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Love and the Martial Arts

Close Combat Self Defense

The Art of the Hardest Punch!

Ain’t it funny, after a couple of dozen years in the martial arts, many martial artists start talking about love. Now, I ain’t against love, but I sure don’t want to lose sight of being able to rip somebody’s head off.
Yes, I believe we should all get along, until the mugger steps out of the alley with the gun.
Sure, I would want to use my most harmonious technique, because that is a higher state of art, but only if I can get away with it…only if my survival is guaranteed.
That all said, I usually tell people to go to my website, Monster Martial Arts (dot) com. But, I ran across a BBC series on youtube the other day, and it is a blast. Episode after episode detailing martial arts from a very deep perspective. Lots of food for thought. So, though I am missing a perfectly good opportunity to tell you visit my site and buy everything in sight, but it’s okay with me if you go to youtube and check out ‘Way of the Warrior.’ Definitely worth it. You guys have a great work out.