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The Secret Of Making Chi The Right Way

There is actually a good definition for Chi, one which explains away all the mysticism. The problem is that intrinsic energy has been a catch basket for anything and everything that people didn’t understand. The truth is that Chi responds very well to simple physics definitions.

When one considers internal energy they must understand that there are several layers of it. These layers actually exist in stages, and they follow certain rules. To understand this consider that water is first ice, then water, then steam.

On the first level Chi is solid, it is the material which makes up bodies. That chair you are sitting in, it is made of frozen chi. So is the refrigerator and the TV.

On the second level, the one most people are most familiar with, intrinsic energy is a liquid like type of energy. Root your stance, move your body in a way that promotes generation and circulation, and you can feel the chi moving through your body. Interestingly, this chi actually moves through the solidity of your body.

The body is solid, but there are degrees of solid. Consider the body a stove, and the arms pipes, and it is easy to follow, and even create, the rules of how to move Chi energy. The real trick, of course, lies with understanding the third level of internal energy.

The third level of chi is thought, and this is the stuff by which you move the energetical substance through your body. Thought is interesting stuff, because people believe it is sentences and words and such. Thought, however, is not words, it is the urge behind the words.

What grunt of thought causes motion? What momentary impulse is behind all the sentences that try to describe internal energy in a thousand ways? What notion moves us, from bug to nation?

To move chi through the body one must learn to consider the universe on progressively lighter levels. One must move the objects of reality with muscle at first, and then progress to less effort and more intention, and finally enrich perceptions to the point where one can actually perceive the grunt or whim that actuates all motion in this universe. In the end, it is the effortless non-energy of perception that enables us to comprehend and understand chi, and to move it by whim and notion, and this effortless, light method is the secret of Tai Chi Chuan.

The Secret Of Fighting From Outside The Body With Karate

This is one of those secrets that the old masters knew, but didn’t know how to talk about. The secret concerns how to fight from outside the body, and though I learned it through Karate, it can be learned through any art. The secret won’t work, of course, unless your art is perfectly aligned.

One of the first things one learns in Karate is how to explode from the tan tien. This is part of the forms, and it becomes obvious by continued practice of the forms. Too many students think the secret of the forms is in the techniques, but they are totally wrong.

The secret of the forms has to do with the proper generation of energy, and, again, one has to have a completely aligned, totally matrixed form for the energy generation to work. Unfortunately, most students think their form is just fine, and so they never look into what alignment actually is, let alone what matrixing is. That their forms are not aligned, and that their systems are not matrixed is proven by the one simple fact that people are generally not getting out of their bodies to fight through the practice of the martial arts.

The second thing one learns in Karate happens after about three years. One will be freestyling, or doing forms, and suddenly they are a couple of feet behind their head. Or maybe slightly above, or anywhere but inside their heads.

One stops being aware of eyeballs and starts being aware only of the opponent. It is a very interesting and heady sensation, but one is actually not looking with the eyeballs. Perception is a golden tunnel, a tunnel which can be brought to a focus on an opponent.

At this point movement stops being the constriction of muscles, and it feels, and is, like one is shoving the body forward as a single unit. This is a quite unique, and totally devastating, as there is not much a person who is still using his eyeballs can do to fend off the attack. Reaction time has disappeared, there is no ‘leaning’ or telegraphic intent to move the body, it just moves, and the opponent is sheep before the onslaught.

The third thing is one of confusion, for what does one work on when one is working from outside the body? One doesn’t bother with muscles, and must become accustomed to the potential energies of the body. One uses less effort, and more intention, and becomes intimate with such concepts as ‘moving without moving.’

This is the secret of the ancient martial arts, an aligned body, a matrixed art, and intense practice that literally drives a student out of his body. It is a secret that is ignored in todays body driven, muscle enhanced, physique toting society, and it is sad. For if you align your body the proper way, and align your art, through concepts of Matrixing, then it is possible for anybody to reach a heightened state of existence. This can be done with Karate, or Kung fu, or any art.

The Ultimate Secret Of The Martial Arts

I have to chuckle when people offer to sell Secret Martial Arts, for it is a selling gimmick. Heck, I even use it a bit, though, I prefer to sell my material as ‘how to,’ and the ‘truth.’ Well, here is a real secret, and it should be the very first thing you learn in the martial arts.

I was walking down an alley, and a very tough individual stepped into view and walked towards me. I knew the guy, and he was a bully, even though he was actually taking lessons at my training hall, and I knew that he was tougher than me, and I knew that he didn’t like me, and I knew that he was going to beat me up. So I did the one thing, the only thing, that I could, I told him how great he was.

Man, I was watching you at the dojo the other day, you really know how to move! When you took Tom down, that was the slickest thing I have ever seen! How did you do it?

Did you take him down with a trip or a sweep, it was so fast that I couldn’t tell. All the tension went out of him and a sheepish grin started creeping across his face. And he started to tell me what he did, the set up he used, and I actually started learning stuff that only a bully could figure out and use, and…he was no longer a bully.

Now, I used this trick often during my wild and wooley school years. I wouldn’t know anyone at a party, so I’d pick somebody out and ask him about himself. I didn’t act defensive, I just put on some sincere curiosity, and before you know it I would be having a grand time, people would gather around and want to be part of the conversation, and they would be having a grand time, too! And, guys, this works for the ladies (and ladies, it works for getting the guys), because people love it when others are interested in and admire them.

And, I used this trick all through my adult life. I held jobs where I had to sell things, and I never tried to sell things, I would just walk up and tell a joke, make people laugh, and be my friends. And I would ask them about themselves, and though it seemed like I was wasting time (having fun and laughing) I always made sales.

Now, to be truthful, I don’t think this would have worked as well if I didn’t know the martial arts. Studying the martial arts gave me a calmness and confidence that nothing in my younger years ever did. Simply, because I was learning how to fight, I didn’t have the desire to fight, and I suddenly found that I could get along with people.

So, the Secret Martial Art is any martial art, if you use it to become calm and confident, and then share that calmness and confidence with a simple sincerity that I have come to believe is crucial to a successful life. When I write a newsletter, an email, talk to somebody on the cell, I admire them, and life always works for me. Remember, admiration, sincere interest in your fellow man, all pumped up by the discipline of the Martial Arts. this is the only real secret, and I think it is the True Martial Art.

The Secret Of Achieving Sixth Sense Abilities In The Martial Arts

All of my life I wanted to achieve fantastical sixth sense abilities. I wanted to be able to see inside minds, always be in the right spot at the right time, know what was going to happen before it happened. I discovered that the martial arts are the perfect way to develop these abilities.

Unfortunately, not all martial arts work in this manner. There are some arts that are incredible, and they open the spirit up and enhance abilities like nobody’s business. But then there are arts that are just thuggish cockfights, backroom brawls so low they make animals look high.

This difference, the difference between low and high martial arts, can easily be understood. It is very simple to discern why some arts excel when it comes to creating magnitude and finery in the human soul, and some don’t. This is actually not just a matter of philosophy, but a mechanistic condition relating to the nature of a human being.

Imagine the human spirit as a light bulb. There is the grungy, dingy one, maybe made of red glass, that hangs in some dungeon. Then there is the light that is sharp and shiny, a laser, able to illuminate anything it is shined upon.

A dirty light bulb stops the light, and we are talking about dirt as in anger and rage and the desire to hurt people. A laser light is not covered with filth, and the very waves of light have been aligned to make that light brilliant and infinite. So the first thing in this matter of gaining heightened sixth senses is to clean off the light bulb that you are, get rid of the rage and anger, and make all the parts of the body work together.

To coordinate the parts of the body so they work together, and are not possessed and filtered by anger, is something the human being does. The spirit, the real person, the actual being, must endeavor to accomplish this. Thus, to be a spirit, to ‘use’ the soul, in the simple act of coordinating the body parts, will cause the human being to shine brightly and put him on the road of increased abilities.

The second thing is to matrix the martial arts one is learning. This, again, is the act of alignment, but now one coordinates the pieces of the arts, and makes the arts into one functioning unit. Again, the spirit must be clean, unfettered, and diligent in creating this alignment of art.

Interestingly, alignment is nothing more than the fact of organizing, and it cleans the soul. In aligning body and art, one organizes the very spirit that one is, and when the soul is coordinated the sixth sense abilities will blossom. Coordination of body and alignment of art, this is how you Matrix Martial Arts and achieve greatness and magnitude and abilities of the sixth sense.

How To Make Power Kenpo!

You can make your system of Kenpo into Power Kenpo fairly easily. Of course, you’re going to have to go against the old school boys, but this isn’t always bad. In fact, if you do make your system into a Power Kenpo system, you will be following the footsteps of Ed Parker more closely than the old school boys.

The concept of Power Kenpo is something I coined many decades ago, and have never really talked about. It actually grew from an incident in 1968 in which I asked my instructor to take a look at a form I had been working on. My instructor stepped on to the mat and I took a position and began to move.

The form was actually out of a series of books on Japanese Karate, and it is called Heian Five. It is a strong form, with solid stance and large, significant movements. As such, it seems to stand opposed to the fast whirling arms of Parker Kenpo theory.

I finished the form, and my instructor observed, “Yes, definitely a Japanese form.” He didn’t say much more, and I had the feeling that he was displeased. Many decades later, I understand the displeasure, he was trying to teach me one thing, and I was straying in an entirely different direction.

To be honest, Kenpo Karate does not fit well with classical Shotokan Karate. Kenpo, as I have intimated, relies on fast hands and circling motions. Shotokan holds a disdain for subterfuge, and preaches the power of a strong stance, facing your enemy squarely, and attacking in a linear manner.

Each system has its strengths, and its weaknesses, but they don’t fit together. It is difficult even to shift from one art to another in the middle of combat. The funny thing about all this is that original Kenpo was built upon the Heian forms of classical Karate.

Most people blink when I say such a thing, but it is true. If you can find a copy of one of Ed Parker’s first books you will find that it is nothing more than a sequence of the applications of the Heian forms. Indeed, if you link the applications in his book, you are actually doing the Heians.

In conclusion, now you understand what I mean when I remarked about Power Kenpo and being true to the footsteps of Ed Parker. The fact is that true and dedicated martial artists should study as many systems as they can. The truth of the matter is that if you want power in your Kenpo, or accelerated weapons, or better kicks, then study a separate system that has what you want, and let the power of that other art bleed back to your kenpo, and that is how you will have Power Kenpo.

Don Buck, The Tiger of Kyokushinkai

One of the instructors you never hear about, and should, was Don Buck. He was the first to open a Kyokushinjai school on the continental United States. Following is a list of his accomplishments.
Sensei Buck joined the army at 16, the tail end of world war 2. He so excelled at the physical tests that he was slated for commando school. He studied martial arts and boxing.
He was trained by Mas Oyama himself. He studied judo, jujitsu, and many kung fu systems, including hung gar and tai chi chuan. Mas Oyama liked Don, which meant that he was extra brutal in his training.
He is said to have completed the 100 man kumite without a loss. This statement alone is an eye blinker of massive proportion.
He was a champion powerlifter.
He was a police officer who, in spite of being injured in the line of duty (being hit from behind with a tire iron), went on to train intensively in the martial arts.
Many, many Kyokushinkai students can train their lineage back to this man.
There are biographies of Don Buck on the net, and they are interesting, to say the least. Students of Kyokushinakai will be fascinated, and proud, to be able to point at their lineage and know that this incredible person was responsible for their Kyokushinkai.

This is the kind of instructor we like to point at as a true inspiration at Monster Martial Arts.

Supercharging For The Most Powerful Punch!

There is a trick that is used to give you the most powerful punch in the world. This is a trick from classical karate, and students frequently struggle with it for years. I think if you understand the physics I give you here, you will be able to do this trick.

This trick is from the third move in the form called Pinan One. It is called Heian One in Japanese. This is the move where you block and kick at the same time, then stomp your foot as you block in the other direction.

To understand the physics you have to understand that bending your leg makes you create more energy. The deeper the stance, the more you bend your legs, the more your legs work, the more energy you have to create. This energy locates from the Tan tien, which is an energy generator located just below the navel.

When you stomp your foot in precisely the right manner, you have a sudden increase in weight. A sudden increase in weight is going to trigger a sudden increase in the energy produced by the tan tien. This energy can be channeled out to you kick, block or punch.

To make this work you must not stomp the foot too hard. Stomping the foot too hard is going to result in damage to the foot. It can also cause long term damage up the leg and into the spine.

To make this work, then, does not require excessive strength, it requires exquisite timing. The arms must come back at the same time the leg comes back. The hips must turn at the correct rate of speed so that the body is moving as one unit.

Moving the hips is crucial, they must turn with the whole body, and support the alignment of the legs and arms. The hips must be able to stop at the right time. Stopping is done by emphasizing, gently, the stomp of the foot.

Not too much strength, perfect timing, using the body as one unit. This is the key to supercharging your punch, kick or block. Guaranteed, if you can do these things, and especially with the move from Pinan One, then you are going to have the most powerful punch in the world.

People Who Hate Matrix Aikido

The people who hate me the most, when it comes to Aikido, and especially Matrix Aikido, are people who study Pa Kua Chang. You can’t believe the things these people have said to me, always anonymously, always on the net, and always without ever having taken one of my courses.
Isn’t that interesting? What do they care? They aren’t even the same art!
Well, it is obvious that they consider themselves the keepers of the secrets.
And here I am, making everything so you can understand it, stripping away the mystery, making arts fast and simple to study.
Should an art take long to learn?
A Martial Art is simple data that must be transferred to the mind in a workable manner.
Yes, there will be time involved to make the body do what you want it to, but even that time will be shortened considerably when you know what it is you are supposed to be doing before you do it.
Well, I wish all Pa Kua chang students well, and Aikido students, and students everywhere. Monster Martial Arts awaits.

Tai Chi Chuan is Great for Curing Injuries!

When I feel pain, I do Tai Chi. Moving slowly, I can edge through the pain filled area. As I move through the injury I focus my awareness on it, and, most important, I take the tension out of the area.
Pain is the result of a collision of some sort. Every injury in the universe is the result of a collision of some sort.
All you have to do to ‘cure the collision’ is look at it in slow time. All you have to do is look at the injury, and make yourself relax that area.
For short term injuries this works quicksnap and like a miracle. But even for long term injuries, the concentration of awareness works wonders. There are instances of people overcoming some of the most vile diseases known to man.
Awareness is the light of the human being, and it cures.
You can learn all sorts of stuff like this by visiting Monster Martial Arts.

The Only Perfect Karate in the world

I actually didn’t realize what I had done for a while.
You see, I first matrixed an art I call Monkey Boxing. It is influenced by kenpo and silat and all sorts of things, and it takes into account all the martial arts, and it is perfect.
But I didn’t know it was perfect.
I didn’t realize what I had done until I began reverse engineering other arts using the data I had learned from the Monkey Boxing project.
I was working on Karate, working on some forms which I had created, and suddenly it struck me: this karate is perfect. It doesn’t wiggle, there is no corruption…it is true to the concepts of karate, it uses only karate, and i blinked.
Yes, Monkey Boxing was perfect, but I didn’t know it, and it wasn’t apparent until after I had made Matrix Karate, and realized its perfection, and then could reverse engineer the reverse engineering.
That’s why I say that the only first and perfect Karate in the world was Matrix Karate.