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The Hard Punch Of Flux Theory Could Be Called An Empty Strike

punch hardIf people really want to know how to punch hard they have to study this thing called Flux Theory. Flux Theory has to do with the flow of energy, and is specific to the martial arts. Except for a few broadly understood concepts, Flux Theory is rarely understood.

The Flow of Energy has two directions, and these would be positive or negative. Of course, this is a matter of viewpoint. For the transfer of energy from one person to the next is a flow and the viewpoint of positive or negative will change depending on who is looking at it.

When energy flows towards somebody it is called positive. When energy flows away from somebody it is called negative. To make the hard punch of Flux Theory one must hit with negative or ’empty’ energy.

What this means is that the fist is flowing towards someone in a positive manner, but the energy is flowing up the arm and away from the fist. I know this sounds like an opposing concept, but it isn’t, it is the idea of learning to relax until the arm is limp, and that while striking. Thus, you are striking somebody with an arm in which the concept of life is no longer there.

I know that sounds bizarre, but it isn’t. The whole notion occurs in your head, you see. You take the consideration of life out of the limb when striking.

What happens is that when you take the consideration for life out of the arm, you make it into an ‘inanimate object.’ Thus, you are not throwing an arm at somebody, you are throwing a ‘stick,’ a lump, a thing with no consideration.

And that means you are striking the other person without consideration. You don’t worry about whether they live or die, you just throw the object of your arm. This works as you become more able to move your awareness back from your head.

The reason this works is because people normally don’t want to hurt other people, so they put energy in the arm so that shock can be absorbed by the arm. Hit, hit, hit…and there is no damage because the arm absorbs it all. When the arm is an empty stick, however, and you have lost the desire to ‘not hurt’ your fellow man, the energy is transmitted purely and the effect on the opponent is the hard punch of Flux Theory.

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How To Knock Somebody Out With One Punch…Martial Arts Style

kung fu fistYou may not think you will ever have to knock someone out with one punch, but consider the world you live in. Crime on the rise, kids being taught to be bullies in school, and you’ve got a nice looking girl friend. In a kung fu style, or a karate style, here is how you do it.

First, prepare yourself by doing some good, hard exercises. Hey, work up some perspiration, do calisthenics and lift some weights, make your body hard and fast. You’ll not only get lean and mean, but that good looking girlfriend is going to love you all the more.

Second, practice punching from the ground. This means that you push with the legs, turn the waist into the punch, snap that shoulder around, and pop that fist out as fast as if you are catching flies. Practice doing this, and practice doing it all at the same time.

Third, you don’t want to get your own noggin knocked on the way in; the point here is to make him lay down, not you. So you must develop the ability to move sideways. Make sure you don’t move away from your attacker when you do this, just slide in sideways to set up the fist.

Fourth, practice slapping his hand to the side as you close. Don’t think you aren’t going to get struck in the middle of the action, it happens. But do what you can to minimize the chances of getting your own self knocked down.

Fifth, smack him on the side of the jaw, not on the bony point. You must rock that head hard enough so the brain smacks around inside the skull. Interestingly, while many people recommend putting weight in your punch content, a fist to the jaw should actually be quick and loose, leave impact in his jaw without feeling the shock go back up your arm.

Now, the bonus to this is that you are now set up for a second attack, and he is probably going to be out of position. You floated to the side, now turn the hips and sink the weight and drive a punch down to the pubic area. Hit the top of the thigh bone and he will fall, hit the groin and he will cry, hit the belly and you can knock someone out with a body punch!

In closing, I sure hope nobody reading this article gets put in a position where they will have to strike their fellow human being. In the event that you do, however, make sure you practice the points I have outlined here. Remember, do some drilling in a karate style or a kung fu style, or any martial arts style and you will definitely have the ability to knock someone out with one punch.

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He Killed a Horse by Hitting Its Back With a Kung Fu Fist

Is it possible to kill a horse with a kung fu fist to its back? Back a hundred years ago a fellow is said to have done just that.
Now, we know that anything is possible. Heck, in Karate Mas Oyama killed several bulls by delivering a Karate chop to them.
kung fu fistKarate chop or Kung Fu punch, PETA ain’t gonna like it.
You know who PETA is…People Eating Tasty Animals. Uh, maybe that was People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Well, whatever. We’re more concerned with good kung fu than we are with people who want to put McDonalds out of business.
The key to a hefty fist, be it in Karate, Kung Fu, or whatever, is to use it, day in, day out, until it picks up steam (chi power) and becomes a real back breaker.
The fellow who broke the horse’s back, I believe he studied Pa Kua Chang or Hsing i, practiced the method of dropping the open palm on a brick for an hour a day. This would indicate that there is a certain amount of relaxation needed in the strike.
The real key, however, is to focus on the brick, to extend your senses into the brick, and just keep dropping the hand.
Eventually, the hand is supposed to become filled with chi energy. I would suspect, however, that in this matter of chi, while a certain amount of energy fills the hand, the real key is in the person’s sense of the brick.
By this I mean that solid objects, once you have bashed them a few thousand times, don’t feel quite as solid.
Consider, steel is supposed to be solid, yet scientists tell us that there is a lot of space between the molecules, let alone the atoms.
If a person hit that steel consistently, wouldn’t he start to sense the space within the material he is striking?
Of course, this is a hard one to fathom, unless one has sat around and struck solid objects for a while, and with the method of relaxing the hand while doing it. I’ve been hitting things for over forty-five years. Trees, bricks, walls, whatever came in reach of my wanting to be dangerous hand.
And, after all that time, I do think there is a degree of importance not just in toughening the kung fu fist, but in sensing the degree of solidity in the object being struck.

How I Learned that Karate was the Art of the Hard Fist

Black Belt instructor

Robert J. Babich...Kang Duk Won

My Karate Instructor had large hands. Really, he was only about five foot six, but his hands looked like gallon jugs. This ties in with his having a hard fist, and him being the most polite man I have ever met.
We were working out, and my partner wasn’t getting it right, and my instructor moved in to show him the right way. I was the dummy.
It was a move from Pinan Two, as I recall, and my instructor said, “See, it sets up the front kick,” and he raised his foot gently.
His toes touched my elbow, and a shock went through my arm, and my arm dropped uselessly.
My instructor knew he’d made contact. Even though it was a mere touch, he knew. “Are you all right?”
I lifted my arm back up to the ready position and said, “Sure.”
But, man, he had just touched me, and it was like somebody had zapped me with a numbolator. There wasn’t even much of a shock, just my arm dropping, rendered out of my control, done.
Now, he said his abilities came from doing the forms. And he was right, but it was because he did the forms right…and because he was virtuous.
He did the forms right because he analyzed them for workability.
He was virtuous because when he talked to people he actually care what they said. I mean, he actually listened, and he always tried to say the right thing.
Virtue and politeness. The same in a way, yet requiring different skills, presence of mind, character, and an extreme attention to detail. I remember that when I try to make my hard fist, and especially when I teach. Check out Kwon Bup, it is the art my instructor created, and it embodies the skilla nd character that he possessed. My site is Monster Martial Arts, and you can pick up a free book on the home page.

The Hard Fist Of Karate Training Makes For An Phenomenally Powerful Punch!

When it comes down to save your bacon self defense, a hard fist is what is needed. Of course, what training method does one follow to make a fist hard enough to create a powerful punch? The answer is through the use of good, solid, sweat your fanny off, Karate training.

Karate is the martial art Mas Oyama, of Kyokushinkai fame, used when he killed bulls, and his hands were reputed to be as hard as steel. Add in the old legends of the Okinawan Karate instructors who could twist raw bamboo into pieces and you really have something. And, the tales of the Karate Masters who could punch a fist right through the body armor of the Japanese Samurai, are the cherry atop the ice cream!

Today, karate training methods promote makiwara training. This is a plank, thinner towards the top, that is sunk in the ground. While punching the Makiwara has much benefit, it does not return one to the training methods of old.

Punching a tapered two by four, you see, can only be done so long, and then the fists start to turn red and ugly and to bruise up. Fifty punches per arm per day is just not enough to make the rock solid fist that we are looking for. No, we need to look a little deeper, go a little more mad dog to find our perfect punch.

Oddly, the method we used in my karate school, and this was over forty years ago, before Karate had a chance to be ‘watered down’ by commercialism, tournaments, protective gear, and that sort of thing, didn’t actually involve the use of the fist. It didn’t use the fist, especially as in bashing, but rather used the fingers. Make the fingers solid, and you have a solid hand.

We started out doing simple push ups. These strengthen the whole body, and they work the punching muscles directly. Then we started altering our push ups.

We would do push ups on our hands, then on our fists, then we would use half-fists, and finally just our fingers. This was incredibly difficult as it required more than just muscle, it required awareness. Eventually, doing our push ups on one single, outstretched finger, and our increased awareness put unbelievable power in our punches.

Close Combat Self Defense

The Art of the Hard Fist!

One single, outstretched finger was what we were shooting for. Not a finger and a thumb, not a bent finger or two, but a digit as stiff as a rod. And, our awareness became as stiff as a rod…and as unbending as steel. This is the type of Karate training I always describe for students who want the hard fist that is needed for the strongest punch.

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Mad Monkey Kung Fu and the Hardest Fist in the World!

There was this movie called Mad Monkey Kung Fu, and it was a hoot. Ninjas trampolining out of trees, the hero gets his fists busted up and then conditions them so he can save the day, beats the villain, and the horse rides off into the sunset.

But, there was a training method in that movie that got to me. You strike a wall with your spear hand, then, without retracting the hand, just going forward, you strike it with your second set of knuckles, then, without retracting, just going forward, you strike the wall with your fist.

Bang! Bang! Bang! And the theory is that somebody might be able to toughen up for the first strike, maybe even the second strike, but by the third strike…his macrocosmic orbit is going to give way and you gots yourself a case of serious dead meat!


Now, I started practicing this stupid movie move. I hit the walls and started denting them, so I set up makiwara, or used a bag, and kept going. And, the odd thing…it worked!

No. I didn’t do the triple strike and kill a baddie, but my fists started getting tougher without all the knuckle juice that dim mak people try to sell you.

And, I used to tell my kids that they could go to the movies, or out with their friends, if they could ‘knuckle bust’ me. I extended a fist, and they would hit it with theirs, and if I didn’t want the kids to go out…grin. My fists just kept getting tougher and tougher. Man, it was fun.

So, try this little gem, have your ownself some fun, and if you like this Mad Monkey Kung Fu Training Tool, check out my Shaolin Kung Fu page.

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