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How To Win A Fight With Martial Arts

Win With Martial Arts!

Most people don’t have a real grasp of the exact martial arts strategy of how to win a fight. This is an arena of unarmed conflict that has served generations of martial arts students, even enabled peasants to defeat sword wielding samurai, and yet it is poorly understood. The point of this article is to discuss the strategy you need to utilize in order to win any physical conflict, and this method can be used by practitioners of any art, including jujitsu, Shaolin, Wing Chun, etc.

bruce lee imageThe first thing you need to do, if you’re going to prevail in a fight, is establish the range. This means more than just deciding whether the fight is to be fought at a certain distance. This means arranging the fight so that no matter what distance you are at, you are using weapons of your choice, and in a position to collapse the distance and handle him as you wish.

To do this you should assume a position, then shuffle forward until you step on the line between you and your opponent. This is an invisible line at which you invade his space, and he will noticeably flinch, or step back, or make some other motion when you step on that line. Once you have established this distance, you must do the things I am going to list in the following paragraphs, all while edging slightly forward and trying to get into his territory without him reacting.

Once you are controlling the range, you must establish the side you are going to attack on. Most martial artists stand with their right side back, but it doesn’t matter which side they choose. And, to be honest, it’s not really important which side you use.

Once you have each chosen a side to work with, you should begin a subtle circling motion, you should be moving to his open side, which will expose the front of his body, and removes you from the wedge of his body. Shifting in slowly, with an occasional jerk or two to make think he isn’t falling for it, you slide into his open space with the wedge of your body, this gives you more frontal area to strike and and more weapons to strike with, and he will have less frontal area and be facing more weapons.

You are now presenting him with two problems, as you are moving into his space with both forward and sideways motions. Moving like this, hold up your hands so that your opponent has to either go through them, or around them. So either hold them closer together, so that he thinks he can push around and through, or make them wider so that he will be forced to move through the center.

These three things, forward, sideways, and holding the fists wider or narrower, make an opponent easier to predict, and easier to fight. In a short time he will begin to believe he can take advantage of the opening he thinks he sees, and you are about to get a real opportunity to show him some hard knocks. The forward and back encroaching move, the circular side movement, when he finally attacks you will be moving out of his range even as he attacks, but you are going to have to be fast if you wish to take advantage.

Being quick means you have to see it coming, you have to set up the situation, and cause him to think he can get away with it. You see, a fighter won’t attack unless he thinks he can win. So you have to make him think he has the advantage, and then you have to time his totally predictable strike if you want to win the fight with martial arts.

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