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The Return to Caveman Karate!

You Have it Too Darned Easy These Days!

I know, there ain’t nobody tougher than Matt Hughes. Until he got beat.

Oh, maybe it was Anderson Silva that was the toughest…oh. He got beat, too.

Hmm. Maybe we oughta rethink this thing of who’s tougher in the martial arts.

hard martial arts workout

Come on! Grow a pair!

Here’s an interesting thing to think about. Old time martial artists had to work a full day. And I mean herding cattle, digging crops, fixing sheds, fences, houses, whatever…and then they worked out.

I mean, we have it softer now. We go to the dojo with the soft mats so we don’t hurt ourselves when we fall down.

And we take a break when our muscles get all tired, and we wipe all that horrid perspiration off our brows and drink our designer water and…

No soft mats in old times.

And, for those snidely kickers who crow, how about doing your kicks barefoot on splintered planks, planks that you had to pick up and carry to the next dojo because the North Korean communists were right over the ridge. Heck, the bombs are dropping in the next field so we’d better hurry up!

I was trained in a dojo that was pretty rude. No amenities, and we froze in the winter and dripped in the summer, and we loved it. And we kept doing it when sane people would look at us and shake their heads.

But now I am healthy, and those headshakers are out strolling in their walkers and pulling their oxygen canisters behind them. If they aren’t on their battery powered government issued SUVs for seniors.

So what is tough?

And what is smart?

It’s tough to train all day, no matter what temperature it is, on whatever terrain you’ve got. In fields, watch out for that cactus, forgot my water.

It’s smart to train so that you don’t get injured.

Now, mind you, while I have always had a certain caveman mentality about all this, I should say that I have grown a bit more pointed in my observations since moving to Monkeyland.

We have to get up early here, and we do so because there is no TV to bore us to sleep in the evening, so we go to bed early.

We eat hearty because there are no snacks.

And we work out long and hard, and are grateful for the respite from all the work.

And I want you to think about this…when you do the martial arts because you love them, not because it is conveniently located at a strip mall….

When you do martial arts because you love them, and not because your mother signed you up to a contract….

When you do martial arts even though you are tired and beat and worn, and for the simple reason that…well…there is no reason. You just do them, they become a part of you, and then it’s like they do you.

When you get out of the convenience of fantasy and into the real world of martial arts, then you start digging deep, and then you find out what they are all about.

Take a trip to the Kang Duk Won if you want some old time Karate!

Check out Buddha Crane Karate if you want some incredibly ground breaking Martial Arts.

The Truth About Impossible Martial Arts

Impossible Martial Arts

I have been told

that it is impossible for a bumblebee to fly.

His stubby,

little wings,

his fat body,

it’s impossible.

Go ahead,

get out your slide rule,

divide the weight of the fellow

by the area of his wings,

toss in a few other factors,

and you’ll quickly agree,

that it can’t be done.

A bumblebee can’t fly.

Of course,

without him

there wouldn’t be any sex between plants,

animals wouldn’t have anything to eat,

and neither would we.


The point is this.

We live in a scientific age.

We don’t drink water because we are thirsty,

we ‘hydrate,’

because scientists measured

the h2o capacities and usage.

That is why you never see a gal

walking down the street

without a water bottle

in hand.

Scientists have told her,

you see,

that you can’t just head out

for the next drinking fountain,

she must be prepared to hydrate

at a moments notice,

to forestall h2o starvation.

And scientists have become priests,

and science has become the catechism.


if your name is Roger Bannister,

you can forget about running.

Four minute mile.


Can’t be done.


Mount Everest.

That’ll never happen,

especially by those natives

without oxygen bottles.

And we can’t fly faster than the speed of sound,

and we will never walk on the moon.


fer the Lard’s sake,

don’t even THINK

about breaking bricks and boards

or doing anything weird like that.

So let me give you the neutronic principle:

When people tell you you can’t do something,

don’t believe ‘em.


let’s rephrase it:

the body is limited by science,

but when you plug spirit into the body

nothing is impossible.

I had studied karate for some six years.

Done a couple years of kenpo,

a few more years of traditional karate,

and I cam across the form Bot Sai.

‘Entering a Fortress,’


‘Defending a Fortress,’

or something like that.

In the first few moves

there was this weird move.

Stand in a front stance,

and do an outward block with the forward hand,

then do it with the reverse hand,

then do it with the forward hand again.


while I was doing this,

some durned black belt

all hyped up on power and speed and being good

was throwing three lightening strikes at me.

Heysoos Xristo!

It was impossible!

I couldn’t twist my body three times

fast enough to keep up with three strikes!

He only had to move his fist!

I had to twist my body and hips

and move my hands

twice as far as he had to move his!



something was wrong with me,

I loved this karate stuff,

you see,

so I kept trying it.

I would do the form,

I would practice that sequence,

all the time knowing,

I couldn’t do it.

No way I could get my defense fast enough

to keep up with the attack.

Let alone get ahead of it,

which is what I really needed to do

to make it work.

A few months passed.

I got a little faster.

But there was no hope.

Seemed like even though I got a little faster

the guys I was practicing with,

were also getting faster.

And then,

one day…

The fellow threw his punches,

and I backed out of my head

and watched my blocks move.

They didn’t seem fast,

seemed lazy,

but they were like Neo in the Matrix,

they were REALLY fast,

and it was easy to block the guy

throwing three punches at me.

Really easy.

So I had done something that

I thought was impossible.

I didn’t even believe I could,

or have any real drive…

I just doing the form,

until the form did me.

It drove me out of the body,

and I stood way, way, way back

watching without eyes

these arms that I knew were mine,

but which I couldn’t really feel,

but which were moving like liquid lightening.


Now that point here is this.

You can measure the body with science,

you can prescribe it,

describe it,

and proscribe it

You can limit it with your thoughts.

You can buy into other people limiting it with their thoughts.


once you introduce spirit,

all limits are off.

Once you understand that you are spirit,

that you can’t be stopped,

then the body

can’t be stopped.

Bumblebees will fly,

plants will have sex,

and you will become capable of the most amazing things.

Breaking boards and bricks

and stuff like that,

that’s easy.

But what is even easier

is appreciating yourself outside the body.

Coming to grips with things like



and a whole realm of sixth senses.

Things you can do

beyond sight and smell,

that don’t need touch and hear.


how do you make the break?


You need a discipline.

Any classical martial art will do.

Practice it for twenty years,

and you’ll be there.


matrix it,

and get there in a few months.

Matrixing is logic,

and logic speeds things up.

Go on,

count to ten.

Here’s the numbers…

1, 6, tie, for, 6, watermelon…

having trouble?

Try 1, 2, 3, 4…

that’s what matrixing does to the martial arts.


don’t believe me,

but believe this neutronic equation.

body + spirit > body

There it is,

that’s the neutronic mathematics

of the thing.


and have a great work out



Here’s the URL

for the basic course on Matrixing.


It includes a whole art,

can be plugged into any other art,

and opens the door

to more and more matrixing,

until nothing is impossible.


if you’re interested in the form Bot Sai,

it’s in the Evolution of an Art course,

and a hyped up version

(more matrixed)

is on the Temple Course.


have a great work out,


zen martial arts

This has been a page about the Impossible Martial Arts.