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A Summer of Martial Arts!

Yeah, baby.

Set your work out up,

do it every day,

see if you can learn a whole art in one summer.

That’s the game!


I came across a VERY interesting fact the other day.

And I could kick myself for not having the link for you.

But the essence of the article was this:

If you turn your wrist when punching you break bones in your hand.

If you keep the punch stable, 

for instance use a vertical punch, 

the bones don’t break in the hands.

Now this guy had done a job of research,

went back through boxing and martial arts

and really backed the idea up.

About twenty or thirty years ago

I made the point with my students,

practice the twisting punch to learn to snap,

then forget it,

don’t do it again,

go to a vertical punch

and use the snapping closure of the hand for your snap.

The reason i said this wasn’t because I noticed broken hands,

it was because logically speaking

if you twist the hand on impact it is unstable

and weight can’t be properly transmitted it.

There are a few twisting punches,

but they are really rare and mystical.

And I hold that mysticism can be cured by understanding the basics.

Just saying.


that’s my two cents for the week.


the book is getting closer,

It’s getting edited,

about 3/4s done,

and I’m really glad I decided to get edited.

I’m learning a lot,

and the book is going to be a LOT cleaner when it is done.


Let’s repeat the obligatory ad from last week…

Blinding Steel!


Because your opponent will probably have a weapon!

Okay, everybody,

summer is around the corner, so start now!



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I’ve got nothing but five star reviews on 

The Science of Government.

It’s really nothing more than applying matrixing to politics.

Matrixing + Politics = Sanity

I told you matrixing works with anything.

Here’s the link…

Supercharging Karate Strikes

There is one drill

I have never seen anywhere else.

We used to do it in the Kang Duk Won 

back in the sixties,

and it was part of Pinan Two,

and other forms,

but it has disappeared from classical karate,

one more example of the ‘dumbing down’ of the martial arts.

We didn’t have a name for it,

and I just call it ‘supercharging.’

It is used to increase the power of a punch, kick, etc.


do it for a while

and you’ll totally understand and have chi power.

So here is a clip.

If the video doesn’t show up in this article/newsletter,

Put an H in your browser, then add the rest of this link…


Once again Apple refuses to talk to other computers, so I had to list it this way. Sigh.


the way this technique works is simple.

You simply raise your leg

then stomp your foot as you strike.

The mechanics behind it are equally as simple.

Weight equals work equals energy.

(Wt = Wk = E)

This is why you do low stances,

so you ‘feel’ more weight,

and have to create more energy,

which energy can be directed into your strike.

But stomping the foot

(and not so hard that you damage your foot)

creates a quick shot of power,

the tan tien works harder,

more energy goes out,

and you simply synch the energy explosion with the punch.


instant ‘chi power.’

Now, as I said,

it is in parts of the classical Pinan forms.

But you won’t see it today.

I have examined virtually every example

of pinan two on youtube,

and it isn’t there.

The technique is about the 5th move in the form.

You have just done the side to side blocks in the beginning,

and you are about to do a simultaneous block and kick to the rear,

then turn 180 degrees and do a knife block to the front.

In the modern version

the student simply turns and takes a stance with a knife block.

In the real version

you kick,


you turn 180 degrees

and stomp the foot as you knife block.

It was hard to twist 180 while you were stomping,

but it taught a higher degree of body control.

There were other examples in other forms,

other ways of doing this ‘supercharging,’

and I have developed it over the years.

As you will see in the clip,

I use it for chops and punches and kicks.

The clip is from the course I put together.

The Nine Square Diagram R & D course.

That course is around 180 video segments.

It is a monster,

and it is FILLED with things like this.


if you’re unsure,

it is a lot of money to invest,

you can always check out one of the other courses on the site

and make sure it is what you want.

If the link doesn’t appear correctly,

put an H in your browser, then add this…


Here’s the link…


since I have told you the secrets of the universe,

and done the obligatory advertising,

there really is nothing more to say,


of course…



And don’t forget to check out the interview


Have you checked out my novel?


How to take a punch in karate

Newsletter 857

Armor in the Martial Arts (part two)

It’s Saturday!
Time to work out ALL-L-L-L day long!

Hey, look at the title,
Armor in the martial arts…part two?
I thought I’d written everything I wanted to,
then thought about it,
and realized I was only half done.
You can check out part one on MonsterMartialArts.com (the blog)
But let me finish the article right here.

I told you the secret of taking punches
was easily learned by just doing the forms,
doing techniques out of the forms,
and practicing breathing.
Let me splain.

When you breath,
you breath out when the body expands,
and in when the body contracts.

you breath out when you strike somebody,
or when you are getting struck.

This is simply aligning the
in and out’ of breathing
with the expansion or contraction,
so to speak,
of the body.

But it is a major alignment.

Just remember that you must breath as if to the tan tien.
The tan tien is the energy center an inch or two below the navel.

oxygen will not reach the tan tien,
it will go to the bottom of the lungs and stop at the diaphragm.
But…this starts a sensation of energy
that continues downward from the diaphragm
and condenses into the tan tien.

When you breath like this,
hold out your arms in a relaxed manner,
and you will feel a tingle in your finger tips.
This is an indication that
as you focus on the tan tien
it creates energy,
and this energy can be cycled through your body.

we come to the interesting part.
You can,
by just being aware of a body part,
direct energy to a body part.
Become aware of your right index finger,
and you will feel a sensation in your right index finger.
If you don’t,
you just need to practice directing your awareness
until you do feel the sensation.
I spend a lot of time,
quite serious here,
just thinking about my right index finger,
then my left,
then my right,
and so on.
Just feel the awareness wake up the finger,
making it tingle,
and begin to glow with energy.

When you practice forms,
by breathing like this,
you are putting energy into the body part
used in the form.
The fist,
the foot,
the block,

When you do the forms
you learn how to breath.
when you do the techniques,
and somebody strikes you,
you become aware of the place being struck.
Again and again and again.

First you tighten the muscles,
because of proper breathing,
you are directing energy into the site.

Eventually the energy you are pushing through the body
goes there automatically.
First into the fist,
or foot or whatever,
then into the body part being struck.

Somebody hits you,
and the energy just slides through the body.
Sometimes you can feel it moving.
Sometimes it just sort of erupts into a shield,
a deep sort of shield,
that stops the strike.

It usually takes a while to get this ability,
but it won’t take long if you know what I am saying here.
When I learned
nobody told me,
took me years.
But by the time I made black belt
(about 3 1/2 years)
the energy was moving,
going to where I was going to get struck.
And the pain of getting struck totally stopped.
People would hit me
and there was literally no effect.
Other guys in the school just accepted this.
They were going through it, too.
People on the street were sort of amazed.

It is not the same as taking a punch in boxing.
In that discipline you tighten the muscles.
In the martial arts,
probably because of the kind of strikes we were taking,
the muscles would tighten,
but the important thing was
the energy moving under the surface.

that is the other half of the article,
what I should have told you yesterday.
Better late than never, eh?

if you have a copy of the book I wrote,
the ‘Kang Duk Won,’
(amazon or, possibly, the Monster website on one of the courses)
then you can pick it up,
do the forms,
do the techniques,
and you’ll get there.
You’ll have to practice,
ignore fellows who say,
‘You won’t see that on the street!’
Because you are going deeper,
looking for other abilities.
to be honest,
you can make that art work on the street,
but you have to commit yourself to the art,
you have to work to make it work.

But the Temple Karate course is better.
I give you more forms,
forms aimed at that building this sort of ability,
plus a few other abilities.
The forms are slightly tweaked to be more efficient,
and I show you how to make it work.
You see me do it on video.

up to you,
either way is excellent.

if you think you have enough data,
you could just try to apply stuff I’ve said,
including today’s blog,
to other arts.
Karate works best,
but there is usually too much degradation of form.
The Kang Duk Won,
as I studied it,
bypassed the Japanese influence,
stayed with some of the chinese internal practices,
and is about efficient as it gets.
Kung fu,
I don’t know.
That is really going to depend on a lot of factors.
But there you go.
That’s the way,
all you have to do is dig in and commit yourself.

Have fun,
Have a great work out,
and I’ll talk to you next.





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Karate Punch Off the Back Leg to Make More Chi Energy

Build Karate Punch Power Right Now!

Karate Punch is famous for its power. Mas Oyama breaks bricks and kills bulls, Okinawan masters break rocks and disarm samurai, and so on. Good examples of Karate power.

And, to be truthful, many of these techniques are done by moving the weight forward, from shifting from the back stance to the front stance. There is a lot of power in the karate technique when you put your weight into it.

karate punch

Use the whole body when you do a Karate punch.

But what if you are backing up, or otherwise don’t have the room? Well, you could use an elbow strike, nothing wrong with that, but what if, for whatever reason, you prefer a punch. Maybe you don’t want to get that close to a grappler, and a punch will kepp him back? In that case you want to sink your weight down the back leg and punch with the rear hand.

This is frowned upon by many classical martial artists, but it is a strong punch, and it has the added value of developing chi.

When you go to the front stance you tend to work on muscle and weight, and you are not afforded the chi power that you are really capable of.

When you Karate punch off the back leg you make the rear leg work harder, which makes the tan tien work harder (the tan tien is the energy generator just below the navel), which causes chi power to manifest and build.

Simply, doing a karate punch in this manner tends to cause one to be more aware of the body structure and what is happening, and awareness builds more chi power.

Interestingly, while I can punch hard with a front stance punch, I can’t do things like put out a candle from over a foot away. In the back stance I can. I’ll give you the link below if you want to see this.

While I can karate punch harder when shifting from a back stance to a front stance, I can punch harder with less effort out of the back stance. To punch harder with less effort is the real martial art here.

For people who don’t understand the value of punching harder with less effort, I recommend you find the video of Bruce Lee doing the one inch punch.

And that is the reason one would karate punch off the back leg when doing the martial arts.

Here’s how to put a candle out with a karate punch from over foot away, and here are some free martial arts books.

How to Break Anything!

Karate Breaking the hard way!

I received an email,

and the fellow asked about breaking.

How do you break a board.


let me tell you how to break

anything you want.

Quick and easy.

martial arts breaking image

Four boards, no spacers, no hand conditioning!

I studied at the Kang Duk Won

for some seven years.

In that time

my instructor said

maybe a dozen things to me.

That’s all.

I was pretty slow,

didn’t understand a lot,

didn’t ask a lot,

and that was the extent of our conversing.


that wasn’t bad.

You learn more by being silent

than any other method.

You learn more by being silent

than you do by studying.

You learn more by being silent

than you do by asking questions.

You learn more by being silent

even than by…making mistakes.

Silence gets rid of distractions

Silence gives you the mental room

to cogitate

over what you see.

Silence means you don’t alter

what you see.

Silence is the natural state

of the spirit

that you are.

Silence is good.


of the things I asked Bob (my instructor),

I don’t remember all of them.

I remember he would always ask me,

‘How’s work?

Or some variation.


I asked him about other systems,

and he said,

‘There’s many ways to the top of the mountain.’


once on the mat,

I wasn’t doing something right with my punch,

I wasn’t opening and closing it hard enough,

and he said,

‘A tight fist is a heavy fist.’


that’s all I remember.

Pretty bad, eh?


pretty good.

In all that space

of him not talking,

I figured things out,

and I didn’t have incorrect instruction

to distract me

from the real teaching.

And what was his real teaching?

The fourth thing I remember him saying.


I remember him saying this several times.

Fellows came in,

studied for a while,

and they invariably asked him a question.

The question was phrased in one of two ways.

Either they would ask him,

‘How did you get so good?’


the one I and several others

(over a period of time)

asked him.

‘How do you get advanced abilities.’


there were many variants of this question,

but that is basically what they were asking.

‘How do I get to be a superman like you?

And he always said one thing:

‘Do your forms.’

In this day of MMA,

that’s not a popular answer,

but I want you to consider

an experience I had.

My wife was teaching at a private school,

and the principal found out I knew Karate

and asked me if I would put on a demonstration.

I said yes.


part of any demonstration

is breaking boards.

Everybody expects it.


I hadn’t broken any boards,

or bricks,

or conditioned my hands,

or speared them in sand,

or even done push ups,

since I had left the Kang Duk Won.

That was twenty years without ANY breaking.

At all.


I didn’t think about it.

I just went down to the lumber yard

and bought five foot squares.

Number 2 pine.

One inch thick.

I went to the school.

Talked to the kids,

showed them a form,

showed them applications.

And then I said something like,

you need to know how hard you can hit,

you need to know if you can hit somebody that hard,

and I set the five boards on a pair of cinderblocks.


I wasn’t thinking about it,

about the fact that I hadn’t broken anything

in twenty years.

I just had the five boards,

and my mind was pretty silent about it.

So I broke the boards.

Thought about the price of kindling,

when I threw them in the school dumpster.


after it was all over,

I thought about breaking,

and realized that I hadn’t broken anything

in twenty years.

And thought about how I had been able to.

I had been able to,

hadn’t even thought about it,

had the silent confidence and certainty


for twenty years,

I had practiced my forms.

Day in,

day out,

doing those same darn forms,

never thinking about them,

just focusing on when I pushed with the leg,

when I turned the hips,

how I had to be empty (silent)

when I popped a fist.

Just doing my forms.

And the forms create a type of silence within.

You are thinking only about what you are doing,

you are fixing your attention

which is a yoga concept,

eliminating distractions,

and the silence within grows.

Your mind sort of shuts up.

Did you know I have almost no thoughts going on

inside my head these days?

Only a delicious silence,

and I watch people,

and I listen,

and I learn.

Do you know how much is happening in this universe

when you stop generating static,

and generate silence,

just listen?

It is amazing

how rich this life is!


 my core method,

the thing I do that makes me able to put out a candle

from over a foot away,

is the silence

I built up by

doing my forms.

I’m different than Bob,

I knew that,

and I sort of knew that I wouldn’t be putting my finger

into a board

and leave a hole.


I do things that Bob couldn’t have done.

We are just different people.

We are not the hordes of people,

shouting and manic,

creating energy.

We are the individuals,


doing our forms,

and creating silence.

Creating space.

Creating emptiness.



I want you to think about that.

MMA is great fun,

a whole art behind grappling,

I don’t happen to be a grappler.

I do things that create silence.

I do my forms.

Don’t be part of the static,

be part of the silence,

be part of the solution,

for what ails this planet…

too many people,

 too distracted.


my personal favorite

for creating silence…

do the forms.

Okay and ka-dokay.

Talked long enough.


I’ve written long enough.

so let me make my recommendation.

Temple Karate

is based on the forms I did,

and my instructor did,

to create silence.

There’s actually two systems on that course,

one based on the Kang Duk Won,

the other based on other forms I learned,

and all made simple

by matrixing.



 is a form of silence,

it is something without the distractions

of added/incorrect/altered/whatever


You can find out more out about Temple Karate here…



you guys and gals,

have yourself a gorgeous

and most silent

work out.

in the silence you will find the truth of your form.

You will find who is actually doing them,

and what special and unique abilities that person has.

Have a GREAT work out!


Master Founder Reveals the Death Touch!

Teaching Kids Karate Death Touch

I don’t teach kids much.
I think kids should learn martial arts,
but I don’t want to play games
or entertain little Johnny.

Mind you,
I think that people who teach kids
are superior.
They have more patience,
and more power to them.

good karate punchI had a couple of kids.
They grew up,
but when they were young
I taught them martial arts.
One day
I was feeling kinda clever,
and I was sort of curious,
so I decided to teach them a special lesson.

“Now look.
You punch very lightly here,
on the side,
right here.
If you can punch them soft enough,
that opens up this pressure point here.
you have to be fast,
but a quick, light punch,
a half second later you touch here with your right index finger,
and zingo bingo,
that guy is gonna die.

My kids,
who were like 9 and 11 at the time,
practiced the move,
being very careful,
and they were like…
wide eyes.

An honest to goodness,
killing technique.

the last thing I told them,
I made them swear,
word of honor,
that they would never tell anybody about this technique,
most important,
that they would NEVER use it on each other.
I then called the lesson
and went in for lunch.

it took about twenty minutes.
I hear sounds of a struggle,
screams and cries,
and I saunter out
and they are wrestling,
trying to hit each other
and touch the secret spot.

“I hit you first…
you should be dead!”
“You missed!
I got you!”
“You must have hit too hard,
and now I’m going to get you!”

With a straight face
I asked them what was going on.
They both said it was the others fault.
I asked them if they had been using the secret death touch.
Not even trying to look embarrassed,
they both righteously claimed that they had.
The other, you see,
deserved it.

I nodded,
and observed that they were both alive,
that got their attention,
and they came out of their anger a bit
and asked why.
I told them it was a delayed death touch thing,
that it would take effect in about eight hours.

They suddenly looked at each other,
and the look was indescribable.
master founder that I am,
kept a straight face.

Of course,
I murmured,
there might be one cure.

They both wanted to know it.

If you build up enough karma you might live,
might not even get sick.

“What’s karma?”
Sort of hard to explain,
but it is good energy you build up by being nice to people,
especially people you don’t like.

The rest of the day was a marvel.
They outdid each other,
trying to wait on each other,
clean each others room up,
get food for each other,
give things to each other.

when the wife got home,
and found out what was going on,
she got mad at me.
Is that weird?
I mean,
I had just created world peace!
I wonder what would happen if I showed her the
secret death touch.

Ah, well.
There is a death touch,
you know.
I think it was John Gilbey
who recored an actual instance
of seeing it at work,
in one of his books.
Been a long time,
so you would have to do some googling
to find out which book.
Might have been
Secret Fighting Arts,
or something like that.

And then
there is the secret death touch,
where the assassin wears a ring
with a sticker on it,
and the sticker is coated with poison.
Got to be careful not to close your hands too tightly
and to shake just right
so the victim doesn’t feel the scratch.

And then,
my favorite,
there is supposed to be a ninja death touch.
You coat your hands with some sort of waxlike substance,
then put a poison on the wax,
a simple handshake
and the poison is in the victim’s system.
I think there is more to it than that,
but you get the idea.

my favorite death touch,
is when you practice punching for twenty years,
pounding on rocks and things,
and make your hand so
immune to pounding,
that when you pound on some poor fool’s skull,
it shatters pretty easy.

I think of all of them,
that is the most sure.
Just overwhelming
sheer power,
backed up by discipline
and twenty years worth of work out fun.

take a gander at
The Punch.


It’s the fastest easiest way
to get a rhino busting,
elephant deflating,
hippo popping

It’s knowledge,
you see,
and when you know what you are supposed to do
before you do it,
then you get where you are going
ten times faster.

All righty,
Let me know how it is going out there,
All wins appreciated,
and if I screwed up,
I really want to know what and how
so I can fix it.
that said,
you guys and gals
have an incredible day
and a fantastic work out!

death touch

How to Knock Out Somebody with a Good Karate Punch

If you want to knock out somebody Karate is a good tool, but it does take a bit of understanding.

good karate punchFirst, you can knock somebody out with a karate punch to the body, and I actually recommend it. I’ll go into that first, and describe the first knock out technique.

85% of the people throw a right hand to the face. This is usually an ill conceived round house punch, and it is predictable and easily blocked. So you set up for a good, hard punch to the face, and then you drive a straight line to the gut.

Mind you, this is a thrusting punch, and you want to lock your arm and go all the way through the fellow.

Most fellows don’t have great conditioning, and so the body support system collapses, and they are down, and can even be totally unconscious. It takes a heck of a wallop, but it can work. Practice driving your punch through a heavy bag every day for an hour. Get the idea that you can’t be stopped. Watch the bag bounce away.

The other and more sure knock out, is the punch to the head. When you punch the head you are trying to rattle the brain inside the skull. To actually make it slosh back and forth so hard it flattens out on the inside of the skull, and the fellow you hit drops unconscious.

And, yes, you can thrust through the head, the same as if you thrust through the body.

But, the better method is the light flick of the karate fist. It takes no energy, is mounted by a single clear and concise thought, and it describes the ‘invisible punch,’ that Mohammed Ali used to knock out Sonny Liston. People thought that the punch didn’t connect, that Liston took a dive, but, really, Ali just flicked a fist effortlessly, you can see Liston’s head duck down slightly, and then he is just falling.

To do this punch you have to be light and effortless. You should hang a speed bag and float by it, and just snap your hand like you were snapping a dish towel. You want the bag to rattle back and forth like rocks in a can. The fellow won’t see it coming, or he will dismiss it as lightweight because there seems to be no mass behind it. But, when it connects, bingo, lights out!

In closing i will say that it takes work to make this kind of speed punch work, and I would recommend that one learn how to break bricks with good karate punches if they want to really master this karate technique.

kick to the nuts

Take a Punch and Walk Away Smiling

Take a punch is something every karate fighter has to do. Only a fool would assume that he could walk out of a karate match, or a kung fu fight or taekwondo contest, without taking a punch. So this article is going to tell you how to survive getting hit.

hard punch

All Arts ascend, coast, and descend!

First, it goes without saying that you are going to need conditioning, and plenty of it. This is going to be very specific conditioning, but if you are in good condition then you will know if you can take a punch. This conditioning will cover the torso and the head, as they are the primary targets in a fight.

You should concentrate on the basic body calisthenics such as sit ups, push ups, and that sort of thing. Honestly, you should be able to do hundreds of them, and with no effort. If you can do them with no effort, your body is going to be tight and taut and able to absorb punches with ease.

The head is a different matter, as there aren’t any easy exercises to ‘strengthen’ the head. But one can survive a strike to the head if they understand what actually happens to the head when it gets hit. Understanding the ‘impact process’ will enable you to take punches with just one simple exercise.

When the head gets hit the brain bounces around inside the skull. The trick, then, is to position the head so that it doesn’t move much. The way to do this is to strengthen the neck muscles.

The way to strengthen the neck muscles, the one simple exercise, is to hold a tennis ball under the chin while training. This not only strengthens the neck, but it positions the head forward, which is good for bobbing and weaving and ducking under. Furthermore, when one does get hit the force goes down the neck, instead of creating a ‘whiplash effect’ in the head.

Now, when one is doing Karate or kung fu, one should be fighting more from a distance, using the legs, and keeping the head out of the action. However, as the fight closes, as the distance collapses, one should intuitively lower the head, make it more ‘bull like.’ This will enable one to slip the punches, and to even deflect them to the shoulders.

In closing, do a lot of basic body conditioning, old standards like sit ups, crunches, push ups, dips, pull ups, and that sort of thing. Specifically for the head, do the tennis ball under the chin trick to strengthen the neck. Whether it is the ring, a street fight, or even a karate match or kung fu contest, it’s not a pleasant thing to get hit, but with a little work you will be able to take a punch and walk away smiling.

 take a punch

The Hard Punch Of Flux Theory Could Be Called An Empty Strike

punch hardIf people really want to know how to punch hard they have to study this thing called Flux Theory. Flux Theory has to do with the flow of energy, and is specific to the martial arts. Except for a few broadly understood concepts, Flux Theory is rarely understood.

The Flow of Energy has two directions, and these would be positive or negative. Of course, this is a matter of viewpoint. For the transfer of energy from one person to the next is a flow and the viewpoint of positive or negative will change depending on who is looking at it.

When energy flows towards somebody it is called positive. When energy flows away from somebody it is called negative. To make the hard punch of Flux Theory one must hit with negative or ’empty’ energy.

What this means is that the fist is flowing towards someone in a positive manner, but the energy is flowing up the arm and away from the fist. I know this sounds like an opposing concept, but it isn’t, it is the idea of learning to relax until the arm is limp, and that while striking. Thus, you are striking somebody with an arm in which the concept of life is no longer there.

I know that sounds bizarre, but it isn’t. The whole notion occurs in your head, you see. You take the consideration of life out of the limb when striking.

What happens is that when you take the consideration for life out of the arm, you make it into an ‘inanimate object.’ Thus, you are not throwing an arm at somebody, you are throwing a ‘stick,’ a lump, a thing with no consideration.

And that means you are striking the other person without consideration. You don’t worry about whether they live or die, you just throw the object of your arm. This works as you become more able to move your awareness back from your head.

The reason this works is because people normally don’t want to hurt other people, so they put energy in the arm so that shock can be absorbed by the arm. Hit, hit, hit…and there is no damage because the arm absorbs it all. When the arm is an empty stick, however, and you have lost the desire to ‘not hurt’ your fellow man, the energy is transmitted purely and the effect on the opponent is the hard punch of Flux Theory.

hard punch

A Hard Punch in Kung Fu: Steel Finger Martial Arts Exercises

punch hardThe exercises on this page will give you the strongest fingers, and therefore an incredibly hard punch in the martial arts. This is going to be true for karate, kung fu, kenpo, taekwondo, or whatever. With a little thought, it can even be true in the Mixed Martial Arts arena.

It is said that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. This principle can be found in the martial arts when it comes to any hand technique, and especially punching. The punch is only as strong as it’s weakest finger.

The first exercise is doing simple push ups. The point, however, is to do these push ups on the finger tips, and thus make the fingers like iron rods. It is difficult, however, to start on the fingertips, and one should work up to them.

First, do your push ups on the palms, then on the backs of palms. This will build up the wrists, which are going to have to be strong to support the fingers. After you can do palm push ups, go for the fists.

Fists are great for hitting, but you want to hit with a smaller and smaller fist area. You can knock a ball a mile with a club, but you can punch a hole in it with a screwdriver. This is the theory you want to pursue.

Do your push ups on your half knuckles, and slowly work your way down to two knuckles, then one knuckle. After a while, you will be able to go to just the fingers. At first, the fingers will be bent, but you eventually want to do your push ups on straight fingers.

You can help this procedure by doing the push ups in sand, or on a folded rag, which will adjust to the lengths of the various fingers. As you get better and better, you can reduce the number of fingers you are working on. Eventually, and this may take some time, you will get down to push ups on the index fingers of your hands.

This method for improving the strength of the fingers takes time, and you will find that it takes a high degree of mental focus. The mental focus is, perhaps, the most important thing you can get out of it, for the mind will last longer than the body. Whatever you get out of this martial arts exercise, no matter whether you study karate, kenpo, kung fu, taekwondo, or whatever, you will find that strengthening the fingers in this way will give you a hard punch.

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