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The Eternal Horse Stance Meditation of the Joss House

Went to Weaverville in North California yesterday, and did horse meditation outside the temple. See the following martial arts pic.

horse stance pictureNow, you might be wondering why I was doing this stance outside the temple, instead of inside. I was outside because they closed the durned thing! The oldest Buddhist temple in the US, or someting like that, and they are only open Thursday and Saturday! How the heck is anybody going to worship?

Well, they don’t worship there anyway…they use it for a museum. Instead of seeking spirituality, they charge the tourists. Hang you head, God, you been downsized!

Well, people are still spiritual beings, whether they realize it or not. And whether that durned place was closed or not, I had a good time. Walked in the snow, threw a snow ball at my wife, and generally enjoyed the martial arts day.

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Have a great work out!

Thsi has been a page about horse stance meditation.


Simple Classical Karate Method For Getting Out of Your Head

horse stance

horse meditation

This Classical Karate Method for getting out of your body is common amongst the various martial arts, but overlooked, and rarely taken to its conclusion.
At the Kang Duk Won (Korean Karate) we called it Kima Chasie, which meant Horse Meditation. In Japanese arts such as Shotokan, Goju, Shito Rui, and so on, it is based on the Kiba Dachi stance. You will find it in the Tekki form of traditional karate arts.
Simply, one takes a horse stance, holds a high block, and extends a chicken beak fist to the side, with the fingers turned to the rear. Then, settling into the stance, one simply breaths and relaxes and stares at the fingers.
There were a lot of fellows in my karate dojo who had great stances. They were low and lean, looked so cool, and I wasn’t one of them. Yet, I had heard stories about people holding the stance for two hours, achieving incredible strength through this type of training, and so on.
I wanted that! I wanted the power…I wanted the benefits of the true art!
I finally made up my mind, and set about doing some serious training.
First I tried doing the deephorse stance and holding it through TV commercials. Don’t laugh. I wanted to build up to doing the stance through the program, and rest during the commercials. This was the first step.
Except, the pain! Oh, my legs started to ache, I started to shake, and I just knew the durned exercise was going to kill me!
So, after a couple of weeks of not getting anywhere, I grabbed myself by the scruff of the neck and set myself down for a serious talk.
‘Look,’ I said to myself, ‘You’re not going to die! There is going to be no harm nor dreadful damage to your body, so just gut it out and get there!’
Thanking myself for such sage advice, I turned the durned TV off, set myself down into a deep kima chasie, stared at my backwards beak, and prepared to enter nirvhana.
For a long minute I stood, calming my breath, slowing it down. The pain started up. The legs began to burn and shake, and I said to myself, ‘No matter how much it hurts, I am staying here!’
And, after about five minutes, the pain suddenly turned off. Bliss. Pain free bliss!
The world became so incredibly calm, and I realized something: I wasn’t my body. I was removed from my body.
Oh, I wasn’t a disembodied intelligence floating through space, I was just sort of…behind my head. And it felt very good and comfortable.
Karate isn’t, in the norm, supposed to throw you out of your skull and send you to Mars. It is supposed to work very gentle. It is supposed to acquaint you with your potential by lightly removing you. It does this through a variety of classical methods, of which Kima Chasie is just one.
This sort of puts the lie to MMA and UFC and that sort of thing, because the purpose there is to beat somebody up without getting too badly beat up yourself. That sort of knocks you back into your body, and doesn’t do much for removing you. Except, of course, if somebody plants a slobberknocker on you that removes you from consciousness. But what is the fun of being out of your body if you are unconscious, eh?
Anyway, I recommend Kima Chasie, the horse stance meditation training, if you want to get to the real heart of Karate, or of Kenpo or of taekwondo or of a lot of other martial arts. And drop by my site, Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free book, look around, and see if it is for you.