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How to know somebody in the martial arts

Newsletter 707
How to know somebody in the martial arts

All right!
Another perfect day!
Perfect for martial arts, that is.
Everything else is okay,
but martial arts are…THE BOMB!

To know when somebody else is going to do something,
that’s good martial arts.
Not to have reaction time,
but to be intuitive.

I was in a forum the other day,
and this fellow said you couldn’t know somebody,
that if you thought you did you were prideful.
He had lots of fights,
and based his opinion on that experience.

in a fight there is give and take.
It is a game,
somebody wins and somebody loses.
Martial arts are not about losing,
so you don’t want to train in something
that will teach you to lose some of the time.

What you want to do is train in a method
where you learn to win all the time.
Where you see the fight coming
and learn to avoid it.

So you take turns being the attacker,
you learn to analyze what is happening
so that you can know what is happening.
The key here is called awareness.

To train in forms Will make you aware of what your body can do.
To train in applications Will make you aware of what the other body Can do.
Then freestyle will make sense; then fighting can become a learning experience.
Without forms, Applications, drills,
And all the other tools of karate or any other martial art, freestyle is just fighting.
It is just fighting and there is only marginal increase in awareness.

So what this fellow was telling me,
When he said you couldn’t know anybody,
was that he could not become aware.

Is there anything other than awareness in this world?

Your time from birth to death,
and before birth and after death,
Is nothing more than the sequence of you being aware.
Every experience you have had or will ever have,
Is nothing more than the track of your awareness.
Right now, The whole universe is nothing more
Than what you are aware of.

There is nothing more than awareness.

So why not use the martial arts to train that awareness?
Will that not only enhance your existence?
If existence is only what you are aware of,
Shouldn’t you use whatever tool you can
To increase that awareness?

If you want perfect form,
If you want to be able to make any application work,
If you want to actually become aware in freestyle,
And not just A fellow who trades wins and losses,
Try the master instructor course.

Your awareness depends upon it.


So, great to be back,
Have a fantastic workout,
And I’ll talk to you later.


Martial Arts Training Tips and How To Run the Freestyle Gauntlet

When it comes to Martial Arts Training Tips I have to recommend a couple of freestyle exercises. Freestyle, of course, is where you get to fight. You learn good control, but you still get to let it all hang out.

martial arts training tipsThere are two particular Martial Arts freestyle Drills that should be done in class. The first one deals with freestyle specifically, the second deals with a more street oriented, or self defense, type of fight. Both should be done so as to become a well rounded fighter.

The first is the old standard, you take your place at the head of a line, and the people in line take turns attacking you. This is great stuff, as you don’t have time to think, you just learn to accept the situations as they develop, and do what you have to. A few times through the line and you learn how to survive in the simplest fashion.

The second drill, and one that isn’t done as often, is to set up a gauntlet. This is not going to be a set and gunfight type of fight. It is going to be a much more natural situation which actually duplicates what you might encounter in a real live street fight.

I learned this one many years ago, in Kenpo class, and we used to love doing it. The teacher would set up a gauntlet, ten guys in two lines facing each other. The fellow who was to run the gauntlet would turn away, and the teacher would point at three people.

The karateka would be given the command, and he would turn and saunter slowly between the lines. When he passed one of the fellows who had been pointed at, they would leap into an attack. He would never know when the attack would come (they might even come after he had passed), and he would never know from who.

Attacks would be a taken to winning a point. Thus, the fellow who walked the gauntlet could get three points max, but, if he was successfully ‘mugged’ three times, he might not get any. First person to reach seven points was declared the winner.

Guaranteed, this type of training teaches you to relax and yet be ready at all times. It is also a great work out, designed to sharpen you up like nothing else. What I liked about it the most, however, was that it did get us out of the ‘gunfighter mentality’ of set and explode, and into situations that one might encounter on the street, and this makes this gauntlet exercise one of the best martial arts training tips you will ever find.

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Most Fun Cheapest Freestyle Training Device!

I wanted to freestyle, try out moves, work on techniques, but I had no one to play with. Wah!
So I asked my wife to beat me up. She said she’d love to, but she didn’t know Karate.
That’s cool. I had a great and cheap freestyle training device. I’ll tell you about it right below this video.

I took a towel and wrapped it around the end of a pole used for push brooms. I duc taped it tight. I then had her whap me.

Man, did I have fun. I blocked to my hearts content, tried to close with the evil B**** having such a good time. Snapped kicks and punches, and pulled them with a few inches to spare.
She finally got tired of hitting me, she wasn’t getting through.

What? I was supposed to let her hit me? Ha!

Anyway, I got a great work out, and all the freestyle my heart could handle, all with the cheapest and greatest freestyle training device you can make in two minutes.

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