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How I learned The Shaolin Butterfly Gung Fu

The Shaolin Butterfly Kung Fu

I was getting nowhere studying Kung Fu.
I had twenty plus years of Karate, knew aikido and a bit of Wing Chuna nd Northern Shaolin, but I wanted the temple stuff!
I wanted the things you saw in those great Shaw Brothers movies!
I wanted unique training methods wherein Kung Fu would burst over me and I would suddenly know the secrets of the universe!
One day this fellow walks in, gives his name as Richard, and wants to take Karate.
But I knew he knew something. His attitude, the calm in his eyes…he knew something.
So we talked, and it turned out he knew Tai Chi and Pa Kua, and…Shaolin.
Real Shaolin. Fut Ga Shaolin, which is ‘Five Monks,’ and is so named after the five monks who escaped the burning of the Shaolin temple hundreds of years before.
Now, why did he want to study Karate?
Well, actually, he didn’t. I mean, a little, but what he really wanted was a place to work out.
So we ended up trading systems.
I taught him Karate, and he taught me Shaolin.
Form by form, we went through, and the ancient mysteries, well, they didn’t burst over me, they sort of dribbled.
Don’t get me wrong, it was cool, it was exciting, but, it was also not very logical.
Same as any martial art these days, and more than most (it had had a long time to get messed up), the whole thing was made up of random sequences of motion.
Not everything worked.
Took a long time to learn.
I was in heaven, of course, dribble or burst. But I kept looking for the key to the whole thing.
And there, in one of the forms, was a sequence of steps, and suddenly the dribble did burst.
Man, I took that footwork and began matrixing it. Worked it from every angle, and plugged in Shaolin concepts one after the other.
That opened the door, broke the dam, put fireworks in the sky.
I remember spending hours and hours, late at night, working out in the middle of the street. Didn’t have a dojo in the house, so I just went out in the street, stepped out of the way of the occasional car, and worked my way through Shaolin.
Now it made sense!
Now it was EASY to learn.
And I didn’t give up any of the ancient stuff. Same moves are still there, same techniques, but everything is rearranged so that it makes sense, so that the chi still comes from the moves, but the moves come slick and easy and logical, arranged in perfect order.
I renamed what I was doing The Shaolin Butterfly. The footwork, you see, looked like the wings of a butterfly.
And that is how one of the oldest and most respected forms of gung fu, Fut Ga (Five Monks), became upgraded, empowered, and matrixed.

Check it out at MonsterMartialArts.com, or just click the link below.



First Lady Master Instructor!

A New Martial Arts Master Instructor,

what a great way to start a new year!
Here are the words of Lori Stockinger…

Hello Master Al,

The Master Instructor Course has taught me to competently teach proper posture and changing position by being perfectly balanced in natural stances.  To impart energy most efficiently by implementing CBM.
Thank you for teaching me to utilize the proper powers in the correct manner which in turn has caused me to be more confident in all of life.


Lori Stockinger

Thank you Lori,
you really make my day,
and you really sum up what it is all about.

‘To be perfectly balanced in natural stances.’
The truth is…
if you aren’t balanced then you aren’t in a natural stance.
A balanced stance IS natural.
And what that means is that
98% of the people in the world
are standing wrong.

It’s true.
I watch people walk,
and I study things like
the way the hips are out and inefficient,
the roll of the foot and how the arch is destroyed,
and so many other things,
and people actually don’t know how to walk!

you could take a slide rule,
find biometric measurements,
analyze with advanced mathematics
the correct angles and bounce,
only cost you a few thousand dollars,
and you would know how you are walking wrong.
you could just read the Master Instructor Course
get the six secrets and seven principles
and figure it out yourself in a matter of minutes.
you would change everything in your art.
You would fix the angles
which would make the muscles work properly,
which would fit all the trigger points for the inner organs,
which would increase the efficiency of all motion,
and cause incredibly good health
to overwhelm you.

you would even learn how to walk!

You know,
I remember my instructor,
when he would fix somebody’s form,
he would look at the feet.
He’d have you turn a foot,
and all of the sudden
you would feel everything shift
and your body would lurch
into the right posture.

He knew from a glance,
he could see what was wrong,
but here’s the thing,
you might learn right,
but that doesn’t mean you can teach it right,
your student might have a different set of experiences,
different modes of holding his body,
so he might not get it right,
even if you have it right,
which only a couple of per cent do.

So here’s the thing…
the master instructor gives you the data
so you get it right
and teach it right.

I’ve said this before,
if you see the truth,
you won’t make a choice that doesn’t have truth in it.
The truth is in simple physics,
and the six secrets and seven tools
of the Master Instructor Course.

So thank you Lori,
for summing up
this matter of balance in stances
and how to get it
in your win.

an interesting thing,
I believe Lori is the first lady
to make it to Master Instructor.


You set the standard,
and encourage young ladies everywhere.

the books.
As you know,
I wrote the last newsletter about Buddha Crane Karate.
Thanks to all who have availed themselves,
here is the URL for those who haven’t.


Or you can find the link in the sidebar
of my blogs.

I think it may also be available in Amazon now,
but you’d probably have to search for it.

I’m going to be releasing a lot of books this year.
Createspace allows me to work with no investment
and then they only print when a book is ordered.
Makes it possible for a lot of things to be done.
I’ve already got the Pan Gai Noon book done
and will announce that in a week or two.
I’ve got all the martial arts books
that have only been available on Kindle
waiting in the wings.

that brings me to novels.
I wrote a novel titled
‘The Ethereal Bodyguard.’

In writing this novel I wanted to tell about
certain things that would happen
if you were forced to do Karate for three or four years
in complete darkness
in an isolated setting
with NO distractions.
The thing turns out to be a real lesson.
A VERY advanced lesson in martial arts.
What would happen to your senses?
What is your ‘true body,’
your ‘true self?’
What would it be like to live in a universe of pure imagination,
completely unlimited,
completely unleashed?

this is a lesson like you have never had
and stuffed into an adventure/love story.
Here’s what one of my friends had to say about this book…

‘Biased Review Ahead’

yes I said Biased review! Al Case is my martial arts teacher. I am a serious http://www.monstermartialarts.com fan! With that being said this is a wonderful book! In all of his writing in this genre he blends the principles that he teaches, matrixing of the martial arts (making them easier/faster to learn), neutronics (a whole mind science that takes you on a wild ride about the nature of reality) and the Hayabusa motorcycle that leads to little enlightenments.

Al is a master storyteller and if you loved his Assassin Series (Hero, Assassin, Avatar) you will definitely like this one! The characters are multidimensional and you get the backstory of why they are the way they are now. Reading this one makes me want to reread the Assassin series!

Like I said…biased review!

Jerome “Smiley” Johnson

Thanks Jerome,
thanks for your support over the years,
can’t wait to get to the east coast and see you.

for everybody,
here is the URL
to a VERY advanced lesson in the martial arts.


This is amazon,
and you can get the book in Kindle
or in paperback.

I’ll be mentioning more books
in the following weeks,
and giving more wins.

And you guys and gals get yourselves ready
by working out as much as you possibly can,
and you can start right now!



My Mother’s Can Opener, Vitamin Water, and Good Gung Fu

Good Gung Fu Turns from Survival to Selling

We all know about good Gung Fu. It’s when you can take that idjit who’s hittin’ on yer girl and do the smackdown on him without hardly raisin’ a sweat. Right?

What we don’t know is about my mother’s can opener.

martial arts instructor course

The knowledge how to make the Martial Arts really work!

Now, before I tell you about my mother’s can opener, let me tell you what the word gung fu means. Gung fu doesn’t mean ‘hit ‘em harder,’ or ‘the killing art,’ or anything like that.  What it means is ‘skill.’ Specifically, skill earned over time through hard work.

Now what the heck does that have to do with my mother’s kitchen implements? Well, in my usual fashion, let me slide in on that sideways.

Have you ever walked into a store, bought something, and taken it home only to find out…you can’t open the package?

You beat it you cut it you tear it…and the stupid thing grins, all shiny and new at you from within it’s shiny, hard plastic.

Please inject a few curse words here, and I know that ALL of you have encountered this.

What is really funny, if you’ve got a sense of humor like mine, is to call the store manager and tell him you will buy his fancy all wrapped up tight doodad if he can open the thing for you.

He won’t even try. And you’ll all laugh and grin. And then you might buy it or not. Depends upon if you have a sledge hammer at home.

The other day I bought a bottle of vitamin water. My wife and I are driving along and I ask her to open it.

“I can’t,” she groans in frustration, trying to unscrew the SOB.

So I steer the truck with knees and struggle with the B.


So I pull over and get out of the car, brace all my 45 years of gung fu muscles, summon up my inner chi, give that sucker a  twist, and it laughs at me.

I try, I try, all my might, and I am defeated by a bottle of vitamin water.


I have lost the battle, but I am about to win the war.

BAM! I throw that bottle down and it explodes on the pavement.

Insert curse words here, and I get back in the truck and drive off.

And it doesn’t help that my wife is trying to stifle laughter.

So for the next month wifey keeps suggesting that we go to the store for a little vitamin water.

Insert curse words here.

That month the vitamin water people lost money.

And, to this day, I will grab brand x before I grab a vitamin water.

Now, we know there is a method to the madness here. Companies wrap their crap so tight to defeat shop lifters, or maybe it is even a marketing ploy. People will buy a problem, you know? The water tastes sweeter if you have to work for it, whatever.

So, if I had had my mother’s can opener I would have twisted that top off and guzzled the sweetness within inside of a half second.

My mother’s can opener was made back in the thirties. When things were trundled across the country and had to be sealed solid.

But housewives couldn’t open the bottles, so they came up with this sweet, little device that works like a charm. It is a handle, a mechanical ratchet that closes the grippers the harder you turn.

Believe me, when you turn that sucker, the bottle opens. If it doesn’t, the gripper digs in, and you got the leverage, and any housewife, no matter how weak and slothful, can open any bottle known to man.

I don’t care if it is a jihad bottle made by a mad arab, it opens.

The terrible truth is that these can openers are unknown. They are a forgotten technology. They are not sold in ANY store I have ever been in, or even online.

‘Not online?’ you gasp. ‘But Al…everything is online!’

Not my mother’s can opener.

My mother’s can opener, you see, is good gung fu.

It is the product of a people struggling to survive, fighting injuns as they progressed across the prairies, braving hurricanes in their little clipper ships as they criss crossed the world, and taming a vast wilderness filled with unfriendly critters.

This was a product that was made by a culture steeped in the concept that everything had to work, or else their very lives were at stake.

My mother’s can opener.

Now, let’s look at your good gung fu. Or Karate, or taekwondo, or kenpo, or whatever.

The stuff you are learning at that strip mall dojo used to work. It had to work because it was necessary to fight off the bandits, defeat the hordes, stand up to the emperors troops.

It was the stuff culled from the battlefield.

It was the stuff that enabled you to live, while the foe expired under you, bleeding and screaming even while he succumbed to your superior skills.

Why doesn’t it work know?

Because civilization has turned from survival to selling.

To earn a buck, Jimmy Dojomaker has to make sure the kids don’t drop dead in his class, so he gives them rubber knives.

He has to make sure Janey Studentmother doesn’t take her precious little Johnny out of class because he was crying over a boo boo, so he sells protective gear. (Which doesn’t really work, but it fools Janey into thinking it does).

He has to compete with Johnny Kwoonhead down the street, so he tailors his techniques into tournament fighting stuff that is great…on the mat. But doesn’t really work on the street when the SOB is bigger, is swinging a baseball bat, and was (shudder) raised up in a ghetto.

And there are all sorts of other reasons your good gung fu, or karate or aikido or whatever, wouldn’t work on the street.

Now, you think I am dissing everybody (except my own sterling art), right?


I am telling you that hidden inside your strip mall McDojo are the seeds of my mother’s can opener.

That art you are sweating over came from somewhere. It survived bandits and wars and back alleys and all manner of confrontation.

The trick is to get the shiny packaging off it so you can find the workable can opener inside.

So, here’s the product push. You can stop right here, if you don’t want my solution.

When you do the Master Instructor course you get the can opener.

You don’t get the deadly, stick ‘em in the gut technique…you get the method by which you can find that technique. And find that technique in virtually everything you do.

When you do the Master Instructor course the stuff that doesn’t work bubbles off. The poser techniques stand revealed. A mere glance will tell you what is wrong with a technique, and whether there is real good gung fu inside it.

Now, some people think I am talking trash on other arts, and that just to make a buck.


Think about the price of my course, and read some wins on the testimonial page, and you’ll understand that’s not what I am doing at all.

I LOVE the old arts.

But I understand that they have been mangled by culture and language and religious beliefs and all manner of crap.

So I am not trying to throw away old martial arts, to replace them with my shiny, new invention…I am giving you the exact data, the actual knowledge, as refined by over 45 years of experience, of how to make ALL arts work.

I am not saying taekwondo is bad, I am saying you can find the Korean Karate principles that are underneath.

I am not saying that Aikido is terrible, I am saying you can analyze the techniques and find the samurai killing art hidden under the surface.

I am not saying kenpo is a trashcan filled with Ed PArker’s bad dreams and whimsy, I am saying that you can understand what he was doing, the evolutions he was undergoing, and you can distill kenpo into what it actually is.

Under the glitter and the ribbon.

Behind the concerns of tournaments and over protective mothers.

I am saying that the Master Instructor Course is the real knowledge of how to scientifically analyze the functions of the body, and the workability of the technique.

Have you noticed that I have been selling this stuff for near ten years, and NOBODY has been able to argue with me?

Instead, I get wins, over 600 pages of wins and counting.

Everybody says, ‘Oh, I never saw this stuff before!’

I think the only guy who said he had seen it had studied some 12 different arts for 35 years, and he said that he had seen the stuff, but didn’t understand it until he read how I organized it.

Yes, you’ll have come across bits and pieces, but not the whole, and even then, there is the problem of organization.

So, end of push.

Go ahead and study your art. Please do. There is gold in there. But if you want to mine the real gold, find the motherlode…if you want to find my mother’s can opener in the mess, then there is one, and ONLY one course in the world that enables you to do this.

The Master Instructor Course.

And that is the story of my mother’s can opener, vitamin water, and good gung fu.

You can find out more about the Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts.

Snap to Grid Martial Arts

How to lock it all in!


I am always searching for the analogy that will best explain matrixing,
that will pop the concept into your mind
and let you know how it works.
So how many of you know what ‘snap to grid’ means?

On my mac it is a little trick of the desktop.
You find the preferences
click on ‘snap to grid,’
and all the folders and files on your desktop
click into exact positions.
They are on the grid,
in whatever order you choose,
and you can access the folders quickly,
not worry about them getting out of place,
pretty slick, eh?

so you study a little matrixing.
You get the logic,
you see the concept,
and all of the sudden
all the martial arts techniques ‘snap to grid.’
You’re sitting there,with everything in your mind making sense.
No more question as to which technique works when,
or which technique to teach when.

here’s the slick part.
As you look at the grid
you suddenly notice that there is nothing in one particular place.
It’s empty!
Nothing there!
So you have a choice…
do you put something there?
Or do you leave it empty because,
in an odd way,
empty works!

here’s the really dazzling thing about it all.
You can interchange karate with kung fu.
Or pa kua with karate,
or whatever!

Once you understand how everything fits together,
then you can start shaving the pieces,
twisting them,
and figuring out different and better ways to use them!
You can,
with Matrix Karate,
for instance,
align ANY martial art you know!

Snap to grid.
The grid is the matrix diagram.
Put things in place on the diagram,
and they go in place in your mind.

Whole arts start to align,
the mush of random techniques starts to separate,
and to fit back together,
in a geometric logic.

And it really is as simple as I say.

people study matrixing,
and every once in a while I get somebody
that writes me and says something like this…

‘I read it all, saw the videos, and I figured it was too simple, so I put it away. I knew you didn’t cheat me, I got a whole system, but I figured I was above it. But then, a couple of months later, I realized that I was doing this move out of the matrix. I couldn’t remember whether I figured it out, or whether it was in the matrix, but I pulled the thing out again, examined it, put it away, and then realized that I was seeing odd pieces I hadn’t seen before, so I got it out again, and…darn I use it every day now. I’m thinking of restructuring my system around this matrix thing cause it works so slick.’

I’m serious.
I get a letter like this every couple of months.
A guy gets a course (often it is Matrix Karate),
figures it’s too easy,
then ends up totally lost and overwhelmed by the potential.
if you have missing pieces in your art,
and everybody does,
then it is hard to put the thing together,
to make real sequences of motion that really work.
But once you matrix,
and there are no pieces missing,
then you can start to see how things really fit together.

Think about it like this,
if you have all the numbers 1 – 10,
then you can combine them to count to a hundred,
and you can see patterns,
and figure out multiplication,
and division,
and all sorts of things.
You couldn’t do that if you were missing five,
or seven,
or had a Z included in the numbers.

So that’s what happens.
Snap to grid,
and it happens in your mind.
You see it on paper,
it slides around a bit,
sometimes you have to look twice,
but then everything just sort of…snaps to grid.

And then you have a complete body of knowledge to play with.
Before then,
you might have a system,
or several systems,
but they are all messed up,
put together in the wrong order,
with missing pieces.

And here’s the best part,
nobody else has this,
or even knows about it!
Go back over the newsletters,
read about things like ‘snap to grid,’
I’m the ONLY one saying it!
And I am continually saying things that are unique and original.
That’s because I am working off a logic that is unique and original
in all the martial arts.

Oinkly doggie.
I hope this makes sense.
Here’s the URL for Matrix Karate,

You get a complete system,
plus the basics of matrixing
so you can make your art
and your mind
snap to grid.

get back to working off that Turkey!
And have the BEST work out in the world!

Learning the Same Martial Arts Over and Over…

Here’s a Real Martial Arts Problem for You!

When I was on the Matrixing Tour a couple of months ago,
I walked into a martial arts school,
introduced myself,
and started chatting.
Built up a quick but deep rapport with the school owner,
and then an interesting thing happened.

“Would you like to know about this matrixing thing I’m doing?”

He backed right up.
“No, no.
There’s just so much I don’t understand about my own system…
I don’t have time for somebody else’s.”

That’s a word for word on what he said.
He doesn’t understand his own system,
and he doesn’t want to learn something
that will help him understand it.

Sort of reminds me about the time I was talking to a fellow
about his Nissan.
I was thinking about getting one,
and asked him about his.
He said, “Oh, it’s great. I go everywhere,
full loads in that little truck, I carry bricks,
run through the fields, holds up great.
Funny thing, though,
I had to have the motor replaced.”

Do you see it?
He told me how he was beating it,
and couldn’t understand why it was breaking.

with this martial arts fellow,
he told me how much he didn’t understand,
and then explained that he didn’t want to learn about it.

The one thing that kills a person in this life
is the unwillingness to learn something.

That guy grousing about not making enough money,
and yet he doesn’t want to go to any kind of night school
to make himself smarter
so that he can earn more money.

Maybe you guys and gals have seen the opening quote
on the ChurchofMartialArts.com home page?

Man is asleep, dreaming that he is awake.

Now put that together with these fellows I have just told you about.


So what’s the cure?

That’s an interesting thing.

What is the cure for being asleep?

How do you wake somebody up?

How do you make him realize that he is driving his vehicle
in such a way that it is going to break.

How do you make him realize that he needs to change
if he wants to make more money.

How do you make him wake up and suddenly say…
‘I could understand ALL the martial Arts
if I just took some courses from Al!’

The thing is…people want to stay asleep.
They are comfortable just being the same old same old.
They don’t want to rock the boat and jump out of their rut
and find themselves in a place they know nothing about!

But here’s the funny thing,
the person who is enlightened
prefers to be in situations
that he has never been in before.

That’s called living!

A robot does the same thing
again and again.
Drinks the beer,
goes to work,
talks to the same people
about the same things.

The enlightened person
looks for something he hasn’t done before.
When it comes to life and living,
he is not a tourist…he is n explorer!

here is the truth of life.
If you want to change your life
you are going to have change yourself.

Life is what you make it.
Life is what you project upon the universe,
it is not what the universe projects on you.

The funny thing…
those who have gone before don’t understand this.
The school teacher wants you to study books written ages ago,
but that doesn’t teach you how to write a book today!

The boss who wants you to fit into a mold
and do your job
is feeding projecting his idea of life upon you.
You need to find a life
where you project yourself upon the universe.

That takes a person who can change.

That takes a person who can learn.

That takes a person who not only realizes
that the truck is too fast,
but who can grab the wheel.

That takes a person who can not only realize
that his system is a mess,
but who is willing to learn something,
and make something out of that mess.

the old guys,
the masters who made this stuff,
they were in the same position as you.
But they did something.
Right or wrong,
they did something,
and they passed on a system,
and that system might be a mess,
or it might not,
but it is up to you to straighten up what they did,
to make it so anybody can understand it.

It is knowledge.
It can be put in order.
You just have to step out of your rut,
out of your comfortable existence,
out of doing the same thing over and over again,
and do it.

Okay Doughkay.
I can scream and shout,
I can point at the lamp,
but it is you who have to turn it on.

Here’s the URL for a VERY powerful course.
One of the best matrixing courses ever put out.


just remember,
if you don’t,
some time the truck is going to break down.
Some time you are going to die,
and are you going to leave a bunch of students who understand what they are doing?
Or a bunch of robots,
repeating the same old same old,
never changing,
waiting for their truck to break down,
and not being able to do anything about it.

have yourself a great work out!



Breathless Martial Arts…Empty Karate…Silent Kung Fu

The Value of Silence in the Martial Arts

Karate, Gung Fu, Taekwondo…no matter what martial art…they need silence to grow.

My first hint of this was the ‘empty’ in Empty Hands, which is the literal translation of Karate.

Empty hands, and empty mind. A zen thing.

martial arts

Be silent, my friend, and hear yourself think…

Not how many tournaments you can win, not how ‘bad’ you are, but how silent you can be.

A light bulb depends on space to create the spark that lightens society. Is not space emptiness? Silence?

The human being is a light bulb, a machine through which sparks energy. But he blathers so much that there is no silence, thus, he never turns on those extra sensory perception tools like telepathy.

He is left with the sound of his body, a noisy thing that obscures his real thoughts.

A human being must create silence, and then the light bulb can go on.

When there is no sound he can create silence.

When there is no sound he can listen…and hear.

Hear what?

Hear his own thoughts.

Hear the thoughts of others.

When I was in the city I found it difficult to work out. I had done martial arts in such a way, and for so long, that I wasn’t interested in speaking, and the speaking of others disturbed the silence.

Humans are a loud variety.

Their heads actually make enormous noises, but the noises are beneath the human band of hearing. Thus, he is guilty of noise pollution, a machine trundling through life making squeaking gurgling sounds that are deafening to animals, but nothing to himself. He has made sure he can’t hear his own noise.

A polluter.

When you create enough silence the world speaks to you.

You can hear the animals look at you.

Animals are silent. They know how to listen. They never bothered to learn how to speak. Their ‘speech’ is more in action, pose, posture, grin.

Humans are so miserable.

They talk and they talk and they talk, and the world never listens.

Try the martial arts.

Try them blindfolded in a room without lights late at night.

Move by using your imagination.

Do your karate or kenpo or aikido in silence, lessening even the slither of bare foot over carpet, doing without noise.

Until not even your breath can be heard.

Breathless Martial Arts.

When you finally succeed in making perfect silence, then will you hear the true martial arts.

Then will you hear the world.

Then will you hear yourself.

Al Case has been studying the Martial Arts since 1967. Tai Chi Chuan is perfect for creating silence in the Martial Arts.

The Real Purpose of Blocking Exercises in the Martial Arts!

The Importance of Blocking in the Martial Arts

When I was doing the Kang Duk Won
we had a blocking drill called
The Eight Step Blocking Exercise.

I never minded the 8 step blocker no matter how much it hurt,
but that was because I never questioned anything I was doing.
Very interesting,
you get further when you don’t question,
than when you do.
When you take classes,
or teach classes,
where the students are not allowed to ask questions,
you really learn the art faster.

Think about it,
asking a question is a form of expressing doubt.
I know,
it is supposed to be a quest for information,
but it doesn’t always work that way.
doing the forms in silence
answers all questions.

I would do this eight step blocking exercise,
a simple thing,
low blocks both ways,
the middle blocks both ways,
and the pain would start.
I mean,
you just bash your forearms,
again and again and again and…

I developed these bone bruises all up the length of my forearms.
You can still feel the bumps on the bones.

Nowadays people don’t like to block.
They either attack the concept of blocking as unworkable in a fight.
And they are pretty right.
Blocking isn’t for a fight.
If you are blocking,
then it is too late.

So we come to the question…
what is the real purpose behind blocking.

I realized the real purpose one day
many years after the Kang Duk Won.
I used to ‘run the line.’
I would line up everybody in my school,
last part of the class
and I would do the eight step blocking exercise with each person.

And suddenly I realized that pain was in my mind.
If I didn’t believe it hurt,
then it didn’t.

I looked through old books I had written,
and I saw that realization written down before.
So how many times do I have to go through the pain
until it finally sticks.
you know?

I had to go through it until it finally
‘wrote itself on my bones.’

using this realization
I never broke anybody’s bones,
like others in my school did.
But I did dislocate a student’s wrist.
Happened once,
and then I started going softer,
I didn’t like hurting my students,
but that didn’t do much good.
Once I had that realization
something changed in me.
The softer I went,
the more my blocks and strikes hurt.
I ended up doing my techniques like a whisper,
watching my partners carefully.
I went through a period where I became intensely aware
of what the other person was doing,
trying to make my focus at the exact right time
and in the right manner
that I didn’t hurt anybody.

I gave up focus.

I still use it in solo practice,
but when I practice with people
I rarely focus,
I just let them hit my unfocused arms.
Even that is enough to cause pain,
but at least it doesn’t dislocate their bones,
or break them.

You know,
if you want to get that power
there are two places to look.
If you want it in striking,
then The Punch is good.
More thorough,
is Matrixing Chi.

It’s a sloppy book.
Very untidy,
not like my usual stuff.
I wanted it to be more stream of consciousness.
I wanted it to be like I was actually talking,
right there,
giving instruction on the mat.

With matrixing chi you get the power
in a more thorough manner,
without all the bashing.
You get it through form,
and you learn how a form actually generates power,
and how to move the body so that it swirls and condenses chi power.

Mind you,
you may have to read it a few times,
like I say,
it is a little sloppy,
but the gold is there.
I worked really hard on that book,
because I knew there weren’t any others like it.
No other books that actually instruct in actual chi power.
the ones that try are all mystical,
and just misunderstood.

Here’s the URL for Matrixing Chi…


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Martial Arts Bowing and What It Really Means!


How to Kill a Leopard with Your Bare Kung Fu Hands!

Why People Can’t Understand Matrixed Martial Arts

Why People Don’t Understand Matrixing

I have people asking me, every once in a while, for an example of Matrixing in the Martial Arts. This is something I don’t want to give, and there is an exact reason for me refusing. Let me explain this reason.

The mind is a bunch of memory. That’s all it is. An animal mind has very short span. A goldfish forgets within three seconds. That’s it. Simply, the goldfish is a being that lives within three seconds, and then moves on.

matrixed martial arts

From this…

Man is a rather longer memoried beast. It would be nice to go into this more, but this is not the time and place. So let it suffice to say that you can remember virtually anything. This lifetime alone, you can recall the most minute memories.

Now, mental abilities are something else, and they have absolutely nothing to do with the mind. Mental abilities, such as the ability to create problems, intuition, telepathy and telekinesis and all that sort of thing, that are not born of memory…they are what the awareness of the individual can do.

Separate them: mind is memory, and mental ability has nothing to do with the mind. Mental ability is what you, the human being, can do in your wildest dreams.

martial matrix

…to this!

When you do the martial arts you memorize patterns. You memorize techniques. You memorize muscle motion.

You put all this into your mind.

But what can you do?

Well, you can do whatever is in your mind, but that has nothing to do with what you, the human being, can do in your wildest dreams.

You see, all this stuff you memorize into your mind is nothing more than…circuits. Just like an electrical circuit, bound by nodes and boards and such…everything is on a set path.

But you can only trap a human being so long. Eventually, be it a few seconds or a million years, the human being is going to say, ‘wait a minute! I recognize this place! I see what I’ve been doing! I see this memory!’

At that second the circuit is blown, the pattern disappears, and you become free.

Now freedom is relative, and that’s an absolute, and this is another one of those things I should skirt during the course of this essay.

So the point is this, when you blow a circuit you enter into mushin no shin. Mind of no mind. Or…a place where there are no memories telling you what to do.

Here’s a couple of things that go along with that phenomenon.

Mushin no shin can be achieved through the necessity of the moment…because of the need for survival. A fellow on the battlefield may experience it. Time slows down, he develops other perceptions rather instantly.

I remember reading of one fellow who survived Viet Nam because he could ‘smell’ Viet Namese. We could argue whether he actually detected by odor, or whether the human being sensed and attributed this ability to his nose, but the fact remains, he survived through an ability ‘grown’ for the moment.

Mushin no shin might last for a brief instant…then the memories come flooding back in. Still, that experience, that ‘aha’ moment, will open up a human being and let him or her know that there is a lot more to him, and life, than is ever written in a book, any book, in western society…or eastern.

Indeed, it is near impossible to describe this moment except in general and almost cartoonish terms.

The world glows. You understand God. You can see forever. These are descriptions of something that cannot be described.

And there are other phenomena connected with mushin no shin, or as I have segued into…enlightenment.

The difference between mushin no shin and enlightenment may be merely one of degree, or perhaps depth of understanding. Or perhaps the type and size of circuits blown.

But let’s return to the martial arts and why I don’t give examples of matrixing.

The martial arts are a series of memories. They are patterns. They are circuits implanted in the mind through hard work. And here is the bugaboo.

If the martial art is sufficiently illogical, there will be no mushin no shin, except by the severest accident. There will be no enlightenment.

One example of this is boxing. There are no examples that I can think of where a boxer suddenly threw off his gloves and said, ‘I understand that the essential nature of the universe is a golden vibe which we call God.’

There are a few boxers who have been pounded into believing in God, but this is not enlightenment, this is worship by the beaten.

Another example would be kenpo.

To be plain, I love Kenpo, I have loved it since I encountered in 1967, but I was not able to matrix it for a variety of reasons.

It doesn’t create a connection with the earth through serious stance work. It is a put together, a real conglomeration, of everything Ed Parker encountered and thought about: it is the memories, jumbled and reconstructed in a desperate effort to make sense, of one man. It is five evolutions of thought as one man went through life without ever encountering mushin no shin, or an ‘aha’ moment.

Nothing against kenpo, it just best exemplifies illogic in the martial arts.

And what it specifically exemplifies is the basic training method, which is memorization, or implantation of training sequences in the mind.

When I developed matrixing it seemed like an accident, but it was really my search for logic in a universe that is rather slipshod and haphazard and put together by whim and shamble.

Why me, why the martial arts, why the million and one experiences that set me free, I don’t know. Call me a cosmic accident.

But the fact remains, I tripped over a form of logic, described briefly in Boolean algebra, that puts order to ALL the jumbled up strings of random motions that we have been memorizing and calling the martial arts for a zillion years.

Now, if I could, in one word, or simple sentence, describe matrixing, I would, but you wouldn’t understand it.

Here is that sentence:

For something to be true the opposite must also be true.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

But it will if you do a few hundred hours of logical work in the martial arts.

Mind you, you could do a few thousand hours of work, a few million hours of work, and get nowhere. You would merely be trying to make sense of the insensible, the stored up memories in your mind.

You see, without the logic, without matrixing…the mindless mass of memorized circuits that are the martial arts just won’t make sense.

And, without the martial arts, with only the logic, you are left with:

For something to be true the opposite must also be true.

A simple phrase that means everything, and nothing, and is sort of like a zen koan, and doesn’t describe any sort of logic you have ever experienced.

So, it is impossible for me to give you an example, your jumbled up memory of a mind just won’t accept it. You will translate it into gibberish.

And, here is a cruel trick, when somebody gets close to understanding they say, ‘Oh, we’ve got that in our system.’

Simply, they have latched on to some simple point, and they do have it in their system, but their mind has slid right off of Matrixing the way teflon slides off bacon and eggs.

So you are caught. You are trapped in your own hard work, trying desperately to justify it, and refusing any example of real logic I could give you.

And your only real solution is to dig into the martial arts, and dig into matrixing that you might hope to understand the martial arts.

And, nobody really understands the martial arts.

True. Sad, but true.

They think they do, and they explain the martial arts by saying something like, ‘a punch is just a punch,’ or, ‘a kick is just a kick.’ Or some other pithy saying after a few decades in the martial arts.


That’s just more teflon sliding off the pan.

The real martial arts are a thought.

Not meat, not mind circuits, not even freedom.

They are a simple thought.

And the only way you will ever understand the thought that is the martial arts is through matrixing. I say this because the martial arts have never been understood in the history of mankind. Never. Not on any planet, not on any plane of existence.

If they had been understood they would have, like one of those circuits, disappeared, and we would have a civilization without war.

This essay has been written by Al Case, the discoverer of Matrixing. You can read more concerning matrixing and martial arts at Monster Martial Arts. If you are more interested in the type of thought process described in this essay, you should go to the Church of Martial Arts.

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This has been a page about why there are no examples of Matrixing in the Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Bowing and What It Really Means!

The Truth About Bowing in the Martial Arts!

The two martial artists faced off to fight. They did their ritual bows, and one ran off screaming. “You belong to the School of the Flying Dragon Who Passes Gas in the Clouds!” The remaining Martial Artist sneered, and thanked the Gods he had at least learned the ritual bow of that esoteric school of Gung Fu.

Sounds like a movie, eh?

martial arts bow

Why and how to do your Martial Arts bow!

But it does bring up the question…what is with all this bowing stuff?

When this writer walked into his first martial arts school, and walked onto his first mat, he was told the secret of bowing.

‘You are paying respect to all the martial artists who have stepped on this mat before, to all who have made the martial arts what they are.’

Okay. I can have that. I always greeted my grandfather with joy, why not consider the martial arts a family, or at least community?

And I quickly bought into bowing when you enter or leave the building, which showed respect for the school, and bowing to your opponent to show respect to him.

Heck, it was simple, polite, and quicker and safer than a handshake. I liked it.

Then I found out that in Japan, if the degree of your bow was off by a fraction of an inch…you were guilty of immense social disgrace.

And I found out that in China, if you didn’t do your ritual bow, the one where you step into the deep back stance, twirl the hands through a covered fist into a sword and shield, then into a mystical hand shadow of a dragon flying, and then do a backflip, you would be dead meat to the ancients!

And all the other gung fu schools would laugh at you.

But, that wasn’t the worst!

What was worse was that if you didn’t clamp your feet together harder than a Prussian snap! If you didn’t shoot your fists downwards like lightening bolts. If you didn’t bow severely and to the proper degree at the waist…you could be docked for points while performing kata at a tournament!

I really had no idea that the ancients were so militaristic.

But do you see how far afield we have come in this matter of bowing?

When I was at the Kang Duk Won, back in the seventies, I figured out this thing called a Martial Arts bow.

You are communicating with another person(s).

Maybe they are dead, maybe they are about to clean your clock on the mat, but you are saying… “Hello.”

And, you know, that’s what I tell my students when they first walk into my dojo, when they first step on to my mat.

You are saying hello. ‘Hello’ to the school when you walk into the building, and ‘Thanks’ when you leave.

You are saying “Hello” to all the other students, past and future, when you step on to the mat, and maybe ‘See you later’ when you leave.

You are saying “Hello” to your opponent. And when he gets a good punch or kick in on you, or you on him, you both bow and agree that that was a good punch or kick. “Nicely done!”

And when you disengage from fighting with him you are saying, “thanks.”

But you are not engaging in militaristic ritual, or going to be graded by society or a judge for the degree of your bow, or even trying to do a backflip so high that you can pass gas in the clouds.

First Case History written in years. But you can find more Case Histories here.

Trying to Shut Down a Karate School..and Getting Shut Down Yourself!

The Black Belt Who Tried to Shut Down Kang Duk Won Karate School

Speaking of Black Belts, I once met one who had actually walked into the Kang Duk Won and tried to shut that Karate School down.

I met him at the place I worked, a plastics factory in Sunnyvale, when I discovered that he knew Karate.

Kang Duk Won karate

The Man who couldn’t be shut down.

We talked, and he told me that he had been made a 3rd degree black belt because he could ‘fight so good.’

I know he knew one form, the horse stance form, but I don’t think he knew any others.

He claimed that he knew the Mu Duk Kwon, or the Oo Duk Kwon, or something like that. It’s been a long time, and we only talked about it briefly.

So he had a black belt, and he said that he and his teacher used to go to karate schools, sign up for a free, introductory class, and then pick a fight with the instructor and beat him up.


He named several karate schools, one of which I knew had gone out of business.

Then he told me about the time he walked into the Kang Duk Won to get a free class and shut it down.

This interested me, because this was my school.

He and his teacher walked in, and were greeted politely. They talked for a few minutes, but the teacher, Bob Babich, didn’t say much, and his eyes started squinting, and he started staring at them.

That’s it, just getting intense. No warning, ‘no howdie do what art ya study,’ just…a look. A look that penetrated right through the two fellows.

The two fellows began to feel uneasy, then downright queasy.

This had never happened to them before, and suddenly, the teacher decided they should leave.

After hearing the story I decided to do some checking of my own, so I went to the top black belt, who had actually been described as present at the time of the confrontation. His name was Ron, and he described the incident, without prompting, exactly as the black belts had.

He said that Bob Babich (the owner of the karate school) had suddenly gotten real tight. Just looked at those two fellows so intently that even Ron wanted to back away. And he was just an onlooker, off to the side.

Now, interestingly, I always remembered that story, and years later I had my own karate school.

One day this fellow came in, walked up to my partner and started talking.

I saw it a mile away. I saw it in the way the guy was twisting himself for the punch. The way he was mentally setting himself. The way he was edging the conversation.

He fully intended to cold cock my partner.

I moved in from the side and took a position. When he punched I was going to hit him. And I could feel this manic glee, and I had a vision of this fellow flying through the wall and into the accounting office next door.

I was about to tap into my art big time.

He started to move, and I shifted.

He looked at me.

Back to my partner, he started to move, and I started to move.

And this happened a couple more times, and the guy gave it up.

I had split his intention, and destroyed his purpose, simply by understanding it, and moving into it.

Not as good as Bob, but it certainly stopped a fight and saved my partner.

Interesting people, these fake black belts, they think it is about fighting, when it is not about fighting at all.

Have you looked into studying the Kang Duk Won yourself? This is simply the best online Karate course in the world, filled with videos, rare books, and some pretty darn amazing instruction.

This has been a post about a Black Belt trying to shut down a Karate School.