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Staying Young and Fixing Pain with the Martial Arts

Get Rid of Injuries, Get Young, All with the Martial Arts!

no matter when you open this,
stop everything you’re doing and work out!
Better than vitamins and pain killers.
Better than a trip to the doctor…
or even a sharp stick in the eye!

I want to tell you how to achieve eternal youth,
how to cure yourself of any illness,
and all through the Martial Arts.

The idea and inspiration for this newsletter came from Terry S.
Thanks, Terry.

Terry sent me an email,
and in it was a notion I have come across before
and which I had entertained.
Getting older,
feeling the aches and pains,
feeling the stiffness,
and…here it comes…
giving up the hard martial arts and doing the soft martial arts.

This is actually pretty significant,
if you’re a hard martial artist,
it is REALLY difficult to give up your love.
So here is my email back to Terry,
with a thanks for making me think over this stuff…

Now, shelving hard arts. Nay! Don’t do it.
I once didn’t do Karate for a long while, and I missed it so much, and I did lots of tai chi and pau kua, but…I wanted my Karate!
So I started thinking about old zen sayings, stories of various masters, and lots of other things. And, I really went neutronic on the thing.
Now, one of the reasons I gave up Karate was because I was getting massive headaches. I don’t get headaches, and I knew I was throwing more power and my body was getting older, and I was literally giving myself whiplash.
Now, first solution, make the body stronger. But I don’t feel like doing that sort of physical exercise. nothing against it, but it was taking me in a direction I didn’t want to go in. I wanted intention, spiritual oomph, not muscles.
So, conclusion, do Karate without muscles.
First I started doing all my forms tai chi style, and, you know, it actually worked!
But, there were all sorts of problems. Tai Chi relies on what I call ‘suspended energy,’ you hold the arms up, the legs, and so on. This actually hurt my back, and various other body parts. The reason was because I thought I could hold the stances because of all my karate. But karate develops ‘explosive energy,’ and though the muscles develop accordingly, they are not prepared for suspended energy.
So I tried different things to adapt the stances, change the forms, all sorts of things, going through all my forms.
In the end, tai chi is better for tai chi, but I found some interesting ways to practice karate ‘tai chi style,’ without losing the karate oomph.
First, don’t lock the whole body when focusing. Focus only the fist. Keep the rest of the body loose, make sure there is a line from the earth to the fist (or through the block); have somebody push on your fist (or block) and channel to the ground. The person must know how to push so the energy travels without wiggling, and so the person being pushed on can correct with small motions. If you have to correct with large motions against the push then you are out of alignment before you have even started.
Now, doing it this way, I found that I could move faster and faster, didn’t get the blinding headaches, and could do karate full speed.
And, this led me to something quite interesting…doing your martial arts without ‘mass.’ Energy has a certain mass. So instead of running energy, and creating mass, I was moving the body empty, and that’s why I was picking up speed when I should have been slowing down because of age, injuries, and so on.
This became handy as a way to handle injuries, incidentally.
And, I thought about things zen and what old masters said, and having the pliability of a child, and being innocent, and all that sort of thing, and I have seen two year olds crawl like maniacs through small spaces, run bent kneed under tables, and laugh and never get tired.
Because they are moving without mass. They haven’t learned how to use muscles, and are not putting all sorts of attention on ‘hard’ modes of operating the body.
Then I started getting younger.
I watched people I have grown old with, watched them as they went to walkers and oxygen canisters and even motorized wheel chairs.
I could probably run a marathon right now. The other day I was sprinting full tilt across a field playing with my dog.
Old people, my age people, were watching, and I could feel the amazement in them. What the…how is Al doing that? Why isn’t he using a walker/oxygen canister/motorized wheel chair?
Because I figured out, logically, that to be young you just have to take the mass out of your body, the locked up energy, the considerations that you are old and ready to dodder around.
Anyway, I don’t mean to rant, and I really should put some of these things down in a newsletter, so I think I will.
Thanks for the idea, and good luck figuring out how to do TKD masslessly. Let me know of your progress, and share any wins or probs with me. Maybe you can help me figure out more stuff.
Have a GREAT work out!

there is the email,
with a few spelling errors I made fixed up.

If you do the martial arts masslessly,
your body doesn’t lock up energy,
doesn’t become inflexible,
retains muscle
(on retaining muscle,
you’d think you wouldn’t,
but you do.
I guess that even moving masslessly the body has to work,
you just don’t know it).

The end result of moving in this fashion
is greater health,
injuries start to go away,
the body fixes itself,

It’s like getting the benefit of Tai Chi for health,
but without the new age stuff…
you do it while retaining combat practicality.
In fact,
your combat practicality increases.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention something.
it is a decision,
this whole thing is a concept in the mind,
but you have to do the martial arts
to a point where you have discipline and awareness,
then you use the discipline to channel the awareness,
then you have the spiritual oomph to make a real decision.

It takes a fair amount of awareness
to truly move the body without mass,
let alone make a decision of that sort.

Matrixing will align your form,
make it more efficient,
and enable you to get discipline and awareness
MUCH faster.

That all said,
if you want more data on healing the body,
go to Neutronic Healing.

If you want more data on Matrixing,
go to Matrix Karate,
it’s the first course on Matrixing.
Shows how to make the matrixing graphs,
gives you ALL sorts of data
about matrixing,
along with a complete karate system
you can use as a template to matrix ANY martial art.

Have a great work out!


I lost all addresses and records in my recent computer crash.
That means I lost a lot of data on how to guide people through matrixing,
catch duplicate orders,
and so on.
I apologize,
but you can always write me with any question or concern.

Pa Kua Chang, Nazis, Flying Saucers, and Vortexing Cycloid Turbulence!

What do an Austrian water wizard, UFOs and Pa kua Chang have in common?
A lot, but if you’re going to see the connection you’re going to have to understand what the title of this article means.
Vortex–a mass of fluid (?) with a circular motion that tends to form a cavity (vacuum?) in the center.
Cycloid–Tending to happen again and again in a regular pattern.

Is Pa Kua Chang Vortexing Cycloid Inturbulence?

Pa Kua Chang, and Tai Chi and other Internal Martial Arts, could be utilizing outer space technology, the kind of technology that puts flying saucers in the air. You don’t think so? Read this article, and learn about Nazis, flying saucers, martial arts, and Vortex Cycloid Turbulence.
Turbulence–irregular motion, especially characterized by up and down currents.
So vortexing cycloid turbulence would be to create a whirlpool through energy created by cyclical movement. Sort of.
Such a term would be coined by Viktor Schauberger, who was an Austrian forester during the first half of the last century.
Mr. Schauberger observed nature for many years, and he made many discoveries concerning the nature of water. One discovery was that the flow of water has a natural manner of flowing, and that this unique flow was powerful and therapeutic in the extreme. Further, this flow illuminated a new and entirely unknown technology.
Mr. Schauberger began inventing devices and machines based upon this unknown technology. Among the devices were certain power plants, highly efficient in nature, which came to the attention of Adolph Hitler. Fortunately for the world, as you will see once we begin dissecting Schauberger’s theories, Schauberger refused to attach his inventions to the Nazi empire.

The main theory of cycloid vortices is revealed by the illustration below.

Vortex of Cycloid Enturbulence Used in Pa Kua Chang and other Martial Arts.

This diagram (looks suspiciously like a strand of DNA, doesn’t it?) reveals exactly how water flows naturally. Simply, there is a natural, call it ‘living’ tendency of water to twist, and even the minor tributaries to the flow twist, and this creates an implosive energy quite different from that which the world is based upon.
The energy of the world is based upon fire, upon explosion. Bits of the world are burned (exploded) and the force resulting from the explosion is tapped for usage by man.
That this can be wasteful cannot be disputed. The world is entering (has entered sufficiently to a point highly disturbing to a population which wishes to have a future) an ecological crisis because of the abuse of such energy creation.
Following is an example of alternate energy, ‘cold’ energy, if you will utilized by Viktor Schauberger.

The power plant had conical, twisted tubes that were wrapped around the main conical body. When the tubes were forced to rotate water was sucked in, and then sprayed out in a tremendous force that easily turned turbine vanes attached to a generator.
This type of power plant was then adapted to the atmosphere, air was sucked in and pushed out so hard that a fifty meter, disk-shaped vehicle was pushed into the roof, and resultantly destroyed.

That’s right, Viktor Schauberger, during World War Two, invented a flying saucer. (There has been much conjecture concerning a flying saucer that was developed and supposedly seen by people in Germany before the end of the war, and this story of Mr. Schauberger may be the origin of such rumors.)
While some readers may be inclined to doubt (hey, this writer would like to see this device for himself, you’re not alone!) there is no proof except in Viktor Schauberger’s writings and inventions. The ‘saucer’ was destroyed on impact, and the Russians supposedly confiscated much of Viktor’s work at the end of the war.
Of course, the Russians couldn’t have confiscated everything, right? And what about Mr. Schauberger’s brilliant mind? The Russians didn’t have that after the war, so what exactly happened to Viktor Schauberger and his inventions?
What happened is that after the war Viktor couldn’t get funding to pursue his theories and develop his technology. Eventually, he was invited to the United States where a group of Texas businessmen (oilmen?) were happy to go into business with Viktor. They had Mr. Schauberger sign a contract which effectively gave them total control, such control that Viktor wasn’t even allowed to discuss his technology with anyone else.
Viktor Schauberger, upon discovering that he had been cheated out of his life’s work, died shortly thereafter.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty of this article. After all, you’re a martial artist, what does all this have to do with you?
Have you ever examined the actual feel of energy when you are doing the Tai Chi moves known as Ward Off, Roll Back, Press and Push?
The feel of that energy is suspiciously like that described in the above illustration. Energy comes twisting up the legs and through the body.
And what about the concept of Pa Kua, spirals upon spirals upon spirals?
That’s right, martial artists have been vortexing cycloidal turbulence for eons. And quite effectively, thank you.
But let’s look at a problem here: the theory and teaching methods of these and other arts are laden with mysticism, and now the world is taking a turn at being educated by people with no imagination, people who have been schooled by institutions which believe in and espouse only the combustion method of energy creation.
But with your reading of this article you now have the tools of technology; you now have hard core, scientific reasons for why your internal (implosive energy creating) art works.
And so what if it doesn’t jive with the sciences taught in your public school.

To be truthful, there is nothing wrong with combustive energy. The problem is when it is abused. The problem, for example, is the use of only explosive energy, to the unbalancing of people, ecosystems, and the entire planet.
The point being that if you balance the explosive with the implosive the two can work in harmony.
After all, what began the process of cycloidal vortexing? Was there some little fifty cc skateboard engine on the input end of Viktor Schauberger’s flying saucer?
And, artistically speaking, which we must do if we’re going to stay within the parameters of this magazine, there is nothing wrong with a combustive art such as karate. There is a certain amount of cycloidal vortexing in karate stances. Not as much as in Tai Chi, perhaps, but enough to lend itself to a certain efficiency within the concept of an explosive martial arts system.
And within such arts as Tai Chi and Pa Kua, is there not a bit of the explosive when the palm collides with the opponent’s body? Is there not a certain amount of combustion when the cycloidal vortexing reaches the energy generator of the human body, which we call the Tan Tien?

This all being said, let us sum: How much truth is there within the technology touched upon by Viktor Schauberger? Was there actual scientific method here, or is the story of Viktor Schauberger nothing more than the ravings of conspiracy enthusiasts? And, is there an entirely unknown branch of technology that has the potential of saving our planet and even sending us to the stars? This writer doesn’t know, but he does encourage people to assess the data within this article and do their own research. Oddly, the answer may lie within that series of esoteric body movements you practice every morning.

Want to learn more about fantastic theories that push the Martial Arts? Click to Monster Martial Arts. Make sure you pick up the free book on the home page.