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How to Do Martial Arts the Quick and Simple Way

Learning How to Do Martial Arts the Fast Way

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn how to do the martial arts the fast way. You can’t take a long time to learn real self defense, martial arts contracts are so long that people end up getting married, going to school, the mugger won’t wait, and all sorts of other things. In this article, however, I want to look a little more in depth at this problem of how to do the martial arts fast.

how to do martial artsMind you, I am not talking about learning how to do martial arts moves, or how to do martial arts kicks, or something like that. I am talking about learning a complete and total system. I am talking about learning how to do taekwondo, or do kung fu, and all within a few months.

I know, common opinion is it takes four years to black belt, and a dozen or twenty years to master karate or kung fu, or any other single art. And the reason people thought it took a month to cross the country by stagecoach is because cars hadn’t been invented. Let alone planes.

But the United States army teaches a person how to be a soldier within a few months. That’s high tech weaponry, how to move as part of a unit, how to do all the things that a highly trained combat specialist must know to survive outright war. So why can’t somebody learn how to do the martial arts in a few months?

Or, if you really want to get into it, how long does it take for a child to learn how to work a computer? Heck, you give a kid a computer, an ipad or iphone, and they will have those things singing and dancing within a couple of minutes! So why can’t we learn martial arts the way kids learn how to do computers?

What we are talking about is intuition, and not the mindless, rote drilling of martial arts techniques you probably won’t see in a fight. Intuition is the grasping of a concept, and if you grasp the concept it takes very little karate drilling or taekwondo drilling, or whatever your martial art drilling, to make it work. Even things like Dim Mak and Golden Bell Kung Fu training, if you understand the concept it takes very little time to learn.

Heck, when you learn something, it’s always difficult, until you suddenly understand the concept, then it all becomes easy, so easy it is almost magical. So why not learn in the conceptual way, and bypass all the confusion and delusion that goes with not understanding what the heck you are doing? Why not just leap to the head of the class, get the Martial data, and then do it?

In this martial arts teachers experience people are able to learn in this fashion, the only problem is figuring out what the concepts are, and how to present them so the karate practitioner or the aikido student understands them. Heck, any martial art can be broken down to concepts, the only reason we haven’t done this thus far is that people have become enthralled and enchanted with the slower, classical martial arts methods. But we can break free from the ‘classical mess,’ we can learn concepts fast and intuitively, we can learn how to do martial arts the fast way, and make it look easy.

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