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How Long Does It Take To Become a Black Belt?

Students Ask, How Long Does it Take to Become a Black Belt?

The question, “How long does it take to become a black belt,’ is a good one. It is a valid question in any martial art, be it karate or aikido or taekwondo, or whatever. Here are some interesting facts I put together in answer to this question.

how long does it take to get a black beltThe United States army takes Joe Ordinary and makes him a soldier within two months. Two more months and Joe can be trained to be a technically trained specialist in a vast variety of fields. In addition to basic and rudimentary hand to hand combat training, the US military has extensive programs, applicable to the battlefield, and they don’t take decades to do.

The question of how long does it take to become a black belt apparently didn’t occur to Chuck Norris, and didn’t bother Korean Martial Arts Masters. While in the army he took Tang Soo Do classes in Korea. He earned his black belt in a year and a half.

One of the best tournament fighters ever, a fellow name of Mike Stone, didn’t bother asking this question either. He trained hard and long. He earned his black belt in six months.

One of my favorites for ignoring the question of how long does it take to become a black belt is Joe Lewis. Joe Lewis made black belt in a year. Actually, he earned black belts in three different styles in under a year.

The idea of taking four years or more to earn a black belt actually came to us within the last few decades. It was begun by Chinese Kenpo instructors who structured the art around automobile sales contracts. Before then it took a couple of years at most.

The whole idea of a belt system actually is relatively new to the martial arts. Belt systems were started by Jigaro Kano, the founder of Judo. He lifted the idea from a classification system for swimmers.

The above all being said, when you ask the Martial Arts instructor you are thinking about taking lessons from how long it takes, don’t think less of him if he has bought into this idea. Just throw yourself into your studies and get where you are going faster because you try harder. Education, hard work, a dedicated attitude, that is the real answer to how long it takes to become a black belt.

earn a black belt

Military Martial Arts…What Would Happen If You Matrixed Them!

Speaking of military martial arts, here’s my newsletter speaking of this intriguing subject.

matrixing karateAll right!
Time for a work out!
Drop everything you’re doing and punch somebody!
maybe you shouldn’t get that carried away.
maybe you should?

I remember when I was young and doing martial arts,
I lived in apartments
with guys filled with testosterone
and we punched each other all the time.
Cooking the eggs and throwing out blocks.
Kicking somebody so he had to drop the towel
when he came out of the shower,
just fun, fun, fun.
But that’s how you know
you’re doing the real martial arts.
It’s fun.

Speaking of which,
let’s talk about the real martial arts.

The universe is just a bunch of stuff
flying through space.
Sometimes something flies at you
and you have to handle it
before collision occurs.
Isn’t that what the martial arts are?
Fists and feet,
whole bodies flying,
coming at you,
and you have to handle them
before collision.
So when you are doing the martial arts
you are just practicing
how to handle the whole universe.

That’s why martial artists are superior,
you know.

While Joe Blow sits on the sofa
and watches reruns of Happy Days
Jim the Martial Artist
is practicing handling
the whole darned universe
one fist at a time.

Jim the martial artist gets so good,
that he can handle anything in the universe,
he is calm,
and in charge.
No wonder the martial arts are fun.

I didn’t mean to go all philosophical on you.
It’s just that
a fist to the face
is so beautiful
that it brings a tear to my eye.

I received the greatest win.
I love wins
that come out of the blue,
they blind side me.
I’ll be running full tilt,
trying to get the job done
Big old win
knocks me sideways,

win deleted…sorry

You can see why I love this win.

I love a compliment,
I really love a compliment to the matrixing method.

Thank you, Dan,
for those kind words.
Thanks to you and the guys and gals
for being America’s muscle.

one of the things I look for
is people from different systems.
You see,
I am always saying
that Matrixing works
for every system.
While I have presented it as a martial art,
and shown it working in a variety of martial arts,
it is really a method for organizing data.
Doesn’t matter where the data comes from,
all that matters is that it is put in order.

here’s something for you to think about.
What if you took a soldier
matrixed his training,
matrixed his way of operating on the battlefield.
This would be a quite an undertaking,
because the modern soldier
is more than a march and shoot boy,
he is a technical wizard
with a variety of disciplines to use
before he gets to march and shoot.
the question remains,
what if you matrixed him?

he goes into battle
and he will know what his teammate is doing,
will have an intuition about it,
even if he can’t directly see or communicate.
He will be working off the same data base of knowledge,
a streamlined and simplified data base,
and he will know what his team mate is doing,
how he is responding,
just from the sounds,
just from the knowledge of where the bombs are dropping,
and the lines of fire.
He will know
and he will know how his team mate will respond,
and he can adjust his actions
so that he
and everybody in his squad,
and even company
are totally in synch.

that would sure make a sergeant’s job easy.
You know?

Okey dokey,
just thought I’d throw that out.
A lot of orders have gone to men and women
in the military,
and I sometimes think about
what would happen
in a matrixed world.

you know?

next week is thanksgiving,
so I need you to
break out the ax,
throw a rope over one of those turkeys
and get ready for
the yearly turkey slaughter.
Never thought of it that way, eh?
But it’s true.
It’s us against them!
Who will win…
read blooded ‘muricans,
or them thar turkey busturds!

I think we know the answer.
throw another log on the barbie
make sure you have lots of adult beverages
and someplace to hide the keys
until you sober up.

I just thought I’d put out a public service announcement, okay?

while you are thinking and drinking,
think about this:
if you ordered Matrix Karate,
or any matrix course from Monster,
right now,
you could have it in time
so you could practice it over the holidays!

Think about it,
lock yourself in a room
with a DVD player
and a change of underwear,
and you could learn a whole art!

You think you can’t?
That was one of the things I did with a fellow
when I was first discovering matrixing.
We locked ourselves in the dojo for a week,
and we worked out,
and a week later…
he knew Karate.
And he eventually became a third dan
in a Japanese system.
Just walked in their door,
freestyled their boys,
and received his belt.

True story.

put your order in now,
change your life,
handle the universe,
learn an art over the holidays.

I mean,
what’s the alternative?
Reruns of Happy Days?

You guys and gals have a great weekend,
and I’ll talk to you next Monday.

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“So the important thing in a military operation is victory, not persistence.”
~ Sun Tzu

That’s what Sun Tzu, the greatest military mind in history, thought of when he thought of military martial arts.