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The Martial Glow of Good Health!

Martial Arts Awareness Turns on the Body!

A Phantastic Phun summer to you!
a work out a day…
It’s giving me some great ideas.
Have you ever noticed that?
That when you work out regular
you get ideas?
I mean,
you just get calm,
get the chatter out of your thoughts,
and suddenly you see things,
make connections.
the more you work out
the better it gets.
I tell ya,
a work out a day is better than what the doctor ordered.

speaking of doctors,
let me share my own personal get well method.
There are a couple of things you need to do to make this work,
but when you can do it,
things really happen.

I got my black belt in 74.
a few years later,
people started calling m a master.
I never said anything,
I just kept working out
and people started calling me a master.
It was weird.
tell the truth,
I was too busy to really pay much attention.
The martial arts were just pulling me along.

when I hit Black Belt I was pretty well CBMed.
(Coordinated Body Motion)
by the time I hit mastery
I was pretty well matrixed.
I still had a lot of work to do,
but my arts were making sense,
fitting together.

when I CBMed
I experienced a bunch of stuff.
When I hit mastery I started to glow.
It sounds mystical,
but it’s not,
it’s just that a well tuned body,
not stop by a mind full of chatter
will glow.
Like a machine turned on.

what do you do with a glow.
whenever I am injured,
or sick,
I just glow into that body part.
Let’s say I break a toe,
I close my eyes
become aware of my toe,
and feed my awareness into it,
and there is a sensation like glowing
in my toe.
Like pleasurable pins and needles,
but much finer,
like a balloon filling up with warmth.

I do other things,
I do a lot of things,
but that is my mainstay.
It is directly a result
of martial arts practice,
and it grows stronger.

Anybody can do it.
it gets better with CBMing,
and it is massive when you’re matrixed.
CBM is to arrange your own body
so it moves logically and in order
and matrixing is when you arrange your art(s)
logically and in order
so they all fit together

I talk out in a lot of books.
I say it quick and concise,
usually in formula,
and then I move on.
CBMing is to use the body as one unit,
do an art long enough
and it might happen.

without my data
will not happen.
Hasn’t happened ever
on this planet
before I figured it out.

I know you know a lot,
I know you’re smart and can figure things out,
but if you want a leg up,
Matrix Karate is the main course,
it gives the basics of Matrixing,
and you can apply that matrixing
to any art you study.

You want to matrix Tai Chi?
Krav maga?
Simply do the Matrix Karate Course,
and apply it all to your art.
Plug in the forms and techniques and concepts.
Do the actual matrixing applications drill
watch your mind slow down
watch all the inner chatter stop,
and start to see life as it really is.

there’s my pitch,
and if you have any health problems,
try my glowing method,
and keep trying it,
because the more martial arts you do,
and the more you try it,
the better it will work.
It is a cumulative thing.

Got to go now,
but you guys and gals remember,
a work out a day
keeps you in play.

Have a great and healthy summer!




“A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in his every action.”