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Start Your own School Package

Happy After Valentine’s Day!
Hope you got everything
your little heart desires.
If you didn’t,
better just work out more.
It’s true.

New Gung Fu book! Click on the Cover!

New Gung Fu book!
Click on the Cover!

got an interesting email the other day,
the essence of the question
had to do with
when do you teach CBM.

Coordinated Body Motion.
Moving all parts of the body at the same time.

The answer is that you start teaching it on day one,
and if the guy is still your student
50 years later,
you should still be teaching CBM.

CBM is the motion between stances.
You should be striving to improve motion
your whole life.

Here’s a neutronic datum:
That which doesn’t have motion is dead.

Study the motion of everything in life,
if you want to be alive.

And the interesting thing about that
is that even if you are dead,
you will still be studying motion.

There you are,
without a body,
figuring out how to move the viewpoint that is you.

Of course,
if you have matrixed your martial arts,
then you know the truth,
do an opposite motion to create motion.
But everybody knows that.

You didn’t?
Let me ask you a question
that you never thought of:
How do you walk?

I mean,
you are standing there
and you decide to move,
what is the actual mechanism involved?
how do you unbalance yourself,
so you can fall forward,
and catch yourself with your legs,
and actually move?

The answer is that if you have CBMed
you have to fall forward.
Only forward.

But if you haven’t CBMed,
then you have to tilt your body
in both directions,
to fall in one.

It’s awkward,
it’s not efficient,
but it sure is an argument for CBM.

Odd thing is,
I’m probably the only guy in the world
that ever asked this question.
(‘Oh, no,’ says Joe Belt, ‘we have that in our art!’)

But the question is valid.
How do you make motion?
And the most uncoordinated guy in the world,
has to throw himself in both directions,
to tilt himself off balance,
and thus walk,
or make any kind of motion.

you CBM,
or have an inordinate amount of martial arts,
and you just go forward.
You just…do it.
No pre-motion unbalancing act,
just move in a direction.

The end of telegraphing your motion.

do this for every single motion,
in every single form,
and you will be more than enlightened.

thought I’d throw all that out for you.
If you really want to explore the concept,
just matrix your forms.
Explore your forms,
the key is redundancy and repetition,
until you are uniquely aware.

And, that said,
I want to go into something
that is a bit different.

Some people think the economy sucks.
They work for a living,
they get a good wage,
when they can work,
when they have a job,
when their hours aren’t cut,
and so on.

But the economy doesn’t actually suck.

What sucks is that you are working for somebody else.
If you are working for yourself,
then you can control your income.
If you work for yourself,
the economy slowing down
is ridiculous.
It won’t effect you.

You see,
as soon as you see less money,
you just put in a little more effort,
and you have more money.

Read those last four lines again,
that is a truth in this universe.

Don’t have enough money?
Work harder.
But you can’t do that
if you are relying on somebody else
for your job,
for your income.

I went into business for myself
at about age 30.
So for over 35 years
I have never had a slump.
I’ve lost work,
but I just go out and get some more.

why am I telling you this?
Because I want you to break out,
to go into business for yourself.
I want you to have as much money when you want,
whenever you want.

Here’s the funny thing,
before I went into business for myself,
what got me to the point
where I could break out,
and go into business,
I started teaching Karate
all by myself.
I did that,
and suddenly I thought about
doing other things!
if I can make a few extra bucks
doing what I love,
why can’t I start a business?

You don’t have to invest money,
you just get passionate
in talking with people,
and do what you love.

here’s the deal.
Order a course,
Any course worth $30,
then email me at
Tell me you want the teaching package.
I’ll send it to you FREE.

The package consists of
How to Start Your Own School
(from the Master Books package) (40 pages)
How to Teach Martial Arts (49 pages)
How to Put on a Seminar. (56 pages)
500 of my articles. (616 pages)

That’s four things,
Crucial things if you want get started right now,
and FREE if you get a course.

want to make a few more bucks?
Maybe start your own business?
And you love the martial arts?

how about this…
you don’t really learn the martial arts,
until you teach the martial arts.
And THAT is the real truth.

That’s about it.
Can’t do much more,
Except tell you to have


Here’s the link for the Tong Bei book,
and thanks to all those who already have it.

PDF download

Paperback at Amazon


How to Teach Martial Arts: a Unique Method that Works Differently

Look, it sounds like I’m patting my own back, and, shucks, I guess I am, but let me give you a win, and then tell you how I teach martial arts.
The win is simple. I have over 300 pages of wins, and I just throw stuff in the win file and forget about them, and this one I found, and it sort of surprised me. Here’s the win.
“I’ve been around in life enough and I’ve never seen anyone teach a person like you do. I’m betting when other instructors watch you teach they are going to be shocked and excited at the same time.”
This sort of surprised me because I don’t really think of myself as a teacher. Check out the video tapes (Three month Black Belt Course on my site, Monster Martial Arts). On those tapes my and my student are laughing, having a good time, and living life like a party.
I’ve got data, he wants it, I show, he does, and there is no attitude or altitude or anything like that.
consider this:
Don’t ever yell at or insult your student. Ever.
If you’re not having a good time, then your student isn’t.
If you’re having a good time, your student will have a good time, and he won’t quit.
Be honest, especially when you get irritated, and this will help the irritation pass with a laugh.
Do you see? These are the kinds of rules I live by. I am actually confused when I see sensei barking orders, getting all significant and expecting people to do things without understanding why, and more importantly, how.
You see, there is no secret here, it’s just a take on ‘treat other people the way you want to be treated. And it makes for students that are lyoal and stick around a long time.
Anyway, I hope this helps you have a good time, and I hope it helps you become the greatest martial arts instructor in the world. It is definitely the best method as to how to teach the martial arts. Check out my site, there is a free book available at the top left of the home of Monster Martial Arts.

Lots of Stuff Happening!

this new year is starting off with a bang.
I’m actually trying to organize my time because so much is happening.

we have a new Master Instructor,
A European affiliate is going to be opening site across the pond pretty quick,
and I’ve been working on the website.
Let’s take it all in order.

Congrats to Master Instructor John Newport.
Here is his win…

Master Case,

I have received many of your courses and must say that they have improved my martial arts immeasurably. Future orders for other courses will be coming.

I just completed fully reviewing the Aikido Course and had to send you something to let you know how it impacted my martial arts.

I have designed my own martial art and own a school, Taihei Tatsu Martial Arts. I ran into the problem of content to teach. I knew what I wanted to teach, but did not know in what order to teach it so that students could understand. Your courses solved that problem for me.

Most schools in which I was an assistant taught the same thing. The basic punch, kick, block and a form. Then mixed it up a little. The problem for me was that students did not understand the application so it was monkey see, monkey do karate. I did not want the same format for my system of martial arts.

I do not have a style of martial arts, I have a system. I prefer to regard it as a technology as it adapts to presented situations. Systems create the same result. Styles have flaws. Technology adapts to it’s environment.

Because of matrixing I was able to take my school to a whole new level. Students see how every technique makes sense. The removal of the mystic secrets of martial arts has opened the eyes of students and parents as to what is possible through martial arts.

My students…are able to see the holes in other systems and adapt to exploit those holes. My students understand the positioning of their body and what techniques are effective or ineffective in that position.

Even better I now have the ability to explain and show my students the “why.” I have studied martial arts for just over 33 years. I am a good practitioner and was an average teacher. Because of your courses I am now a great teacher with six year olds as students who can explain the intricate details of techniques.

Next month I will be introducing your Aikido course to my students. I must first clear my own Aikido knowledge of moves that do not work or are ineffective.

Thank you Master Case for making your knowledge available. It is truly an invaluable resource for martial artists. I cannot praise your work enough.

John Newport
Taihei Tatsu “Tranquil Dragon” Martial Arts

Thank you, John.
And well done.

A couple of things I want people to take note of…
John knew there were problems before he started,
knowing that there is a problem is what makes a man wise,
for it is this knowledge that leads him to a solution.

he has focused on the problem of style v system,
very smart.
A style tries to take in too much.
A system has specific steps with concrete results.
The term I use for this is ‘Closed Combat System,’
or CCS.
Sounds like John has nailed it.

Most important,
no mysticism.
he has reasons,
real reasons for everything he does,
which makes it a science.

I have nothing but admiration for these Master Instructors.
They are a bright bunch of fellows who get the job done.
The future of the martial arts is in great and capable hands.
I’d like to take advantage of this moment to say
that John is Master Instructor number 50!
Is that a great number,
or what?

Thanks John,
really made my day.

speaking of which,
let me move along
and admit that
I woke up today grumpy.
And after snarling and snapping a bit,
looking around for a dog to bite,
I began reading my wins.
Instant high.

The cure,
for whenever you feel a touch of the grump
is look at the good things.
Don’t obsess on the bad things,
they are temporary and go away.
The good things last forever.
Just thought I’d toss that in.
Not that anybody out there ever gets grumpy.

second thing,
got a fellow name of Peter
working on a website for the United Kingdom.
I tell ya,
There is a tremendous amount of interest in Matrixing over there,
and Peter is sitting on the cusp of Europe.
There is amazing potential over there,
a whole bunch of countries just waiting.
So I will let you know when this happens.
Gonna be great.

Third thing,
been working on the website.
Home page is different,
tweaking it a bit,
and I redid Matrix Karate page.
Cleaned it up,
Put in a bunch of wins
raised the price.
Got to.
I need to do the Great Matrixing Tour,
need to make it happen.
the price was ridiculous low.
It is still low,
but not ridiculous low.
speaking of the low price,
I’ll give anybody on the newsletter
one week grace.
Order this week,
paypal me $19.95,
and I’ll send you Matrix Karate.
One week only,
then the shock of it all is over,
and you’re on your own,
gonna have to pay full price.

that’s about it,
except that because of Martin King holiday
post offices are closed,
orders go out tomorrow.

have a great day,
practice till you sweat
and love every bit of life.

Have a great work out!





Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.
Albert Einstein

Before doing Martial Arts we are all equally foolish.
Al Case

Stunning Revelation….Science =Truth = Real Martial Arts

People talk about basics being the core of the martial arts, and they don’t realize that they have only gone halfway. Before you read the following win, let me ask you a question…have you ever read a list of the ‘rules’ of the martial arts? A list of principles as solid as a list of scientific principles in math, or astronomy, or some real science?
I know you haven’t because they don’t exist. Everybody has been studying the martial arts as an art, nobody–no matter how much they talk–has ever outlined the martial arts as a science. Period.

Well, until me.

That’s what the matrixing thing is all about…understanding the arts as a science. If you understand the significance of this, then you understand why I am getting massive wins from the people who take my courses.
Science = Truth. Go on.
Look up science in the dictionary.
Science = Truth.
Here’s the win.

“…then I did the Master Instructor Course and it hit me.  The Basics that are so concisely communicated in this course including the Matrix principle IS the solution.  It doesn’t matter what “style” I call my art, because all styles follow these same principles.  It doesn’t matter how hard I train or how many repetitions I do if I don’t train the right way. ”

Science = Truth + …understanding what the martial arts really are, how they really work. It joins them, ends division of art, while enhancing individual art. If you don’t believe me, get the free ebook from Monster Martial Arts and take a look for yourself. You’ll start to understand that there is real martial arts under all the bushwah out there.

Win #7 A Win From The Old Master Instructor Course

When I first started teaching the Master Instructor I taught it in three parts, that’s whhy this win references two other instructor courses. Things were working so well, I didn’t want to risk people getting only part of the data, so I went to one course. But here’s a win from a fellow (I think it is Wily G.) who took the original three.
The Master Instructor Course was very different compared to the previous two courses (Instructor and Expert Instructor). what it did was provide the true source of techniques of martial arts from a fundamental viewpoint. It really covered the technique side of the Martial Arts world. The approach in this course seemed to go inside out. In other words, I had to look at ‘all’ the techniques again from a very logical perspective for me. This really gave me a ‘pure’ feeling when critiquing my own techniques. This has to be done before an instructor can even hope to deliver this information to another student. 
Your ads are right: a person can’t call himself an instructor without knowing this material…and I know that there is no other place in the world that I could have learned it.
You know, I taught this stuff for years before I put together the course, and I was always surprised when I found out that people didn’t know this stuff. I mean, I thought everybody knew this…but…nope. I have never sen nor heard of this stuff in any martial art, yet it is crucial to the martial arts, and especially to instructing.
Have a great work out, and drop by Monster Martial Arts and look for the Master Instructor Course if you want more data about the course.