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Ancient and Unbelievable Movie Kung Fu Training!

I remember laughing when I watched those old chop sockies on TV in the eighties. I used to watch ‘ancient masters’ show their students how to do the worm movement, or the crab pincher claw, or frog fu, or…great fun.

And the funny thing is that these things sometimes made some sort of nifty training routines.

I remember trying all the different ways Jackie chan could do push ups. I remember worming, and wondering if I was creating some sort of invincible kung fu energy.

But, when it is all said and done, I have great conditioning, super health, and an outlook on life and the martial arts that is a joy.

I mean, you watch a lot of movies and they wail and weep, and there are lots of car crashes, and all that sort of thing.

But when you can watch a movie and walk out inspired, and even try to do what the star was doing…great fun.

Jackie Chan was great, but I think the best was Gordon Liu. Lo Lieh was also one of the tops, and he was in the first kung fu movie to ever hit the American shores, Five Fingers of Death.

Check it out, but don’t go jumping off the rooftops until you make sure there is a trampoline below. Grin.

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See ya!