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Here’s to the Martial Arts Monkey Perched on Your Back

There are several reasons why people start studying the martial arts.

Here’s a snip before we get into it…it’s from my Monkey Boxing course. I need to take out the print, but here it is.

One, your mommy brought you to the dojo so you could get a little discipline.’ ┬áMake you well behaved. ohm you bad boy (grin).

Two, you got together with some friends. Had a good time, and now you’re studying more seriously.

Three, some free, or nearly so, class got you going. YMCA, college, whatever, but you’re on the way now.

Four, you just gravitated to it. Watched movies,found yourself wondering, saw some moves on youtube, and you walked into a school somewhere.

Doesn’t matter how you started, the monkey is now on your back.

It’s a good monkey. Weighs a lot, takes a lot of feeding, but it’s a fun feed.

Carrying a monkey that big (more like a gorilla , heh!) tires you out, but in a good way, makes you sleep at night.

Carrying a monkey that big makes you strong and tough, so you can get the job done.

Calms you down, and you meet some mighty interesting people. It’s fun looking at the monkey on their back. Different kinds of monkeys.

And some of these monkeys carry weapons, some of them can do wild things.

But, that’s okay.

You can to.

Here’s to the Monkey on your back.

Learn about Monkey Boxing and Weapons.