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Rufus T. Wishbone Karate

Rufus NEEDS Karate!

Had a letter from Rufus T. Wishbone today,
thought I’d share it with you.

Hi Al,
Rufus here,
got a question fer ya.
The other day I worked all day
drinkin’ with the boys, ya know,
and I get home
and there ain’t nothin on the table.
My wife is just settin’ thar
smokin’ a ceegar and jabbin’ in a jar of pickles with a fork.
So I places my hands on the table
and I lean forward
and I say,
“Woman, whar’s dinner?”

Well, quick as a hound dog drools,
she spiked my hand to the table with the pickle fork,
and then,
while i was howlin’ and tryin’ to get my hand free
she grabs a holt of that two by four I have leaning next to the door,
the one I use to bar the door when the wind blows hard
so’s the door won’t bang around like granny’s false teeth
And she smacks me up side the head with it.

i tells ya, Al
the only thing that stopped my butt from hittin’ the floor
was my hand being pegged to the table.

And then this woman of mine told me to fix dinner myself!

So my question is this:
How can I use Karate to help my wife see the light
and be the good sorta wife she oughta be?

Thanks, Rufus,
I appreciate your situation.
Before I can answer
and give you good advice
I have to ask a couple of questions.

Did your wife lift up the fork and stab down?
Or did she just reach and stab without wasted motion?
And, when she swung the two by door
did she have her elbows slightly bent?
Did she put her hips into the swing?

Excuse my having to ask these questions,
but I have to know before dispensing advice.
After all,
blinding steel will give the knowledge
how to use anything as a weapon,
even a pickle fork,
and the master instructor course
will tell how to make ANY technique perfect,
but I don’t know which one to recommend
until I have the answer to these questions.

and I wouldn’t recommend Karate for you
at this time.
I would suggest a little Yogata,
you need to rehabilitate and repair your body
before doing the martial arts.

Blinding Steel for weapons
Master Instructor course for perfect technique
Yogata to repair the body

And lay off that pickle juice if you are short tempered!

You guys and gals have a fantastic day,
make all the money you can,
and have a great work out.