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Kung Fu Kick Harder by Following These Seven Simple Martial ArtsTraining Tricks

Kung Fu Kick Harder than your opponent by following these seven simple tricks. Most Karate students you see, whether they are doing karate kicks,or taekwondo kicks, don’t really understand the physics necessary to do a proper leg kick. These poor martial arts students are merely told to kick air, or kick a bag, and that’s the extent of the Kung Fu lesson.

kung fu kickFirst, you must raise the knee when you Karate kick. This insures that the foot travels into the target on a straight line, and doesn’t arc up and slide or catch toe. It’s like hitting a nail with a hammer, you have to make sure the force travels straight into the board.

The second martial arts training tip do is tilt the hips slightly. You don’t have to tilt them a whole heck of a lot, but they have to tilt sufficient to create a good connection between tan tien and foot. This makes sure that the whole weight of the body is put into the taekwondo kick.

Third simple tip is that you must turn the hips slightly, making sure that the body gets behind the kick. This not only makes your Kung Fu kick harder, but also gives a bit of extension to the kick. If you don’t turn the hips you might find yourself a little jammed up, and your kicks might even be negated.

Fourth easy training tip is to turn the foot you are standing on to the proper angle. This doesn’t have to be a large turn (though it can be), but it must be done so that the whole body works as one solid unit. This is actually critical when doing a karate kick or a kung fu kick, because using the body as one unit delivers more intention into the hard kick.

Fifth you must sink your weight down the support leg and into the ground. Sinking your weight while doing a hard kick will firmly attach you to the ground. The body, after all, is nothing but a motor, and an efficient motor must be bolted down.

Sixth, you must bend the support leg while you sink the weight. People who straighten up the support leg are exploding energy out the support leg, which is the opposite direct energy should take. Energy should be going the other way, sending a ‘tractor beam’ down the leg to grip the ground and make the body solid and stable.

Seventh and last training tip, relax the upper body; relax all of the body except the foot being used. People get obsessed with rigid energy, but this is a tremendous waste of chi power. If one wants to do a Taekwondo kick harder, or a good karate kick or kung fu kick, they must learn how to use energy in the body, and energy travels easiest through that which is empty.

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The Hardest Karate Kick The Bully Never Saw Coming!

The Hardest Kick of this tale happened while I was studying Chinese Kenpo Karate.
Now Kenpo has good kicks, but they don’t specialize in them. There was one fellow though, a skinny guy name of Ted, that liked kicks. He had the long physique, liked to run, and his legs were loose, noodly, and powerful.
They were powerful because every day, before and after class, he would do hundreds of kicks per leg per kick. While the rest of us would be yawning and stretching and trying to touch our toes, he would be in front of the heavy bag, smashing it with a variety of kicks, over and over and over. He just didn’t stop.
One day he was driving his car through San Jose, and he cut into traffic, and the guy behind him laid on the horn like he was trying to wear it out.
Ted stopped, got out of the car, and held his hands up, palm out, to signify that her didn’t want to fight. He just wanted to talk, cool the guy off.
The guy who got out of horn honking car was big. He was six inches taller and a hundred pounds heavier. Not only that, he was solid, packed with muscle. Rhoid rage.
Ted says, “Hey, sorry, didn’t mean to–”
The big guy swung.
Ted shifted back slightly and kicked the guy in the chest. It was a wheel kick. Hard and snappy like a front snap kick, but coming in on the side, horizontal. And it was beautiful.
The big guy sat down. Hard. He looked down and rubbed his chest. One second he had been about to beat up a hippy looking guy, the next second he was…he got up, and now he was really pissed.
“I don’t want to fight!” pleaded Ted. I don’t–”
The big guy rushed.
Ted stepped back, popped a wheel kick to the chin.
The guy’s head snapped back, and his body turned into sand. It just poured down onto the ground and laid there. Totally unconscious.
Now, I became inspired by Ted’s feat.
I began doing hundreds of kicks per kick per leg every day. I went through Karate systems, some of which were the base systems behind Taekwondo. Always I searched for the good, the hard, and the powerful.
Mind you, I don’t ever want to kick somebody. But…if I had to, I want them to go down as quick and fast as Ted’s bully.
Anyway, I’ve been training for decades now, and I don’t kick as much, but I put all the data I learned into a free kicking course. I attached it to a Karate course. So, if you want good kicks, if you want the real story behind them, check out some of the stuff on my site. You’ll usually find the Hardest Kick you could ever want bundled into a course, or put together with the book on Hard Punching. Look around, see if you like it. It’s Monster Martial Arts.