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Book About Being Insane Published!

Newsletter 901

An Absolutely Insane Book Published

Good afternoon!
Just finished a book,
thought I’d warn you about it.
And I do mean ‘warn.’
In fact,
you probably shouldn’t get it.
I’m serious.
you probably think I sound halfway sane,
not a bad guy,
but…I wasn’t always.
In fact,
I was looney as a bedbug.

The book is called
‘Insane: a Memoir.’

It is the story of what I was going through
when I was learning Karate.
It is not a book specifically about martial arts,
it is a book about being insane.
martial arts helps me out,
but the bulk of the book
is about what it is like to be insane.
Doing absolutely nuts, crazy things
and getting away with it.
So I don’t recommend it,
unless you want to see just how crazy somebody can be
and still function in this world.
sort of function.
Most of my so called functioning
is nothing more than
getting away with doing terrible things
to my fellow man.

don’t say I didn’t warn you.
The link is here.

So go ahead and read the write up,
read the cover,
and then stay far away.

Have a great work out!


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Four Points of Insanity in the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Insanity

1) Most people want to be right and the same.

2) People who are insane want to be wrong and different.

3) Criminals want to be wrong and the same.

4) Geniuses want to be right and different.

Most martial arts classes are more interested in behavior modification, in making everybody the same. This is the same old same old of point one above, and has driven society for a zillion years.

A true martial arts class doesn’t care about behavior modification; they understand that to be right is to be different. This is in accordance with point four above.

The point here is to make the same old same old martial arts classes change into classes of true martial arts.

To change the same old same old martial arts classes one need do one thing: teach what works without judgment.

This means you don’t tell people they must behave, protect society, be good citizens, say the pledge of allegiance, promote one country, and so on; one must teach the art only so that it works, AND TRUST THAT ART TO EFFECT THE STUDENT!

If the art doesn’t effect the student, then it either wasn’t true, or the teacher offered judgement upon his students, or, at the very least promoted opinion over workability.

I have taught insane people. It resulted in a high degree of frustration for the insane, because I teach a true art which resulted in an effect on the student. This effect is described in the following paragraph.

The insane student, under my instruction, did not become sane, but found himself/herself face to face with themselves; they began to understand the difference between right and wrong, and between being the same and being different. And now their struggles began.

They did become less dangerous to others.

While wholly insane they couldn’t see choice, and were willing to do wrong because they were right.

Once they reached the point of seeing the difference between sanity and insanity, which is to say once they found themselves having choice, they were in a constant struggle between right and wrong, and between being the same and different.

A person who teaches behavior modification only teaches how to be right and the same.

the true martial arts teacher, by relying on the art to teach, and not offering opinion nor judgment, let’s the student find his choices, and it is this path that results in the journey to point four above.

If you really want to understand what all this means, and not just from the viewpoint of a martial artist, but as a martial arts instructor, you have to delve into a study of neutronics.

Neutronics is available at ChurchofMartialArts.com. It is suggested one starts out with the simple book ‘Prologue.’ It will answer all your questions, and open your mind for more.

All of this won’t much sense, or have impact, unless you study martial arts, and the martial arts should be matrixed. Matrixing is available at MonsterMartialArts.com.