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Martial Art Testing by Video.

Martial Art Testing Can be Quick and Easy!

I really need to write a page on Martial Art Testing by video, but let me sum it up real quick here.

martial art testing

Martial Art Testing by video is the latest rage.

You need to get a copy of the course (art) you are testing in, and a copy of the Master Instructor Course. All corrections will be based on these two courses. No hidden data or nasty surprises.

You need to send a video of yourself doing the forms and applications of the art you are testing in. First video is free, additional videos I charge twenty bucks.

The fastest I ever had anybody do was two videos. I don’t think it would take more than three or four videos, however.

I look for your ability to make it work. I correct you according to the six points listed in the Master Instructor Course, or on the seven things necessary for perfect form listed, again, int eh master instructor course. That, and knowing the moves from your art, is what it is all about.

I send you a certificate, I don’t send a belt. It is up to you to find the belt that fits you.

Martial Art testing by video is a concept whose time has come. People are tired of the time and gas and other things necessary to attending a martial arts school.

Mind you, I still think schools are cool, and you should definitely find as many work out partners as you can. But, society is changing, the internet is the thing, and even martial arts testing can be done through it.

If somebody had asked me, even ten years ago, whether this would be possible, I would have said no. But now? Heck. It’s probable.

Take a look at http://www.monstermartialarts.com/You_Can_Get_a_Black_Belt_Online%21.html

It will give you ALL sorts of information concerning this, and even a case history of one fellow who did it.

This post has been about martial arts testing by video.