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Monster Newsletter #285–The Universe of Your Body!

Monster Newsletter #285–The Universe of Your Body!

It’s not just a good morning,
it’s a good life.
form after form,
technique after technique,
breath after breath.

Have you ever noticed that life is more beautiful after you do something?
It really is.

I was talking about getting hit
the other week,
and I asked Nehemiah to write me something,
on what it feels like
to get hit.
He did.
let’s rock.

Here’s what he said
about what it feels like
when I hit him.

So what I feel or experience when you let go:
Its like being hit by a lead pipe. Only there’s nothing broken upon impact, its a purely intention effect. When you ridge up I can resist it, and disperse it, but when you relax into the block or attack, then it just flows -its hard to resist something that you don’t feel until its already hit you. I can literally feel the energy of my body get scrambled up at the site of contact, lol and it doesn’t feel good. But the funny thing about it is that despite how much it might hurt upon impact, I find that I’m rarely (never) actually hurt after a short period of time goes by. Minutes at most.
I know that if I weren’t as trained as I am, that I’d be in some serious trouble. I’d get locked into the pain and the disorienting affect it has, and I’d be out for the count.
The fact that I can analyze what you did and how you did it, and see it in detail and how it affected my body definitely helps to not be injured.
Its like a gunshot, most often its the shock of impact that gets you, not the actual trauma to the body sustained. And if you know that, and can see that, then you can defend against it.


a couple of things here.
and a caution before I say them.
I’m going to go a little egghead here,
if this isn’t your cup of tea,
don’t worry,
we’ll be back to breaking bones,
and poking eyeballs,
next newsletter.
if you don’t like what I say,
put your fingers in your ears
and go Nah Nah Nah,
until next newsletter.
I’ll be back to abnormal then.
now being now,
let me go egghead for a moment.

Nehemiah can tell the difference between
when I have that ridge of energy
holding me back,
when I let go.
I don’t bruise him,
I am effecting the energy of him.

when he is ready,
he can undo the effects of my strike.
When he isn’t ready,
nothing he can do,
but suffer through.

how I developed a strike that works like this
has been detailed in
The Punch,
there is all sorts of data in
How to Put Out a Candle.
I have written a lot of articles
on this subject.
The Perfect Strike
was the first article I wrote,
and if you google
‘Al Case Punch’
you’re going to come up with ALL sorts of things.

without getting into the details
which are covered in those other places,
let me tell you something
that I am doing.

I do my forms
until the universe of my body
is more real
than the universe of
my opponent’s body.

Once you have come to understand
the universe of your body,
and made it ‘more solid’
with awareness,
then when it comes in contact with another body,
you can have,
shall we say,
‘energetical disturbances.’

How do you come to grips with the concept of
the universe of your body?

realize that we are talking about the limits of body
as perceived without using the five senses,
sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

We are talking about being aware
without the five senses.

We cultivate this through the use of forms.
without senses,
just the awareness of trying to cause motion,
without senses.

there is feeling in there,
and other stuff,
but…who moves the body?

Ask the question!
Who moves the body?
This is the question that the form asks,
every time you do one!

the muscles move the body.
the brain moves the muscles.
the mind moves the brain.
who moves the mind…
does the thinking?
Who makes it all happen?
I do.

The ‘I am,’
that is within all of us.

that’s the purpose of the form!
To find who drives that smelly
and quite loathsome vehicle
called a body!
You do!
We all gots one,
or perhaps I should say,
we all is one.

Not we are all one,
but we are all
motivated by,
‘I am!’

That is the purpose of the Form.
That is why every form is a prayer.
That is why
we do the martial arts.

To find ‘I.’

when you find ‘I’
you suddenly ascend into a realm of different physics,
not necessarily explainable by
basic physics.

That’s how I hit Nehemiah.


Shortest sentence in the English language.
when I am,
and I know that my body is just a machine,
then I can send energy out of that machine.
I can disrupt the energy of my opponent.
I can put out candles over a foot away.
there’s lots of other stuff
I can do.

here is what is important…
you can do it to.

Is there a single one of you
that hasn’t had the thought…
‘I am?’

you’ve all had it.
how do you break through
the surface of that thought
and fall into the depths of
The real you.
I am.

You can do it with forms.
You have to matrix them.
You have to invest them with awareness.
You have to do them,
until your awareness of the outer world,
has been forgotten,
and there is only you,
doing the form.

the form does you.

I went a bit far afield there.
I also went right
the heart
of the matter.

Until you are…
‘I am.’

Okey dokey.
I could give you lots of links
that would help you out
in this matter.

But Tai Chi is premium.
Tai Chi deals specifically with
enhancing awareness.
Matrix Tai Chi
undercuts all Tai Chi,
so that all Tai Chi
is understandable,
and relatable,
without all the bushwah.

In Matrix Tai Chi
I make a lot of connections,
take out the mystery,
put in the basic understanding,
so that art is

Not just in fighting,
but as a tool
for you to use
to invest your awareness in
the martial arts.

To get to where you really want to go.

I am.

Matrix Tai Chi Chuan

everything being said,
there have been a few problems with the paypal buttons.
I think I have the one on Monster fixed,
but let me know if you have any trouble.

had a bunch of Matrix TCC orders go out,
let me know if there are any problems.
Any mistakes
and I will fix them quicksnap.
Mistakes are so-o-o-o
not cool.
let me know.

beyond that
Have a great work out!


PS–Google ‘Al Case Punch.’
And please leave a comment after you’ve read an article. This always helps my statistics.

I believe in the imagination. What I cannot see is infinitely more important than what I can see.
Duane Michals

How to Break Boards with Your Head Really Good!

Okay, before we get into breaking boards with your head we need a warning, like check with a doctor before you do this. Or maybe a psychiatrist. Or maybe just make sure you’ve backed up your brains on hard drive.

Back in 1968, I had just start Kenpo Karate, one of the Ed Parker offshoot branches, and the head instructor decided to put on a breaking seminar. I don’t know what he was thinking, I don’t think he had a side business selling insurance. At any rate, the potential for mayhem was lurking.

We entered the dojo and stacks of pine boards were waiting for us. As a group we were taught the theory of focusing, of punching through, and so on, and we were all excited. Then we started breaking the boards, one at a time, as the head instructor watched.

One of the guys, a fellow named Jeff, asked if it was possible to break a board with your head. The answer was yes, but it shouldn’t be attempted until one was well trained. We then went into another room to break boards, and none noticed that Jeff wasn’t with us.

We were in group discussion, and suddenly there was a tremendous thocking sound. It was such a unique sound that we all stopped what we were doing and stared at the door to the other room. The other room, where the sound came from, where Jeff had remained behind.

Suddenly, Jeff appeared at the door, he was standing aslant, and the look in his eyes was like little birdies singing. We all held our breaths as Jeff crossed the room, walking aslant, the birdies circling his head in a neat, little circling pattern. Jeff settled, well, sort of plonked, into a zen seated position, and the head instructor, with an eye on Jeff, continued his speechifying.

Now, if you’re going to break a board with your head, and I don’t care if you study Goju or Kyokushinkai or Hung Gar or whatever, work up to it. Start with thin boards, even an eighth of an inch, through a quarter, through 3/8s, and so on. Heck, even wear a football helmet the first few times, the potential for injury is that great.

Oh, and at the end of that seminar that I was at? Jeff came up to the head instructor after it was all over and asked, is it possible to break a board with your head. Maybe he should have worked on having the hardest punch instead of just a hard head!

Kung Fu Masters and Entering the Cosmic Mind!

There is an old martial arts saying, when the student is ready the master will appear. Sounds neat, eh? You get so good that some ancient master pops out of the woodwork and gives you the sacred teaching!

The truth of the matter, however is a wee bit different. In fact, the truth of the matter is downright bizarre. Let me tell you how it really works.

In 1974 I was sitting on a cinder block in my backyard, tapping a piece of rebar on the patio and listening to music. Ding, ding…and the world turned golden and I couldn’t tell where the music was coming from. Everything I knew suddenly turned upside down, and I realized that I had had a moment of enlightenment.

And, about that time, my instructor retired. So, here I was, an enlightened being, and I didn’t know where to go to get my lesson. Hey, the student was ready, so where was the master?

Then an odd thing happened. People started telling me what to do. Whenever I was in a quandary, some fellow, not necessarily a martial artist, would come up out of the blue and tell me the exact thing I needed to know to understand my next step.

I was teaching a karate class one day, and I looked out the window, and there was a guy doing kung fu. I went out, introduced myself, and he turned out to be a kung fu master, and he taught me his system. And, in a bizarre oddity, it turned out that what he taught me was the exact thing that had been next to learn in my original system before my instructor retired.

And this thing, of people telling me what to do entered all aspects of my life, giving me a life that was entirely different, bizarre but golden, from the rest of humanity. I would go to a buy a car, know that the salesman was full of dung sticks, and suddenly some other customer would draw my attention to another car, or tell me about another dealer, and, suddenly, everything in the universe seemed balanced and right. The master had appeared, and he was people, and he never led me wrong.

So this thing of when the student is ready the master will appear works, but not the way you expect it. People, as a race, are a more pure and magnitudious rendition of consciousness, and, when taken together, and a person who has been enlightened will tend to take them, they are the master. All of us, we are connected by a consciousness that we do not usually understand, and even reject outright, and yet this is the secret of where we are going, We are part of a Cosmic Mind, a Godlike consciousness, and when the martial arts are done right, and this can be ascertained by whether they lead to enlightenment, humanity knows what you need, and when, and it delivers.

Three Ways of Understanding Matrix Martial Arts

To understand Matrixing one must understand that Matrix Martial Arts is a science. It is logical applied to any martial discipine, including Karate, Hapkido, or whatever. Fortunately, the effects of logic on the martial arts are beneficial.

The reason matrixing is significant is because the oral tradition of learning the martial arts has resulted in thoroughly mixed and muddled disciplines. People memorize random strings of data, and this leaves vast areas of unexplored technique. The random strings of data thus become confused, hard to extract for use, and the intution takes decades to cultivate, if it ever is.

The first analogy of matrixing was one of numbers. Learning an art, be it karate or kung fu or whatever, was like trying to learn how to count when you had no 2, 3 was upside, 7 is put before 1, which is inverted, and there were no more numbers except…what is that shaved cat doing in there? Matrixing laid out the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9…and then anybody could find 10, and 11, and so on.

The second analogy of Matrixing was of a language. Use the Matrix Technology and you could learn an art quickly and easily, and this because there was an alphabet, and even a set of phonics. The martial arts could then be constructed with techniques as words, forms as sentences, and whole systems as simple books.

The third analogy of Matrixing is a simple three dimensional model of all the arts. With Matrixing, you see, you can establish the geometry of each art, and matrix that geometry for all potentials of motions, and, literally, define each art on separate sheets of paper. One then merely places the sheets of paper in a box.

Thus, the individual arts are defined by surface concepts, and a student can change arts simply by selecting the right sheet of paper with the right matrix on it. This puts all the martial arts in a specific and logical order. Depth of art then is not mysterious, but rather a straightforward process of descending through the sheets of paper, through the correctly ordered and inter-related geometries of the martial arts.

Several things happen when one breaks through to this level of matrixing. Intuition kicks in hard and fast. Students learn faster, for the mind will not reject simple concepts when they are presented in the right order.

Of course, students are different, and how much matrixing it is going to take is a variable. A high number of students make the breakthrough on the first course, a few students need all the courses, and there are going to be one or two students who are going to need all the courses…and a kick in the pants besides. However much matrixing it takes for the martial mind to kick in and take off, and for the student to enjoy all those fabulous, advanced abilities that students of The True Art enjoy, the journey is well worth it.

Why Students Drop Out of the Martial Arts the First Month!

This is sort of an interesting question. Nobody has ever come up with a good answer for it, and yet people have tried virtually everything in the world to keep those errant students. I mean, they were doing good, they were blown out and excited, and then they disappeared.

The answer for this question, and a way to keep enrollment high, and to even improve it, is possible through something called Matrix Martial Arts. Matrixing is a science that was designed specifically for the martial arts. The fact of discovering why students drop out became known sort of by the way.

To understand this problem of student drop out we must understand that there is a problem with the martial arts themselves. I don’t care what you are teaching, be it karate or kung fu or wudan or that rare form of Kenpo, the fact of the matter is that you are teaching by having students memorize random strings of data. With respect, I offer that this is the most inefficient method of learning that there is.

Memorizing random strings of data is the oral tradition, good in ancient times, when people couldn’t read nor write. Now, how ever, the written word is supreme, and people can avail themselves of such things as computers, mind mapping, and good, solid logic. This thing of logic comes to fruition when one utilizes Matrix Martial Arts.

Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and direction. It is a method for laying out a gridwork of martial arts problems, and being able to quickly and efficiently sort through the mess until you have the exact and only answer. It is so efficient that people who learn the matrixing method achieve intuitive martial arts within months, not years, as is common with the traditional arts.

When matrixing methods are established, when students are enabled to view all the martial arts in logical fashion, one thing becomes plain, there are a lot of blank spots in the martial arts. No matter how many random strings of data one memorizes, it can’t compare with being able to see all the data. And, obviously, students who could see all the data were able to progress much faster.

And, students who left early in their training, in that first month, were found to be confused by the blank spots in their education. Learning the martial arts were like learning languages without a recognizable alphabet. They simply couldn’t absorb the illogical data, the blank spots left by letters that should have been, and left.

The truth of the matter is that people don’t want to be around what they don’t understand. No matter how exciting it all is, the brain rejects the data, the hardware ejects the software, the student refuses the martial arts, simply because it is confusing, and has not been made logical and simple. In a word, no matter whether you teach karate or kung fu or that rare and esoteric form of shotokan, you will not be able to keep students unless you matrix your art, and matrix your students, and, the fact of the matter is…you are at risk yourself of being ejected from the martial arts.

I Used Karate to have the Strongest Mind in the World

Zowie! The Strongest Mind in the Whole World! Able to get any girl and beat up any villain, and…sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Oddly, what I did worked, but not in the way I thought it would. So let me tell you what I did, no charge, and see how you do. Are you ready?

I once read that a man who can concentrate on one thing for three minutes can rule the world. The point was that to stay focused on one thing, to put it simply, blows up the brain power. Having read this, and wanting to have the most fully functional brain allowed, I decided to do it.

I was doing doing Karate at the time, and exploring side avenues of Sticky Hands from Wing Chun Gung Fu, and various other martial things, and I really thought that I had the mental horsepower to pull anything off. I did my forms, I could remain calm during combat, and I had the discipline. Now all I had to do was apply that discipline to seeking enlightenment, pursuing Nirvana, or whatever you want to call it.

I decided to use a rock as my vehicle for the ultimate concentration and the resulting explosion of pure mentality which, I hoped, wouldn’t shatter the universe too badly. A rock, after all, was what the planet was, and the shape was round, like the universe, and it seemed so appropriate. So I went into a nearby orchard and selected a well shaped but ordinary rock, and prepared to enter Nirvana.

I sat down under a tree, placed the rock before me, and focused on it. I tried not to think, I tried to just be aware of the rock, and to ignore all those silly little surface thoughts, like what was for lunch and what the latest movie was, or what I was going to do that weekend. I was, after all, going to shatter down the doors to heaven, so what use could such mundane thoughts have for me, right?

After three minutes I tossed the rock away, stood up, and started walking away, totally disgusted with how boring the whole thing was. I mean, to think that I was going to enter the ultimate paradise just through being able to think at a rock, how stupid, how boring! Suddenly, I was jerked to a stop as a sudden thought washed over me.

It wasn’t the rock that was boring, it was me. All that boredom was being generated by me, and I realized something…I would never be bored again. And I suddenly realized, in this moment of self revelation, the thing had worked, but not at all how I thought it would.

Monster Newsletter #279–Why Every Form is a Prayer!

Hello to everyone!
I feel your joy
and am humbled.
Thank you for working out.

You’ve heard me say
that every form is a prayer.

When you do a form,
you are following a pattern,
within the pattern is awareness.
You seek the awareness
and you have silence.

The comfort of knowing something.

it could even be done wrong,
and you would receive something,
and that is why
the martial arts have lasted
so darn long.

with matrixing,
the form strives for perfection.

Straighten out the odd angles,
put in the grounding,
fine tune your motions,
apply CBM
(Coordinated Body Motion)
the form resembles the perfection
even manufactures the perfection,
that exists within you,
that is you.

Do you understand
how the form
done over and over
is merely a vehicle for finding you?

Being in a body is like being in a prison.
You lurch back and forth
within the body,
and the body starts to move,
back and forth,
the prison bursts,
and you step forth.

That is what happens when you do a form.

If only people could see what you have done.
But they can’t.
They can’t even see the shards of your prison.
And the only proof you have to offer
is an added zest for life,
a grin that is true and open
and reveals the spirit that is you.

it starts with you trying to move your body
like your instructor.
duplicate his motions,
and not understanding,
there is such a good feeling
about taking your body
and making it do things.

It’s not like physical education
which is social conditioning,
but a real,
moving your body.

So you move it,
again and again,
and energy starts to shoot
through your limbs.
Others are doing push ups,
you are doing…
something different.

You are using the body
the way it is supposed to be used.
As a real,
energy shooting machine
where imagination unlimits,
and the universe becomes yours.

You know,
one of my fondest memories
is from back at
the Kang Duk Won.

During the summer,
the heat of the bay area
would be pushed back into San Jose.
San Jose would be like
the mouth of a funnel,
the heat building,
unable to get through,
in the dojo,
a 100 degree day
would turn into 120 degrees.
And we would sweat.
Pushing through the heat,
becoming immune to the heat,
treating the heat
as an accomplice.

Such joy.

after class,
we walked a block to a hamburger stand.
We would still be sweating,
caked with perspiration,
exhausted and bruised and beaten,
We all ordered big orange drinks.
We didn’t care about the sugar in the thing,
we were rulers of the world,
immune to mortality,
secure in ourselves.
Made so by our art.

And we would guzzle that sweet stuff,
and the look in our eyes,
the sheer pleasure in our hearts and souls…
one cannot duplicate the feeling of heaven
that possessed us.
we had burst out of our prisons,
gone beyond
what people expected of us,
we had de-limited ourselves.

I know you know
exactly what I mean.

Maybe it wasn’t a big orange drink for you,
what ever it was,
it was sweet.
It was delicious.
And it was pure you.

The best darn thing in the whole MF universe.

that is what a work out brings.
That is why
every form is a prayer.

the experience is that much sweeter,
when you matrix your form.

A form is not perfection,
unless you make it so.
And your work out is not perfection,
unless you make it so.

here’s the link.

Master Instructor Data!

This is the Master Instructor Course.
No matter whether you are a beginner,
or a high ranking dan,
the Master Instructor Course
has the data
which results in
perfection of form.

I could offer you a thousand dollars
to disprove it,
and you couldn’t.

The data is true.

You guys have a great work out now
and remember,
every form is a prayer.


PS–If you want a great article, try googling, Matrix Martial Arts Enables One to Read Minds!

God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through.
Paul Valery

Matrix Martial Arts Enables One to Read Minds!

We have all experienced those moments when it seems as if you have read someones mind. Maybe you just blurt out the same phrase, or have the same thought on a place to eat. Sometimes, however, it is as if you have looked into somebodys mind and know what they are thinking.

The martial arts enhance this procedure, and a good martial art does it fast. Indeed, if you aren’t effectively reading minds after a year or two, there is probably something wrong with your martial art. At the very least, you should look into applying some principles from Matrix Martial Arts and straightening it out.

The first time you realize that you can read minds is usually on the mat, usually during freestyle. You intuitively know what your opponent is going to do, and, as time goes on, you begin fitting intuitive responses to his attack. Many people think this is because of the freestyle, but it is really because of the forms.

Yes, freestyle provides the situation, but forms provides the energy and context for reading minds. Without forms, reading minds won’t happen in the martial art, except on the lowest level. Give up forms, and you only have fighting, and fighting does not lead to reading minds.

When doing a form one learns how to control their body, making it do things one couldn’t make it do before. Then, one learns that it is the control of the mind that is really enabling him to control the body. Lastly, one starts to understand that behind any action in this universe, there must be a thought.

The universe is nothing but a space filled with flying objects. The fact of reading minds, you see, is being able to predict the path of objects. Predicting the path of objects just means that you start looking further out.

What the matrixing procedure does, as practiced in Matrix Martial Arts, is organize the data so that one can see beyond the confusion. Matrixing analyzes and handles force and direction, and thus, one can take in more space, and analyze and handle more force and direction. Once one can do this through the practice of the martial arts, one can begin doing it to the rest of life.

Want to get a better deal when you buy or sell your car, or maybe get the girl of your dreams? You can do so if you use matrixing to analyze and handle force and direction. And whether you study a form of kung fu, be it hung gar or choy li fut or mantis, or whether you study karate, such as shotokan or uechi or whatever, you can use Matrix Martial Arts to align it, and to align life itself.

Getting Outside Your Body with Classical Martial Arts!

If you are studying a well established martial art, especially karate based, and often shaolin based, then you may experience being out of your body. The odd thing is that many martial artists don’t know they are getting out of their body. They shift their viewpoint, are out of their body, and think they are the same as everybody else.

By getting out of your body I don’t mean floating intelligence wafting through the universe. I merely mean that you are a little behind your head, not quite sure where your viewpoint is, but know that it is not from your eyes or in your skull. This often leads to increased intensity and abilities in your day to day living.

The surest way to get out of your body is to just keep doing your forms. Like a truck driver who lets his mind wander during those long drives, the karateka, or kung fu stylist, just gets comfortable, and slowly starts looking at the world in a different manner. He starts looking at his body and realizing that he is not his body, that he is…comfortably removed.

What has happened is that in learning to control his body, making it accomplish finer and finer motions, the person has gotten out. Some body movements just require that the person be outside his body to really make them work, and as the martial artist makes his moves work, he doesn’t even realize that he is sliding out of the body. Then he starts doing things differently, doesn’t realize that he has made some sort of a change, and life goes on.

The problem, of course, is not that this happens, the problem is to accelerate the procedure. Being slightly removed from your body makes you a better martial artist. Your karate or kung fu or whatever becomes accelerated, and there you have the source of legends, and an improved version of human beings.

I started using Matrix Martial Arts to accomplish this speeding up. The reason matrixing works is because it is logical, scientific, and takes into account all potential body motions. Simply, if you can see the whole picture, when it comes to moving the body in the martial arts, then it is easier to take control of the body.

The first step in matrixing is to learn how to use your body as one unit. I call this CBM, or Coordinated Body Motion. It is when you start all motion at the same time, end all motion at the same time, and regulate all factors of size, mass, muscle, and so on of the movement being done.

Once CBM is accomplished Matrixing really kicks in. Having coordinated your body, you are now in a position to coordinate the art itself, this results in perfection of form, and you start to move back from your body at a faster rate. Whether you do a form of Karate, or Shaolin, or whatever, the matrixing procedure in Matrix Martial Arts is going to speed everything up, and you will achieve the true art in years instead of lifetimes.

The Three Levels of the Martial Arts

If you are into the Martial Arts just to fight, to beat people up, to beer over the latest UFC results, this article is not for you. If, however, you think the martial arts are a vehicle to become not just physically stronger and mentally more awake, but maybe even enable you to evolve as a human being, then this is the article for you. This is a straightforward and logical look at the three major steps of the martial arts.

The first step of the martial arts is the body level. This is nothing more than making sure you have all the necessary body parts to do the martial arts, and that they are in working condition, or close to it. To get started on the first level one need merely understand that, on a base level, the martial arts are nothing more than calisthenics.

To make if from the first level to the second level, however, one needs to accomplish something called CBM. In the past masters would refer to this as using the body as one unit, which was correct, but lacking in working description. CBM means Coordinated Body Motion, and it is when you use all the body parts together.

With CBM all body motion starts at the same time. And, all motion stops at the same time. And, all motion from start to stop must take into account and relate the size, mass, length, arc, and so on of individual parts and motions.

When one accomplishes CBM, especially through the classical forms of most classical systems, one’s intention is released. Intention is your will, your desire to achieve something, the working part of the essential idea of whatever it is you are striving for. This is commonly, and with varying degree of error, called Chi. That chi, or intention, can be viewed from many different viewpoint on any level of the arts is what makes it so confusing.

Having CBMed one’s body, the next step is to CBM one’s art. I call this process Matrixing, and it involves an actual science. When one starts to matrix their martial art they must examine all moves, all forms, and follow certain scientific principles to align that art. Like CBM before, one must take into account all motions and align them to the concept of the form.

One could say that CBM is for inside the body, and Matrixing is for outside the body, and while they wouldn’t be entirely correct, there is a sizable amount of truth in the statement. The Martial Arts, you see, while they work, could work a lot better. There has been so much intermingling of cultures and vested interests and viewpoints and so on, that the martial arts are a bit mixed up.

When one accomplishes the second step of the martial arts, and matrixes what he is doing, the true beauty and glory of the martial arts opens up. Senses expand, people see what they were unable to see before, and the blind man awakes. CBM, finding out about Matrixing, human desire to strive and accomplish, these are at the heart of the martial arts, and these are what the true martial artist must seek to understand and employ on his journey to enlightenment and the truth of his soul.