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A New Master Instructor!

Good morning to all!
And a happy work out!

Congrats to new Master Instructor Danny Mcauley
Here are parts of his win…

matrixing martial artDear Master AL Case
I’ve recently completed my study of the Master Instructor Course and would like to share with you some of the wins I got and also what I’ve learned and gotten from the course…
…while training at a local gym lately I had opportunity to get a practical example of and put to use  one of the Three Rules and the Greatest Strategy from your Master instructor Course
I was practicing my Karate Kata and also Training in some techniques of striking on the heavy bag keeping myself to myself, in walks a pumped up MMA stylist. I can feel his eyes burning into the back of my head, but I chose to pay him no attention until he eventually asks “What is it you do?” meaning what style do I practice. To which I reply Karate he goes on to tell me how Karate is a useless martial art and how much better MMA is and how much tougher MMA fighters are compared to traditional martial arts practitioners.
I could sense he was just looking for an argument, or maybe even a contest of martial skill, as he was rather aggressive and pumped up in tone and attitude. So I decided to put the Greatest Strategy to work.
I began to talk to the guy in a relaxed and calm soothing tone of voice and began to talk to him about martial arts in general and how I like to train mainly as a hobby and for enjoyment and also that it keeps me reasonably fit and healthy and that in no way could I do what he does in the cage that he must be very brave and tough, and that I admire him for his devotion to his art. As we began to talk I noticed how his demeanor changed from confrontational to now a more relaxed open friendly talkative one I could see that he no longer saw me as any threat to his ego or toughness, and that he could see I’m a really calm peaceful friendly kinda guy with no ego. We began to talk about the fact he had trained in Karate when younger and other things, and we parted as friends.
Later on in the day I was going thru the Master Instructor Course when I came across the The Three Rules and The Greatest Strategy and it Hit Me that was what I had learned today by being egoless and calm and relaxed and being of a friendly manner I had avoided a confrontational argument or any kind of macho showdown or contest of ability and instead made a friend that day and that to me was a Win 🙂
I’ve learned so much from this course and know it will be a part of my own study and practice and teaching of the martial arts for many years to come, again AL I give you a big thank you for such great instruction all your books courses etc have helped me in being the best I can be thank you.
Best wishes
Danny Mcauley

There was more to his win,
but I really wanted to emphasize what he had done.
He used the greatest strategy and
defused a potential fight,
and made a potential friend.

All by not responding the fear
that was in some other fellow.

That’s right,

The reason people pick fights is because they are scared.
But here’s the trick,
if you’re not scared back,
which is to say,
if you don’t respond to their fear,
and their aggression,
and their attempt to fight,
everything fritters out
and communication can take place.

instead of Danny or the other fellow
going home with bruises and breaks,
they have a chance to work out together,
to sample each others martial arts.

How the heck do you think I learned so many arts?
Not by going and paying monthlies for years,
but by meeting people,
by sharing freely what I knew,
and picking up whatever they offered me.

That is the secret,
and super kudos to Danny.
Master Instructor Mcauley,
may your stances always reach the ground,
may your fists always be gentle.

before I close,
I want to say one thing.

The only thing you have of value
in this whole entire world


Integrity means being honest,
having good principles.

But it means more.

When you practice CBM
(Coordinated Body Motion),
you make your body into an integral unit.
The more whole and unified you become,
the more awareness there is,
the more energy there is,
the more spirituality you exude.

I suggest you get a good dictionary,
look up integrity,
find out where it came from,
and figure out how
it can become the cornerstone of your martial arts.

How you can hold to your principles,
but never compromise.
How you can exchange and trade,
and never shred your integrity.

of course,
learning the Master Instructor Course,
(and other matrixing courses)
will teach you
how to unify your body
in a mechanical and energetical sense.
It (they) will make you whole.

Thanks again to Danny,
and to all…



(Happy hanukah, Kwanza, Xmas,
or whatever other holiday you prefer)



A New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

The world gets better, one master instructor at a time…

The beginning of my weekend work outs!
This being good Friday,
I should have a good work out,
every work out is a prayer,
so make this weekend a prayerful one.
karate senseiOkey donkey,
a new Master Instructor!
Eduardo Fernandez is a serious martial artist
with profound philosophy.
Enjoy his win.
For many years I was drawn apart from the idea of using physical force. So, my youth was hard.
One day, I realized I had to change my mind or suffer the same consequences my whole life.
In today’s society violence is as present as ever, and it has evolved into very subtle ways. We fear who we think stronger, fitter, more dangerous.
Two ways depart from fear: the use of violence and the submission to violence. Both are harmful short and long term. This can be seen everywhere.
A third way runs in between and can be entered from any: this is the way of people who can use violence, but choose not to (has no need to). This is the true way one martial artist should aspire to.
Success as judged by common social standards doesn’t mean one has chosen the third way.
The problem only can be solved by facing it, though ego tends to distract us in all sort of manners.
The third category flows with life and circumstances and thus never allows a situation to grow beyond control.
In order to achieve high mastery, martial arts must be approached in a scientific way, and not as a weekend club or an entertainment.
The conventional knowledge about any particular field is usually wrong. Such an obvious thing as looking up to those who are farther in the path you currently walk can clarify this.
A veteran doesn’t necessarily know. He has only been doing something a lot of time, be it right or wrong way.
Most of the people don’t care if they are wrong or right, they just want to entertain themselves.
Not answering the students’ questions can lead to mysticism and is often used as a cover for ignorance.
Students shouldn’t be discouraged to explore as much as they judge necessary.
The ranking system is within.
No one should accept negligence disguised as philosophy or cosmogony.
One has to make its own way.
Stagnation of thought leads to corruption of mind.
The first time I asked how could I do the unbendable arm I was answered “What do you want to know it for?”. I could not answer. I just wanted to know it. I was not taught. Now, I have taught the unbendable arm to a lot of people, most of them with no previous training in martial arts, in a matter of minutes. In almost all cases they were surprised to see what they were capable of doing. It is a shame that such simple things are mystified by corrupt teaching methods, usually mistaken means by ends, and stopping development
Thank you Edward,
and he’s right.
You might start the martial arts
to become strong and powerful
and you will,
but the real joy,
the real benefit,
comes from the truths you learn,
that exist within yourself.
I know that one of the most profound moments in my life
was when I achieved black belt.
I had been studying martial arts
so I could beat people up,
and so I could be strong.
What I didn’t realize…
my lack of esteem,
my lack of self worth,
came from within.
The world didn’t look down on me,
I looked down on me.
understanding this,
and suddenly realizing that
using what I had learned
I could really hurt people,
I had the thought:
I don’t ever really want to hurt anybody.
This was such a pivotal thought,
for it signified that the blinders were coming off,
that in a fight I was no longer going to withhold myself,
that I could put aside my feelings for humanity
and hurt somebody,
I was willing to be responsible,
to take responsibility for that kind of power.
It’s not who you can harm,
it’s who you can help.
That is the real power of the martial arts.
So I thank you Edward,
your win is my win,
and the world becomes a better place.
One Master Instructor at a time.
Here’s the Master Instructor URL
I’ve got a couple of incredible newsletters coming up.
Got a couple of wins in the mail
that are just primo.
When people have these kinds of wins
it just makes me shiver with delight
and say…
God, I love the martial arts!
after that,
I’ve got a rather special newsletter coming up.
Something about why I do the Monster,
what I’m really trying to do with Matrixing.
stay tuned.
Now have yourself an utterly awesome work out!

The following quotes are total insanity, spoken by one of the world’s greatest martial artists. Guess who he is, and enjoy…

“It is not sufficient that I succeed – all others must fail.”
“I am the punishment of God…If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”
“The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”
master instructor