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Martial Arts Training Tips and How To Run the Freestyle Gauntlet

When it comes to Martial Arts Training Tips I have to recommend a couple of freestyle exercises. Freestyle, of course, is where you get to fight. You learn good control, but you still get to let it all hang out.

martial arts training tipsThere are two particular Martial Arts freestyle Drills that should be done in class. The first one deals with freestyle specifically, the second deals with a more street oriented, or self defense, type of fight. Both should be done so as to become a well rounded fighter.

The first is the old standard, you take your place at the head of a line, and the people in line take turns attacking you. This is great stuff, as you don’t have time to think, you just learn to accept the situations as they develop, and do what you have to. A few times through the line and you learn how to survive in the simplest fashion.

The second drill, and one that isn’t done as often, is to set up a gauntlet. This is not going to be a set and gunfight type of fight. It is going to be a much more natural situation which actually duplicates what you might encounter in a real live street fight.

I learned this one many years ago, in Kenpo class, and we used to love doing it. The teacher would set up a gauntlet, ten guys in two lines facing each other. The fellow who was to run the gauntlet would turn away, and the teacher would point at three people.

The karateka would be given the command, and he would turn and saunter slowly between the lines. When he passed one of the fellows who had been pointed at, they would leap into an attack. He would never know when the attack would come (they might even come after he had passed), and he would never know from who.

Attacks would be a taken to winning a point. Thus, the fellow who walked the gauntlet could get three points max, but, if he was successfully ‘mugged’ three times, he might not get any. First person to reach seven points was declared the winner.

Guaranteed, this type of training teaches you to relax and yet be ready at all times. It is also a great work out, designed to sharpen you up like nothing else. What I liked about it the most, however, was that it did get us out of the ‘gunfighter mentality’ of set and explode, and into situations that one might encounter on the street, and this makes this gauntlet exercise one of the best martial arts training tips you will ever find.

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Lop Sau Kung Fu Video Snippet!

got a little treat for you here.
Here’s a lop sau kung fu video snippet of
myself working out with EW.
It’s a Quicktime format,
so give it time to download,
and let me know if it doesn’t download properly.
I can always change the format.


EW and I are working on the material
for his second black belt.
a bunch of little things you should know.

Lop Sau is a freestyle shaolindrill in many arts,
but I took it and matrixed it
and made it logical
so that it is ten times easier to learn.
You will see it on the Shaolin Butterfly Course,
but also on the Monkey Boxing (Matrix Kung Fu) Course,
and other places.
It’s simple,
but you need to get the right pieces
and in the right order
if you want to get it fast
with no mistakes.

This is a complete training method
that you won’t find
outside of Matrixing.
I built it,
and it is because of drills like this
that I am able to get people to learn
up to ten times faster.

that said,
let’s talk about EW.

He got his first black belt in three months,
my intent was not to make a guy who could beat people up,
but rather
to get him to understand power,
and to turn on his intuitive way of thinking.

If you have intuition
you tend to lose your reaction time.
That means you are in the ‘Now.’
It means that you are actually in mushin no shin
mind of no mind,
which is the combat mode
where you are not reacting
but causing.

some people could argue
that EW didn’t know enough forms,
wasn’t pretty,
but that isn’t the point,
the point is to change the mind,
to enable it to ‘think’ intuitively
and in the moment.

That said,
we set about the second phase,
getting him to second black belt,
and here’s the kicker…
intuition having set in
he’s learns differently.
He absorbs data,
as opposed to picking it up piece by piece.
I don’t give him a move and work him,
I toss him a whole concept
and he wallows for thirty seconds,
and then it is absorbed.
He’s got it.

he’s getting prettier,
but who cares?
Competence is what it is about,
pretty comes with time.

now that power has turned on
we can refine it,
so that he hits easier
and causes more impact.
we can shade his timing and angles.
And we don’t have to go through a whole art
piece by laborious piece,
we just toss him the exercise,
(and the other exercises and stuff on this level)
work it,
and he gets it.

People who learn by intuition
absorb whole chunks.
They don’t have to get spoon fed.

I have written all about this concept
of how people learn in different and accelerate modes
once the intuition turns on
in the Neutronic books.
It is a whole theory,
logically constructed,
and it works in the real world.
With Matrix Martial Arts
people don’t learn like a child,
linear piece by piece,
but by the absorption of whole fleets of images.

That’s what EW is doing.

I want you to think about something.
If you were studying at a normal school,
after thirty lessons
you would be at week fifteen.
You would be working on the material
to test for your first belt.
You would have memorized
a basic form or two,
maybe memorized
70% of the techniques you have to know,
and you would be struggling
to not forget them.
You would be making mistakes,
trying to sort through the material
and having a hell of a time
because it is all out of order.

After thirty lessons,
slightly over four months,
I have EW standing in front of me
handling anything I can throw.
He isn’t having a rough time with conditioning,
and any mistakes he makes
we fix his data
drill the fix for the mistake two or three times,
and he’s fixed.

by the time six months rolls around,
he will know TWO arts.
And he will know them well,
and he will be ready for three.

on this second art,
the Shaolin Buttterfly,
he is learning how to condense energy
and flick it out
so that it hurts more
than a full power
karate punch.

We are refining,
you see.
because he has the karate,
he has the power,
I don’t have to give him the power in Shaolin,
I just ‘borrow it’ from Karate
and we transform that power
into a delicate thing
that kills elephants
with a flick.

the one serious hesitation he makes
in the video snippet here
is at the end.

You see,
I didn’t follow the exercise,
I did something not in the exercise,
and there was a very slight hesitation,
then he fixed it on his own,
he did the right thing,
and he did it with body weight, hip power,
and subtle motion.

So his mistake is the lesson.
Every other school,
a mistake is a mistake,
so they work uphill,
trying to undo the student’s natural instincts.
When the method is logical,
which is to say matrixed,
his mistakes are a natural progression
into what is right.

the course we’re working on is the Shaolin Butterfly.
I do recommend you work the Matrix Karate
(Three Month Black Belt Course)
(The Shaolin Butterfly
the Second Black Belt course
will be out in a couple of months.)

Get the power,
turn on your intuition,
because the second black belt level
is a whole art,
and it is not just a different art,
it is a logical progression
into such things as
condensing energy,
making whole body movements subtle,
and all the other concepts
that go along with chi generation
and manipulation
on an advanced level.

please note,
there will be a third course.
and more.
And if you don’t get the things on the first courses,
you are going to be hard pressed to figure out
the subtle nature
of the things we do
on the advanced courses.

Okey dokey,
I want to thank you guys for being there.
If I didn’t have martial artists around me
at all times,
I would be in a looney bin.

The world would put me there
because I’m doing things
that society doesn’t want to happen.

The human being learning
not like a monkey,
but by absorption,
whole chunks of intuitive data transfer.
That’s something that scares the people in charge of the world.

But this is the future,
Matrixing is the future,
and because you have the ability to fight
in your nature,
because you haven’t let it be ground out of you
by education and politics
and all that garbage,
you are the ones.
You are the cutting edge.
You are the ones
who change the world.

Thanks for letting me be,
and I’ll talk to you next time.
Have a great work out.


Here’s the URL
for the three month Black Belt.


“Traditionalists often study what is taught, not what there is to create.”
– Ed Parker