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He Broke Into Your Home And You Need To Survive: How To Fight With A Knife

Gangsters breaking into your house, pulling you out of your automobile, threatening your family…this is a worst thing that can happen. Mind you, I am not telling you how to do violence in this article, I just want you to survive as best you can. Before I go on with this subject, I recommend you look into a serious martial arts school to further your learning.

These are dangerous times. If the police report in your weekly newspaper, filled with drug deals and muggings, doesn’t scare you, then the general shape of the world should. Talk of terrorists, stories of civil unrest, these are realities in our world.

If somebody pulls a bladed weapon and comes at you to start knife fighting, you have to be aware that there are three potential movements that you have to face. There is the obvious poke and cut. Then there is the not so obvious stroke with the butt of the weapon.

First thing, beat feet and get the heck out of there. Run, scream as you do so. Screaming rape is something everybody should be capable of.

Second, grab something, anything, a stick, a chair, a lamp and wave it violently. Maybe you don’t know how to use it, but once the mugger knows he isn’t going to get your money and your life without working for it, he might bug out. Seriously, I knew a fellow who was jumped by a bunch of muggers, and he chased them down the street by waving a plate at them!

Third, even a piece of clothing can aid in your knife defense. If you can slip out of your jacket and whip it around your arm, you have protection. If you can your belt out of the loops you can use it for a whip, and snap the thing towards his eyes.

Third, your back is against the wall, there is nowhere to run…what do you do? First, remember that he has to reach you, and that means he is going to have to stick out his arm. If you can body hug that arm, you might take a few cuts, but you have immobilized his weapon to some degree.

The things I’ve shared here are desperate measures, they are strategies that you pull out of the hat after the fit hits the shan. They happen after you should have been prepared, if you get my drift. If you are serious about how to knife fight, the best place to start is a good martial arts school.

Fighting with a knife is dangerous. Be certain the course you take has solid concepts with expert instruction. The

Urban Survival Depends on a Rite of Passage

I had a thought this morning, and was a little surprised to find it true. Most Urban Survival Books do not mention, in any real depth, martial arts. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about this thought…

Martial arts are the core of survival, urban or not!

And people go out and buy nifty knives for big bucks and think they are prepared. Whacha gonna do when those three home invaders are throwing furniture at you?

Now, the point I want to make is that Martial Arts provide a rite of passage. They grow people up. You face enough foes, even on the mat, and you are going to be changed. you are going to be able to stare down the violence and make it whimper out the front door.

There is no real rite of passage in America these days. Soccer moms trundle their kids to the soccer field so the little darlings don’t have to walk, their are no apprenticeships to teach kids how to work, and, if you think about it, school has almost become a conspiracy to separate kids from the idea of working.

Martial Arts, on the other hand, push one into the arena, force the child to confront foes, and realize that foes are only temporary, that we are all people on the inside. This is a change of mindset that is not available anywhere else in society.

Well, the idea here is that if you are a kid, there is a way to grow up that works, and is not full of bushwah. Or if, you are of the prepper mindset, ready for a little urban survival, then you need a tool that is going to ensure your survival.

The martial arts are all about survival, and you are going to need to know how to use that knife, or machete, or whatever, if you are going to survive.

I am not talking internet gimmick here…you need a real martial art, not something that is going to jack you up and maybe get you in the kind of trouble that a little disciplined quick talking is going to avoid.

If you are a martial artist then you can choose through my courses and find the one that is right for you. If you want to be a martial artist, then I recommend Matrix Karate. If you want to know the martial arts, but only for the urban survival situation, I recommend Blinding Steel. It’s knife fighting without the frills, it is fast and efficient, and it the best priced full bodied (it is not knife fighting lite) course available anywhere.

If You Can’t Take a Gun to a Knife Fight, Monkey Boxing Will Work Just Fine!

The mugger is two hundred pounds, and he moves like a cat. He has a knife, and you wish you had a gun, but you don’t. It’s survival time, but fortunately, you just brought some Monkey boxing to a Knife Fight.
Answer these questions…
What’s the weapon you’re most likely to encounter on the street?
What’s the weapon you can legally carry without getting hassled?
What’s the weapon that is in your kitchen and you can grab real quick.
And…do you really know how to use that weapon?
Now, take a gander at this video, and then I’ll tell you a couple of interesting things.

Okey dokey, I’m old, I ain’t the quickest fellow any more, but I can handle those young tigers no prob. I simply know more than they do. And, here comes the meat of this here meal…I know knives, I know how to fight with a knife, and, most important, I can get you to fight with a knife in a week or two.
Now, let’s be honest, a few months if you want to be polished.
But, for hard core data quick, for no nonsense, save your life and the lives of your loved ones…Monkey Boxing is the course.
If you’re a hard core martial artist, I usually recommend other courses. They are designed for martial artists, they take you somewhere, they enlighten you, and so on.
But, for urban survival in these tough times, the fastest, most efficient method I’ve got is Monkey boxing.
Monkey Boxing deals with speed, it trains in all ranges (kick, punch, knive, fist, pole, whatever), and it is incredibly simple to do.
Let me ask you a question: if somebody comes at you, do want to choose a single technique from three or four hundred techniques? And hope it fits the situation? No. That’s only if you’re a gung ho pro martial artist, and then only if you understand Matrixing.
What you want is a simple et of drills that fit into any situation intuitively.
Whatever motion you instinctively start to protect yourself, it will develop intuitively and naturally into one of the Monkey Boxing drills.
So, if you can’t bring a gun to a knife fight, make sure you bring Monkey Boxing. It’s the best, most efficient, most economical (grin) way to learn how to knife fight in the world. The Monkey Boxing program is at Monster Martial Arts, and it is called Blinding Steel.