martial arts of education,
I offer that education.

Let me rewrite that for you.
I know that people are different,
I know that there are going to be people who don’t understand or like what I’m going to do,
that’s just the way the world works,
and I hope you understand that.

The martial arts have been mixed up,
dumbed down,
made into a Three Stooges fire drill,
and I have the method to fix that.

you need to get some simple tools
and use them till they come out your ears.

it’s a quick fix,
but only if you’re work intensive.
you can earn a belt fast,
but if you think it’s going to be a gift,
you should go find one of those internet scammers.

I sell (for instance)
the Matrix Karate course.
The forms are arranged
so the techniques are in order,
and presented in two man format
so you get used to standing and facing and fighting.

But you are going to have to stand and face and fight,
or you are going to get nothing out of it!

And I present a handful of techniques,
but then I show you how to matrix them,
so they multiply like logical rabbits.
Within a few minutes that handful of techniques becomes
squared, then squared again,
and suddenly you have thousands of techniques,
but they are not illogical!
They make sense,
they fight together,
and they even fit together with other arts!

Do you have to do thousands of techniques?
but you have to do the handful of techniques,
and understand the logic
and you have to do them until they come out your ears.

Anybody who thinks I don’t love the martial arts,
and that I have not sweated for ever 45 years,
is a fool.

This is not a quick fix,
this is an education.
And it is a VERY sad truth,
that nobody has this education.
It really is.

Let me tell you a secret.
I bruised for the first seven years.
Then I started figuring it out,
and I stopped bruising.
My body actually doesn’t bruise.
Not hardly at all.
here’s the funny thing,
if I don’t think about the technique,
if I let it out
even just a little,
the people I block get BIG bruises.

how can you get somebody to get that ability,
except through hard work and sweat and even a little blood?

it’s all a matter of awareness,
of focusing awareness through doing the blocks enough,
until you become sufficiently aware of the body,
and then it just doesn’t bruise anymore.
other things can happen,
but bruises don’t.
the ONLY way to teach that,
is through hard work.

if you make the hard work logical,
then you cut the time down
by half,
by four times.
in some cases
you can cut training time down by ten.

focus awareness,
but logically,
that is my secret.

if you think you can read once,
not practice,
and be a Navy SEAL tomorrow,
go for it.

if you want to learn a complete martial art,
all the bells and whistles,
all the guts and trim,
all the joy and hard work…
then you have to be willing to get a course,
set up a few striking targets,
get a few friends over to the garage a few nights a week,
work out like a dog,
bruise and sweat,

There isn’t any other way.

Oinkey donkey,
I hope I’m preaching to the choir,
because I would hate to have my words wasted on Beavis and Butthead.

go through my arts,
pick the one you don’t know,
pick the one that will enhance your training.

If you know grappling and knees and elbows,
pick up Matrix Karate,
it will be fists and feet.

If you know Karate and pa kua,
if you know fists and feet and how to get arond somebody,
then pick up Shaolin Butterfly,
figure out how to angle in on the distance and close with somebody.
Then check out the Matrix Kung Fu so you can take ‘em down.

go to this page


It shows you how to break the martial arts down,
and not in a cookie cutter approach,
but for yourself.
Do the table I show,
analyze your abilities at
hand, foot, knee, elbow, throw,
and then figure out what you need to make your art whole.
write me an email if you find something confusing,
or if you aren’t sure which course will fix which distance.
But here’s a break down for you…

fists = matrix karate
feet = Power Kicks (a free bonus on the MAtrix Karate course)
knees and elbows = blinding steel.
(Yes, there is a short but sure matrix of knee and elbow training drills on that course)
stand up takedowns and throws = Matrix Kung Fu.

Just go through your art,
be honest about what you are lacking,
then fill in the pieces.

Could anything be easier?
Could anything be more logical?
I mean,
here are the keys to the kingdom!

Dopuble Oinkey Donkey.
I’m out of here.
Don’t mean to be abrupt,
but I have to see a man about a work out.
I’m the man,
and it’s my work out.
And you guys and gals…
enjoy the heck out of your own work out,
every form is a prayer.
So pray a lot,
and should that fight ever happen,
you will have a heaven of a chance.



Psychotic Martial Arts the Criminal Flips…No Build Up

This is actually one of the more fascinating aspects of martial arts: the time it takes for an attack to happen.
A street fight happens with two people edging around each other, then one pops, and you can see the build up.
But, this doesn’t happen to Joe Normal. Joe Normal sees the situation, defuses it, avoids it, and it doesn’t happen to Joe Normal.
What does happen to Joe Normal is that there is no build up to a fight. One second he’s feeding the pigeon, and the next second…BLOOIE! The situation explodes in his face, and he’s left to pick up the pieces of a shattered life.
This is because the criminal looks for Joe Normal, and he doesn’t make a slow transition to a fight. He jumps out of an alley, he asks a cigarrete and explodes when Joe’s hand is in his pocket, he home invades when you least expect it, and so on.
You see, the true criminal, not the kid fighting on the street, but the true criminal, picks a spot, and goes psychotic. He doesn’t build up. No way to see it coming.
Well, there a couple of things you can do about this.
Number one…be aware. Not much training in this…but a classical martial arts class-not a seminar or a quickie street thug internet package–but a real class dedicated to learning, and your awareness builds.
Sure, order a few internet courses, nothing wrong with expanding your base of knowledge, but gear yourself towards the long haul. Gear yourself towards something that has long term benefits, learn an entire art. Don’t settle for a gimmick. Remember, when the criminal goes psycho you won’t have any warning, and your chances of survival are best if you actually have a base of knowledge, not a feel good gimmick.
Check out my site, http://www.monstermartialarts.com…I specialize in classical arts, but I’ve managed to shorten the time necessary for study, and I don’t believe in gimmicks. It’s the true knowledge of the Martial Arts that you want.

The Truth About Internet Marketing Martial Arts

Here’s an interesting concept, the internet marketing martial arts you see aren’t always all bad. I’ve seen prison martial arts, urban survival martial arts, even ghetto martial arts and the interesting thing is that they are trying to make sense out of the martial arts.

They don’t always succeed, and some are outright shams, so it’s a buyer beware market. But, the few that do succeed, even though they are sometimes making up some false science method for putting martial arts together, are at least doing something.

Classical arts, you see, are put togethers of systems over centuries. They work, and well, but they are slices of whole art. That is why Kung Fu is different than Karate is different than Aikido, and so on.

But when the Internet marketer puts his experiences together he tries to grab a hold of a central concept and fit everything to the concept.

Well, you can, but it usually ends up being another slice of art. Slanted to look logical, usually based on combat, so it works, but…it’s still a slice.

When I put together Matrixing it wasn’tbecause I was trying to sell a gimmick, I was honestly trying to figure everything out. I filled hundreds of notebooks with different ways of putting together the arts, and always there was something that was left out, that didn’t fit with everything else, and that meant I had to take it all apart and start from scratch. Again and again and again.

It was almost like an accident when I realized what a truth table was out of Boolean algebra, and how to make it work in the martial arts. But that was the beginning of the end of confusion, and the start of actually understanding, and being able to actually share the true art.

There’s immense value in classical arts, but you have to study too many systems to put them all together.

There can be immensevalue in the internet gimmick arts, but all too often you end up with psuedo scientific gobbledegook.

But Matrixing is actually the only science–actual science, complete with concepts and principles–that fits all arts together, makes sense out of everything, and with no exception.

You can check it out at Monster Martial Arts.

Have a great work out.